OneDrive for Business comes to Mac and iOS devices

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Today’s post was written by Reuben Krippner director on the Office 365 team.

Today we’re excited to announce new ways that you can access and manage your OneDrive for Business files from your Mac and iOS devices.

In the last few months we’ve rolled out new mobile experiences across Android and Windows Phone, which allow people to connect to both their personal and business OneDrive storage from a single app. We’re excited to announce that today we released an updated OneDrive app for iOS that provides access to personal and work storage. This release rounds out the first phase of our mobile investments that deliver a single OneDrive experience across work and life.

We also heard the feedback from Mac users wanting to be able to easily access and take their OneDrive for Business files offline. Today we released the public preview of our OneDrive for Business sync client for Mac, which provides a simple and secure way to manage and sync your files through the familiar Finder experience.

You can download the iOS app from the app store, and the Mac sync client preview from the Microsoft Download Center. For further details on today’s releases check out the OneDrive blog.

If you want to see these apps in action plus more details of new features coming soon to OneDrive for Business then check out this Office Mechanics show.

Stay tuned for more OneDrive news in the coming months and you can also stay up to date with the full Office 365 roadmap here.

  1. Would love an Office for Mac preview next. Or at least a way to open all of these in the browser!

  2. THANK YOU! I can finally get my work stuff out of Dropbox.

  3. Nice … but it doesn’t work for me on my MBP with OSX 10.10.2

    OneDrive tells me my email or password is invalid … they are both working fine when using the web interface.

    Interface is presented in Dutch although mentioned on the download page that only english is available.


  4. Nice! Have been waiting for feature parity for a long time.
    It works fine. Now, If I only could add document libraries also instead of only the Mysite…?

    • Jeremy Chapman User">

      That is correct. The OneDrive app now has the ability to access OneDrive for Business content.

  5. This is potentially great news but we can’t get it to work. Even worse, the versions we were using seem to be broken now. We are using SharePoint 2013 on premise. Are you aware that the clients are broken and working on them or have you decided to ignore those of us who are using your software in our own data centers?

  6. DavidEThomas

    Looks great and I’m looking forward to using it – sadly though I can see documents I’m sharing with others, but not documents ‘Shared with me’. Hopefully this will be sorted on the real release…

  7. Please add support for SSO

  8. I was looking forward to using this for mu business Docs. Unfortunately when trying to move everything from Dropbox to OneDrive I ran into a “path too long” and “invalid character in filename” issue. Files that reside quite happy on Dropbox are not supported on OneDrive. Until and unless this is resolved OneDrive is not an option for me. Very disappointing, I was hoping to save some money my taking advantage of my Office365 subscription for online file storage instead of paying hundreds to Dropbox every year for the privilege.

    I assume the path lenght and invalid character issues will be addressed in a future release?

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