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Secure and sync with Information Rights Management on OneDrive for Business

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Shobhit Sahay is a technical product manager on the Office 365 team.

Editor’s Note:
The Frequently Asked Questions have been updated to provide clarification on when this capability will be released.

Millions of documents are stored today on OneDrive for Business that help people collaborate and get work done easily. But there are times when documents are sensitive and need an extra layer of protection. Office 365 provides Information Rights Management (IRM) capabilities, which helps you secure your information by encrypting it and applying an intelligent policy so that only specified internal and/or external people can “act” on your information.

For example, you can allow recipients to edit and print, but restrict them from forwarding to others. This policy is attached to the document, so it is applied no matter where your document lives—whether it’s in transit, on your laptop or a mobile device, or is a USB key—IRM lets you assign policies to email, SharePoint Online libraries, individual Office documents and other file types.

Safely sync protected documents

But when you move your data from the cloud, you want your information to stay safe. We are pleased to announce that you can now safely sync your IRM protected documents on OneDrive for Business. The IRM protection stays in place whether you open file on Office Online or on a local folder and continues to apply the settings even if you make edits to the file in both locations. Watch this video to learn more.

—Shobhit Sahay

Frequently asked questions

Q. When is this capability going to be released?

A. This capability is now turned on for some selected tenants. We will release this capability worldwide in another 4-6 weeks. If you would like to enable IRM in your respective tenant now and provide early feedback, please have your account manager/TAM reach out to us. Along with enabling the functionality on the server side, clients will need to download and install the latest Office updates, or install KB2899513 and KB2899510 individually..

Q. How can I apply IRM protection to a library?

A. Visit Office support for IRM for step-by-step instructions on how to apply IRM protection to a library.

Q. How can I purchase IRM?

A. Microsoft Azure Rights Management is included with Office 365 premium plans, but can also be purchased as a stand-alone offer.

Q. Does this only work for OneDrive for Business or other site libraries as well?

A. This functionality works for OneDrive for Business and other libraries in your organization that have been enabled for IRM.

  1. This is FANTASTIC news! Arguably the most awaited feature… Can the admin apply the IRM protection to OneDrive select or all libraries. Since this is a library level setting, can the user simply override the settings by going into the Library Settings?

    • Currently it is per library level. We are working to enable it for all libraries.

  2. Concure with Fantastic. We have implmented it on O365 Busines Pro and it was pretty straight forward once I worked out the flow of setting it up at a site level in 365 then enabling in Sharepoint then applying to the library. Unfortunatly it does not do exactly what we need and I was wondering if there might be a way of achieveing what we want.

    Basically we use freelance writers who create content for us. Unfortunatly recycling of content is rife within our industry and we would like to try and make it harder for the freelancers to do this. Bascially what we would like to do is share a document with them through Sharepoint or OneDrive and give then full edit rights but remove the “Save As” function so they can only save the file back to the orginal SP or OD library. In addition we would want to restrict copy and paste of material so that it could only be done within the document or between documents in the file library we had shared with them. Any suggestion would be welcome

  3. This is great progress! Any chance we will see RMS-enlightened versions of the Office apps for iOS soon? The combination of mobile access + seamless rights management (yes I know about the the RMS Sharing app – it’s just not a good UX) would be a clear leader over really any other modern, secure document collaboration solution in the industry.

    • @Syates- That’s a good feedback. Unfortunately, i don’t have anything else to share at this point. But i can assure you that we are committed to bringing the best IRM experiences everywhere on Office.

  4. I see this downloadable update is just for the MSI based install of OD4B. Will the update become available via Windows Update once our O365 tenant has been enabled for this?

  5. Just got our O365 tenant enabled for this. Turns out you also need KB2899510 installed. Not just KB2899513.

    And if you then apply an RMS policy to an already synced document library, you’ll need to stop syncing the client, delete the files and then re-establish the sync, to get it to pick up the RMS versions of the documents.

  6. That really is great news. How do I contact my account manager to get this feature turned on for my O365? I’m currently evaluating a trial version of E3.

    On another note, is there a support team in Microsoft who properly understands RMS and how it intergrates into other products such as OneDrive? I’ve called a few times now, been tranferred between O365 teams, Azure, billing and others and it seems that nobody can answer my questions. Thanks!

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