Meet the new OneDrive for Business

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In the last year we’ve seen immense growth in OneDrive for Business adoption, with an astonishing 179% growth in active usage, and incredible success stories from customers like Kraft Heinz, Air Canada, Booz Allen Hamilton, Projectline Inc. and Lotus F1 Team. Along the way we’ve listened to you, and, in May, outlined a bold roadmap at our inaugural Ignite conference. Today marks a huge step forward with the most significant set of updates we’ve ever released. First and foremost, we’re delivering a new rock-solid sync client. Beyond this, we have a new browser experience, new mobile app features, critical new IT controls and extended developer options to enable people to do and achieve more with OneDrive for Business.

Rock-Solid Sync

Starting today, we’re launching a preview of the next generation sync client (NGSC) for organizations. The preview client adds OneDrive for Business connectivity to our proven OneDrive consumer client. The new client (available for both PC and Mac) offers improved reliability and selective sync, as well as removing the 20,000 file sync limit and extending support for files up to 10GB in size (these limits will remain for the duration of the preview but be removed when we launch broadly). For IT we’ve also included the ability to silently deploy and configure the client on behalf of your users.

ODB Selective Sync

We want everyone to have a great preview experience, so we’re rolling it out in stages to manage high demand and to make sure the setup experience is smooth and reliable. We’ve set up a waitlist website for you to reserve a place for your organization. When the preview is ready for your organization, we’ll send you an email with all the instructions on where to download it and how to set it up. Learn more here.

Simplified browser experience

We’ve completely refreshed the browser experience, employing the best practices from our OneDrive consumer experience used by millions every day. The resulting browser experience is clean, intuitive and beautiful. A highlight of the new browser experience is the ability to switch between a list and preview tile view which makes it easy to identify key files. All of the key actions you want to take on a file or folder, such as preview, edit, share and delete, are conveniently located on the toolbar or by right-clicking a specific file or folder. This new browser experience makes managing your work files easier than ever. Learn more here.


Enhanced sharing

You could always share your files with anyone inside or outside your organization, but now we’re giving you more flexibility in how you do this. We’ve added new sharing options such as letting people you’ve shared with invite others in your organization to the file or folder as well as the ability to set an expiration date on a sharing link when you need greater control. Learn more here.

ODB_new_odb_browser_experience_sharing_cropped ODB_new_odb_browser_experience_share_expiration

Mobile productivity

There are significant new enhancements to the mobile apps. Starting with Android, you will be able to take files offline! You can flag one or more files for offline access and then open these files when disconnected, ensuring access to your files wherever you may be.


There are some cool new features in the iOS app as well! There’s a new streamlined way to trigger common actions on files (share, move, delete and details) simply by pressing and holding on the file you want to use. We’ve also added PDF annotations – the ability to draw, highlight and comment on your PDF files – directly in the OneDrive app.

ODB_new-mobile_updates_flower ODB_new-mobile_updates_pdf_annotation

We know great mobile productivity is essential, so you can count on us to keep adding features to all our apps to ensure you can do anything with your OneDrive files on your phone or tablet regardless of whether you are online or not. Learn more here.

Protecting your people and data

Of course, providing a great user experience is vital to driving adoption of any file sync and sharing solution like OneDrive for Business, but this can’t be at the expense of ensuring that IT can stay in control of corporate data. To help IT in this area, we’re delivering new controls to manage how files flow outside your organization, including auditing external sharing invitations and limiting which users can share externally. In the coming weeks, we’ll preview a feature that enables limiting the external domains your users can share with. Learn more here.


New developer opportunities

We want developers to be able to build rich apps that integrate with OneDrive (both consumer and business). Previously we made announcements about preview support for OneDrive for Business in our unified OneDrive API. Today, we are starting to roll out this OneDrive API for production use. Learn more here.

Meet the new OneDrive for Business today!

Today marks tremendous progress but we aren’t done. With OneDrive for Business we’re all in to continue meeting and exceeding your expectations. In the coming months we’ll share even more about the innovation coming across every aspect of the service.

Get started today with the new OneDrive for Business and give us your feedback on UserVoice.

Seth Patton
Senior Director, OneDrive and SharePoint Product Management

  1. Wow! That is a massive improvement to what was a lackluster experience. I haven’t really been using OneDrive for Business, because it was so terrible, so I’m looking forward to actually being able to use it now. Great work!

    • A question and a comment.
      Before invest time testing this new OneDrive for Business will support selective sync AND is available for ” Office 365 Nonprofit E3″ licence users/tenants.

      I too tried to use OneDrive (through our Office 365 Nonprofit E3 licences), but I stopped because all my users did NOT have enough local hard drive space to sync our 100+GB shared drive. I am really looking forward to see how the new OneDrive for Business sync will support selective sync.


      • A question and a comment.
        Before investing my time testing this new OneDrive for Business, will it support selective sync AND is it available for ” Office 365 Nonprofit E3″ licence users/tenants.?

        I too tried to use OneDrive (through our Office 365 Nonprofit E3 licences), but I stopped because all my users did NOT have enough local hard drive space to sync our 100+GB shared drive. I am really looking forward to see how the new OneDrive for Business sync will support selective sync.


    • georgeionescu20

      ***?????? Where is unlimited storage for one drive liars? I contacted support buy they libe on another planet?

  2. No Windows Phone app?

    As usual MS will ignore its own platform. They will say its Coming Soon.

  3. Been waiting for this for months. Thank you. Looks like a thorough offering worthy of small and large organisations.

    Great news! Now just to get my invite….

  4. This is great news! Can you go into detail about how quickly the preview might be rolled out to folks who sign up? The Mac sync client preview from January doesn’t work with El Capitan (also released today), so losing even the most basic sync capabilities while waiting for my preview invite is a disappointment.

  5. Can we please have offline and online versions of files on Windows 10 as we did with Windows 7/8 and the old OneDrive client. Laptops come with good connections but low storage whereas my OneDrive storage is now 10 TB (thanks Office365 for that!!). For most of us having the data most recently accessed on our device drives makes more sense than chosing which folders to sync. Please!

    • Go to and vote it up. It’a currently the one at the top of the Hot list.

      • There’s no point in upvoting that, unfortunately, Ryan.
        Insiders and users, by the tens of thousands, have been screaming and pleading with MS to not handicap OneDrive in this manner…..only to be ignored. The best possible response on this issue from MS has been “We’re thinking about it” and that was many, many months ago.

        Honestly, I think they have no interest in placeholders. They now apparently see OneDrive no longer as a cloud solution but as an ability to share files for businesses. This leaves the individual user out in the old somewhat.

        There are two types of users who used this feature — folks who use ALOT of data (photographers, videographers, etc) and folks who use tablets and computers with tiny hard drives. For either, OneDrive was handy because it allowed them to store and *easily* access data resting on the cloud. Neither had the local hard drive space to hold everything. In my own case, I’m a photographer. Win8 OneDrive allowed me to look into a large directory and grab three or files I wanted to edit., Simple. With Win10, I suddenly have to download 1000 files from a 300gb directory just so I can have access to those three or four images. This is impossible. This is especially troubling since the reason I have a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (500gb drive) is that this feature was marketed to me………and abandoned.

        Voting isn’t gonna help 🙂

        • Jared Mercier

          Have you looked at using ODrive? It’s a third party app that allows for placeholders with a variety of cloud services (onedrive, box, dropbox, google drive, etc.) Doesn’t support Onedrive for Business but consumer Onedrive works great on it.

          • Yes — I tried ODrive….twice. It’s not even remotely a useful alternative. It’s clunky, slow, and doesn’t play well with photos and videos. Thanks for the suggestion, though….but it just didn’t work that well for me.

        • Depressing, but I agree. All that noise about how we want your feedback, we’re listening, we’re going to replace placeholders with some other, even better solution, hang on, it’s coming…… and we get zip. Now I’m waiting in fear, for an update to my Surface that will apparently start trying to pull down my 100gb of photos, and I don’t know what the heck will happen then, or what I’m supposed to do about it.

          • I was REALLY, REALLY looking forward to exchanging my Surface Pro 3 for the new 4 or the more powerful Surface Book……but honestly, I’m not moving until a placeholders alternative is available. I’m uninterested in the 1tb of Surface 4 storage. I want my unlimited OneDrive storage.

  6. Matt Hewitt

    Does this sync client still allow a person to sync SharePoint document libraries?

    • That’s one of my questions too – The new sync experience looks great, but we have some users syncing SharePoint libraries to their computer to make working with commonly used libraries easier for them, and I wouldn’t want them to lose that.

    • Matt – No, the NGSC cannot be used for syncing SharePoint document libraries. The old sync client will still have to be used for now. Both sync clients can run in parallel though, so no loss of functionality.

      • Oh, disappointing, that’s what we needed, a selective sync client for Sharepoint libraries.

      • This is really disappointing. We (need to) use SharePoint to share our common files across the company since OneDrive for business is unfortunatly only for single users. Why are you not evolving one single solution? This is really not helpful 🙁


      • This really needs to be able to sync SharePoint libraries, or it’s of no use to many of our customers. OneDrive for Business has been an incredible drain on our support resources due to its poor sync tool, and we’re going to have to recommend DropBox Pro for sync and share. It’s a huge shame because customers expect it to work, and when it doesn’t it reflects very badly on the entire platform.

        Anyway I really hope you guys manage to get something working with SharePoint libraries.

      • Actually, I do not believe this statement is true:

        “No, the NGSC cannot be used for syncing SharePoint document libraries. The old sync client will still have to be used for now. Both sync clients can run in parallel though, so no loss of functionality.”

        I have Office 365 Home (2016) and need to sync SharePoint libraries. This *was* possible under 2013. However, with the update to 2016 my OneDrive for Business was removed and it cannot be re-installed stand-alone. I was incorrectly told that the NGSC would solve this problem for me. However, when I try to install the business account in NGSC, it tells me that OneDrive was not setup and that I should contact my IT organization. I believe this has to do with the fact that we do not subscribe to O365. So, how am I supposed to sync SharePoint libraries now??

      • The new sync client will sync with SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint Online libraries. The current Groove-based sync client will be needed for SharePoint 2010, 2013.

  7. Dennis Petsche

    Will we be able to Skype with members outside the BA network???

  8. Guys,

    A wait list? Really?

    Please release this asap, we are losing customers to dropbox weekly!

    • Kai Henry (@stratecKai)

      exactly. I installed Office 2016 and realized AFTER the install, that OneDrive for Business is gone for good. Dropbox (and some other alternatives) might be more reliable for business clients. It doesn’t make sense to me at all how Microsoft would release a new office version and has no solution for an important product for business clients. Now I have to roll back to Office 2013. Lesson learned: NEVER install a new Microsoft when it is released. Wait at least 6 months.

  9. So disappointed.
    Why is there a waiting list ?
    Please announce a product as available when it is generally available.

    • Totally agree. It’s crazy for someone in marketing to think that they can say “available” when it’s not actually available. It’s soooo strange how some people think.

      • Kai Henry (@stratecKai)

        couldn’t agree more.

  10. What about the windows phone app? Will there be a working version for Windows 10 Phone?
    Currently there is no way to sync my office 365 files with the insider preview of W10M.

    • I didn’t think that any of the mobile apps allowed you to sync files in the same way as the desktop app?

      If you just want to be able to browse, view, and upload files from Windows 10 Mobile, you can do this today. The OneDrive app lets you add multiple accounts for both Personal and Business OneDrive

      • Sure, as long as that business is hosted by Microsoft. There’s no way in the current app to connect to an on-premises SharePoint server “OneDrive for Business” aka “SkyDrive Pro” as was supported by WP8.1 Office Hub.

  11. Hopefully this is a step towards the unlimited storage that was promised so long ago!

    Good to see this update is chugging along but unfortunately still at a glacial pace, without a wide release yet. Hopefully the updated web site will also not time out so quickly when uploading large files. Since you can’t do the 8.1 method of copying to the local OneDrive folder then changing to online-only, we’re forced to upload large files through the web browser, and you need to keep moving around the site to avoid it timing out. Very clunky.

  12. As much as I would like to “Meet the new OneDrive”, I can’t. I think a more appropriate Title for this blog post is: “Coming Soon! The new OneDrive Client”.

    Honestly, not sure why I’m surprised.

  13. Can OneDrive for Business files serve as “My Documents” in Win 7 and Win 10? For the typical corporate user it is confusing to have 1) “My Documents”, plus 2) OneDrive consumer files, plus 3) OneDrive for Business files.

    Using the existing synch client, I have fooled around with redirecting the My Documents folders into the OneDrive for Business folder. It is not ready for prime time.

    • Upvote the ‘idea’ started for this on

    • I’ve been redirecting the My Docs and My Pics folders into OfB folders for a good amount of time now and it works as well as anything else on OfB. There are problems but none of them are related to the redirecting. Just create “Documents” and “Pictures” folder in the OfB parent folder then change the Location from the properties of the existing Docs and Pics to point to the new locations. Works fine.

  14. Tim Wrankins

    It’s ready – we promise! Lots of people are using it. Just trust us. Fill out the form. It will make you feel good.

  15. Andy Emmett

    I posted this already on the new UI post, but this bit is relevant to this post: the problem with shared computing environments is that the sync client will fill up hard disks. And you keep having to sync things again when you move to a new PC. As an example in my organisation (an educational establishment), a PC can potentially have a new user every 2 hours. That’s 20 users a week, and I not even talking about evening classes. and timetable changes across the year. We need a more dynamic solution for this kind of environment. The ability to run the client in WEBDAV mode, configured from group policy would be amazing, as we could have the flexibility to configure workstations based on their purpose…
    Hope this makes sense and you’ll have a think amount it

    • Michael Vester

      I totally agree. The roaming user problem is still relevant and unsolved.
      Apart form that: great announcement – a bit more specific than earlier announcements. Hope the product will be available for preview soon. No reason to deay, once you’ve made the announcement.

      • At least the Sync Client helps to eleviate this to some extent, currently you have no option but to Sync Everything, At least if a Student knows what they need to work on they can simply Sync that and not everything in the Library. How ever that’s a good question raised albeit my Company don’t have roaming profiles/ad hoc machines so we are safe, luckily.

  16. Great. I’d love to meet the new… Err wait. You men get in line and maybe you can meet.. Wait you are running Win 8.1.. Sucks to be you.. Check back next year!
    MS do you have a clue what kind of clown show this OFB thing is? You can’t even get the **** client released with out screwing us… So in 2016 I may be able to roll out OFB in my org that is running Win 7 AND Win 8.1. Great! I don’t remember hearing about this during the sales pitch the MS guy gave. Ya the guy who was everyone’s best friend till we signed and tried to start the conversion.. Then he ran and has never been heard from by anyone again… Wish Goigle Apps worked in China. I would have recommended we go that rout if it did. All my users liked it better also. Just saying. On. And Giigle Drive sync client works great, even with Win 8.1. Clowns..,

    • Calm down, child. It runs on Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. I’ve tested on all of them.

  17. Sync issues are the number 1 issue with all of my clients since the introduction of SkyDrive Sync. This is a great announcement, but yet we have to wait even longer still for the production release. This is like watching the Interstate construction project and you say “man, when is this ever going to be completed”.

  18. Hi,
    News about auditing who has viewed / opened a shared file with mandatory login with a Microsoft account ? You know this function is very interesting as it pushes the adoption of Microsoft accounts by those that are using other solutions and is great for us in order to measure the interest of people on the documents we share.

  19. Sean Kelly

    Will there be a Windows RT version in the store? I have just been handed down a Surface RT at work and there doesn’t appear to be a Onedrive for Business app? I appreciate Windows RT is dead but there is mainstream support for a few years yet. I have been waiting on selective sync and to not be able to use it on the work tablet will be really frustrating.


  20. Placeholders, placeholders, placeholders.
    Sorry, MS…but OneDrive is useless to me without placeholders. Do you really expect me to download an entire directory at 300gb and 1000 image files just so I can access three of five of those images to edit?
    I had to go back to Windows 8 just to be able to use OneDrive.

  21. I see where it will remove the 20K items per site limit. What about the 5K per library limit? Will that still be in place?

    • From what I understand (though I’ve yet to hear a solid confirmation), they are not implementing SharePoint library synchronization in the new client. That functionality would remain in the current (old) client though. So the removal of 20,000 overall OneDrive limit wouldn’t apply to the additional 5,000 folder/file limit imposed on SharePoint document libraries. I really hope that this was simply an omission on Microsoft’s part given how dependent a number of O365 business clients are on SharePoint.

      Anyone from the OneDrive, O365 or SharePoint teams have a solid answer on this?

      Anthony Adinolfi
      CIO | AIPNW

  22. > Get started today with the new OneDrive for Business and give us your feedback …
    Where’s the NEW OneDrive for Business ??? !!!!!

  23. I’m really surprised (and disappointed) that Microsoft is crippling the NGSC update by one, not leveraging the file placeholder feature found in previous iterations and two no longer allowing users to sync SharePoint document libraries.

    Given this product was designed for the enterprise environment, and to allow us to be more flexible and “mobile” – not having the placeholder feature is incredibly disappointing. All of our desktops have a 1TB data drive, so we’re not hurt there, we’re hurt when it comes to our “always on the go” mobile employees that have ultrabook class devices with 200GB of space prior to an OS install.

    Further, not allowing our employees to sync SharePoint libraries breaks current functionality (I’ve asked around, this is an issue for a lot of folks – and we’re not going to deploy two separate clients as it would be inelegant and confusing to our users, we’ll just investigate alternative platforms).

    Removing the 20,000 item limit would be an incredible step forward for Microsoft devoted enterprise customers, as long as it also meant removing the 5,000 item limit when syncing a SharePoint document library. We use SharePoint as our intranet, and as our DM solution – functionality between SP and OneDrive is essential. You could have knocked it out of the park, but I think this one was a miss. Unfortunate.

    Anthony Adinolfi

    • Hi Anthony,

      I would be keen to understand more of how you use SharePoint and are utilising ODfB, are you also using Team drives in SP Online?

      Selective Sync is powerful as a large number of companies adopt the BYOD to work and therefore having the ability to Sync only the content you need whilst you are working is key for productivity surely? I wouldn’t want to use My personal device then have to download the whole of the Library if it had 50 folders with 30,000 items for example. We all know the pain of killing a sync and how hard it can be to resolve problems therefore I feel Selective Sync is great for my working environment.

      I work for an Engineering Company and we see some benefits in terms of Team sites and the Team drive etc but I understand ODfB App doesn’t allow visibility of this content hopefully MS will sort that as that would be very powerful.

      • Does the new Onedrive For Business client sync Office 365 Groups?

        Do you understand how confusing it is for users to be trained that there are 3 different things called OneDrive, that they can’t use the same client for their personal documents, and groups? Dropbox just works, everyone who has tried switching to Odfb and office groups hates them because they constantly have to call and have explained to them why it isn’t working. Oh it stopped syncing days ago but you’d never know unless you looked at a hidden notification tray icon, that’s asking for your credentials.

  24. When will the Mac version that is ready for OS X El Capitan be ready?

    • When?????

  25. For my post I am specifically looking for OneDrive for Business sync tool.

  26. Can’t wait for the new client!

    Biggest issue at present is the issue with Storage for Surface users, due to size of the OneDrive and the OfficeFileCache issues. When we have selective Sync all will be happy. Plus I love some of the features you have eventually incorporated. However, it seems you are still not allowing Team drives to be part of the OneDrive Mobile app? Having the PDF annotation available on Team Drives would be a god send for us as we use this for our GX who need to be able to download PDF’s then Annotate for meetings when on the move etc. Any thoughts around this or any free apps that would allow them to do this on an IPad For instance?


  27. Is there some wrong with the OneDrive site? Can’t seem to access the site to even log on. Can some one please send an update out to the users on when this will be fixed

    • Would probably help to advise what you are accessing? OneDrive for Business or OneDrive Consumer? Business is loading fine for me so perhaps speak to your IT guys 🙂

  28. Placeholders!??!?!?!

  29. Jared Mercier

    Hi, you know the selective sync functionality you showed in the demo? The same functionality that Jason Moore demo-ed in April? The same functionality you’ve been beta-testing for months and months? That. Can we just, you know, have it already? You really need a flipping waiting list for this? Unreal.

  30. Will the option of placing the synced content onto an SD card be re-enabled in this version of the unified client? If not can you say something about the roadmap for this? It’s a good step forward but missing the target unless this option is re-enabled. Prior to Windows 10 the built-in sync client for OneDrive for Win 8.1 and the downloadable client for Win7-8 allowed this but in Windows 10 you can only place the synced content on a fixed disk which is stupid imo (workaround is to create a virtual disk on the SD card and, configure it to auto-mount at startup and place the synced content on the virtual disk)

  31. placeholders

    • Agree

  32. OneDrive – File name/Path Too Long, dont waste your money on onedrive, i was trying to move from dropbox and google drive ,while uploading files i failed and showing that File name/Path Too Long,15 years back while copying files from one place to other place i saw this error…still it is there…and i talked with customer care then they said that A given element (file or folder) cannot be more than 128 chars.
    A total file path including full path + file name cannot be more than 260 chars. so move my files to the parent folder…i have thousands of files ,if i move it takes me 1 year to do that…if gdrive and dropbox is supporting why not microsoft cant fix this issue from 15 years?

    • frustrated user


  33. it will be have a bandwidth limiter manageable??

  34. Ok.. I signed up for the “beta” the day your marketing department declared the new OFB client was “released” and I’ve yet to get any info about where to download, install, and test it?? Has anyone been “selected” to get this new client?
    I do see the OneDrive web client has been updated and how shows, get ready for this!!!, THUMBNAILS of the pictures! Oh it’s like Santa came early this year, thank you MS developers in your crystal palace for blessing us poor common folk with such a gift! We will cherish this blessing for years.
    Now if you can only find it your hearts to bestow upon us this new sync client that actually works it will be a glorious day!

    O365 E1 Network admin 600 global users… WE PAY FOR THIS.. just saying…

  35. Jared Mercier

    Does anyone actually HAVE this new sync client yet? Or is the waiting list “to manage demand” really just an excuse while you buy more time to get this product released?


  36. I totally agree I literally heard angels singing that the POS old Onedrive Business sync client (previously acquired by MS form another company) is finally being dumped for the (also previously acquired i believe) MS Live Mesh based consumer client that UNLIKE GROOVE ACTUALLY WORKS……felt like a punch to the stomach to see a waiting list.

    These things should not be announced when you know the old product is SO BAD many businesses simply stopped using it all together to announce a product businesses cannot even assist MS in alpha or beta testing if we so choose.

    What is the real-world ETA on availability of this new Windows client to my business? I do not exaggerate when I say that a half-working alpha of this new sync client right now would be easier for my business to deal with than the existing Groove client.

  37. Tony Wilson

    You think you can make this easier to read? The text is very light

  38. Ian Visser

    I’d have been happy with the same client that just works with office 16. Could we at least have that while we wait?

  39. Unhappy Chappie

    Upgraded to Office 2016 yesterday as was generally released on my O365 tenant after receiving an email to say it was available. I was disappointed to later find that my OneDrive for Business (OfB) sync client was uninstalled. Now, I have no way to sync my offline files until the ‘new’ OneDrive application is released!

    It would be good if Microsoft could have released the ‘new’ sync client with the rollout of Office 2016.

      • Unhappy Chappie

        Hi Thanks for the reply however, after speaking with O365 support I was asked to uninstall the Office 2016 and use the OneDrive for Business sync client from the link you provided, as from their knowledge by removing Office 2016, rebooting and then installing the OneDrive for Business sync client and allowing this to perform a full sync, it will allow you to install Office 2016, but…. it won’t allow the install with Skype 2016 🙁
        I was then asked to use the browser for the time being until the ‘new’ OneDrive sync client was released, so I stuck with this option after finding out that I cannot go back to Office 2013 with the OneDrive for Business sync client, as it’s not available from the Office 365 portal 🙁
        Now the strange thing….. I have since reinstalled Office 2016 and this time it included the OneDrive for Business app… how bizarre! It’s now syncing happily 🙂
        I wonder now if this is the ‘new’ sync client….. the saga continues.

    • i have the same issue… was hoping that this new ODFB client woudl be 2016 friendly!

  40. What is the release date of this new feature?


  41. Ed Hansberry

    You say it is available for Mac, but when I click download at the top of the page and select OS X, it says app not available.

    “The new client (available for both PC and Mac) offers improved reliability and selective sync, as well as removing the 20,000 file sync limit and extending support for files up to 10GB in size (these limits will remain for the duration of the preview but be removed when we launch broadly).”

    So where is it?

    • Robert Hickey

      All Mac users are waiting for some kind of movement from the OneDrive team. Signing up for a wait list is pointless when the development team hasn’t made and kind of updates to the original app for almost a year. I should have never made the switch to Office 365 and the OneDrive for business app.

  42. I received access today, and have confirmed that at this point in the preview, the new client does not allow you to sync SharePoint document libraries and does not offer placeholders. I now have OneDrive consumer, OneDrive for Business NGSC and OneDrive for Business legacy running on my machine (three separate apps running in my tray).

    Only the legacy Business client currently allows us to sync SharePoint document libraries, and even that is limited to a paltry 5,000 items per document library. That means that our users would have all three running to retain current functionality, with no added benefit.

    Dropbox for Business has no such file limit, and you only need one client to run both a personal and business account in tandem. If we can find a viable way to sync our SharePoint document libraries with our Dropbox for Business account, we’d most likely eliminate OneDrive all together.

    If the OneDrive team brings back the Library Sync without the 5,000 item limit (this should be an option in the selective sync), or placeholders – we’d probably stay. It’s really that easy. Hopefully they’ll read the comments above and address our concerns before the final product drops – we’ll reserve judgement until then.

    Anthony Adinolfi

  43. I still have a window with logging in office 365 , how to fix it ?

  44. i upgraded my home pc to office2016 and love some of the new features, but i cant get ODFB to load on this computer now, says i already have a higher version of office? does the new ODFB work with 2016, or should i uninstall 2016, go back to 2013, and then use odfb?

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  46. Kai Henry (@stratecKai)

    We received the invitation, but unfortunately it doesn’t work yet. “Error while connecting to OneDrive”. That’s after I entered my credentials (and I seem to be logged in just fine). Standard OneDrive account works fine. Version 2015 (Build 17.3.5979.1006).

  47. Where is Windows 10 BUILT-IN OneDrive?

    • BUILT-IN OneDrive like Win8.1, NOT OneDriveSetup.exe FOR PRE USER in Windows 7/8/10

      • This is OneDrive business. It’s not “built in” to Windows 10.

        • I am talk about normal 1DRV client in W10

  48. I received installed the preview and have thus far installed it on 2 separate Win 10 enterprise builds (10547) and have to say it’s a huge disappointment.

    Syncing might be faster, but it’s still far from robust. After moving a folder structure from a local drive into the new OneDrive for Business folder, and waiting for sync to complete, I was left with a a lot of “red x” marked files, folders, as well as a lot of files and folders that never get a green checkbox but were stuck with the “syncing” marker.

    I wish I could glean a pattern of failure, but the only thing I noticed is that the majority for “red x” files were PDF’s, as well as some old Office documents (xls as opposed to xlsx, and doc as opposed to docx). Folders preceded with _ also seem to give it fits – they sync, but then resync over and over in an endless loop, as if it thinks their are changes in these folders.

  49. Hi,

    Nice tool. But to use it, I had to remove and reinstall Skype for Business 2015 and to remove Visio 2016 for good (cannot re-install-it if I want to keep OneDrive for Business). That’s just unbelievable.
    I need both for my work. Any solution to that problem provided by Microsoft yet? Or at least a solution to rollback to Visio 2013 (from Office 365 Enterprise)? Thanks.


  50. Just been scrolling through th.e comments…. Looks like OneDrive is a complete dog…. I’m sticking with Dropbox and iCloud… (I know!! But iCloud actually works….)

  51. Thanks for the comms / announcement. Signed up a week ago, and go the new client three days ago. I can confirm it works on Windows 10, 8.1 and 7 🙂
    Synchronised 350GB of files up to O365 very quickly on my own desktop (Windows 10), at least until I appeared to hit a daily cap of around 128GB uploaded (not a problem for me personally).
    Colleagues pulled down 150GB on Windows 8.1 without issues.
    Wasn’t restricted by a 20,000 file limit which was nice, but one file over 2GB wouldn’t sync (I see the 2GB limit applies in this preview, but will be removed later).

    Today I removed Office 2013 Pro and installed Office 2016 from Office 365 (licensed via tenancy) and this put Groove.exe (old OneDrive for Business Client) back on my machine. It doesn’t seem to have caused a problem, but the start menu now contains “OneDrive Desktop App” which launches both the consumer and (new) business OneDrive clients simultaneously, and “OneDrive for Business Desktop App” which launches the old version.

    As the installation of Office 2016 from Office 365 doesn’t provide a custom install menu, where you could deselect (the old) OneDrive for Business (rather it just installs everything), this will prove confusing to end users.

    Great job revamping it, keep up the hard work and I look forward to further updates (like SharePoint library sync, removal of the 5000 file limit, and hopefully placeholders).

  52. Nice steps forward….
    Right now however issues with syncing special characters in file and folder names prevents scaling of both OneDrive and SharePoint Library sync. So 2 questions:
    1. l the new sync client solve these special character issues?
    2. When will the new client be able to also sync SharePoint libraries (as I read above initially this is not the case)?

  53. I see that you have removed the OneDrive for Business for Mac OS X. Our organization still has the original installer for that app and it still seems to work. Are you planning to relaunch OneDrive for Business (Mac)? I have heard that you plan to combine the OneDrive for Business with the standard OneDrive app – is that correct? I am asking because I tried downloading the standard OneDrive app but it will not access my OneDrive for Business folder – either the local folder or the files in the cloud.

    Appreciate whatever info you can provide.

    Bob Reed

  54. After getting the preview instructions – we tried to load onto a Mac – followed the instructions and found that it does not give you the options shown in the them. First you add a personal OneDrive account – no problem. Then you are supposed to go to Preferences and enter a Business Account – well there is no option to add a Business Account at all. This is OneDrive for Business correct? We have a large user base with Mac’s and their opinion will remain the same “Office 365 is not for me and I refuse to use it” unless Microsoft provides a way to use a simple sync tool for OneDrive.
    Please provide an update immediately!

  55. Looks like you cannot play a MP4 video that is saved on OneDrive without downloading it to your PC first. If I switch back to classic view it works fine. We do not use the desktop OneDrive application because we are a school system. Students cannot open a video shared by their teacher without downloading the video to their PC. Is there a way to fix this.

    • Jared Mercier

      I’ve not experienced this. Likely is something you can change in your organization’s sharepoint settings.

  56. Ed Hansberry

    Is there a forum to discuss this? The blog isn’t being monitored it seems.

  57. Anonymous


  58. They saw bigger growth when onedrive had placeholders.

  59. Frederico

    This is outrageous! Mac support ? One drive for Business Mac client crashes immediately on OS X El Capitan.
    This is so lame of MS.
    Please reply to your users concerns’. Dates!!!
    I repent having switch from Google Apps.

  60. It at least now syncs OneDrive for business reliably, but:

    – no selective sync
    – no team site support
    – no support on IOS for pictures and picture libraries (as per consumers)

    So now we need at least two sync clients, horrible!

  61. Hollman Ardila

    ¿Cuando lanzarán el OneDrive for Business para OS X?

  62. 逆向直销,震撼来袭:



  63. Please, please, roll the new update out as soon as possible! I simply cannot cope with the ******** we have at the moment! Please! I have been waiting for this more than anything! Latest experience with the piece of *** you call business cloud syncing service – I cannot rename the bloody file, cannot delete it, cannot do a **** thing about it, because it got somehow stuck in the process of whatever and cannot do anything neither from my PC or the online web interface. This just sucks… Solution? Break the link and sync the whole library again. Area you nuts? Syncing all 10GB from scratch?! Please, be quick, or I will loose my sanity with this ***!!!!

  64. Received the invite, but uncertain where to actually done the new client. The link in the email “Installation Instructions” forwards to page with a checkbox and links to either “Windows” or “Mac”. Clicking “Windows”, the zip file seems to only contain doc files and a few admin files.

    Like others, the download for ODFB available here states that a newer version of Microsoft Office is already installed (2016).

    Is there a separate link for the exe for next gen client that I missed??

    • Read the installation documents which the are in the zip file you download from the link given in the invite. They have the link to the download in there. There is a REASON for this… There are significant manual steps YOU NEED TO APPLY before running the install. If you don’t read the docs you will screw things up on your computer.

  65. Anonymous

    { Microsoft blogged advance-web connect #MegaDrive>world wide networks_links//>

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  68. Tried the new OS X preview today. Having to have a consumer account signed in and a business one at the same time is ludicrous! I understand this is only in this preview but makes it totally unsuited to testing in a business environment, very confusing for users having to have have two sync accounts running at the same time. Shame as so wanted to use the selective sync functionality as the previous preview was so unstable

  69. Installed the preview on Windows 7 yesterday. First 3 attempts failed to setup the business client. I did follow the documentation in the Deployment guide.

    First installation went fine up to the point of adding the business account. There is no option to “Add Account” in the “personal” client (White clouds icon), which is what the deployment guide tells you to do. Completed the setup anyway and the client worked fine with my personal OneDrive account.

    Uninstalled OneDrive and followed the “silent install” option (OneDriveSetup.exe /silent), which allows the install to happen without prompting you to setup your personal OneDrive.

    Then went on to the “configure_business” option (Step 4B) in the deployment guide, which has you launch “OneDrive.exe /configure_business”. This worked, and allowed me to select my corporate OneDrive account. It went ahead and authenticated me and presented me with the list of folders from my OneDrive for Business online library, so I could tell that it was able to authenticate and see the library properly. I left the default of “Sync all files and folders…” selected and proceeded.

    it opened my local OneDrive – CompanyName folder but nothing was ever synced.

    I tried uninstalling and re-installing several times, but got numerous errors, including “Can’t find local folder”, “Can’t create local folder”. Finally, after the third try in installed, but again no sync.

    At that point I right-clicked the OneDrive for Business icon in the tray and selected “Exit”. The started ODFB again (Start Menu -> Microsoft OneDrive).

    It took me to the authentication screen. I chose my corporate account. It gave me the “We couldn’t find the location of your OneDrive folder” error.

    I clicked “OK” and it gave me an error “Microsoft OneDrive has stopped working”. I clicked “Restart the program”, which was the only option from this dialog.

    It opened a window showing the message “signing in…” and after about 5 seconds my local OneDrive folder popped open and started to sync.

    It has been syncing correctly ever since.

    Interestingly, it created a brand new OneDrive local folder on that last, successful attempt.

    Unfortunately, I have no idea what, if anything, I did to get it to work. Was there an update that was pushed out during the time I started to test and the time it started working? Again, I have no idea.

    I have spent the morning testing the now-working client and it’s doing everything I would hope it would to sync OneDrive for Business. I can choose which folders to sync. I can sync large files (tested up to 1 GB). Turned sync on and off at the client and it behaved properly.

    Anyone else seen similar situations installing the preview client on Windows 7?

  70. ODFB for MAC. Why no selective sync as in Windows???

  71. Has there been an increase in the number of objects that can be synced in the OneDrive for Business Sync Client? Or is it still 20,000 objects for OneDrive and 5,000 for a SharePoint Library?

  72. Try to download the mac version of it, as per doc from site
    follow the instruction to get rid of my OD consumer version and old business version. unzip the file and move to application, well. it just keep saying my package is damage. try on different machine, same results.
    any suggestion?

    • Same here.

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  75. Wow,

    I’m on the trial now. I wouldn’t get too excited – the OneDrive team hasn’t given us a business Sync client. From what I can tell, they’ve just hacked the working Consumer version to accept business accounts.

    You have to add a consumer account or the Business one won’t work! Shoddy microsoft, shoddy.

    • @Jay if you read the install instructions, you would have saw this: (NOTE: A consumer OneDrive will not be required in the final version).

  76. I followed the Preview instructions for OSX and after I downloaded the file and extracted the OneDriveDF application to the Applications folder I get an error saying “”OneDriveDF” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash.” I tried downloading from Chrome and Safari… seems like the zip is corrupted.

    OS X El Capitan Version 10.11.1
    MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012)

    • @Jay if you read the install instructions, you would have saw this: (NOTE: A consumer OneDrive will not be required in the final version).

    • @Jay, Sorry, last message was meant for someone else.

      To fix, you’ll need to go System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> General Tab -> Allow apps downloaded from: Anywhere.

      • @ kurt, Thanks that was the correct solution!

    • We need a lot more inigshts like this!

  77. Gary Knowles

    Why should we believe you.

    You next announcement going back on OneDrive for consumers leave anything that is said as just puff.

    Selling “as a service” requires a sense of dependability. MS has lost this.

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  79. Andrew Matheson

    When is this being released into the wild.

    We have major issues with the 20k file limitations and one drive was the main reason we signed up to o365

    An ETA would be great otherwise we’ll have to look elsewhere

  80. Usually posts some really fascinating stuff like this. If youre new to this site.

  81. Anybody else think the developers of ODFB understand their products too well…….

    About version info ODFB Mac….

    “Version 17.3.6256 (Dogfood)”

    very appropriate…..

    • Richard Nilsson


      Dogfood environment is Microsoft’s name for using their own early betas before releasing it to the public – i.e. they eat their own dogfood before service it to someone else. So to speak.

      Seems they have expanded their dogfood environment to include Mac users. 😉

      • Richard Nilsson

        service = serving. Bloody autocorrect.

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  85. We’re a small business that would like to migrate our files from our NAS to the cloud. We’ve looked into using OneDrive for Business since it’s included in our Office 365 subscription, but it just isn’t for us.

    We have no use for Sharepoint. The library limits and (now gone) sync limits are hugely restrictive. We have nearly 3 TB of data across 910,000 files and folders. There’s just no way for us to separate that data into neat 5,000 item libraries. Besides that, it is much too complicated for our simple needs. Library structures, site collections, subsites, groups – it’s all too complicated. I’d have to take a class on Sharepoint to administer it, and the rest of us will just refuse to use it anyway. All we need is a simple file directory, like browsing to our network shares in File Explorer.

    We have no use for the current structure where each individual has their own personal, separate storage but can share certain files and folders with other individuals. This is the complete opposite of what we need. We need one large pool of shared storage that everyone can access (like our NAS), with a smaller amount of personal storage for individuals.

    I’m not sure who OneDrive for Business is for, but it isn’t for our small business of 20-something people with vastly different levels of computer knowledge. It’s too complicated, and is structured completely opposite of what we need.

    • Please share with us what other options you found that work for you. Sounds like my business needs are the same as yours.

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  87. Disappointed there is still no useful Mac client for ODfB after all this time. We have a few hundred users, and they are all crippled in functionality due to this.

  88. Hi, is it correct that the new client doesn’t work with MFA enabled accounts?

    • It works, intune thought I wasn’t complianed 🙂

      • Super infiamrtove writing; keep it up.

  89. We don’t need any new functionality until the 256 char. path length limit is removed. This is the year 2015, the DOS era is over!

  90. Do you have any plan on a OneDrive for Business release available for Mac OS X 10.11 ?

  91. John-Paul

    So the defective preview is still available for download, but the new+improved preview that actually works and fixes lots of problems is closed… Come on now, just call it a beta and let us use it! I know it’s not perfect, but it’s got to be better than the alternative at this point.

    • I downloaded a version last week – how do I tell if it’s the defective preview or the new+improved preview?:
      Version 2015 (Build 17.3.6201.1019)

      It seems to work, however I would like it to sync with Sharepoint and sync files that are shared with me…

      • Ditto on “Shared with me” sync. Simple business use. Here’s an example: Construction company has several project (the “Projects” folder). President, estimator, accounting all have edit permissions. On-site manager for each project — and no other projects — is given edit permissions, and so-on down the active projects list. In the office with their PC’s, they pres/estimator/acct have to use browser-based OneDrive for Business to get files “Shared with me”. Puh-lease!

  92. I looked forward to the NG ODfB as we have moved to sharepoint for document storage.

    But it’s actually crippled beyond belief.
    How anybody at Microsoft can say this piece of “software” is progress is beyond me. Three clients? not able to sync with a business sharepoint library?
    Which part of this “software” is actually next generation?

    I am done and personally submitting a proposal to our board to migrate away from this. What is the point of everybody having their own files which can be shared but then only appear when people look for the specific files?

    ALL I want is the ability to map a network drive (or similar) to a sharepoint group. I thought NG ODfB might offer this however I actually can not see any use whatsoever for this.
    Yes, yes, yes, I know you can map a network drive using WebDav. But it’s so **** complicated for normal users – “oh? you’ve rebooted? I’m sorry you’ll need to sign into sharepoint again (keep signed in doesn’t work).”… “Oh you’ve tried that? You’ll need to sign out and sign in again” “Oh, you’ve tried that well… try adding a new shared location as that seems to give things a kick”…

    Is it really really that hard to get something that actually does what it says on the tin. For crying out loud Microsoft – you’ve used the word “Business” in the **** title of the software and made it completely unworkable in an enterprise environment.
    Tell me in all seriousness… does anybody at microsoft actually USE NG ODfB?

  93. Any idea about telling customers/partners when they can install a Windows Client for OD4B? Just bringing new customers to 365 only to tell them we can’t install a client for their OD4B as the Microsoft computer says no currently whilst offering no suggestions of a workaround really makes them feel welcome to the online MS fold and not keen in any way to just go to Google…

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  94. Marc Siegrist

    Since I read this post, I’m waiting for the new client or even the preview. Currently there is a link to the preview on the onedrive download page, but when you klick it, you get a broken link message. Well, MS Switzerland told me, that the new client will be released before Christmas, so let’s hope, it will be available in the next vew days…

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  95. Sept 30th. Improvements coming soon. Awesome.
    Oct 30th. Hang tight!. Umm OK.
    Nov 30th. Silence. Hello?
    Dec 20th. Rumor for end of the year.

    I can’t wait much longer. I need a solution that will work before my 7+ year old server dies. ODFB was supposed to make it easy to move to the cloud. I have spent several multiple hour phone calls with MSFT tech support on this – and they are at a loss. The last guy suggested I use a competitor’s product because that is the best option for my business. SUMMARY: In it’s current configuration, it is NOT USABLE in a small business environment.

    MSFT – please get these features done and launched so we can stop freaking out:
    1 – add selective sync – our local computers do not have the hard drive space for the entire file library, which means we really can’t use it effectively. Options to sync only recent files or selected folders would make a ton of sense. As of right now, we can not sync with ODFB because it fills up our local machines.

    2 – make all files visible in Windows Explorer, and then grab the file from the cloud when it is clicked. No syncing necessary. Just display the file structure the same as it is in Excel or Word when going to File>Open. That is already there – just push it to Explorer

    3 – no file limits for the number of files or storage. Charge us more for egregious storage requirements – but don’t limit it to 1TB or 20,000 files.

    4 – Why does my company Share Drive point to my Account and not my Company account? It is stupid that I have to create a share drive on a User account and not a Company account. It is confusing that a User is sharing the data and not the Company.

    That is all. Can you get these changes implemented this afternoon?

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  97. Why is the “Share” option removed from the File Explorer context menu? That was the most useful and easy to discover feature of OneDriveForBiz!

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  99. It’s 2016 already! When is the final version coming?

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  101. 4 Months! What is going on with the business sync client? Still beta? Where is the official client? Honestly this is **** poor accountability for BUSINESSES!!

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  103. Glen Harrison

    We have been holding off using onedrive for a few years now, due to not being able to sync folders held on file servers. This is kinda important in an enterprise, where user data is on a server! Does this new version finally address this. We really want to start enriching the user experience so they can have access to their data whilst away from the office. Surely this can be achieved in 2016.

  104. the new client doesn’t supports the business account well. i’m trying to uplaod a 290mb’s file but it stucked on 63mb, tried a lots of time but nothing works. same file has been uploaded successfully to the personal account via the same client. please fix it, as i am unable to use the older client now after.

  105. Why isn’t ODFB consistent with SharePoint in using metadata columns and not folders? This is really difficult when trying to get the company to ‘adopt’ the SharePoint vision. As a trainer, this is even harder for buy-in.

  106. Claud Cana

    I think other web-site proprietors should take this site as an model, very clean and fantastic user genial style and design, let alone the content. You are an expert in this topic!

  107. Brian Brown

    Is there a timeline for the new client to support syncing SharePoint libraries? The current client is about to put me out of business as I am constantly having to fix sync issues manually for my customers. It has become a daily nightmare. Several clients have already switched to Google Apps because of the OneDrive for Business client instabilities.

    • Indeed, is there Any info about some releasedates ? Customers are walking away because of this.
      Right now i’ve got some workarounds with the onedrive bonus action of 100gb , but it’s ending soon … and ppl are asking about why not dropbox … sooo Please hurry up, or release prefinal version.

    • You’re absolutely right, Brian !

      The current OneDrive for Business is unusable ! The sync problems are just killing the product. We have to deal with a blackbox (no log, no Tools to troubleshoot). Customers are regularly loosing their data.

      At the opposite, the OneDrive (for consumer) is running fine, no problem at all with it.

      Please hurry up the release !!

  108. They have the link to the download in there. There is a REASON for this… There are significant manual steps YOU NEED TO APPLY before running the install. Casquette Bulls

  109. Long Path Fixer presents you with a simple list of files and folders in the current directory (including “hidden” files and folders). You can drag and drop files or folders onto it and it will navigate directly to path of whatever you dropped.

  110. waiting on sharepoint library sync……with new onedrive for business client……waiting and waiting…..

  111. I’m in agreement with Robert and many others on this conversation. We have used the 2013 sync client for quite a while now to sync each of our project manager’s Onedrive libraries on two central computers (reception and AP/AR). This way we can manage their files for them, file invoices, accounts payable, etc. My reception computer was upgraded to Office 2016 and this capability broke. I can now only sync a limited number of individual Onedrive libraries and zero SharePoint or Group libraries. This moves us backwards by a long shot.

    Please fix the issue in 2016 or somehow allow the 2013 Onedrive for Business client to work in conjunction with Office 2016.

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