The Office you love is now on your Android tablet

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Editor’s Note:
Update – May 6, 2015:  We’re pleased to announce that we’ve released updated versions of the Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps for Android with two enhancements: (1) Support for Intel chipsets with a native implementation; and (2) Support for Android Lollipop.  The updated apps were released to the Google Play store on May 5, 2015.

At Microsoft, we are working hard to reimagine the Office experience for a cloud-first, mobile-first world. On January 21st we previewed versions of Office for Windows 10 fully optimized for touch and mobile devices. Today, we are proud to announce the general availability of Word, Excel and PowerPoint for Android tablets.

Similar to Office for Windows 10, Word, Excel and PowerPoint for Android tablets are built from the ground up for touch and are perfect for mobile productivity. Consider a pharmaceutical sales rep on a train in Chicago, updating her monthly budgets in Excel. Or a student in a Madrid coffee shop writing a paper in Word, while collaborating with other students back at the dorm. Or a consultant from Bangalore at his client’s site, wirelessly projecting a PowerPoint presentation to a large screen. These are just a few scenarios our engineering teams anticipated when we designed the apps—for touch, on the go and tuned for Android tablets.

Watch this quick video of the Office on Android apps in action to give you flavor of what can be done:

We designed these apps to be unmistakably Office, while optimized for Android tablets. Customers will immediately feel familiar with the Office ribbon. Large touch points make it easy for even the fattest of fingers to navigate commands. External keyboards can be connected but certainly aren’t needed. Existing documents open and render beautifully and are accessible instantly from device to device via a roaming “most recently used” file list.

Within each app, we’ve prioritized the most important features for mobile scenarios. Word documents look beautiful, with text, images, footnotes, tables and charts all nicely formatted. You can review documents by tracking changes and adding comments, and then easily share your work. Excel spreadsheets bring raw data to life with support for formulas, charts, tables, PivotTables, sorting, filtering and comments. PowerPoint presentations look stunning when your ideas are expressed with full support for rich formatting and embedded video, transitions and animations. There’s even a handy format painter tool, built especially for touch.

The Office you love is now on your Android tablet 1

The Office you love is now on your Android tablet 2

The Office you love is now on your Android tablet 3

I want to take a moment to acknowledge all the preview users who participated and offered feedback–thank you! The three-month preview program was incredibly important to our development efforts–not just in generating helpful ideas, but also in testing the apps on the wide range of Android tablets across the world.

The preview program itself generated more than 250,000 downloads for all the apps across 33 languages in more than 110 countries. We had 3,000 Android device variants covering more than 500 models with different sizes and hardware capabilities. There was high engagement with 80 percent of people trying the apps. With 30,000 active users in various communities, we received a constant flow of feedback. We appreciate our customers rating all three apps above 4.2 in the Google Play Store–thank you!

The current system requirements for Office on Android tablet are: devices of screen sizes 7 inches or larger (a device with screen size greater than 10.1 inches will require an Office 365 subscription to create and edit), with an ARM based processor and 1 GB RAM or above. Today, the Android OS version that is supported is KitKat4.4.x. While you can use the apps on an Android tablet running Lollipop, it is not supported at this time but will be in a subsequent update. Microsoft is also committed to supporting Android devices with Intel chips via a native implementation that will be available within a quarter.

When you use the apps for personal use, core editing is free and premium features require a qualifying Office 365 subscription. When used for commercial use, you need a qualifying Office 365 subscription for editing and premium features.

Please download Word, Excel and PowerPoint from the Google Play store today! We hope you love them as much as we have enjoyed building them for you.

—Kirk Koenigsbauer, CVP, Office 365 Client Apps and Services

  1. Thanks for this release — it’s so cool to see Office now available everywhere — and the fact that my same files can be edited and viewed at different locations on different devices. I love PowerPoint on Android but do miss the Design tab on this Android release!

  2. Was in a little on the Preview. Glad to see it come out for general availability to all. Good work to the Office team working hard to make their product cross-platform compatible. It’s truly exciting to be able to jump devices and never have your work slow down.

    • thanks for your help on the preview, babylontales!

  3. I’m guessing a good percentage of Android users will see this message: “This app is incompatible with all of your devices.”

    • dporemsky, while we have tested and support a large spectrum of devices, we know that we have more to go. We’re working to add coverage for additional devices over time.

  4. I’m glad we have Office for Android tablets. Finally I will be able to test touch friendly apps on Bluestacks for Windows! Hopefully it will work.

  5. “Not available in your region”.
    “General availability”, sure…

  6. Mobile OWA users can search “People” beyond their own contacts in the Office 365 “Global Access List”. This feature does not seem to be available in Outlook Preview for Android or Outlook for iOS. Is this capability planned or are we missing something? Thanks.

  7. never say never to an android

  8. I’m truly saddened that my Asus Transformer Pad TF103CG (Intel processor) is still not supported with the official release. I know support for various hardware is coming, but I expected the Intel based Android tablets gets a support after the preview program ended. It’s not that I have a choice for my device as the Transformer Pad is the only tablet with a keyboard that fits my budget.

    I tried the preview on my broken Lenovo Yoga 10, and I was quite satisfied with the apps… Sadly, it’s a broken device with an awful after sales. Bought the Transformer Pad because it’s quite affordable, yet, not supported by the office app… Oh well… Can’t get all… Google drive and docs will have to make do for a while more.

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