Now access your password protected sections in the OneNote for Windows Store app

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OneNote for Windows already offers the ability to add passwords to individual sections of your notebooks for increased security—but what if you want to access those sections using OneNote’s Windows Store app on your favorite device? Today, we’re excited to announce that the OneNote for Windows Store app now includes the ability to unlock your existing password protected sections!

Using this feature is easy. First, make sure you’re running the latest version of OneNote for Windows Store app released today. Once you’ve updated the app, simply navigate to a password protected section and type your password to unlock it.

OneNote for Windows Store app 1

After unlocking a password protected section, you can view and edit its contents just like any other section—but to protect your privacy, page thumbnails are not shown. Plus, the section automatically locks if you don’t use OneNote for a few minutes. You can also lock all of your password protected sections manually—simply right-click or tap twice on any section tab, then select or tap the Lock Protected Sections button (power users can press Ctrl-Alt-L on the keyboard).

OneNote for Windows Store app 2

We hope you enjoy using password protected sections in the OneNote for Windows Store app. As always, we would love to hear your feedback so we can add other features like this that you request—let us know what you think!

—Omeed Chandra, program manager, on behalf of the OneNote team.

  1. Yah! Excellent news on this Tuesday! Thank you OneNote team for this wonderful update. Looking forward to this update coming to my OneNote for my Windows Phone. As always keep up the great work OneNote team for making a great product.

  2. I’m really confused by the password protection.
    I recently found I could use it on the free mac version of Onenote.
    But the free Windows version could not open them.
    Could we have consistency across devices and free/paid versions?
    Preferably meaning allowing us to encrypt on free Windows. No encryption and no local notebooks are the only reasons I’m still using Evernote for a lot of stuff.

    • …of course you should have premium features for paying customers but not having two of the free features of your main competitor isn’t good.

  3. Is it safe to assume that “Password Protected” doesn’t mean “encrypted”?

  4. Great feature, thank you.

    Now, you just have to implement tags being notebook dependent instead of defining them on hidden file on C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\OneNote\15.0\preferences.dat.

    I want to defining them on the fly on each OneNote page, and I also want to search which page has those tags.

    Thank you, Luis

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