Bringing Office to everyone

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Today is the next step in bringing Office to everyone and on every device with the start of Office for Android tablet Preview, new Office for iPhone apps, updated Office for iPad apps and more.

Check out the Official Microsoft Blog for details on how we’re continuing to help people use Office everywhere so they can do more and achieve more. For a sneak peek and links to download the apps, see below. And check back here on Office Blogs for ongoing updates on today’s news.

Office for iPhone

The new Office for iPhone apps for Word, Excel and PowerPoint offer the same beautiful iPad experience, optimized for the iPhone. Customers can download the new apps today.


  Documents look gorgeous in Word for iPhone

Bringing Office to Everyone 2

Tables and charts in Excel for iPhone

Bringing Office to Everyone 3

Presenter View in PowerPoint for iPhone

Office for Android tablet

We are bringing the productivity of Word, Excel and PowerPoint to Android tablet customers with the Office for Android tablet Preview. Customers can sign up for the Preview starting today. General availability is expected in early 2015. 


Add transitions in PowerPoint for Android tablet Preview


View and edit documents in Word for Android tablet Preview

Insert and edit tables and charts in Excel for Android tablet Preview

Office for iPad

We’re announcing updates to the Office for iPad apps for Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Customers can download the new apps today. 

 Create and edit presentations with PowerPoint for iPad

 Insert and customize charts with Excel for iPad

Touch-optimized Office Apps for Windows

We will deliver touch-optimized Office apps for Windows with Windows 10. Additional details will be shared at a later date but here’s a sneak peek:


PowerPoint for Windows 10 

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
    Particularly for the Dropbox integration!
    It works like magic!!!
    Just one question.
    When I am working on a PowerPoint file.
    I need images! This is really important!
    Please, please add the possibility to import images
    and files from onedrive and dropbox!
    I thought it would come now with the
    newest update.

    • We support copy and pasting images from anywhere within your device, including the OneDrive and Dropbox apps, as well as Safari.

    • Bring it to eceryone WHO use IOS 7 and new version

  2. the touch-optimized Powerpoint does not look any different from the current version… does not look very touch friendly either

    • use the online Office , it work great on almost any browser

  3. Very cool. Our customers are going to be very excited about this. Downloading now and cursing this hotel wifi 🙂





  5. Thanks for the early holiday gift – it’s truly appreciated! Will OWA be available for free soon on the iPad as well for non-365 subscribers?

  6. OK, this is quiet impressive!
    But what about Office apps for Windows Phone or Windows on phones!??
    The above apps show progression, and advanced features compared to what Windows Phone currently have.
    For instance, Word on Windows Phone can only color text with three preset color! So when we (Windows Phone 8.x and above users) are going to get more advanced set of features for these apps?
    They should be available at least as universal Windows apps when they launch along with Windows 10, so PC and Phone users can get them from the store. Also OneNote should be updated too, and a touch version of Access and Publisher should make their way to the touch version suite.

  7. Thank you for bringing touch versions of Office for Windows 10. I’m suggesting you to only offer touch optimized Office for Windows 10 on Tablets, 2-1 laptops (tablet mode) and smartphones only, not laptops and desktops. Touch optimized version of Microsoft office does not make sense on a traditional desktop and laptop, you need to offer mouse and keyboard optimized office software for Windows 10 (Traditional desktops and laptops).

  8. Day 1 Windows 8 user.

    Office 365 Subscriber.

    Android smartphone user.

    Why do I have to wait in line behind some cheap iOS users who couldn’t be bothered to pay to get useful features that aren’t in an app that I was paying to access?

    I’m really beginning to feel ganged as a paying customer, and I’m pretty sure I will start looking at Alternatives like Google Drive because I don’t pay to be a second class citizen. I expect that with freeware, not paid services.

    Have a great day.

    • Ganged should be “ganked.”

  9. i have an office 365 subscription. I have downloaded and installed word excel and powerpoint on my iPhone. i have also linked my dropbox. when i open a document on my dropbox in any of the apps it tells me i need to log in using a work or school ID to edit it .. why is this ??

    • From your description it sounds like your Dropbox account is Dropbox for Business account, which does require O365. Is that the case?

  10. What are the premium features? I can’t find anywhere you outline those. A simple table showing what you get free and what you get paid would be nice. Thanks!

  11. Thank you for this improvement. However, when the previous version worked perfectly on my 5S, I’m a bit frustrated with the new version.

    By default, everything is read-only. I seem to be logged in in the account tab (with my business Office365 account) but I’m requested to log-in when I want to leave the read-only mode. When username/password are entered, I see an “activation” pop up and that’s it, still in read-only mode.

    Why can’t I login with my office365 account?


    • From your description it looks like your Office365 license does not have client rights. The valid Office 365 subscription types are:
      Office 365 Home Premium
      Office 365 University
      Office 365 Small Business Premium
      Office 365 Midsize Business
      Office 365 E3 and E4 (Enterprise and Government)
      Office 365 Education A3 and A4
      Office 365 ProPlus

      Can you check if yours belong to one of these? Thanks!

  12. I am personally totally fine with Microsoft developing apps for iOS or Android, definitely think they should as they control a majority share of the mobile space and Microsoft needs to be there to remain relevant.
    I am also glad to see great progress on what is possible to do with Office in mobile.

    And yet I am EXTREMELY disappointed to see those capabilities going well beyond anything Microsoft offers on its own platform (Windows/Windows Phone). That wouldn’t be bad for a week, a month or two (being a Windows user nowadays you need to learn to be patient), but then you tell me that I’ll have to wait over half a year to get something I could get right now if I bought an iPhone, pretty soon if I got an Android.

    I just can’t believe Microsoft doesn’t have the human resources to bring Office Touch for Windows in a month or two, so I guess it’s simply that someone at the marketing department got his way with the “we have to wait for W10 and make a big combined splash release” mantra. Personally, I think it is a big mistake, and one that should infuriate your core user base, which have trusted you for decades.
    To me it is just as dumb as having waited to release the iOS/Android stuff up to now; this is a very competitive market, and you can’t afford to wait for arbitrary timing constraints.

    And that’s the end of my rant, for whatever is worth (I know not much, since I sure hope that everyone involved in this project knew before they announced that there would be people reacting as myself).

  13. I’m not sure why this isn’t available for the LG G3. Is there a reason for this?

  14. Will there be a similar offer for free versions of Office for those using the Surface Pro?

    • And will there be a similar offer for free versions of Office with the same level of functionality for regular Windows users? I currently have Windows 7 Pro on a laptop and Windows 8.1 Pro on a new desktop. I understand the web versions exist, but I have some business-related documents with customer-proprietary information that I cannot put on OneDrive or Dropbox even temporarily.

  15. Hooray, free Office Touch Apps with Windows 10!

    I can’t wait for the upgrade!

  16. Previous to this most recent update (which made the apps universal), Excel was capable of completing an entry in a cell in a column of like-spelled or repetitive entries. This would take at least 2 letters of the word to be spelled, then it would complete the entry for you (just like it does in the Windows PC program), or if there were more than one option of words having the same first 2 letters, a “hover-over” list of those options would appear, and you could select which one you meant or wanted.

    This functionality seems to be modified for the worse in the most recently updated “universal” app. Now, after typing a single letter, if you wait a bit (longer than it worked formerly) you will be presented with a list of possible completions. However, if you continue to the second letter, especially if the entry is unique in the column (no two-letters previously entered are similar) the app will no longer complete your entry at all. You have to manually type out the entire entry.

    The previous feature was a great time saver for me, as I am entering into the same columns the same names or entries quite often. Now, however, my workflow is significantly slowed down.


  17. Hi;
    Thanks for new office for all approach! I hope soon Mac users would be able to purchase office and other windows apps individually through mac app store with generic branding as Excel,Word,Powerpoint,Outlook … v15.0.0! Same application for all with simple same version branding.

    • And please give up prebundled marketing!Each consumer & business user must be able to purchase each app individually with VPP support !

  18. What needs to happen is that “help” in the form of an actual person when someone has trouble logging into 365 on the Mac. It took me one full day of “chatting” as it were to then be escalated “with priority” to Tier 2 — basically another chat format back and forth averaging one exchange a day. I am completely stuck unable to access anything online, nor through the OneDrive app on my MBA. I am repeatedly asked to provide a alternate email/cell phone number, NOW at the point I have nothing left to give. I can not get by that window — I can’t access anything — here browsers/PC’s, Mac apps, nothing.
    At the rate it is going, and the exchange of chat infrequency, pretty much sure my subscription will run out before I get anything. Here is the case number is anyone who has anything to do with help can accelerate (beyond prioritizing) it would be novel…. 1268560316

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