Excel Power Map–December update for Office 365

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Last month we shipped a great time saving feature—playing a tour directly from any scene. This month we’ve improved Geocoding performance, made the Auto Fit feature for custom maps more accurate, and added another popularly requested feature as well—a quick way to select all items when filtering.

When we shipped Filtering back in September, we got a lot of positive feedback, as well as several new requests. One common request was to make it easier to select all of the items in the filter search results. Well now you can, just click the (Select All Search Results) check box and we’ll select not only the visible items for you but also the ones that are cut off because you have too many results. This is a very convenient way to explore your data through filtering by slowly narrowing it down.

PowerMap Dec

There is no Office update in January due to the winter holidays, but we have some big things on tap for the first quarter. It’s going to be an exciting New Year. Happy Holidays from the Power Map team!


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  1. Hi,
    1- are you saying none of the September features are available for the Excel Pro Plus users yet? And there is still nothing new in that regard in this December update?
    2 – If so, what is your ETA for wide availability of this features?
    3 – And if you have no plans to add these features to the pro plus version ever, we’d like to know too.

    I am sure you understand that IT & Business decision makers need to be able to plan & budget for 2015; a bit of heads up would be appreciated.

    Thank you,

    • Thank you for the feedback, Sebastien. It is great to know that these updates show value.

      This article showcases our monthly updates provided through an Office 365 subscription. Keep in mind that ALL Office 365 subscriptions that come with Office desktop apps will give you access to these updates. The value of Office 365 is to allow us to quickly provide ongoing innovation like this. There is also a roadmap for Office 265 business customers that helps your company plan for upcoming updates.

      If you have Office Professional Plus 2013 or Excel 2013 Standalone, you can download the Power Map Public Preview, which has the basic features of Power Map. This preview is not being updated. You can expect that the next version of Office and Excel (non-subscription) will have these and more updates to Power Map available as well. You should here more about future office releases in the near future.

      For info on the Power Map Public Preview:
      For info on Office 365 subscriptions available for you:
      For info on Office 365 Public Roadmap:

  2. In SharePoint online, please enable the Geocoding data as a standard column field in SharePoint Lists

  3. I was testing Power Maps some time ago. In my country we use comma not dot as decimal space. Unfortunately PowerMap GIS visualization only works with dot decimal, so whole addon is usless for me.

    QUESTION: does PowerMap GIS visualization works with comma now?

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