Introducing The New Yammer Developer Center

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Yammer has always loved its developers and the great integrations they create. That is why we thought it was about time to upgrade the Yammer Developer Center.

With a fresh design, it’s more intuitive for users to quickly find the information they need and start developing. We’ve added a number of new resources, including best practices, FAQs and case studies to get users quickly ramped up on our platform capabilities. We have also added search to point people to specific documentation.


Once users have zeroed in on their resources, they can easily test our endpoints, making real API calls, delivering code that can be used for integration.


In the spirit of collaboration, we want to continuously improve the site so we’ve added the Suggest Edits Feature – simply click “suggested edits” and we will review and update your improvement.


We are excited about these improvements and even more excited about the new integrations to come from our platform!