New updates to the OneDrive Android and Windows Phone apps

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This afternoon, updates began rolling out to our Android and Windows Phone users. We’re introducing new functionality that supports Android Wear and Cortana search integration on each respective platform.

Right on your wrist

Last month, we brought photos to the Apple Watch, and just last week, we released an update to our iOS app that improved the performance when viewing your albums, recent photos, or tagged photos. Now, with this release for Android, we’re integrating with Android Wear devices.

Android wear

With the OneDrive watch face, each time you activate your watch, we’ll show you a great photo from the last 30 days. It’s a fun way to personalize your watch, and new photos will rotate through every month.

“OneDrive search for…”


Finding files in your personal OneDrive with Windows Phone couldn’t be simpler. Now, in available markets, you can just go to Cortana and quickly find that note you jotted down or that beautiful vacation photo. It’s as easy as talking to Cortana and saying, “OneDrive search for Hawaii sunset photos” to find pictures from Hawaii that were automatically recognized as sunsets. Or you could even search for a specific word or phrase that is buried deep within an Office document or PDF.

We hope you enjoy these new features and let us know what you think on UserVoice.

Omar Shahine
Group Program Manager, OneDrive

  1. Good! But why OneDrive for WP don’t have tags, but OneDrive for iOS have?

    • Anonymous


  2. Can you specify what markets this is available in please?

  3. Really looking forward to this update it been needed for a long time now, I wanted to use Cortana on my smart watch for months now this will help my workflow so much. Thanks for the hard works guys, keep it up!

  4. So, is this available in the United Kingdom?

  5. Daniel Petry

    The best feature of onedrive is the non reliable backup system in IOS.
    OneDrive automatically decides which photos are not good enough and just do not back it up.
    This way I have WAY less photos to organize.
    Of course, I also loose some important information, but who cares? OneDrive certainly does not.
    The bug has been reported in the uservoice forum.

  6. Better fix all the sync issues first. OneDrive for Business is the worst Microsoft product since years. Unfortunately MS doesn’t want to acknowledge this. Check user forums for all the problems.

    @MS: it would suit you guys if you showed balls and acknowledged that OneDrive for Business is a big fail and first focused on fixing the existing problems instead of introducing new functionality. Who cares that you can search with Cortana if the feel you search for has not even been synced due to all the synchronisation problems people are experiencing?

    And OneDrive PG, ask your Premier Support engineers how they feel when dealing with all the angry customers not getting a solution but the sentence “we can do nothing, you have to wait for the new version that comes out somewhere in Q4″…

  7. Why does Microsoft comes with those stupid new features while the very important things are missing? Some of them:
    – Real offline support for Android (and possible other systems).
    – Zip/Unzip folders from the OneDrive interface.
    – Text/coding editing functions.
    – Customizable folder and icons look (yeah! colors are still interesting).
    – Music player from t Browser and not that supid XBox Music ****

  8. When is the Windows Phone version going to support FileSavePicker contract?

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