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10 great Office timesavers

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The Microsoft Office 15-Minute Webinar team delivered a webinar-style talk on “10 great Office timesavers,” at the Microsoft Store in Bellevue Square.

10 Office timesaver tips

  1. Quick shortcut to undo, redo and repeat
  1. The Format Painter
  1. Search in Windows 8.1
  1. Turn off email notifications
  1. The Quick Access Toolbar
  1. Duplicate events in a calendar
  • Ctrl + right-click the event in the calendar and drag it. A duplicate event will be added to your calendar.
  1. Search your Outlook email
  1. Fit an Excel spreadsheet to print on one piece of paper
  1. Add a quick horizontal line in Word
  • Type three dashes (—) and hit Enter

10. Three quick ways to start your next PowerPoint

Bonus: More shortcuts

  1. Apply formatting via keyboard shortcuts
    I thought I knew all there is to know about pasting, but then I found out that you can copy and paste only the formatting of a selection, not the selection itself. To do so, select those items with formatting you want to copy, press Ctrl-Shift-C, choose the items you want to apply the formatting to, and press Ctrl-Shift-V.

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