The new OneDrive API

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OneDrive API launch blog post banner

I’m excited to announce the release of the new OneDrive API, which allows developers to integrate OneDrive into their apps to store and manage user data across all major platforms, including Windows, the web, iOS, and Android. With this new RESTful API, you can build on a scalable cloud storage platform that reaches users across the entire family of Microsoft consumer services.

We built the OneDrive API to provide a foundation to continue evolving the platform and enable all developers to access the full functionality of OneDrive. It provides better speed and functionality, with new features including:

  • the ability to retrieve new changes to files and folders to efficiently keep a large set of files in sync with minimal calls
  • resumable uploads of files up to 10 GB via file-fragment uploading for working with rich content, like HD videos
  • customizable file thumbnail images for delivering a more integrated experience across your app and OneDrive

Internally, we are beginning to use the new API in all of our apps. This ensures that everyone is building on the platform with the same set of tools. Whenever we have access to new functionality, so will you.

The OneDrive API is a major step toward making the platform more accessible and powerful, but this is only the beginning. We are working on a lot of other improvements and features that we will release throughout the year. So stay tuned for more…a lot more.

If you are interested in working with the new OneDrive API, please visit, where you’ll find documentation and code samples to help you get started. It only takes a few lines of code to set up a basic integration with our Android Picker/Saver SDK and our iOS DocumentPicker contract support. Although the Live SDK will also continue to be available for OneDrive integrations, we recommend that you begin using the new API as soon as possible to maintain access to the full set of features available in OneDrive.

We are looking forward to working with developers to increase the number of places where users can do more with the files they have stored in OneDrive, such as:

PicMonkey makes creative tools for photo editing and graphic design, including an online photo editor and collage maker. With PicMonkey, you can easily touch up any of your photos stored in OneDrive, adding filters, text, and other effects before sharing your favorite moments with friends and family.

PandaDoc automates the creation and delivery of sales collateral, which is saved to your OneDrive. It helps generate sales quotes and proposals, tracks when clients open your documents and what they look at within, and allows you to close deals faster with legally binding electronic signatures.

IFTTT logo transparent
IFTTT allows you to save stuff from across the internet to OneDrive via the OneDrive Channel on the web or in the app. You can use the existing OneDrive Recipes to save your favorite SoundCloud tracks, Instagram photos, and more directly to OneDrive, or create your own custom Recipes.

I’m excited to see what you all build with the new OneDrive API. And if you have any suggestions or feature requests, please be sure to add it to our UserVoice.

Ryan Gregg
Principal Program Manager, OneDrive

  1. is this new API Out for all the users on ? or is it still in development?

    • what about blackberry 10 os…..pls do it for blackberry also…..we are waiting

  2. may i integratted with my website? and how it will be?

    • Salman Rashid



    I have not being able to connect to One Drive in a long time, please let me know what is wrong with my PC.

    • Bitter truth

      What is wrong with your PC is the user.

  4. Robbiegod

    @hisham – “all major platforms, including Windows, the web, iOS, and Android.”

  5. is the new onedrive api launching on onedrive today?

  6. Great news! By the way, are you guys planning to offer an API to access roamed AppData/Settings data synced to the cloud by Windows for apps using the WinRT API? It’d be really interesting to:

    A) Have access to this for roaming data to other platforms.
    B) Be able to push/pull data from this from web services and apps.
    C) Potentially be able to push/pull data from the app itself without waiting for a sync to be triggered (though probably just an API to force a sync while my app is running would be better).

    • jjlljljjl

  7. hackeem clarke

    **** u guys

    • That`s not very nice! lol

      • I think what he meant, and I fully agree, is **** you for trying to force us using a microsoft account on a local 8.1 machine when we don’t want to by blocking OneDrive desktop app.

        I reverted to dropbox for that reason but you see the numbers anyway. I’m a Windows phone user giving up your ecosystem because of that kind of ********, so again, **** you.

        • Wow that guy was drunk as a skunk.

  8. New API is cool, but I’m really worried about changes in Microsoft’s developing resources: form a long time you don’t updating Codeplex, and now MS’s teams uses GitHub for OSS & SDKs – ok, it can by accept, but I have a sentiment to Codeplex. Now, you are going on: I see, that docs for new OneDrive APIs is on github and isn’t on MSDN. You really think, that is a good way?

    It’s only a bit of a lot of dev (and not only dev) controversial changes in Microsoft. I was very happy, when I saw new ideas from new MS CEO (I’m big friend of opening to another platforms, opening codes etc.), but in last time I’m thinking, that a lot of Microsoft’s teams are going to forgott about Microsoft’s own platforms, services, products and concepts. And users. It’s really good way?

  9. Jeff Maier

    Will this api worked with corporate Office365 tenant accounts?

  10. We have during lasst 60 days been using One Note One Drive on our eight business computers , which run WIndows7 and 8.1 , Office 365 . SO far have encountered numerous syncing problems and useage questions . Microsoft tech support ( four different departments : office 365, One Drive , WIndows , etc , Assure and the onine blogs ) have not been able to provide answers ,, each department disclaims responsibility and passes one down the line ,, an endless loop ,, very sad assistance for a promising product . No where reliable to go ?

  11. New API’s documentation is not adequate. When will you deprecate the current API?

    • Ryan Gregg

      Hi Meeki,

      I’d love to understand what we can do to make the documentation more adequate for you. If something is missing that you want to see let me know.

      We don’t have a timeframe for deprecating the existing Live SDK right now. We know there are a lot of partners using Live SDK already and we won’t be breaking those apps before they have an opportunity to update to use our new APIs. I’ll be sure to make an announcement well in advance of any changes to Live SDK.

  12. btriffles

    The new API still doesn’t allow the timestamps of uploaded files/folders to be updated (lastModifiedDateTime, createdDateTime). Instead, the timestamps are always set to the time of the upload. This loss of data prevents users from properly sorting their files by modification or creation date. It also prevents applications that use the timestamps from working properly (file synchronization, backup, etc.).
    Please consider changing the timestamp properties from read-only to writeable.

  13. I ***HATE*** OneDrive.
    For better or for worse, I’ve used Google Drive for years. Their T&Cs are clear.
    OneDrive was an undocumented, unwanted surprise on my new laptop. It would cost an unknown amount at an unknown time. It took some Googling to find out that it was a Microsoft Trojan horse, an unwanted, unchangeable default destination from most MS office apps.

    • DarkGray Knight

      Weird, I hate Google Drive. OneDrive is vastly superior in every way.

    • Radical Dreamers

      What? Isn’t it the same way as Google’s Google Drive? It’s a default cloud storage on Android. It also the default target when saving documents on Google Doc Apps. So … What’s the differences?

  14. I have tested successfully the OneDriveApiEplorer and it is great. In our case we need an app that reads a file from not a user onedrive account but an specific onedrive account, It might be possible using the Code flow auth?
    Any C# example on how to use it?

  15. New API is cool, but I’m really worried about changes in Microsoft’s developing resources: form a long time you don’t updating Codeplex, and now MS’s teams uses GitHub for OSS & SDKs – ok, it can by accept, but I have a sentiment to Codeplex
    when I saw new ideas from new MS CEO (I’m big friend of opening to another platforms, opening codes etc.), but in last time I’m thinking, that a lot of Microsoft’s teams are going to forgott about Microsoft’s own platforms, services, products and concepts. And users. It’s really good way?
    wonderfull changes

  16. Could you possibly make your page harder to read? I can still barely make out the text. After all, very light gray on a white background is ok for people with perfect eyesight, so I’m sure you can choose something that is even less visible to someone with less than perfect eyesight but that the 20-somethings will still be able to read. After all, you don’t want your information getting out to the old-timers who were writing system level Assembler and real-time controller code before most of your readership was born.

    I would have submitted this comment to the webmaster, but I couldn’t find a link to do so. Maybe there was one on the page but it wasn’t visible to me. I shouldn’t have to copy the text out of a page and paste it into an editor to be able to read it. There are these great things called “usability studies”. Find one and read it.

    • A little harsh maybe considering this is not the blog design team? I agree the text could be easier to read, but its contrast level is still WCAG 2 AA compliant. Also, you’re not likely to find a lot of “webmaster” links these days; that concept is usually handled by a product or marketing team with more specialized roles, especially on large, professional sites.

    • I have to agree – as I was reading this I suddenly realised that I was squinting!

  17. Ruddy Douglass

    Gray on white – taken to a whole new level of absurdity.

  18. If I want to build an application that allows non-technical users that may or may not have their own OneDrive account to upload files from their own computers into a single OneDrive account (owned by me), will this API allow me to write an app like that?
    In looking at the samples, the user using the app would need a MS Live account, and that is a show stopper for me. Thoughts?

    • Ryan Gregg

      Hi Jay,

      That scenario isn’t a common one, since OneDrive is mostly about storing your own files. We’re looking for ways to expand the API to be useable in more scenarios though, so it’d be great if you can post this suggestion on so other people can vote for it if they’re interested in the same thing.

      We’re looking into how we can make it easier to use the API to access shared folders, including uploading to shared folders, which might be a solution for your request as well.

    • The same happens to me, the only way I think might be filling in the signin website by code, who knows if that is possible. I do not understand why only has OAuth authentication like that. I will test on WP to know if there is any chance

  19. Are you serious?… How can you POSSIBLY expect people to pick the OneDrive platform when it’s SO UNRELIABLE?????????????????????……. boggles the mind.

    I have a Surface P3 (A Microsoft device, btw) and I have yet to get it work reliably.

    • Why not providing repeatable steps and examples instead of just complaining? What a waste of a post. OneDrive has been working flawlessly for me for a long time.

  20. Glad to hear about the new API. Any chance this applies to OneDrive for Business as well? Our OneDrive for Business users are always asking for better integration.

    • Ryan Gregg

      Hi Sam,
      This is just for personal OneDrive right now, but I understand the importance of a consolidated developer experience for OneDrive and OneDrive for Business. Stay tuned for more announcements over the next few months.

  21. The font style chosen for this page,… its still visible. Can you make it even lighter…


    Do you have sample code in Basic?

    VB or VBA will be fine.

  23. Will the OneDrive API supports the features that comes Information Rights Management??? We badly need to leverage Office RMS while driving everything programmatically.

  24. I am not sure if this is ok to post this here, but I want to report an error:
    “the update item with folder path does not work”.

    by the steps in, use the {folder-path} will get the response with:

    “innererror”: {
    “code”: “badArgument”
    “message”: “Bad Argument”,
    “code”: “invalidArgument”

    I use the test console and the same response returned.
    I think this might be a bug and hope there’s response soon, thanks!

  25. While I realize the documentation is rather extensive, that’s probably working against it.

    What I’d like to see is a half-hour (?) video that shows, from start to finish, how to take a simple desktop app, and have its settings file synched across multiple machines through OneDrive.

    If someone could put together a short video, I think a lot of developers would jump on the OneDrive bandwagon. I know I’d change *all* of my apps to do that, even though I still very much live in the desktop app world.

  26. Billy Bob McJavascript

    So does this mean that the 20000 file limit for OneDrive application is gone?

  27. Does this mean that we can now use OneDrive for any type of universal application data or is it still just for pictures and documents as explained here?
    My universal app produces a small amount of data that I am syncing using OneDrive but sometimes the sync takes a while. It would be great to be able to update the data from OneDrive for local use in my app rather than waiting on the current sync. Thanks for any information.

  28. Great news! It took us only about an hour to integrate OneDrive into PhotoFunia.

  29. will you upgrade the max user per share folder more than 20 users?
    dropbox is much better in this stupid option.


  30. %G%

  31. Anonymous


  32. Looking forward to more information on this, great post it was very interesting read!

  33. Radical Dreamers

    I have a problem using this new API. When I want to copy file (from within onedrive folders in the same account), It create an async job where I can monitor. The http post was like this:{item-id}/action.copy

    with json content like this:
    { “parentReference”: { “id”: “destination-folder-id” } }

    It working just fine and give me the link to monitor the progress. But when I follow that link, the status will always been:
    “operation”: “ItemCopy”,
    “percentageComplete”: 0,
    “status”: “notStarted”,
    “statusDescription”: “Completed 0/0 files; 0/0 bytes”

    Any idea why? Is there anything I should do to start the job?

  34. I want to disable the download option
    I can set permission to disallow editing , but a viewer can simply download and edit on their computer .
    It makes stealing my work very simple
    This was one of my favorite features of Google Drive and I am a bit disappointed that I can’t figure out how to do that here

    its important that Microsoft add an option to disable the download function
    Google Drive and Box have this function, why not MS OneDrive?

    it would be great if there was some setting to turn download’s of a shared file or folder ONOFF… what I mean is suppose I want to share a FileFolder with someone, I would only want them to be able to viewedit it online and not be able to download it onto their computer

    Allow someone to view in a browser without downloading it is a very common need
    Microsoft should allow users to disable download button

  35. thanks good, nice


  36. We need FTP support more than we need an api.

  37. Joe Oldendick

    When will FTP support come?

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  43. FTP Support Please.

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