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Announcing details of OneDrive for Business availability for Office 365 ProPlus customers

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We’re excited to announce that OneDrive for Business will begin rolling out to existing Office 365 ProPlus before the end of 2014, we expect all Office 365 ProPlus customers will have OneDrive for Business before the end of January 2015. In addition, customers who subscribe to Office 365 ProPlus after December 1, 2014 will automatically get OneDrive for Business provisioned.

Office 365 ProPlus subscribers will initially get 1 TB of storage per user on OneDrive for Business, and will be updated to unlimited storage as it rolls out to Office 365 commercial subscribers. (You can access the Office 365 roadmap here.)

Update: January 29, 2015

We are excited to announce that all existing Office 365 ProPlus customers have been provisioned with OneDrive for Business as part of their subscription! Each of your users get 1 TB of storage, as we announced we’re moving to unlimited storage for OneDrive for Business – as we roll this out over time, OneDrive for Business users will have unlimited storage applied. For all the roadmap details go here.

  1. Will the standalone OneDrive for Business subscription continue to be available, then? Or will this move replace/eliminate it?

  2. Can we swap it for OneDrive consumer? OneDrive business has no Mac client and is incredibly flakey.

    I’m not even sure who could use this unless you are 100% Windows… and who is that these days?

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