Introducing an all new way to view, manage, and share your photos in OneDrive

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This has been a busy and exciting time for all of us on the OneDrive team. Last week, we unveiled more features coming with Windows 10 including how you can use Cortana to search your OneDrive, how you will be able to have your music available through Xbox Music, and how OneDrive will work with the all-new Photos app. Today, I’m eager to build upon what we demoed in Windows 10 and announce a number of updates centered on making your OneDrive photo experience richer and smarter. Key updates coming over the next couple of weeks include: adding the ability for customers to curate photos from their phone, desktop, and inbox quickly and simply; a new feature that allows you to view, manage, and share photos with Albums; and finally, through a partnership with Bing, customers can now search for their files and photos in a new and exciting way!

OneDrive is the one place for all of your files, and we want OneDrive to be the best place for all of your photos, too. They’re some of the most important and special types of files that we create. They help us document our lives and share precious memories with friends and family. And it is awesome that millions of people rely on OneDrive to be the one place that they use to back up and save their photos. But to date, we haven’t really offered our users a great way to experience those photos. That changes today. With the update outlined below, you’ll have new ways to get your photos in OneDrive. They’ll also be more beautiful. They’ll be quicker to find. And, more importantly, they’ll be even easier to share.

More easily curate your photos from your phone, desktop, and inbox…

We know that your photos are everywhere. You take pictures every day with your phone and capture special events or trips with your DSLR. You archive them all on your desktop or your external hard drive, and if you’re like most of us, you have too many sitting in your inbox, attached to messages from friends and family members.

OneDrive has always made it easy to automatically upload the photos and videos you take on your phone – just use the Android, iOS, or Windows Phone app to back them up. And to make sure you have enough room, when you turn on camera backup, we automatically double the amount of space you get for free. That’s 30 GB of free storage, which is enough for over 12,000 photos, helps you manage the limited storage capacity you have on your phone, and is plenty of space for you to add all of your photos from your different devices.

Hero Image OneDrive

Over the next month, OneDrive users on Windows 7 and 8 will also be able to automatically import photos from devices that they connect to their computer and easily save screenshots that they take right to OneDrive. This will make it easy to back up photos from your camera, USB stick, or external hard drive to not only your computer, but also to the cloud.

These photos will be saved in a new “Camera imports” folder, and similarly, we’ll let you automatically save screenshots that you take to a new “Screenshots” folder. The screenshots will still save to your clipboard like you’re used to, but now you’ll have another copy that is easy to share and available to you from any device.

And what about all of those photos in your inbox? Well, in case you missed it, earlier this month we made it possible to quickly save any attachment to OneDrive from We recognize that many people share and receive photos via email. So allowing you to just one-click save them to your OneDrive makes it easier to back up all of those photos and to find them as well.

… and now see them in a new and more beautiful way

OneDrive has offered a single all photos view for some time now. It lets you see your photos from any folder in your OneDrive, arranged together chronologically. This view automatically brings photos together from your camera roll with photos you’ve imported from your PC or saved from your email. And we’ve enhanced this view to show your photos grouped together by time and location, and to let you quickly jump around to see photos grouped by month.

But starting today, we have a brand new way to view, manage, and share your photos with Albums.

Links to albums

Unlike traditional folders, Albums let your photos stand front and center. Thumbnails are larger, photos are edge-to-edge, and everything is arranged together into a beautiful collage. When you open a photo, it now fills up the whole screen. Information details are still available, but from a pop-up menu, so now your photos stand out like they were always meant to!

Albums also let you bring photos and videos together from anywhere in your OneDrive. You don’t need to copy files from other folders. That means you can easily create an album using photos from your phone in your camera roll folder, your camera in your “European Vacation 2012” folder, or from your email, with the photos you saved to your attachments folder. And even more, you can also add to your albums after they’ve been created and shared.

We’ve also made sure that the people you share albums with will have a great experience. They’ll see the same beautiful Albums view that you see from their desktop, on their phone in the mobile browser, or even in our mobile apps. Albums will be coming first to the web and our iOS app today, and Android and Windows Phone are coming soon.

iOS Albums

A new and smarter way to find your photos…

In addition to making your photos experience richer visually, we’ve also made progress in making it smarter by empowering you to actually do more with them.

We’ve partnered closely with Bing to help OneDrive users quickly find what they’re looking for from You can now search for Office documents and PDFs by text inside of them and photos based on time, location, or text that is extracted from images themselves. You can also search for photos based on tags – both ones you manually created and ones that we’ve automatically identified.

Search experience

With the help of Bing and Microsoft Research, OneDrive can now automatically recognize content in your photos based purely on the visuals, and what that allows you to do is really amazing.

Our users will have access to automatically grouped collections of photos and they can easily search for specific ones. You’ll be able to quickly find things such as “people,” “dogs,” “whiteboard,” “beach,” “sunsets,” and dozens of other terms. This makes it even easier to add your photos in to presentations for school, to relive a specific memory, or to share something important with all of your friends on Facebook.

iOS tags

From the new Tags view, you’ll be able to see your top tags – including both manually and automatically-generated ones. And what shows up today is really just the start. The database of tags will continue to grow over time, and we’re working on new and innovative ways to utilize this information to help you be more productive, find your photos more quickly, and help you make them better.

If you’re interested in learning more about how the technology works, take a look at this article from Microsoft Research.

… and to recap and share them with friends

In addition to making it easier to get your photos and videos in to OneDrive, we’re also exploring new ways to help you engage with and share them. The first of which will be our Weekend Recap emails, which are just starting to roll out.

Weekend Recap 1

Imagine that you were the photographer at a friend’s birthday party on Saturday or that you just finished a remodeling project at home over the weekend and you took a bunch of photos to capture your work. OneDrive will automatically find those photos and send a few of them to you in an email. Not only will you be able to enjoy them again on Monday, but you can quickly send them to your friends or family for them to see as well!

We’ll look to do more with these types of emails and notifications in the future, as we want to make it easier for you to relive the memories that you have saved in OneDrive and to share them when you want to.

Enjoy and keep the feedback coming

This starts rolling out on web and iOS today, with updates on Android and Windows Phone not far behind. We hope you’re as excited about these changes as we are. So go check out the new photo experiences and let us know what you think on UserVoice.

Douglas Pearce
Group Program Manager, OneDrive

Editor’s note 2/11/2015: The technology behind OneDrive photo search recently surpassed human recognition abilities in the ImageNet test. Please read this article if you’d like more information.


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  1. These are all great news, thanks! However, with the coming ability to backup photos from our PCs as well, I think it would be sensible to increase the free storage to let’s say 50gb, which is becoming a norm with other cloud services these days… This would allow me to store and protect my whole photo archive on the cloud, while still having enough spare storage for the documents I need to back up, etc. Many thanks!

    • Hmm… The norm on which sites? 30gb is pretty generous compared to other services.

  2. Christian

    Looks good but does OneDrive support RAW files? If not, then I’ll stick with a NAS.

    • It does! Great feature!

  3. Yet again you give your OWN platform the backseat to iOS. No one minds that you make your apps cross platform but that should mean Windows first, not Windows last! Google would never release an update to their GMail or Maps app on iOS before Android so why do you insist on flipping the bird to your loyal Windows Phone customers?

    • It doesn’t make business sense. Windows phone users are a minority of OneDrive users and really just mobile phone users in general. Google releases their products to their hardware first because they can afford to.
      Also, just an aside, the company isn’t as highly centralized as you think. Notice in the article out says that they’ve partnered closely with Bing. That may seem strange because you might just assume that they’re tightly integrated anyway

  4. Please, is there a way to turn OFF automatic tags? I’m assuming they are put into each jpg’s metadata, and if that’s the case, I’d like to stop it from happening.

    • Dot Parker

      Excellent question. I don’t like having tags automatically added. I am glad to learn there is a disable function!

      • Yes. Go to Settings (the cog on top-right corner) -> Tagging > Allow OneDrive to automatically tag photos for you? > Set to “No”

        • Chuck Nordhoff

          No one is getting tagged in my OneDrive albums, even though I have turned tagging on. How do I make it work?

        • Does it also remove existing automatic tags, though?

          • what is a tag?

  5. Thanks for the update! Glad to see photos and video are an important component to the OneDrive team. Enabling collaborative albums (say for parents to be able to both add photos to an album that is shared with grandparents) is the next step. In fact, had I known this wasn’t possible yet, I probably would have held off on purchasing an Office 365 subscription, as the other major cloud storage companies have had this feature for a long time. Hopefully you can add this feature soon. My wife is getting frustrated!

  6. Emmanuel Miranda-Steiner

    @Carolyn, no the tags do not go into the jpg metadata, we only store them in the cloud so they won’t alter your image. But if you want you CAN turn all photo processing off (but I wouldn’t recommend it since it’s so cool 🙂 )

    @Christian yes, we do support most RAW formats.

    @Eric, it’s certainly something we’ve been thinking about!

    • Christian

      That’s pretty cool. But after the update for the Windows Phone app would that allow me to see the RAW picture? By the way, I have a Canon DSLR so .CR2 format.

    • All right! Thank you!

  7. How about ability to comment on pics and vids like every other platform? Sounds so basic but why is it omitted?

  8. The sync app is majorly flawed.
    Microsoft still have not fixed it.
    It is a shame

  9. How can I create and display albums from the OneDrive page ( I have created an album by clicking on the above link to ‘Album’, but I can’t find this album nowhere on my OneDrive.

    • Marcos Ávila

      apos adicionar ao álbum, clique em FOTOS do lado direito e ali você vera logo acima menu Álbuns.

  10. Emmanuel Miranda-Steiner

    @Benpal, you should be able to see them now.

    • Thanks, yes I can see them now.

  11. Dot Parker

    I see that the automatic tagging was turned on by default and autotagged thousands of my photos. I don’t want autotagging and have disabled it. However, the autotags remain!! Please do not tell me I have to manually undo something I never opted into. Please advise.

    • Kevin James

      Also, noticed this…when turning off auto tagging I would expect all the automatically generated tags to go away and my tags to remain. As a side note, I hope there will be a way of selecting and tagging or untagging multiple images instead of having to bring the picture up to tag it. Very inefficient, almost unusable, if we can only tag one image at a time.

      Seems like you’re headed in the right direction though. Looking forward to more improvements!

      • I recognized exact the same thing. Without the possibility to tag more than one image at once, this feature is useless or very horrible to use… 🙁

      • I completely agree.
        And it seems like a huge ‘miss’ that I do not have the option of sharing photos/albums in collaboration with others, who can see my tags!

    • I know someone who hates manual anything if you don’t come back into my life normally and keep doing this **** when I find you I’m going to take your life

  12. Absolutely hate the new photo view on the site. The old one was much better.

    • Taylor Thomas

      Sure, if you like comparatively clunky and (probably) not as easy to navigate.

    • I also preferred the old viewer, because he had the ability to show both the image and its properties at once and not over it.

  13. Marcos Ávila

    percebo que mencionou apenas Windows 7 e 8, estas atualizações não serão também para o Windows 8.1 ?

  14. Taylor Thomas

    So let me just get this straight. The iOS app, which was released more recently than the WP app, and is NOT ON A WINDOWS PRODUCT, LIKE A WINDOWS PHONE, is getting updated today, while I have to wait with my Lumia 1520?!?! This is getting ridiculous….
    Is it harder to program for or something?!

    • Windows Phone is actually easier to code for than iOS. And, if it is built with C# (which Microsoft itself encourages app builders to do), then they can build for iOS, Android, and Windows all at once. Basically, there is no need to release for “one” OS first. The problem is OneDrive is kinda with the Office team…and Office has never cared about Windows…so they do whatever they want (and most of them probably use an iPhone anyways, so they don’t care). That’s Microsoft for you…something Apple and Google would never do with their own loyal customers.

      • Google does it all the time. Maps was updated first on iOS, weeks before Android. Hangouts was updated months before Android (several months) with features the Android users were clamoring for. It happens in a bunch of apps. Apps like YouTube Capture were promised for Android after being released for iOS, and never came to Android at all (thus far).

        iOS commands developer attention. That’s just the way it is.

        Even within Microsoft, it would be foolish to prioritize Windows Phone over iOS. Moving to Universal apps removes that issue, because it would be foolish to prioritize Mac or Linux over Windows, and since Windows Desktop and Phone will use practically the same app – they kill two birds with one stone.

        I just hate how limited “Metro” apps are compared to desktop apps, so I’m thoroughly uninterested in the work they’re doing on that end, and will simply buy 3rd party Windows Apps to replace the apps that they’ve dropped from support (PaintShop Pro and Video Studio to replace Photo Gallery and Movie Maker, for example).

  15. A very nice update indeed. Some things i would like to see considered in the future though…

    1) That the main folder ’tiles’ be resizable, , much like Live Tiles, either by the User or automatically. Album art for example doesn’t suit a landscape rectangle, nor do Book Covers.

    2) More file view support, for example i’m keen to store my purchased Comics on OneDrive, CBZ/CBR files can be made to show in Windows File Explorer (via an add-on) but blank white icons for unrecognized/unsupported files is a shame. Many more file types could use some way of viewing or at least setting a cover image for the file.

    3) Colour choices, ala I know blue is the branding, but since we’re already using the service, it would be nice if we could choose our own colour preferences.

    4) For the Photo thumbs to be resizable, possibly via a Slider.

    Thanks 🙂

  16. Some basic editing would be really really nice, cropping, filters, red eye removal etc

    • There are plenty of excellent tools around for photo editing. OneDrive is a place to store and view pictures, keep it that way.

      • they r going to add editing in window 10

  17. This is great! I would also love to be able to create an album based off photos with the same tag.

  18. These new features are just great. Thumbs up, Microsoft!

  19. Thanks for great new features!

    I have organized my 30 000+ photos in the Picture folder, all pictures are in subfolders with dates and event names. Is there any way I can get all my manually created “albums” (folders) as albums like shown in this new feature? I see I can create every single album manually by clicking New Album -> Choose from folders -> Go into my picture folder and check a folder -> Give it a name (I want the name to be the same as the folder name). This is quite a lot of work when you have approx 500 albums.

    Any way to automate this?

  20. Thank you for recognizing the loyal Windows Phone users and those of us who continuously push & test early Microsoft products. First it was the Office app, and now this. Clearly shows what platform is more important for Microsoft… and I’m left wondering why it should bother me one bit to switch to the best supported platform!

  21. It would be great if you can access folders that have been shared with you when you are in the win 8.1 OneDrive Tile/App – like you can in the iOS app. Currently the only way to access folders that have been shared with you is to exit the app and go to the OneDrive website – clunky at best and impossible to explain to GrandParental units that have upgraded to Windows 8.1.

    • What an awesome way to explain this-now I know evyritheng!

  22. This is great progress, but two issues/questions.

    1) On one of my 8.1 computers it shows that were made in Windows Photo Gallery. On a different 8.1 computer it does not show . Any idea why this would happen or how to fix it? [note: my wife just did some testing and it appears Chrome displays people tags and IE does not. Is that the issue?

    2) I imagine many folks will want to take their large Windows Photo Gallery inventory up to OneDrive, as I hope to do. The one thing I see missing is the people tagging carrying with it the location of each person in the photo. I imagine that is embedded in the meta data. Is it planned to make that function operational?

    Thanks – super progress! It would be nice to be able to move from Windows Photo Gallery up to this implementation.


    This is great progress, but two issues/questions.

    1) On one of my 8.1 computers it shows people tags that were made in Windows Photo Gallery. On a different 8.1 computer it does not show . Any idea why this would happen or how to fix it? [note: my wife just did some testing and it appears Chrome displays people tags and IE does not. Is that the issue?] [Newer update – IE does display it on her computer, but not on mine]

    2) I imagine many folks will want to take their large Windows Photo Gallery inventory up to OneDrive, as I hope to do. The one thing I see missing is the people tagging carrying with it the location of each person in the photo. I imagine that is embedded in the meta data. Is it planned to make that function operational?

    Thanks – super progress! It would be nice to be able to move from Windows Photo Gallery up to this implementation.

  24. What about the ability to automatically/manually delete photos from your phone after they have been backed up to OneDrive? I use Google+ photos now because it is the only app that truly syncs everything everywhere. If I delete a photo from my phone, it is removed from my google drive. I would love to use just ONE cloud solution, and I want that to be OneDrive, but I’m forced to use different features of different solutions.

  25. A tab for videos would be very nice, where it would show all the videos you have on onedrive.

    Another video related feature is the length of the video. this info on video thumbnails in the ‘photos’ view, and also if you tag them, in the tags view. However, in the ‘Albums’, if there are videos, it does not show the length…

    Also, i noticed that location information (eg: San Fransisco) is seen along with date in the ‘photos’ view on the PC site, but not on the iOS app.

    Also, on the iOS app, (this is getting technical…) you tap to make all extra info disappear, so the photo is only seen, and another tap will show information. so far, as expected. What would be nice is if the information shown included when the photo was taken and possibly where…

  26. Nice work, but a few observations.

    I can’t help feeling that the Thumbnails are a little on the large side, especially when one goes to the Photos pivot. It’s almost too unwieldy the size they are, after all, thumbnails are more for the quick glance indentification aspect of viewing, rather than needing to see the details one would more likely check out in the full view. A choice of sizes would be good.

    A dark theme perhaps? Sometimes the rather in your face screen of white (as with is a bit hard on the eyes (and battery).

    I’d also agree with another commentator here in that OneDrive really needs to look ‘inside’ some files and pull out an image to use for its thumbnails. Pfds, Psds, Ebook and Comic book formats, the embedded album art for mp3s etc. This would take away the need for a specific picture file as thumbnail art.

    It really would help transform OneDrive from a blank icon placeholder, to ones virtual Shelf for storage.

    • *update* Well, just noticed that it does indeed pull an image down as a ‘cover’ for psds now, a welcome inclusion.

      Hoping for similar treatment for Music Albums and ebook/comic formats in the future. Thanks :o)

  27. I realy like OneDrive! But add direct links to images and other file types! Please 🙂

  28. Yes that looks greate, this is what the People whant, and need. If following is considered, that your on the right direction:
    – App Update für Windows 8.1 RT / xBoxOne to have those Features as well. -> Universal app
    – If I delete a photo on one place, then ist Needs to be deleted in the cloud and on all devices.
    – When I add a photo to the camera roll on one device, the photos Needs tobe synced to the clöoud and to al devices, that have the camera roll “offline”.

  29. Don’t like it

    Why is the Tags view showing photos from ALL folders? I have folders for stock photos and videos which I do NOT want mixed up with my personal photos.

    Also even when I turned off object detection (automatic tagging) the built-in tags are still applied to some of my newly uploaded photos. This is driving me nuts.

    • Dot Parker

      I agree. The auto tags should remove themselves if we turn off the feature. I’ve tried to get an answer from MS (via online support, twitter and this blog) to no avail. It appears the only way to remove the auto tags is to manually edit EACH photo. NOT GOOD.

    • It’s annoying when “non-personal” images show up with the rest. I have a folder for ArchiCAD Library, images of different textures, wood paneling and things like that, horrible to look at but in OneDrive so that they will be up to date on all computer, I haven’t noticed them one OneDrive until they started to appear in with tags, I don’t want them to be tagged.

      Please give us white- and or blacklist for folders with or without subfolder.

  30. Don’t like it

    Also even after I remove a tag from all photos, it is still visible in the Tags view. This applied to built-in tags (which I don’t want) as well as ordinary tags in file metadata.

    The photo viewer also allows adding and removing tags to photos and videos, except that the changes are not written to the files. What good is it for, really?

  31. Why can’t it backup my Whatsapp images like Google+ can?

  32. I like this new features, but I have folders with photos and videos that I don’t want to be proccess, I don’t want to mixed up with my personal photos and videos. What can I do?… is not just to turn off this features, I would like to turn this off for some folders.

  33. I like the new auto tags, but there are some empty tags that I would like to be able to remove, now it’s just a grey box. Also, there are no #snow tags, images with snow have been tagged with #water and other but no #snow tags. I also miss a #waterfall tag.

    “no the tags do not go into the jpg metadata, we only store them in the cloud so they won’t alter your image”

    Does this only apply to the automated tags? If I add a tag in will the tag go into the jpg metadata. I now have a #cat tag but with no images, the only image that had that tag was a dog, but the #animal tag shows a few cats. So if I tag them with the #cat tag will it only be stored in the cloud or in the metadata?

  34. Album is nice, but for somebody who has many photos its not so friendly. Much better funkcionality for photo manager can be jumping to some date. Example if you like to see or jump few years before its very hardly and slow process on web interface special in Android apps. Is not possible to find – jump some photo few years before. On android if you start to scroll down, open some photo, when close give you back to start. Hehe so fanny need to try again….

  35. I really don’t like it. I much preferred the old viewer, it had the ability to show both the image and its properties at once and not over it, with the caption underneath. To see the caption it covers a ¼ of the photo. The old viewer also had thumbs at the bottom so you could more easily jump from one photo to another without having to click through every photo or back out to the album which should have a way to customize the size of the thumbnails.
    And where the heck did the ability to comment go? What’s the point of sharing photos etc if the other people, or you for that matter, can’t make comments? Why was it omitted?
    I also really miss the 1st page from say 5 or so years ago, where it would summarize all the new comments in one place. Now it’s just a guess at which photos might have a new comment. Who has the time to click through every photo in every album? Not I.
    Or even better how about the option to change to the new, or whatever, instead of just doing it. And yes I realize I can use some other program so I don’t need to hear about that. 🙂

  36. Please make the loading of the photos faster! It take 5s~10s to fully load an HD(1080p) photo. This is not acceptable. I don’t understand why it takes so long to load a photo that requires only screen resolution at first glance . The loading of photos in Picasa is instant. Secondly, I fully agree with Nova that the old viewer is much better. In the new viewer, the comment function and thumbnails are gone. The property of the photo such as map location becomes hidden. Please change it back.

  37. Can I exclude folders from the “Photos” view? I don’t want my illustrations or 3D renderings or photos by other people etc. to show up in there.

    Can I restrict the image size of the photos in (shared) albums? I’d like to show my photos around but not let everyone have access to the original files.


  38. There’s a bug (or a couple) with tags.

    1. After uploading 175 photos with my tag, I’ve got the tag showing on tags list, but with 140 photos.

    2. The tag shows up on all tags, but not in “Your top tags”.

    3. “Your top tags” show arbitrary tags, not the most numerous ones.

  39. Christian Hartung

    Love the new albums feature. And since its introduction, I do have one question: which way do you think is the best to organize my photos?

    I could leave all of my photos at OneDrive’s camera roll folder, and create albums from there. This way I would use the new feature, which is best for viewing pictures. But this way I would not be able to see (as of now) my albums on the desktop.

    The other way is to keep creating folders for each album, and ignore the new feature.

    And even another way would be to create folders AND albums, but I see it as too much effort.

    Either way, I really like the new feature.

  40. The app still RENAMES the files it backs up. IMG01 becomes IMG01_IOS. That’s unacceptable, and no one would expect any Backup application (or one that claims to “back up” anything, for that matter) to rename the data it’s backing up. It’s pretty much Backups 101. If you’re concerned about filename duplication across devices, then create different folders for each device.

    But please, do not – ever – rename my files when backing them up. Especially when you aren’t even giving me the option to turn that **** off.

    Tired of manually renaming my files back to the original names after OneDrives back them up, so I ditched it. I’ve been moving gradually over to iWork and finding work-arounds for the features it lacks that I used in Office, so I’ve already ended that subscription.

    Will be back when the products seem like they have been properly dogfed. At the moment, it just seems like “add this so we can have something to blog about.”

    Just the file naming issue is infuriating to me to the point where it’s unusable as it makes it impossible for me to compare my Local and Cloud Libraries properly without manually renaming the files in OneDrive back to what they are on the devices (my computer Hard Drive).


  41. I’ve been looking for a photo solution for years, to handle my 100,000+ photos. When google released gmail years ago, it was a perfect solution to email conundrum as it allowed me access on-the-go to my 100,000 emails and allowed me not to be as preoccupied with backups etc. I really am eager to offer my advice to make OneDrive the home to my photos, but i have the following comments, to start with;

    1.) Tagging will be very important, as, much like Gmail’s labels, a photo is not always easily filed in one folder (eg multiple people in a picture…which folder to place in?). Thankfully the Tagging you offer helps, but it only goes half way. Currently I am not able to mass tag in OneDrive’s photos, and when trying to organize thousands of photos, it presents a large problem.

    2.) When I click on “Tags” it would be much better to be able to handle this like a folder. Currently I am trying to figure out which is the best way to organize my photos – into Folders or into Tags, or into Albums?? If it had the architecture of Gmail labels, I think it would do away with the duplicity of this.

    4.) If I were to organize my photos into albums, it is not easily shown which album a photo belongs to. I guess the long and short of it is that we need to have some way of knowing if a photo has been categorized/labelled/tagged without having to go deep into the photo. Perhaps we can have a view that we are able to toggle onto that will show the tags/albums/labels below the photo?

    5.) I am trying to upload folders of a few thousand photos (I was able to upload this to Google Drive with no issue) but I am met with the 1,000 photo restriction on OneDrive. Fair enough – I will split my folders into less than a thousand to overcome this. But, when I leave this to upload, and for some reason one or two of the files does not get uploaded, there is no way of telling which file didn’t get uploaded. Occasionally the problematic photo will be named, but it doesn’t give an option to retry that file by itself (I will have to write down the name and manually find it and reupload)

    If I try to re-upload all of them I am asked if I’d like to Keep them All or Duplicate them. It doesn’t give me an option to “Skip” like you get when transferring files in Windows. By comparison, when I uploaded to GoogleDrive there were a handful of files that were not successful, but GoogleDrive was able to tell me which were not successful, so that I could retry (second time around they uploaded successfully). Why can OneDrive not be configured to let us know which file was not successful?

    6.) What about face tagging? Currently I am just tagging names into the photo, but it would help a lot of this could be semi-automated, ie, keep giving me lists of photos to approve as being to a certain person (Much like Picasa). I thought a previous iteration had a list for “People Tags” (eg Susan, Harry) and for just “Tags” (eg Miami, Beach, Boat, Plane, Oreos, Birthday). Now it is just Tags. Not a huge issue, just was nice to have the two split out.

    7.) When I am tagging, I am always paranoid that I may be misspelling a name etc or place. This is easy to happen if you are doing it hundreds of times individually (hence the reason for mass tagging!) but in any event, why not offer an autocomplete for tags based on previous tags?

    8.) If I try to tag more than one word at a time, separated by hashtags, sometimes it registers them individually and sometimes it registers them singularly (as I prefer).

    9.) I think me and others would not mind paying for a premium service that can properly store AND manage everyone’s very large AND growing inventory of photos.

    10.) I deleted some of the auto tags that first came out (and since disable this feature). I appreciate what it does, but I much prefer to take the time and go through and get everything labeled/tagged perfectly. The deleted tags are still showing (just empty). Can I get these removed?

    I hope a solution as outlined above isn’t just wishful thinking, as it will be great to finally get a solution, on the cloud, to thousands of photos.

  42. Also, why not be able to toggle how an album is viewed? ie from Newest to Oldest (instead of the default Oldest to Newest)?

  43. Additionally why not just have an “Album view” for a folder or tag.

    I know this would not create an album, and the album is still useful for the purposes of sharing etc. But at least this allows you to view files that you’ve organized in a beautiful way.

    Also, I second the above commentor’s request to omit folders from the “photos” view should you prefer. Eg an option in the folder (Remove from Photo Marquee [ ]). This is particularly useful for removing work related items.

  44. Excellent steps towards the right direction. I have not tried this, but I also like the fact that I can sign up for the 1TB storage and allow my family members with their auto-backup their photos to a single account.

    For more stickiness, I would suggest the OneDrive team to create a new app, just for photos. Just as DropBox have done with their Carousel app (yes.. they bought Loom, perhaps MS can look to acquire another startup…) A dedicated app just to view photos on OneDrive and also your device, together with some smart “lenses”, and something like the “auto-awesome” that stiches photos & videos together is a bonus.

    An additional way for photo management is to auto select photos to keep from those burst shoots (auto select the best out of many many photos taken in succession)

  45. PrivacyFirst

    You wouldn’t participate in your *** being raped why participate in raping of your privacy?

  46. Some bad changes

    I actually DON’T like many of these so-called improvements as they make viewing photos much less easy.

    Firstly, what happened to the thumbnails at the bottom of the screen? Do you expect us to whizz through 1500 screen-sized pics to find the one we want?

    Secondly, I HATE the new albums feature as it just shows you a mess of photos thrown onto the screen – if you just click on your albums all you see are huge pics stuck right on to each other with no space between them. Everything looks ugly and a mess and it’s difficult to work out just which pics you want or even to see what each pic has. This also trivialises photos and takes away their value, just makes them look like junk. The albums feature would be a good idea if you could see the photos organised in a useful way.

    What you call “edge to edge” and (what a joke!) “a beautiful collage” just makes photos look like junk.

    Thirdly, the new Info feature when you are viewing individual photos is horrible. It covers almost the whole photo, is too spread out so it’s hard to find individual pieces of information you need, and we certainly don’t need a huge map stuck across most of the photo telling us what city it was taken in, especially when we already know that – although, when the photo is obscured, I admit, it might be hard to work out what it’s showing.

    And, I say this as an Office 365 family account subscriber.

  47. Anonymous

    Do these tags permanently get written to my photos, or are they just kept in a database? I would not want MS changing my exif data!

  48. I have disabled the option to have OneDrive add tags for me. However, it has already tagged quite a few photos with tags I neither want nor use. I have my own set of descriptions for tags. How can I remove the tags which OneDrive has already added for me without going through each picture individually?

    Otherwise, all looking very good indeed. Onwards and upwards!

  49. And yet, photos and videos uploaded from iOS and Android devices are still having text appended to their file names.

    Please fix this. I can’t use it if it’s going to force me to rename hundreds of files on a regular basis. I do not want backed up data renamed, as it makes it very hard for me to do diffs in the event that I want to get back some files I deleted or lost from the back-up. Create a different folder in Camera roll for iOS and Android instead of adding _iOS and _Android to the file names.

    It’s not hard rocket science. I cannot believe you guys are still doing this with your apps. I’m losing patience. DropBox, Flickr, iCloud Photos, Box, and other services do not do this.

    Only OneDrive is “broken” in this way.

    • Thanks for mentioning this. Hopefully the MS OneDrive team wakes up, takes their heads out of their bums, and realize that it is 100% completely unacceptable for a cloud service to be renaming photos. For example my iPhone photos are called something like IMG_0123.jpg and OneDrive renames them to something like 20150812_12573456_ios.jpg.

      Luckily I found an app called PhotoSync that sends them to OneDrive with the original filename.

      But you are right, no other cloud service changes the names of photos when uploading them to the cloud – not Google, not Dropbox, not Box, not iCloud, not Flickr. Only OneDrive does this.

      Again, I hope they wake up soon and change this unacceptable behaviour by a cloud service! Ive definitely considered not using OneDrive anymore because of this!

      • i would say that this is good, to rename them to YYYYMMDD_HHNNSSxxx_iOS. Timestamp is in UTC, which I think my iPhone creates.

        If they use IMG_XXX, what will happen when you have taken more than 10000 pictures or you changes to a new phone?
        It will startover from IMG_001 and you will have files with same name.

        What I noticed is that movies are always named with UTC -7, this is strange!!!

  50. Microsoft you have come a long way for mobile. I am a android user and use my phone for business and personal use. What is needed without having two accounts like google is to be able to manage my photos for business and personal. It is nice to have everything backup but need options to separate. Microsoft I love One Note and it is the best Note app out there. One issue is on mobile the calculator to add or multiple only works on computer not mobile app.
    When is Microsoft going to catch up with social media by having their own LinkinG+Facebook as you have the biggest business users using your software and could give us ways to build better business.

  51. I find it hard to organize my OneDrive folders as it’s not possible to drag and drop, or to ‘move’ files. Can you pls guide me to a KB article on the topic of organizing OneDrive folders and files?

  52. Rui Sousa

    Come on people make some work. People are complaining about the tags alter there pics. If you download the pic to your PC you will see there’s no tags on the pic so is easy to understand the auto-tags are only a cloud thing and not associated to the pic.

  53. I love where this is headed, but I’m bummed out that when I share photos with my friends and they view them in OneDrive, they don’t get the same view of the photo’s location on the map that I get. I hope you can add that (and even more “photos on a map” experiences in releases to come). Thanks!

  54. If you’re interested in learning more about how the technology works, What is needed without having two accounts like google is to be able to manage my photos for business and personal.


  55. Bob Attianese

    I am having a problem uploading a photo to a meetup site. It keeps taking me to OneDrive and OneDrive shows no way to access my pictures.

  56. John jalango

    This is awesome, I like

  57. get your software off my pc

  58. I’m a photographer and just signed up for Office 365 in large part for photo storage. I really like how OneDrive integrates with Windows 8. But in addition to tagging, there are a whole host of features that would be great to add. There are of course some really basic image editing tools within the OneDrive app (and the OneDrive Modern app appears to look exactly the same as Modern Photo app when viewing photos.) But I was thinking of something like tools that I use in Lightroom, Photoshop etc.) Advanced tools for RAW conversion, panorama stitching bulk metadata editing. Maybe even a platform for selling or licensing photos to compete with Photoshelter, Zenfolio, Smugmug etc. Just a few ideas….. nice work!

  59. Paul Dagnall

    Is there anyway to exclude folders from showing up in photo albums/feed?
    Following the Xbox Music integration, I’ve started ripping my vast CD Single collection and adding in a folder.jpg file for album artwork. I now have around 1000 pictures of CD covers in my feeds! Would be useful if the Music folder is excluded from the photo/image selection process.

  60. @Paul Dagnall

    In the upper-right corner of the All Photos view, just press the Settings icon and choose “Pictures folder.” This will scope your All Photos view to only show photos that are in the Pictures folder of your OneDrive, hiding album art and other misc images from other folders. (This will eventually be the default for new users.)


    How do i link my working files to ONEDRIVE automatically without saving them manually?. Is there a way of doing this?. Please help!.

  62. I hate the guy to burst your bubble, but it seems you have not considered the scenarios of the person that uses OneDrive to HIDE his pictures because of their NSFW X rated content. It was extremely upsetting to go into the OneDrive app after a couple months and find several pictures of nude women with he #people tag right there in my tags homescreen next to pictures of my family. NEVER TURN ON features that automatically expose pictures by surprise!!!!

    • This guy, May 5, 2015 at 7:11 am says:

      I hate the guy to burst your bubble, but it seems you have not considered the scenarios of the person that uses OneDrive to HIDE his pictures because of their NSFW X rated content. It was extremely upsetting to go into the OneDrive app after a couple months and find several pictures of nude women with he #people tag right there in my tags homescreen next to pictures of my family. NEVER TURN ON features that automatically expose pictures by surprise!!!!

  63. Mauro Mello

    How do I sort photos on Albums?

  64. old trails mapper

    It was a lot easier to use skydrive with “more individual user control than what is offered in onedrive. Grabbing photos from everywhere in the computer into the photo link is not proper without the adminstrators authority to choose….is downright unethical.

    The constant motion of photos appearing and disappearing being replaced with others is “Dizzyness a million times over. You kids got a lot to learn before you can sell this plan to us older folks. Please go back to basic skydrive and make it adaptive. Yes, the service is free up to a point but not worth the eyestrain to put up with.

    And, I despise those stinking theme tags they ruin the image. Stay out of ******, gender recognition.
    So far, this one drive sucks…Wish I were in the ms office to fire some of these brainiacs

  65. Finally a resource – this blog – that explains things. Might be nice to amend the onedrive ios faq on the help page so that it reflects some of the info found here. Might also be a good idea to produce a YouTube video showing how things work: like creating albums, sharing, tags, etc…

  66. I want my files and photos are uploaded in the onedrive , but I do not want them to access .
    OneDrive is secure?
    or my friend can see my pic and file?
    I want the files visible only for myself.
    How do I do this ?
    no public ,just myself

  67. david arevalo

    i need help with setup, still trying to fix this app to work witjh me, if not i will go bacxk to google and use theres. i have perivate puctures and non-private pictures , i dont want to huet your feelings, also respect my privacy?? does microsoft really want to tweek this app out to be no.1??? well be with me stand by me respect me and i will help make this app no.1. i love windows, google apss are user freindly.

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  76. Is there a way to import existing albums to onedrive? It’s nice to have a feature to creat albums in onedrive. But what about the existing albums? Do I need to create them all once again?

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