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New Outlook for Mac available to Office 365 customers

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Today we are announcing the new Outlook for the Mac, which delivers improved performance and reliability and a fresh look and feel that is unmistakably Microsoft Office. This release offers a more familiar and consistent experience between Outlook on the PC, Outlook on the web and Outlook Web App (OWA) for iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

The new Outlook for Mac includes:

  • Better performance and reliability as a result of a new threading model and database improvements.
  • A new modern user interface with improved scrolling and agility when switching between Ribbon tabs.
  • Online archive support for searching Exchange (online or on-premises) archived mail.
  • Master Category List support and enhancements delivering access to category lists (name and color) and sync between Mac, Windows and OWA clients.
  • Office 365 push email support for real-time email delivery.
  • Faster first-run and email download experience with improved Exchange Web Services syncing.

01 Mail All Retina

The new Outlook for Mac is available to Office 365 commercial customers and Office 365 Home, Office 365 Personal and Office 365 University subscribers.

  • Office 365 Commercial customers can get the new Outlook for Mac by accessing their Office 365 Portal, (Gear icon > Office 365 Settings > Software > Outlook for Mac icon) or visiting the Software page.
  • Office 365 consumer subscribers can get the new Outlook for Mac by going to their My Account page.

After you install Outlook for Mac for Office 365, you’ll have two icons in the Dock, see this article on how to remove the old icon.

Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote for Mac

Historically we have released a new version of Office for Mac approximately six to eight months after Office for Windows. However, following the release of Office 365 we made the conscious decision to prioritize mobile first and cloud first scenarios for an increasing number of people who are getting things done on-the-go more frequently. This meant delivering and continuing to improve Office on a variety phones (iPhone, Windows Phone, and Android) and tablets (iPad and Windows)—brought together by the cloud (OneDrive) to help people stay better organized and get things done with greater efficiency at work, school, home and everywhere between.

Continuing our commitment to our valued Mac customers, we are pleased to disclose the roadmap for the next version of Office for Mac—including Word for Mac, Excel for Mac, PowerPoint for Mac and OneNote for Mac.

In the first half of 2015 we will release a public beta for the next version of Office for Mac, and in the second half of 2015 we will make the final release available. Office 365 commercial and consumer subscribers will get the next version at no additional cost, and we will release a perpetual license of Office for Mac in the same timeframe.

We’re confident you will like what you see in the new Outlook for Mac today, and in the Office for Mac in the coming months.

To get the best Office 365 email, calendar, contacts and tasks experience on a Mac, download the new Outlook for Mac today, and let us know what you think.

  1. I can’t tell you how happy I am that this is happening.. What we/the community *need* next is a fully-featured OneDrive for Business mac app. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint can wait.. Bring on the OneDrive!

    • Hello there, my name is Alessio Roic and I’m a Program Manager on the Outlook for Mac project.
      Outlook for Mac does support Apps for Outlook for incoming messages.

      • @Alessio, this means that synchronising with MS Dynamics CRM will be possible? Tx, J

      • Hi Alessio,
        Awesome! Congratulations on the release!
        Does the new version support APIs to enable integrations? We would love to integrate our products into Outlook and this requires to add buttons to the ribbon, to hook into events and to modify invitation details.

      • Hello Alessio….one of the big issues with Outlook for Mac 2011 was the lack of ability to format text. We desperately need the formatting paint brush, better way of changing font colours, and ability to put spaces between bullet points. In short, what you can do in word on a mac. I cant believe this has not been addressed in Outlook 2015…please advise. Michael

      • Hi Alessio – is thge new Outlook using the main WIndows Outlook code base – and will it support the same MAPI interfaces?

  2. +1 we *really* need the OneDrive for Business for OS X client released by EOY. It cant be that hard to modify the consumer version of the app …

  3. Where is My Day?? Or some view of Cal and Email??

    • Hi mikeruoc,

      This is Vijay from Mac Outlook engineering team. The myDay feature is no more supported in latest mac outlook. As a workaround we have been opening up the calendar view in a separate window. You can expect to see some future updates that will make this experience better.

      Thanks for your feedback.

      • Hi Vijay,
        First off, thanks for the update! Regarding My Day, this is something you guys really need to address and is enough for me to keep Outlook 2011 installed. I tried having the separate window open but it is too bulky and also omits the very helpful contact search at the bottom of My Day.

      • Vijay,

        I really need the to-do bar on outlook for mac. The my day is ok, but the to-do bar in outlook 2013 for windows is super helpful to have. Can you please add this functionality???

        – Ryan

  4. Super glad to see this.. Let’s not kid outselves that we havent been robbed of a version and file incompability between World 2013 and Word 2011 Mac is a completly irritation for page /table layouts…

    A more critical issue which I dont see addressed, but perhaps ie missed it: If I instal this, does this count against an ADDITIONAL instal from my 365 subscription? I.e do i have to remove Office 2013 from my VM Fusion installation? I do hope not!

    Many thanks for any clarity and thanks for your hard work. OneNote is great, and look forward to this kind of more modern experience beyond that and Outlook before too long!

    • Hi, I’m from Microsoft. If you already have a license for Mac Outlook 2011, the new Outlook for Mac will NOT use an additional license. Otherwise, the new Outlook for Mac WILL count as a separate install.

    • Hi there! Do you already have Office for Mac 2011 installed on the machine which had been activated with your 365 subscription? If so, activating this new Outlook for Mac will not count as an additional install.

  5. No support for OS X Contacts or Notification Center or am I missing something?

    • Notification center is supported for new mail notifications.

      • I’m assuming from the response that there is no current support to connect OS X Contacts/Address Book entries to Outlook 15. True.

  6. The activation process doesn’t seem to work for the federated ADFS at our University.

    At the same time we got a SCOM error:

    Alert description: The Federation Service could not satisfy a token request because the authentication type requirement of ‘urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:ac:classes:PasswordProtectedTransport’ for the relying party ‘urn:federation:MicrosoftOnline’ was not met.

    • Hi, scroob_pip,

      I am engineering manager at Microsoft. Can you please send me an email at yavorang at microsoft dot com so we can investigate and fix this.


      Yavor Angelov

  7. Can’t activate:

    “Unknown Error”
    “An unknown error has occurred, the error code is: -805302259”

    • Got exactly the same error here on business O365 account with our own domain. Any guidance, MS?

      • Same issue here. Working with MS Support on it. Let’s see what they come up with. I’d be surprised if the tech can find a solution.

      • 1. Austria
        2. Yosemite 10.10
        3. Office 2011 full version

        • SOLVED for me:

          Go to the System Preferences, Language & Region and adjust the Region to default (very important is that the date and the time are by default).

          After I have done this, I managed to activate!

      • If you’re on your internal network (or VPN), try running the following in a terminal window and try activating again:
        kinit USER@DOMAIN

        …substituting USER and DOMAIN for your own username and domain, of course 🙂

    • Hi there! I’m one of the Software Engineers in the Mac Outlook team. We’re troubleshooting this issue and we’re wondering if you would be willing to share the following information:

      1. Your locale (country)
      2. OS version
      3. What other Office for Mac apps do you have installed on the machine

      • 1 UK
        2 Yosemite 10.10
        3 Office 2011 full version not Office 365 version

        Same on my MacBook pro and that activated ok

        • Same issue, An unknown error has occurred, the error code is: 805302259
          Locale Dubai, UAE
          OS: Yosemite 10.10
          Office 2011 full version

          • Thanks for the information! Can you give this a try – change your locale to US and see if you can activate Outlook?

        • Hi Alan, can you give this a try – change your locale to US and see if you can activate Outlook?

          • Hi Alan, can you please change your calendar to Gregorian in System Preferences and try again?

      • Same thing here.

        1. Sweden (although locale is set to custom U.K.)
        2. Mavericks 10.9.5
        3. Office 2011 (full, non Office 365 version)

        …and on a different machine

        1. Sweden (same custom U.K. locale)
        2. Yosemite 10.10.
        3. Office 2011 (Office 365 version)

        Same error on both; changing locale to US works for both.

      • Seems to be bigger issue. I got the same error message and now I am not able to connect to my outlook mailbox with any apple device, iphone, mail app on MAC. Please do something asap.

      • Activation seems to work when locale is set to US and reset to default.
        System Preferences -> Language & Region -> Advanced -> Restore Defaults.

    • Activation worked after resetting locale to default.
      Using this sequence:
      System Preferences -> Language & Region -> Advanced -> Restore Defaults.

      Defaults are English US. OS X 10.10

  8. >We’re confident you will like what you see in the new Outlook for Mac today

    So far looks like it’s the same old Outlook 2011 wrapped in a new UI. Many traces of the old Outlook 2011 have left.

    VERY disappointed.

  9. 2 Observed Issues So Far:
    1) I can’t seem to find My Day (or similar feature) for separate view of the current day
    2) With Categories — in an MS Exchange account, I get the error “Outlook can’t reach the server to get the categories”. If I am connecting to the server for everything else, why can’t I see the categories? This is preventing me from even doing local editing of categories and colors

    • Also I am not getting any sounds for new emails coming in.

    • For Categories — when I emptied my local calendar cache in forced Outlook to re-sync from the server, this issue was resolved

    • @gtflalum – For “Outlook can’t reach the server to get the categories”, can you please try to connect to your exchange account using OWA and check if you are able to see your categories? If so try to change the color of one of your categories or rename one of your categories through OWA, and then try to sync them again using Mac Outlook.

      • Yep — that appears to have fixed it… I can’t tell if it was that step (which I did first) or the empty cache locally since I did it right after, but either way, the combination of those appears to now have categories working. Any thoughts on myDay feature? I am looking for it everywhere, but it doesn’t appear to be in the new version. If it is missing — do you have the standalone myDay from Office 2011 we can use or a 3rd party app recommendation that works with Outlook or Exchange to do the same? Fantastical is good, but it doesn’t stay on my desktop — only in the menu bar.

        • @gtflalum – The myDay feature is no more supported in latest mac outlook. As a workaround we have been opening up the calendar view in a separate window. You can expect to see some future updates that will make this experience better.

          Thanks for your feedback.

  10. It doesn’t work with our ADFS either. We get redirected to our FBA ADFS login page which doesn’t authenticate.
    🙁 Of course we are going to have loads of people download this, realize it doesn’t work and a deluge to our service desk will occur. Can we hide this download until we can seek a solution?

    • Same here. I have everything installed and ready, but am unable to activate. When I try to activate, it displays the “Sign in” screen and prompts me for my e-mail address. When I click ‘Next’, it takes me to an HTML web page for my company. When I enter the user name and password and click ‘Sign In’, it flickers and does nothing. If I purposefully use the wrong credentials, it tells me they were incorrect.

      This is frustrating for many reasons including that I have been waiting a very long time for this release and now I cannot even use outlook 2011 for my e-mail.

      Please help!

  11. Unable to activate using my ITT school account. It’s authenticating through the domain. I get the authentication error:

    There was a problem accessing the site. Try to browse to the site again.
    If the problem persists, contact the administrator of this site and provide the reference number to identify the problem.
    Reference number: 1215af08-d901-4015-8e6b-3351c94ce55e

    Any ideas?

  12. Does this version include retention tags ?

    • Hello there, my name is Alessio Roic and I’m a Program Manager on the Outlook for Mac project. At the moment Outlook for Mac does not support retention tags, but we’ve introduced support for Online Archive.

  13. This is appropriate given that today is Halloween. This is a trick and a treat, all rolled into one. A treat, in that there’s finally an announcement on the new version of Office for Mac and an updated app (Outlook). Trick in that many, including myself, can’t login using SSO.

    This needs to either be fixed very promptly or removed as it will break users OL install and flood our helpdesk.

    • @sbarrier – What is the SSO account that you are using? Is it the O365 subscription account?

      • Yes, we use SSO to login to Office 365. We’re prompted to authenticate using SSO in order to activate the product. You enter your credentials and it doesn’t forward you on and activate the product.

        Pretty sure that it is the same issue as several above have already reported.

      • Should have clarified, SSO = Single Sign-on

        When users refers to ADFS, we’re referring to the same thing.

        • sbarrier, can you please send me an email at yavorang at microsoft dot com.

  14. When we go to Sign in to Activate, we enter our e-mail address associated with a O365 E3 Subscription, and press Next.

    The following screen that appears is titled: We Need a little More Help

    It then gives the option to provide a Microsoft account or Work account.

    When selecting the Work Account, our company’s ADFS login page appears. We enter the proper domain credentials, using either SAM and UPN formats and then receive the error message:

    There was a problem accessing the site. Try to browse to the site again.
    If the problem persists, contact the administrator of this site and provide the reference number to identify the problem.
    Along with a reference number.

    We have no issues logging into the Microsoft Online Portal using ADFS.

      • Where is the Diagnostic Tool available for download – the article does not provide any links to download it.

        • Hi, that KB article only talks about running diagnostics.

          From our investigations we found users hitting similar issues when they were missing a patch that was released for Windows Server. We recommend that you refer to this KB article which tells you about a few ADFS issues that customers have run into and how to get past it by installing a patch that is released.


  15. It doesn’t work for my business account either. Probably a federation issue just like some of the other commenters have been having. Thanks for the Trick, let me know when the treat part is ready.

  16. Will this be available for people who have Volume Licensing with Software Assurance of Office For Mac? I realize O365 is the new way of doing things, but we did pay for “software assurance” to stay on the latest version. So far nothing posted in our account.

    • This release is only available to O365 subscribers.

      • Good thing we paid all that money for Software Assurance.

        Seems there are plenty of features that would benefit those who utilize on-prem Exchange servers still.

        • This works fine with on-prem Exchange servers, mmurphy. I’m using it with our servers here.

  17. Looks good. However, we can’t view a shared calendar from another user in our group. Also, can’t view/sync information or events from Calendar OS X.

    • Hello HBB, I am one of the Program Managers on Mac Outlook. The other user in your group has to share their main calendar for you to be able to open it as shared calendar. We don’t have the ability to sync from Apple Calendar app.

      • Hello sunder_r: thanks for the response. The user has shared the calendar. All users in the group using Outlook Win7 can see the shared calendar. Anyone using OutlookMac can’t see it

        • Did this work for you in Mac Outlook 2011? The behavior should be the same.

          • Hi jwang – no it didn’t work in Outlook 2011 for MAC. Whats interesting is we’re able to view the shared calendar (published) in Calendar app but not within Microsofts Outlook MAC

    • Hi jwang – no i didn’t work. I was hoping that this would be available in the new version

  18. Our E3 users are also unable to get passed our ADFS page.

    • Same here. I have everything installed and ready, but am unable to activate. When I try to activate, it displays the “Sign in” screen and prompts me for my e-mail address. When I click ‘Next’, it takes me to an HTML web page for my company. When I enter the user name and password and click ‘Sign In’, it flickers and does nothing. If I purposefully use the wrong credentials, it tells me they were incorrect.

      This is frustrating for many reasons including that I have been waiting a very long time for this release and now I cannot even use outlook 2011 for my e-mail.

      Please help!

  19. No import for OSX Mail. Cos obviously noone would have been using the built in OSX email client. Cos that would have been stupid, wouldnt it?

    Score 0/10 for getting OSX users to migrate. A somewhat pathetic attempt here.

    • Hi Jon. I am a Program Manager on the Outlook for Mac team. Thanks for the feedback. We realize many users have a lot of local-only mail in Apple Mail and do not currently have a path to import to Outlook for Mac. Is it possible to move the messages into an account within Apple Mail, then add the account in Outlook for Mac, and sync down all of the mail? Some users have used an account with adequate space to complete this migration. Thanks.

  20. Nothing more than lipstick on a pig. Pretty disappointed. It’s laggy, no OneDrive nor Sharepoint integration, no social integration. And as others have asked, where the hell is OneDrive for Business app?

  21. Can’t activate. Just seems to re-load the 2nd log in screen. Tried many time both inside & outside the VPN.

    Logging in via web interface works fine. What’s up?

    • Oh, and no error message at all. Just appears to reload the page in the modal dialog box. No ‘wrong password’ or other error, is just blinks and clears all the fields.


      • Same here. I have everything installed and ready, but am unable to activate. When I try to activate, it displays the “Sign in” screen and prompts me for my e-mail address. When I click ‘Next’, it takes me to an HTML web page for my company. When I enter the user name and password and click ‘Sign In’, it flickers and does nothing. If I purposefully use the wrong credentials, it tells me they were incorrect.

        This is frustrating for many reasons including that I have been waiting a very long time for this release and now I cannot even use outlook 2011 for my e-mail.

        Please help!

        • exact same experience for me as you listed above.

          As long as we’re listing bugs, the ‘import’ from Outlook 2011 didn’t work right either. Kept saying the the SyncAgent needed to be quit, but the auto quit didn’t work, and the import couldn’t proceed. I finally got the SyncAgent forced quit from activity monitor, and the import finished.

          Still can’t activate, however

          • Well, somehow I tried again and it worked this time (after trying a few time each hour throughout the day).

            Maybe MS fixed something somewhere, or DNS servers were updating; who knows.

            Anyway, try again!

  22. So am I missing something here or what, but my Outlook Calendar and Contacts are not syncing up with the new Outlook.

    It wouldn’t sync with the older Outlook but I thought with EAS that it would sync and all my devices could communicate! It is very difficult to use this device as my go-to program for everything when any calendar or contact update I make on my phone or tablet will not sync to my Outlook for Mac program. This program is my key Email program, but I need it to sync my calendars and contacts!

    Is this coming in an update? Or am I missing something here and it actually does sync??

    • Just to add here that the Windows version has this ability to connect to Exchange Active Sync, thus making me able to access my online calendars and contacts. This is absolutely a MUST HAVE feature for Outlook for Mac as many people who use this will rely on Outlook to be their one-stop shop, and currently it is not as you can’t access your calendars or contacts. May be different for business users, but I am not a business user but require this functionality.

      • Hi are you sure that eas is not included? Very strange that they have omitted that feature when it is essential for syncing calendars properly.

        • I have looked around and tried adding my account as an Exchange account, but you need to be apart of the Exchange server (which of course I am not). I have found no settings or anything to allow for Active Sync. In the 2011 Outlook Microsoft never included the ability to have Active Sync on Mac…looks like they are doing it again!

          I am not positive but I believe Microsoft could allow for this, but are choosing not to let users have this functionality on Mac. Really bad move on Microsofts part here…they want users to use their products and services, yet they will not allow for the most integral part to connect! To be productive I update my calendars and add contacts on my phone and LOVE the integration to the website, but I do not want to keep going to the website when I am on my computer to view all of these updates.

          Please allow for EAS on Mac computers!

          • Hi Mark. I am a Program Manager on the Outlook for Mac team. Outlook for Mac connects to Exchange servers using Exchange Web Services (EWS) protocol, just like Outlook for Mac 2011. Today’s release of Outlook for Mac will connect to on-prem Exchange 2010 SP2 and higher, and Exchange Online (Office 365). Note that Exchange 2007 accounts are no longer support.

            We appreciate the feedback on EAS and being able to sync calendar and contacts. Note that most non-Exchange accounts will default to IMAP for mail. Thanks.

        • Outlook on Mac has used Exchange Web Services (EWS) since Entourage 2008 SP1 for Mail, Calendar and Contacts. It continues to do so, and should work with Exchange 2007 -> 2013 as well as Office 365.

          • That is Exchange…I believe they use Exchange Active Sync now for web services, and the Mac is only allowing to sync IMAP or POP accounts when using a, web account.

  23. +1 on not being able to sign in w/ ADFS. Enter my email, go to federation server login screen, no matter whether I put, domain\username or\username nothing works. No error message that I see.

  24. Another enterprise user unable to get past the setup with our AD credentials….

  25. Immediately crashes for me on OSX 10.10.

    Exception Type: EXC_BREAKPOINT (SIGTRAP)
    Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000002, 0x0000000000000000

    Application Specific Information:
    dyld: launch, loading dependent libraries

    Dyld Error Message:
    Library not loaded: @rpath/osfcore.framework/Versions/A/osfcore
    Referenced from: /Applications/Microsoft Outlook
    Reason: image not found

    • Hi there, I’m one of the Software Engineers on the Mac Outlook. This sounds like there was an error during the installation process. Can you please try deleting the app from Applications (drag it to the Trash Can) and then reinstall it with the dmg?

      • Just tried that and after that wasn’t successful I re-downloaded the dmg from O365, still have the same issue.

        Do you have a SHA1 for the dmg so I know that it checks out?

        • Here it is: b34f76c7e9bc3ebb8daabe1488b4850e1732e884

          • openssl sha1 MacOutlook.dmg
            SHA1(MacOutlook.dmg)= b34f76c7e9bc3ebb8daabe1488b4850e1732e884

            Any other ideas?

            I do have Office 2011 installed (but not Outlook),

          • Can you launch the Console app and check if there are any errors printed when you launch Outlook?

          • 10/31/14 2:32:09.673 PM[1]: ([1774]) Endpoint has been activated through legacy launch(3) APIs. Please switch to XPC or bootstrap_check_in():
            10/31/14 2:32:09.798 PM[1]: ([1772]) Service exited due to signal: Trace/BPT trap: 5
            10/31/14 2:32:09.829 PM ReportCrash[1774]: Saved crash report for Microsoft Outlook[1772] version ??? to /Users/jon-matthews/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/Microsoft Outlook_2014-10-31-143209_Jons-MacBook-Pro-2.crash
            10/31/14 2:32:09.841 PM ReportCrash[1774]: Bundle (null) does not have an FileProviderModuleClass entry.
            10/31/14 2:32:09.966 PM Problem Reporter[1776]: Failed to connect (_imageWell) outlet from (ProblemReportWindowController) to (NSImageView): missing setter or instance variable
            10/31/14 2:32:48.456 PM Console[1769]: Bundle (null) does not have an FileProviderModuleClass entry.

          • Another thing to try is deleting the app, reboot your machine, then reinstall it. Also, are you running the GM Yosemite bits?

          • Indeed it is GM Yosemite – I’m guessing that’s it.

          • Can you see if the crash still happens after updating to the final released version of Yosemite?

          • Also, are you using a case-sensitive file system?

          • Unfortunately I can’t update the release version without re-installing the OS. As I understand it, while the build numbers are slightly different Apple considers the last GM and the released version to be the same thing.

            Also – yes I’m on a case sensitive file system. Thanks for sticking with me on this.

          • Interestingly enough the file is there for me:

            $ pwd

            $ ls -la
            total 1832
            drwxr-xr-x 5 root wheel 204 Oct 24 11:52 .
            drwxr-xr-x 3 root wheel 136 Oct 31 13:09 ..
            drwxr-xr-x 3 root wheel 102 Oct 31 13:09
            drwxr-xr-x 18 root wheel 1496 Oct 24 03:00 Resources
            drwxr-xr-x 2 root wheel 102 Oct 24 03:00 _CodeSignature
            -rwxrwxr-x 1 root wheel 934880 Oct 24 11:52 osfcore

          • I’m experiencing the same issue. OSX 10.10 Release. Case-sensitive file system.

          • I was able to work around this by making a soft link:

            cd /Applications/Microsoft
            sudo ln -s OsfCore.framework osfcore.framework

          • I confirm the soft link quick fix from peterloron does work !! Thanks

          • Hi! Just want to confirm – are you also running Yosemite GM?

          • 14A389, not a Mac guy, but seems like the latest

          • Hi! Can you please give this a try? Go to /Applications/Microsoft and search for OsfCore.framework, then let us know if you see it there.

          • Also, do you have a case-sensitive file system? You can check it by running “diskutil list /” in the Terminal app.

          • I have the same problem – running 10.9.5 on case-sensitive filesystem. Any ideas how to fix this?

      • Hi,

        I did the reinstall and I have the same thing.
        I am running the GM of Yosemite if that helps.

        I also tried a repair disk permissions.

        Any other thing I might try ?



  26. Holy schnikes this is beautiful. I’m logged into my portal and I don’t see it. The only options under software are:

    Desktop setup
    Phone & tablet

    We’ve been o365 customers for well over a year. Exchange Online and Lync Online

    • HI, I’m a Program Manager on the Outlook for Mac project. Are you a commercial or a consumer 365 customer?

      The product is available on different locations depending on your type of subscription:

      Office 365 Commercial customers can get the new Outlook for Mac by accessing their Office 365 Portal, (Gear icon > Office 365 Settings > Software > Outlook for Mac icon) or visiting the Software page.
      Office 365 consumer subscribers can get the new Outlook for Mac by going to their My Account page.

      • I’m a commercial 365 customer. I’ve logged in and gone to the location you mentioned and got the same options as kcabrams. Any other settings that IT might need to check to make it live?

      • We have Exchange Online and Lync Online licenses

        • Outlook for Mac for Office 365 is available for Office 365 subscriptions that includes the Office apps. So Small Business Premium, Midsize Business, Business Premium, Enterprise E3 & E4, Education E3 (formerly A3), Office 365 Business, and Office 365 ProPlus. From what you posted it appears you have a subscription that does not include the Office apps, standalone Exchange Online and standalone Lync Online. You could add Office 365 ProPlus or upgrade to Enterprise E3 to gain access to Outlook for Mac for Office 365.

      • I have these licensed Office365 products:

        Yammer Enterprise
        Lync Online (Plan 2)
        SharePoint Online (Plan 1)
        Exchange Online (Plan 1)

        I do not see the download either. Has it been taken offline? Or is it a phased launch (i.e. not available outside US yet)?

        • Outlook for Mac for Office 365 is available for Office 365 subscriptions that includes the Office apps. So Small Business Premium, Midsize Business, Business Premium, Enterprise E3 & E4, Education E3 (formerly A3), Office 365 Business, and Office 365 ProPlus. From what you posted it appears you have a subscription that does not include the Office apps, such as Small Business, Business Essentials, Enterprise E1, or Education E1 (formerly A2).

          • It states “Office 365 commercial customers” not particular which version of Office365….
            I am a commercial customer and can download Lync for Mac for example.
            Furthermore I have a paid version of Office for Mac 2011 and have a full MSDN account (which is thousands of euros)
            I can’t see why I should not have access to this…

          • We have an Enterprise E1 account and do not see the download link for this. The only software available when I go to the link in the post is for Lync. Please clarify this.

  27. Glad to see the added support for: Online archive support for searching Exchange (online or on-premises) archived mail.

    Is there a support page which will explain how to will work and integrate into Outlook for Mac? Is it the exact same implementation I see in Outlook for Windows?

    • Hi, I’m a program manager with Microsoft. Online archive in this release works similarly to the implementation in Windows. The archive will just appear in your folder pane. There are some known limitations. You can read about them if you go to the “Known Issues” link from Outlook for Mac help (under the Help menu in the product).

      • Since I haven’t yet updated to the new Version, would you mind posting those limitations & ‘known issues’, or a link to view it online. This is a key factor in upgrading our whole company to O365. Thanks.

          • So may I ask when more general archiving for non-Microsoft IMAP email services will be available? IE the functionality that’s been in previous versions of Outlook forever.

            Even with the IMAP configuration in gmail set to” When a message is marked as deleted and expunged from the last visible IMAP folder: Archive the message (default)”, the Outlook client overrides the archive configuration and completely deletes the message.

            The new version of the Outlook client for Mac looks great so far, except for this one core feature – that is a complete blocker to deployment. Thanks!

            Right now when I delete in a message in the Outlook client from a gmail accont it’s deleted in gmail, rather than being archived per the

  28. very disappointed – not only that I am not able to activate using my O365 account (see below) the new version uses the same SSLv3 base comm. which has been deactivated on our company servers due to the poodle vulnerability…

  29. Great announcement guys – where can I sign up for the public beta for Office for Mac 2015 please?

  30. I know this is slightly off topic, but are there no plans to update Lync for Mac as part of the next version of Office for Mac? All I want are tabbed conversations so I don’t have tons of giant, chunky windows each taking up space and separately vying for my attention. As it is, I use a different client and only switch to the official one if I need to do screen sharing.

    • Could you please say which different client are you using instead of Lync for Mac ’11?

  31. ouch… This was very poorly done..

    Another corporate / enterprise user who cannot activate.

    There was a problem accessing the site. Try to browse to the site again.
    If the problem persists, contact the administrator of this site and provide the reference number to identify the problem.
    Reference number: #####

    Hope this gets fixed.

  32. Unable to “Activate” Outlook when setting up my account, get the following error:

    An error occurred. Contact your administrator for more information.

    Activity ID: 00000000-0000-0000-171a-0080000000bc
    Relying party: Microsoft Office 365 Identity Platform
    Error Time: Fri, 31 Oct 2014 17:05:57 GMT
    Cookie: enabled
    User agent string: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_10) AppleWebKit/600.1.25 (KHTML, like Gecko)

    Server error below (ADFS 3):
    Encountered error during federation passive request.

    Additional Data

    Protocol Name:

    Relying Party:

    Exception details:
    Microsoft.IdentityServer.Service.Policy.PolicyServer.Engine.InvalidAuthenticationTypePolicyException: MSIS7102: Requested Authentication Method is not supported on the STS.
    at Microsoft.IdentityServer.Web.Authentication.GlobalAuthenticationPolicyEvaluator.EvaluatePolicy(IList`1 mappedRequestedAuthMethods, AccessLocation location, ProtocolContext context, HashSet`1 authMethodsInToken, Boolean& validAuthMethodsInToken)
    at Microsoft.IdentityServer.Web.Authentication.AuthenticationPolicyEvaluator.RetrieveFirstStageAuthenticationDomain(Boolean& validAuthMethodsInToken)
    at Microsoft.IdentityServer.Web.Authentication.AuthenticationPolicyEvaluator.EvaluatePolicy(Boolean& isLastStage, AuthenticationStage& currentStage, Boolean& strongAuthRequried)
    at Microsoft.IdentityServer.Web.PassiveProtocolListener.GetAuthMethodsFromAuthPolicyRules(PassiveProtocolHandler protocolHandler, ProtocolContext protocolContext)
    at Microsoft.IdentityServer.Web.PassiveProtocolListener.GetAuthenticationMethods(PassiveProtocolHandler protocolHandler, ProtocolContext protocolContext)
    at Microsoft.IdentityServer.Web.PassiveProtocolListener.OnGetContext(WrappedHttpListenerContext context)

    – Removed previous version of Outlook before installing
    – We are using Office 365, ADFS 3
    – OS X 10.10

  33. Unfortunately it looks like ADFS authentication is not working for our org yet. We get the login for our ADFS pass-off but when you enter credentials and click Sign In nothing happens. Bummer. Hopefully this is resolved soon!

    • Hello, Please see the post from Jennie_MSFT_Support:
      If you have a question about Outlook for Mac and ADFS, please post the question to the Office 365 Community so our support personnel can help you with your issues.

      Alessio Roic
      Outlook for Mac – Program Manager

      • Same here. I have everything installed and ready, but am unable to activate. When I try to activate, it displays the “Sign in” screen and prompts me for my e-mail address. When I click ‘Next’, it takes me to an HTML web page for my company. When I enter the user name and password and click ‘Sign In’, it flickers and does nothing. If I purposefully use the wrong credentials, it tells me they were incorrect.

        This is frustrating for many reasons including that I have been waiting a very long time for this release and now I cannot even use outlook 2011 for my e-mail.

        Please help!

  34. Hard to express how disappointed I am with this release.

    After years waiting for a new mail client for the Mac, I still can’t sync my contacts and calendar to my mac.

    I can understand not adding Exchange support to, but not adding ActiveSync to a “brand new” email client is just beyond disappointing. Maybe it’s time to move away from MS services into something that I can actually integrate between my phone and computers.

    • Hi there. I am a Program Manager on the Outlook for Mac team. Thank you for your feedback. We realize calendar and contacts sync for accounts is very important. Unfortunately, Outlook for Mac only syncs mail via IMAP for accounts.

      • I really don’t care what protocol is used under the covers. I care that Outlook sync’s email, calendar, and my contacts from my Office 365 account. The decision-making process that results in a release that doesn’t include these last 2 capabilities is completely broken.

        With this release, if I try to send a message (not a reply), none of my contacts show up. Completely useless. Same for calendar. I realize this isn’t new – which is why people will be so frustrated you didn’t fix it.

        Someone made decisions based on protocols, not functionality. Your customers care about functionality. Non-functioning contacts and calendar are unacceptable for any fee- or subscription-based email product or service.

        • i totally agree on the part for the calendar.

          • i just upgrade my OSX Yosemite to 10.10.1 … my Task List are GONE … please help to look into this as i think its kinda crucial issue need to look at …

            Please see the attached URL

          • I bought Office 365 University for Mac.
            All went well, however, I can no longer log in both on OneDrive for Mac, nor online to even get to download Outlook.

            I went through various days of MUST supply an alternate Email, or Telephone number for security reason since “passwords may be lost blah blah blah” I have given every alternate email, and telephone number I have, and can no longer get by that damn screen. I can’t even chat with someone because as soon as I click to chat, I MUST fill and alternate email etc. If I try to fill in one I already used it tells me that.

            Now it is doing that on my Mac Book Air OneDrive screen to “setup”

            I need help on how to get around this screen. Trying to find a phone number to call is totally useless…

          • No one around to help or provide a decent phone number I can call?

          • Well….. finally got a response from MS.

            Interestingly, with Outlook, can not sync contacts/Calendars from iCloud.

            Why can I tap into the exchange server from Mac and the calendars on Exchange show up, and I can see contacts from Exchange in Contacts (address book) yet after all this time, Outlook can not do the same thing to have Contacts and Calendar from iCloud show up?

            How or what is the trick to have Calendars and Contacts and Groups in iCloud show up in Outlook?

            How or what is trick to get Archive folder and/or other folders from Apple Mail (data stored in iCloud) to show up like Apple Mail shows sub folders from Exchange???

          • So do I : “This release offers a more familiar and consistent experience between Outlook on the PC, Outlook on the web….”

            Talk about consistency !

        • I agree. The Windows version does, and this is the one thing I was looking most forward to for a new version!!!! We need this! Why Windows and not Mac? Ridiculous.

    • I’m with you, firstofjuly, it’s a huge disappointment. Not long ago Microsoft was doing some heavy marketing to us for their new services. I especially remember their commitment to privacy as they bashed Google’s Gmail. I’ve been a dedicated and committed Hotmail, Live, and Outlook user for years. Google offers me competitive and sometimes better free services than Microsoft.

      When I’m comfortably working at home on my Mac and an email arrives, I hear the push notification from my iPhone and then the same thing from my iPad. But I have to wait to see that same email on my Mac? Is that really the memory Microsoft wants me to have of them and this disappointing release EVERY time an email arrives?

      Kalvass says he realizes how important calendar and contact sync is but unfortunately we can’t have that right now. My thoughts: Microsoft, I realize how important my ongoing $99 renewal subscription is to you. Unfortunately, you can’t have that right now.

    • I agree. The Windows version does, and this is the one thing I was looking most forward to for a new version!!!! We need this! Why Windows and not Mac? Ridiculous. I am so sad and disappointed in Microsoft. What were they thinking? I am wondering if there are silos inside Microsoft preventing the different teams from working with each other. I wonder if the Outlook/Exchange team is battling the EAS team inside Microsoft? I surely hope not.

  35. This release is very disappointing especially for the use of EWS instead of MAPI or Exchange ActiveSync, the inability to limit how far back emails are downloaded, still no support for Internet Calendar….the list goes on…

    • Hello, sorry to hear this. What specific concern do you have on the usage of EWS? Ability to limit the age of sync is on our list from the feedback. Thanks.

      • My main concern about EWS is that not everything supports and that Mac Outlook should access Exchange in a way that is consistent with Windows Outlook.

  36. unfortunately it seems it is not working for me. I have an office 365 account and I cannot pass the STS authentication popup, I tried all possible combinations… looks like a bug
    Any idea ?

  37. It looks nice but doesn’t play well with iCloud or Google Apps (other than email – which isn’t push BTW). For it to be more than just a powerful email client we need some syncing with Contacts and Calendar or with the same services via the cloud.
    Also tried dragging and dropping contacts into it and that doesn’t work either. Only import option is from other Outlook files.

  38. Looks like it’s not yet available for Office 365 Education domains, but the message in the portal says it will be deployed “within a few weeks”,

  39. Downloaded and installed beautifully, however when I attempt to add and exchange account with identical setup as Outlook 2011 it never connects to exchange.

    • Hello, I’m a Program Manager on Mac Outlook. Can you provide more details? Are you seeing any error on the account dialog?

      • Yes – The account bubble for the exchange account never turns “green”. When I attempt to sync or send an email I receive an error -17997, which our IT validated seems like a connection issue with Exchange, however the setups are 100% identical on the advanced settings side.

      • Hi, I’m having similar issue. The account is on our on-premise Exchange 2013 SP1 server. I can enter account information, but after that nothing happens. No mail syncs or any error messages are displayed.

        When creating the account I must provide server name, otherwise it tells me that Authentication failed. The credentials are correct, as I can log in to our OWA and Apple mail gets mail from the same account to this same computer.

    • Do you know what version your Exchange server is? The new Outlook for Mac supports Exchange 2010 SP2 and above.

      • And there it is… Nope They don’t. They have 2007. ***grumble****

  40. Is it now possible to use Side-by-Side View for viewing multiple calendars, instead of having them all overlaid together?

    • Hello, at the moment overlay is the only method to view multiple calendar. Lookout for changes in future updates

      Alessio Roic
      Outlook for Mac – Program Manager

      • I skipped activation, then started using it. I added my account, it then prompted me to activate which succeeded. Weird.

  41. Regarding Microsoft Exchange: Will you support a connection via https:// (Exchange Proxyserver) – like Outlook 365 for Windows?

    Would me make happy.

  42. Hi,

    I can’t see the download option in ‘software’ under ‘office 365 settings’ ?

    I’m on my work’s Office 365 Business (it’s a college, so education?) account – does someone in my work have to enable it as a download? Screenshot here:


    • I can’t find the download either….
      I have a business account with the following products:
      Yammer Enterprise
      Lync Online (Plan 2)
      SharePoint Online (Plan 1)
      Exchange Online (Plan 1)

      • Outlook for Mac for Office 365 is available for Office 365 subscriptions that includes the Office apps. So Small Business Premium, Midsize Business, Business Premium, Enterprise E3 & E4, Education E3 (formerly A3), Office 365 Business, and Office 365 ProPlus. From what you posted it appears you have a subscription that does not include the Office apps, such as Small Business, Business Essentials, Enterprise E1, or Education E1 (formerly A2).

  43. Will this version support connection and syncing of contacts and calendar with Hotmail?

    • Hi,
      at the moment we only support syncing email with accounts.

      Alessio Roic
      Outlook for Mac – Program Manager

      • do you have any timeline on when you will provide a hotmail connector such as that on the Windows side or syncing of contacts and calendar functionality?

  44. Love the new look and it is zippy for sure. I am happy to see the update. I can’t believe that support for multiple time zones is not included.

    Keep up the great work.

    • Thanks for the feedback. We’re listening!
      Alessio Roic
      Outlook for Mac – Program manager

  45. I use Outlook for Mac 2011 but not Office 365. is there an updated version of Outlook for mac 2011? the blog posting above mentions a new versio of Office for Mac—including Word for Mac, Excel for Mac, PowerPoint for Mac and OneNote for Mac. but there is no mention of Outlook.


    • This new version is currently available to Office 365 customers only. Outlook 2011 is the client available for non 365 customers until the new Office for Mac suite is released at a later date.

      Alessio Roic
      Outlook for Mac – Program Manager

      • ok. but a new version of Outlook for mac will be part of the new Office for Mac suite, whenever it is released?

  46. Hi,

    This is Vijay from the Mac Outlook engineering team. If you are facing sign in issues with ADFS please check if you are you are using ADFS 2.0 and if so refer to this KB article that talks about a patch that was released to resolve ADFS authentication issues.


  47. So I get an error when it attempts to import my 2011 data. “This data contains an Exchange 2010 SP1 or earlier account. If imported, this account can’t synchronize with the exchange server.”

    I don’t have control over the Exchange Server which is 2010. What does this really mean. I assume it means it won’t work. If so how do I get my Mac Outlook 2011 working again?

    • Outlook for Mac requires Exchange Server 2010 SP2 or later. Importing data into the new Outlook for Mac does not affect your 2011 profile, so if you did not delete your Mac Outlook 2011, it will continue working with your current Exchange server.

    • Hello
      the new Outlook for Mac support Exchange 2010 SP2 or higher. If you are using Outlook 2011 with an account earlier than Exchange 2010 SP2, importing your info from 2011 into Outlook for Mac will succeed, but you will not be able to sync your account in the new Outlook for Mac (you will be in offline mode). By the way Outlook 2011 is not impacted by this – even if you import the data into Outlook for Mac, you can continue using Outlook 2011 normally.
      If your Exchange server is at 2010 RTM or SP1 you will need to continue using Outlook 2011 until your administrator updates the server to SP2 or higher.

      Hope this helps.

      Alessio Roic
      Outlook for Mac – Program Manager

  48. For what is worth, I had problems doing ADFS single sign on, but tried it from outside our corporate network, and it worked for me.

  49. Looks pretty… but I’m still wondering what’s up with the following missing features:
    * Shared calendars (don’t work with my work exchange account, but everyone on a PC can see them just fine)
    * Notification center (I see that it works for emails, but why not calendar events and reminders?)

    • Hi,

      * Shared calendar – Currently Mac Outlook does not support opening shared calendars that are not primary calendars. Can you please verify if it is a primary calendar or not?

      * Notification center – your feedback is being duly noted.


  50. When I delete the old Outlook 11, it appears the data files all remain. I know your uninstall instructions for Outlook 11 after the install noted dragging the dock and application icon to the trash. However, the emails from Outlook 11 remain. Can I remove the “Main Identity” via the Microsoft Database Utility or should that remain event after the new Outlook install?

    Where is the new Outlook storing my new email messages locally on the Mac?

    • Yes, you can remove it if you no longer need that data. The database for the new Outlook for Mac is at a different location than 2011, so removing your 2011 database will not affect the new Outlook app.

      The new database is located at ~/Library/Group Containers/UBF8T346G9.Office/Outlook/Outlook 15 Profiles/. However, we highly discourage users from modifying the files there as that could lead to unexpected/unsupported issues.

      • Thanks — this was helpful. It may be good to note on the Outlook 11 removal instructions that this can be deleted when you are comfortable with the new Outlook. I just needed to know the path to update some Aflred search workflows which appear to be working great. Overall, I’m very happy with the new Outlook — from my experiences, the only item I am missing is myDay. Other than that, I think the improvements and speed are great — good work and thanks for being a little less rigid in your release cycle — I’m glad to have this now versus late 2015 with the rest of the Office suite.

        • Thank you! We really appreciate the feedback and we’re happy that you’re enjoying it.

    • Hi TheCompanyComputerGuy,

      Thanks for the update.

      I am wondering if the KB article about the ADFS patch (above) helped or if you had to fix it some other way. It will be of great help if you can let me know.


  51. Cannot authenticate to activate this. When authentication is attempted, our SSO window (Okta) pops up, but after credentials are passed back to Outlook, it says “There is a problem with your account. Please try again later.” This is quite frustrating, and in the meantime I have advised my user base to not upgrade.

    • I am having the same issue – I am unable to activate (and therefore use) the new Outlook, due to using Okta for authentication.

      • Same issue here. Has anyone opened a call with Okta.

        • Same issue here. Any Okta users open a case with Okta on this? I’ll bring it up next week at Oktane 14.

  52. I would be glad if someone could help me, because after months of searching I am lost, and I thought, this new version of Outlook for Mac would help, but it didn’t.

    The thing I want:
    Sync my Account with ANY software on my Mac, so that I have mail, calendar, contacts and tasks on my Mac. Only mail is not enough.

    What I have Account (Microsoft Account), Ad-free
    Office 365 University

    What I don’t have
    Office 365 ID or Account or whatever. I got the University plan of Office 365 because I am a teacher, but since I am a freelancer, I have no university mail account or anything else.

    Nothing works. Neither Apple Mail, IMAP (that’s mail only) and, unfortunately, neither does the new Outlook for Mac.

    What can I do?
    Can I turn my account into an Office 365 ID? Would that help? Is that possible?
    Can I change the settings in Outlook for Mac 2014 so that everything syncs?

    I really want to turn my Mac into the perfect companion to my iPad Air, where everything from my account syncs thanks to (mobile only) exchange active sync.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hello,
      thanks for your feedback.
      For the time being Outlook for Mac only syncs email when it comes to accounts. Enabling synching calendars, contacts and tasks is on our list from the feedback.

      Alessio Roic
      Outlook for Mac – Program Manager

      • Hello,

        thanks for the answer.
        If you are already taking feedback, let me clarify the importance this subject has to me: Not being able to sync more than just mail makes me think about not only using other applications, but eventually switching complete from the microsoft ecosystem to alternatives like iCloud or Gmail. I appreciate you taking feedback and working on these things, and I really love the new Office Apps on iPad, but I really dislike using all these great services on my Mac “just” in Safari, with no notifications or integration of calendars and contacts on my main device of work.
        Thanks a lot for reading.

  53. Cannot see from notes if the new version supports connection to google calendar. 2011 is useless for us as our domain is hosted with google- including calendars. Did MSFT add support for Google Calendars?

    • Hi,
      At this time, Outlook for Mac does not support Google Calendars.

      Alessio Roic
      Outlook for Mac – Program Manager

      • Really? 4 years and tens of thousands of online user requests and MSFT still has not enabled this? Is it on the queue or is that code for “not gonna happen?”

        • So…still no Google Calendar support? Without it I will continue to not be using Outlook on my mac. Seriously!? No support?

      • Really incredible.

        Without the ability of syncing my contacts and calendars in icloud and google apps, this is completely useless. Is has to be very disappointing to have wasted thousands of hours and dollars for an unfinished program.

        I think we are going to cancel our Office 365 subscription and to work only with google apps.

      • I have to admit that after all these years that Microsoft hasn’t seen fit to reintegrate Outlook to Google mail server. since so many businesses running Google apps as their infrastructure mail and calendar software. if Apple’s iOS, OS X can integrate with Gmail why can’t Microsoft.

        I was really looking forward to getting back on Outlook, I feel a bit betrayed that no effort was made here.

  54. Looks nice. Thanks!

    We really need OneDrive for Business access for our Macs. That’s top of my wish list from Microsoft. Eager to have that.

  55. I would like to see the Filters (see below) that are available in OWA and Office for Windows please.

    “ALL, Read, Unread, To Me, and Flagged”

    • These are available with the “Filter Email” icon in the ribbon.

      • Thanks for that, on the other versions it is at the top of the messages list available with one mouse click.
        The Filter icon is a drop down and not quite as convenient, but it is workable.

        Again, thanks for pointing it out.

  56. I was able to install and activate, but it doesn’t import in my Outlook 2011 identity by default. Trying to import using the File>Import menu doesn’t work as well. It asks me to start with another identiy.

    Creating another identity and trying again also isn’t working for me. I have a lot of local email on Outlook 2011 since my exchange server has limited storage and I am unable to import it.

    • Hello Vikas,

      Can you please give us the exact error you are seeing?
      Also can you create a new profile using the following steps and try again?

      1. Quit Outlook.
      2. Go to ~/Applications/ and right click on Microsoft Outlook app.
      3. Click “Show Package Contents” and go to Contents/SharedSupport. Open Outlook Profile
      3. Add a new profile
      4. Right click and “Set as Default” on the profile created.
      5. Quit Profile Manager, restart Outlook and try importing again.

      • Thank you Nagavijay. That (starting the profile manager and creating a new profile) for me.

        BTW – where is the new database stored? I am asking so that I ensure that I don’t exclude it accidentally from my Timemachine backups.

        • Glad to help.

          The new database is located at ~/Library/Group Containers/UBF8T346G9.Office/Outlook/Outlook 15 Profiles/. However, we highly discourage users from modifying the files there as that could lead to unexpected/unsupported issues.


          • Thanks Vijay.

            I don’t intend to modify it. I just wanted to be sure I wasn’t excluding it from Timemachine.

  57. I use a MacBook Air. The default font-size for composing emails in Outlook 2015 is rendered too small for comfort. In order to be be able compose an email comfortably, you need to set the font to Calibri 16 (which displays at about the same size as the text in the message list), but emails sent with a font size this big look unprofessional (far too big). The font size most people use on Windows is Calibri 11, and we need to be able to use this on the Mac. On Windows you simply zoom the compose window to suit your preference (independently of the message font size). You can obviously zoom in other Mac Office apps like Word. This feature doesn’t appear to available on the new Mac version of Outlook. Is there any solution to this?

    • Hi Dale. I am Program Manager on the Outlook for Mac team. Thanks for the feedback. We are constantly assessing our user experience and the editor is a key area to the product. The only solution at the moment is to use Zoom under OS X System Preferences. This does zoom everything, so we realize it is not a complete workaround. Some users also choose to compose in a larger font and then reduce before sending, which is another less than ideal workaround.

      • OK – thanks, but clearly neither suggestion is a sensible option in a busy multi-tasking work environement.

        For us older folks with less than 20/20 vision using small hi res screens, it would be good if you could prioritise this critical usability feature. I know from researching this with the old version that quite a few abandoned Outlook on Mac due to this omission. In the meantime, guess I’ll have to stick with Outlook 2013 running in Parallels (Outlook is pretty much the only reason I maintain a Windows VM).

        Shame – I got all excited for a minute, and still can’t believe you haven’t implemented zoom as a basic usability/accessibility requirement in such an obvious place.. Perhaps you need some older developers on the Outlook team who can empathise with the more mature user 🙂

        • Dale, agree with you 100%.

          Jeffrey, really?? These is still no way to increase the font sizes?? Sure you can use the command +, but that only increases the body of the email. Not the list of emails, nor the menus, etc. I have read 100s and not 1000s of posts complaining about the ability to increase font sizes for 4 years. Is anyone home at Miscrosoft?? I too will be leaving Microsoft because clearly they dont get this or know how to do it or worse off not really listening to customer feedback

  58. Is the download not rolled out worldwide yet? I’m in Denmark and i can’t see any outlook on the Software page.
    I am (or rather my employer) subscribes to Office 365


    • Hi Ben, would you happen to know what level of 365 subscription your employer has subscribed to? Currently we only support Office Enterprise E3 and above.

      Faisal J.
      Mac Outlook Program Manager.

      • Hi, I am in Turkey and have an E3 subscription, however the link for the download does not exist in the Software page.

        • Hi, I’m a program manager from Microsoft. Due to new Turkish regulations, we cannot release the new software in Turkey until we are able to translate all of the user interface text and documentation into Turkish (Turkish was not supported in Mac Outlook 2011). We are currently evaluating how to do that as soon as we can.

  59. Any chance of it being released on the Mac App Store? We use VPP to push out apps to employees, and would are thinking about changing to Office 365 now we use a bit of Microsoft Azure.

    Would love to add this to our zero touch deployment for Mac!!

    • We already user, OneNote, Remote Desktop, and SkyDrive app via the App Store… Would be great if you add Outlook to!

      • Thanks for your feedback. We will consider your suggestion.

        Alessio Roic
        Outlook for Mac – Program Manager

  60. First try it all seemed to work fine. Everything synched, but during preliminary tests I discovered that new email didn’t sync.

    Sending email works fine but receiving is broken.

    After brute uninstall of the whole Office 2011 package and re-install of Outlook for Mac (15.3) my inbox is empty. Although everything works fine from OWA.

    Pls advise!

    • Hello,
      can you please confirm that you are in online mode? Did you successfully activate the product? In the status bar do you see a “Read Only – Offline” message?

      Alessio Roic
      Outlook for Mac – Program Manager

      • Yepp, I am in online mode on an E3 subscription. My calendar information is SLOWLY synchronizing. The last time around it just looped that sync.

        • Also, my categories have been kinda messed up. Some are missing when checking with OWA and via the Outlook client I get a message that the server is not connected. Although contacts, tasks and some of my calendar entries and a few folders have some and/or all information in sync.

  61. Hoping you can help? I’m on an enterprise licence but am getting an error while trying to sign in saying “there is a problem with your account. please try again later” – although I can still use the ‘old’ office 11 outlook client and also access over the web?

    • Hello,
      is your license a 365 subscription? Currently Outlook for Mac can only be activated using a 365 subscription.


      Alessio Roic
      Outlook for Mac – Program Manager

      • Hi Alessio – yes, I have a corporate 365 subscription

        • Hi – any ideas on this as I’m still unable to activate?

  62. I can not get it to activate on one of my MAC’s if say it can not find a 365 account or if I put my email account and password in it come back with an unknown error code 0, my MACBook pro is ok. Anyone help?


    • Just to say, I’m very happy with the direction Microsoft has taken with its support for the Mac, iPhone and iPad. So far, Outlook works marvelously with Office 365 and our Exchange 2010 on-premises servers (of which I happen to be the administrator). And finally support for Archives! Go on with your excellent work at Microsoft. Hopefully the Office for Mac public beta will come early next year.

      Best regards from Norway, Jon Alfred (MCSE: Messaging)

      • Thanks for the feedback, we really appreciate it!

        Hui Nee
        Outlook for Mac – Software Engineer

    • Hello,
      is your license a 365 subscription? Currently Outlook for Mac can only be activated using a 365 subscription.


      Alessio Roic
      Outlook for Mac – Program Manager

      • Yes it is I have activated it ok on my MacBook but won’t activate on my iMac

        I get this error An unknown error has occurred, the error code is: 0

        • Hi Alan,

          Can you check your Office install limits on How many installs do you have left?

        • I have the same issue. After having it briefly working it stopped.

          Uninstalled several times and even changing my locale to English primary (US). No luck 🙁

          The rest of the Office for Mac 2011 suite works alright. But the new Outlook for Mac doesn’t.

          Running on an E3 business 365 account.

          • Same thing here… i have deactivated all activations to start from scratch. no luck. The rest of 2011 is working great. but outlook 2015 has stopped working/activating.

  63. Hello,

    I use a Exchange Server 2007 and can’t add my email account. Is there a workaround to get it working anyway (without a upgrade to Exchange 2010)?

    Best regards

    • Sorry Przszy, our min support for the exchange server is 2010 SP2 & above.

      Faisal J.
      Mac Outlook Program Manager.

    • Hello,
      Outlook for Mac supports Exchange 2010 SP2 and up. 2007 is not supported.

      Alessio Roic
      Outlook for Mac – Program Manager

      • Thats bad… So there is no way to get it working?

        • Hi again,
          no, until you’re up to 2010 SP2 or higher, you can’t use Outlook for Mac to connect to Exchange.

  64. How can I download I have business Office 365 accounts and went to Office 365 Portal, (Gear icon > Office 365 Settings > Software ) but do not see the Outlook icon

  65. I have office 365 for students and it’s not available for me. Still only showing office 2011 for mac. =|

    • Nevermind, I realized the article was saying Outlook only. I was able to update Outlook to the latest version.

  66. Just upgraded.
    Missing Deliver/Read Notifications;
    Groups in People to send a message to a list of people?

    • +1
      Still missing the Contact groups Sync for a lot of my customers.
      Ans delivery/read notifications… some are asking for it when switching and in 2014 it is still not in there.

      For the rest, great look ! Thanks !

  67. I’m very happy to see a new version of Outlook for Mac released. I just downloaded it using my Office 365 A4 Account. Unfortunately I’m not able to activate it. The error message suggests that I’m not logging in with a valid account. I’m using the same account I used to download the new Outlook for Mac. Does anyone have a idea to fix this?

    Locale: DE
    System: Mac OSX 10.10 Yosemite (MacBook Air)
    Version: Office for Mac 2011 (downloaded from O365 portal)

    Thanks in advance for your help 🙂

    • Hi Padi,


      Sytem Preferences -> Language & Region -> New preferred language “English” as default -> Region “USA” -> Reboot

      Try to activate now. Worked for me.


  68. Hello,
    I can not setup account to Kerio mail server same as Outlook 2011. If I tried use Exchange Account, I can not setup correctly server. In Outlook 2011 used “” but in this new version Outlook rewrite this mail server to “”. If I changed it to “”, Outlook changed back it to “” after closing account dialog.

    IMAP settings works OK, but I can not use calendar in Outlook from Kerio calendar

    Please can you help me?

    Regards Pavel

  69. Congrats on finally getting this new version out. Having the PUSH feature working is a huge improvement.

    Since it appears you’re actually reading the comments I’ll leave a few suggestions after moving to this new version.

    1. Let us modify the toolbar like in the Windows version. The ribbon simply takes up too much room on a small laptop screen. In the Windows version I have the QuickMenu customized (and matching on the 3 different PC’s I use) with all the normal functions I need. So no need for the ribbon. Even worse in the Mac version I have to move between ribbon tabs to get things done, such as “Mark All Read” then back to the Home tab so I can be ready to create new mail. Give us a ribbon we can customize or a QuickMenu. (I see the QuickMenu there but it can’t be customized).

    2. Why do you insist on removing the small calendar and appointment view on the right side of the mail view? I spend 95% of the time in mail and don’t want to have to switch to the calendar or task view to see what’s coming up. The view in Outlook 2010 for Windows was perfect. Outlook for Mac and Outlook 2013 are awful.

    3. Why no Junk Mail options like in the Windows version? You make us either download all pictures from the internet, or none, but don’t let us select which senders download automatically (except for our contacts). What about the myriad of email subscriptions we use such as airlines and newsletters that are loaded with HTML and pictures. You make us have to click on each one to see them.

    3a. Why no Junk Mail options at all when used with Exchange in Office365 (This feature is not available for the accounts currently configured).

    4. Why no color options?

    5. A weather forecast? Really? And I have to go to the calendar page to see it? Like I don’t already have the weather elsewhere on my phone and computer?

    I’m a long-time Outlook user and would be happy to beta test the new versions. Hopefully you’ll make it better than this one.

  70. It really, really, fails to understand me, how on earth Microsoft releases such a product so incomplete.

    A company with billions of income in net revenue. Can’t they hire more people to make incredible software?
    I am sure the team devolping this should work hard, to achieve this. Just hire more people for the right places. Doing software for your main products.

    Does all the money just get used to buy NBA teams? Such a lame…

    Microsft should excel on the software they make. Not this kind of software with such limitations. Unacceptable.

  71. Did anyone have a problem with the import step?

    I have the standalone version of Office for Mac 2011 installed. I downloaded Outlook 2015 from Office 365 and when it gets to the import step it shows “no data found” when I select import Outlook 2011 data on this computer. I manually selected the Microsoft User Data folder and I get “the data does not exist in the selected location.”

    I then tried installing Office for Mac 2011 from Office 365 but I get the same problem.

    Called MS Support but they were no help. Any other ideas?

  72. Outlook for Mac causes high CPU utilization which causes my macbook air fan to be on constantly.

    I switched back to Mac Mail Yosemite in the meantime.

    • I have the same issue. MacBook Air Mid-2013, 10.10

      • Macbook 2011 OSX 10.10

        Looks like a porsche….runs like a lawnmower after using outlook for 3 minutes.

    • Same here.

      10.10. MacBook Pro retina 13 2022.

    • the same here – MB Air mid 2013, Yosemite

      • Same here with MB Air Mid 2010 – my solution: when I set “download headers only” in Accounts/advanced the CPU usage goes down immediately and goes up when I turn it off again.

        • Works for me too, thank udoj.
          That’s a solution, while MS acknowledges and brings a permanent one.

          • This worked for me as well. So happy something fixed this. To go from 12 hours to maybe 2 was pretty disappointing.

            Any word from the developers when this will be fixed? It’s a lot nicer having messages download automatically.

    • Found this answer here. Fixed it for me

      I figured out how to do it without removing and reinstalling the app. After doing some more research, I noticed that the “sync pending for this folder” message in the lower right corner of the app never went away for my inbox. I clicked on it to display the sync list, and noticed that there were a lot sync’s flashing on and off (so quickly I could only read the folder names for a few) but none finishing. I had previously done some research about sync’s not finishing and the way to solve that is to clear the cache for the folder. (File -> Folder -> Properties -> Empty Cache). I found that I had to do that for any folder that showed “Sync Pending” when it was selected. Once I did that for all the folders that showed the “Sync Pending” my CPU usage returned to normal.

      • I have the same issue. Empty Cache does nothing. Tried to downgrade back to Outlook 2011 and it is not available from the 365 login anymore. My fan is running at high speed 100% of the time. Also, where the identity and files are stored stinks. If you don’t remember where the files are when you backup your system then you are screwed since they are no longer under the documents folder. Very disappointed in Microsoft! Hope a fix comes soon!

  73. After i imported the data from Outlook 2011 to the new Outlook – for some reasons, whenever I try to search anything from the searchbox at the top right corner – it does not show any results

    And yes, I have thousands of email in my local folder

    any help would be much appreciated

    • Hi roysoetantio, I’m a program manager from Microsoft. Is search working for you now? We use Mac’s Spotlight to index email messages. It could be that Spotlight had not finished indexing your emails yet.

      • Will we get a preview plugin for spotlight (when using the spotlight search in OS X)? When I use Spotlight I only see cryptic results like B52E3768-

        • Will we get a preview/quicklook plugin for spotlight (when using the spotlight search in OS X)? When I use Spotlight I only see cryptic results like B52E3768-F412-4E12… and have to click on each message to see the content.

      • Hi Jwang, its still not working, Im running OSX Yosemite – I cant really tell if the spotlight is indexing or not – but it has been 4 days, cant search old emails.

        FYI I can only search emails that I have received AFTER installing new outlook

  74. I currently have Outlook 2011 on my Mac. I have a licence that comes with my Managed Exchange email service. Will I be able to download an updated version, or do I have to sign up for an Office 360 package first?

    In the past Outlook on a Mac lacked many really handy features that have been in the Windows version for years. If this has been fixed with this update then I’ll be happy to pay for an Office 360 subscription. Most importantly I need to be able to:

    1) Set an email to send at a specified time and date in the future (this has been a Windows Outlook feature for years)
    2) Paste an image/screenshot from the clipboard and crop and resize the image within Outlook (this has been a Windows Outlook feature for years but in Outlook 2011 you can paste the image but not crop/resize it, Mac Mail lets you paste and crop the image but not resize it)
    3) Create and edit tables from within Outlook (I currently have to make a table in Pages and then copy/paste it into Outlook, but it would be great if I could do this whole thing in Outlook like the Windows version)

    These features have been in the Windows version for as long as I remember. It would be great if I could have the same features on the Mac version.

  75. Microsoft –

    Great release of Outlook 365 for Mac; love the new look and feel.

    Although; I was hoping to see that inline image resizing would be added to this version of the product but, as of the first release it is not included. Are there any plans to add this feature?

    It would be great to have this and is probably the only reason I continue to use Outlook 2013 in my Windows VM instead of exclusively using Outlook Mac.

    Although, I’ve noticed that this feature is not part of any other email client that I’ve used for MacOS. Is the inline image resizing feature something difficult to implement?

    Anyone care to comment who knows more on this feature?

    Product looks great though!


  76. Would love to say i am pleased with it, but i am pretty disappointed, the whole thing looks like a re-skin with very little additional value added. It did install without a hitch though!

    +1 on the one drive for business for mac, how hard can it really be? you already have a consumer app.

  77. Still doesn’t support via EAS like the Windows version does. C’mon guys!

  78. Over all i think this new version looks a lot cleaner but i am probably going to have to delete it and go back to the old version!

    While my emails seems to be working fine my calendar is totally empty, nothing, not a single event that was in my old Outlook and is in Outlook on Windows exists in the Calendar in the new version.

    I have looked through all the settings but I cannot seem to find the source of the problem!

    • Hello robinjackson,

      I am a Program Manager for Mac Outlook. Are you using Exchange account? In Calendar module do you see any sync progress in the blue Status Bar at the bottom?


      • I have this same issue. Calendar was fine in Outlook for Mac 2011. Did the upgrade and then saw an empty calendar. Even deleted and recreated my mail profile and re-synced all my content from the office365 server; the issue remained

        Turns out none of the checkboxes on the left pane in calendar view are selected by default. Once I checked my calendar, I could then see all my appointments.

        • THANK YOU……..

          Seems obvious now but I did not spot that until I saw your comment.

          May thanks for the pointer.

          • A quick question if I may.

            Do you know if it is possible to add other Calendars, just calendars to this version of Outlook?

            I would like to see my iCloud and Worldmate calendars all in one view, I can do this on my Mac but sometimes just being in Outlook, it would be great to do the same there!

  79. And still no calendars from the live account.
    This shouldn’t bei called Outlook, sorry

    • Thanks for the feedback. This is on our list of things to consider.

      • The annual renewal fee for Office365 Home is no longer on my list of things to consider.

  80. Hi Microsoft,

    Cannot pass te activation, no reference – The system requires that you log on to a valid account.
    I do have a valid 365 account plan2. I installed it on my laptop and its work well, i deleted the outlook and the account to install it on my imac and now i have got this message. I deleted also al the computers on my 365 portal.

  81. How can I sync my calendar or iCloud calendar with Outlook for Mac??
    I added my account to Outlook for Mac 2015 but it still doesn’t sync the calendar. So disappointed.

    • So it is not just me!

      My old Outlook was syncing my Exchange calendar perfectly, in this new version there is zero calendar events! 🙁

    • As a hotmail user for many years & an user since inception I use Exchange Activesync for these accounts on PC with Outlook 2013, on iPhone & iPad with iOS, on my Huawei phone for Android. And I’d like full EAS support for email, calendar & contacts. With 400 million hotmail & users how could Microsoft not have inclyded EAS support in this Outlook for Mac release? This is long overdue & needs to get bumped up in priority with the Mac time at Microsift.

  82. It’s disappointing that this doesn’t support Exchange 2007 – the Windows version of Outlook does so I fail to see why this version can’t.

    I use multiple Excahnge accounts, most of which to be fair are Exchange 2010+ but due to a couple of mailboxes I use still being on Exchange 2007 I’m going to have to uninstall and go back to Outlook 2011.

    Really disappointing as the new client looks and seemingly performs a lot better.

  83. Good morning all from France !!

    Thanks for this upgrade, I love upgrades ! 🙂

    Just one small thing that seems to have disappeared from last version : the possibility to change the size of the items list (as described in #5 in for the former outlook version)

    Any tips on how this could be done ? Cause the default display is really big, and with a reading pane below, I can just see 4 to 5 items in the list which is a bit annoying.

    Any feedback greatly appreciated

    • I am also wondering why this functionality was actively removed from the new version. The list font size is way too big and we need to be able to change it. Why on earth would Microsoft actually go out of the way to REDUCE functionality on an already VERY limited software?!?

  84. Hi, I’m a former Windows user that switched to mac a few years ago.

    The only thing Apple couldn’t provide for me was a decent office suite, including a decent e-mail client (I don’t like apple mail).

    Unfortunately, outlook 2011 was a poor version if you compare it with the windows version.
    So I run a virtual Windows on my mac, just to use outlook 2013 for windows.

    In a world where ‘in the cloud’ becomes the new standard way of keeping your information on all devices, Microsoft is still hanging on de back.
    With Outlook for windows I have a good working workaround (GO Contact Sync Mod & Gmail contacts).

    My hopes were set on the new outlook for Mac, so I could stop running a virtual windows just for outlook (windows).

    Unfortunately syncing of contacts (, gmail, ….) still isn’t an option with the new outlook for mac.
    I think that is a missed opportunity from Microsoft because many apple users are waiting for a descend professional mail client on there mac. But syncing of contact and calendar is so impotant if you have many different devices (Laptop, Pc, Ipad/tablet, …)

    I hope a future update will have that option. For now, still running Outlook 2013 virtual…

    • Additional…

      The user interface of outlook for mac is very nice on my retina macbook pro.
      But next to the UI, I’m still seeing the same outlook as before.

  85. As basically working with office 365 windows, but also with mac, I wonder how to find a lot of function in Office 365 Outlook for mac:

    how to create sending receiving group
    import calendars from internet
    get my calendars from different outlook accounts into it

    As it only shows start, organize, extras in the head.

    Is there any manual, description available?

    As such it is not working for me.

  86. I’m a long time user of Outlook (Mac 2011). My existing email groups did not transfer after importing my 2011 data, and the “New Contact Group” is grayed out. Is there a known issue with contact groups? Why would my groups not automatically transfer during the data import. Why can’t I create new groups? Without this feature, I’ll be forced to revert to the 2011 version.

    • Disregard the above comment. The fix was to go to preferences>general and uncheck “Hide on my computer”. No idea why this defaulted to checked, or why my existing groups didn’t transfer during the 2011 data import, but I can at least now recreate the groups.

      • Hi there. I am a Program Manager on the Outlook for Mac team. The “Hide On My Computer folders” is checked by default when there is only one account added. You found the solution. Since Contact Groups are local to the app (do not sync with the server) you need to uncheck this preference to see the option in the People view.

        Your existing Contact Groups should have been imported during the “Import 2011 Data” process (along with any other Contacts you had in Outlook 2011). Did everything else import correctly?

        • I’m not sure this reasoning makes sense to me. I can create a Contact Group using Outlook Web Access in a browser, it syncs just fine to OWA on my iPhone and OWA on my iPad and yet for some unknown reason the Contact Groups in Outlook for Mac are “local to the app”? I don’t think the developers for Mac are really understanding the core frustration many of us feel with the direction the Mac applications have taken. Core functionality that exists with the clients on the PC, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, etc. are all missing from the Mac application. Why is that?

          I appreciate that you’ve released a “new” version, but honestly it’s like lipstick on a pig. You’ve changed the User Interface, but much of the core functionality that Mac users have been complaining about for years is still missing.

  87. I use both Mac and Windows computers running MS Office. I was really disappointed the new version of Outlook for Mac does not contain the Outlook Today view.

    I have my Windows version to default view Outlook Today. This is a very useful view for planning the day and managing email as it arrives.

    The new version is an improvement just not a huge improvement.

  88. Im so sad.

    The last few weeks, i have been working hard to transfer everything from google and to our new Office 365, which i PAY for.

    Only problem i had, were syncing contacts and calendars from our account to our 4 year old Outlook for Mac, downloaded a few weeks ago directly from Microsoft through the subscription i PAY for.

    Imagine the joy and happiness that went through my mind, when i saw, that i could get a NEW AND UPDATED Outlook for 365!!!! Imagine the joy, when i saw, that i could could download it directly from my “settings” page that i get through my Office 365 subscription, which, just to remind you, im PAYING for.

    Imagine that surprised look on my face, when i discovered, that Microsoft STILL thinks, that as a Mac user, i dont not have any friends or even the need to book appointments at my dentist, and therefore dont have the need for sync of contacts and calendars. Cause everybody knows, that Mac users only get mails when they reset passwords at iCloud and porn sites.

    But surprise, i DO have friends and i DO go to the dentist, so i NEED my contacts and calendars in Outlook sync with my PAID account at But i won’t be needing it for long, because i will now go else were. Microsoft apparently can’t deliver a product that work 100%.

    Im sorry if i seem a bit harsh, i know that you guys from Microsoft that actually reads this, dont have any saying regarding the above problem, but since a can’t yell out my rage at Bill and his friends, i have to do it here. Sorry, it is not personally.

  89. No Full Screen Mode??!?!?!?!

    What on earth, Microsoft. As if it wasn’t bad enough to watch full screen mode be rolled out to every other Office 2011 app via an update, only to see Outlook–the one app in the entire suite that would most benefit from it–go without.

    So now after a four-year wait we get a new version of Outlook. Works with Yosemite’s Notification Center, fresh look and feel, performance improvements, etc. But what’s still missing? FULL SCREEN MODE. Guys, that was a LION feature–a 2011 feature, and Outlook still lacks it?

    What gives? Is there some deliberate reason you refuse to enable a feature every other Mac email client has (and has had for years)?

    I would truly be interested in the reasoning behind why this feature was never added to Outlook 2011 (when it was added to all the other Office 2011 apps), much less why it’s still not in this 2015 version of Outlook.

    • I completely agree with you! We need full screen mode! The only apps I like to run i full screen mode are mail and calendar. So this needs to be fixed!

    • Yes, I agree. Guys, please add the full screen mode ASAP in some update.

  90. While I appreciate the hard work that has gone into this release, I’m enormously disappointed with the absence of EAS/ActiveSync for my and accounts. I became an Office365 Home subscriber in the Spring of this year when there were hints of an upcoming Office for Mac update coming soon. That later turned into emphasis on mobile applications from Microsoft. Now the Office 2015 release will be in the 2nd half of 2015. I’m not renewing my O365 in the Spring of 2015 or even in the 2nd half of 2015 if Outlook doesn’t include EAS. Why would I? My perpetual license for Office for Mac 2011 has all of the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint functionality that I need. OneNote has been added for the Mac and iOS and it’s free and absolutely fantastic. What would keep me as an ongoing O365 subscriber is EAS in Outlook. If Touchdown from NitroDesk or another vendor gets there first, they’ll be earning my business.

    Was it really intentional to deliver such a disappointment to Hotmail, Live, and Outlook customers who subscribe to O365?

  91. I don’t know if this is only me but there is still no option to download the app in my ‘Software’ page even tough I have a E3 subscription!

  92. First of all, please let me say how happy I am to have such a functional version of Outlook for Mac. It is a huge step towards being able to remain in Mac OS.

    Can someone please explain to me why there are STILL no delivery and read receipts available for outbound Office 365 email? This is a really important feature.

    I am tired of the arguments Apple makes against read receipts; I know they aren’t perfect, but they work 99% of the time for me and I really need them to function in Outlook.

    Is this a planned thing, where MSFT makes me run Parallels so I need to Windows version?

    Please someone let us all know why this important feature is continuously omitted from Outlook for Mac.

  93. I can´t activate it. What is going on?

  94. On setup, I get the message that this version will not sync with Exchange 2010 SP1. Can that be so? I am not able to set up my Exchange account either by importing or directly. What am I missing?

    • Hi hilarybmiller,

      I am Smiral, from the engineering team on the Outlook for Mac. This release of Outlook for Mac will connect to on-prem Exchange 2010 SP2 and higher, and Exchange Online (Office 365). Note that Exchange 2007 accounts and Exchange 2010 SP1 accounts are no longer supported.

  95. Slightly off topic, but since I just had to create an account to post a comment: why doesn’t this site allow SSO with my Microsoft Account? You could implement that in 15 minutes with a service like Auth0 and it would certainly reduce friction in subscriber acquisition.

  96. As a 50% Windows 50% Mac user I can’t tell how much I was waiting for a new Outlook for Mac.

    I appreciate the new look but after one day of usage I have one question: This “new” Outlook took MS how many years???

    As far as I can tell Outlook 15 is Outlook 2011 with some new graphics. Most of the annoying Outlook 2011 idiosyncrasies are still present in Outlook 2015. Just read previous posts and you know what I mean. I’ll add a few myself:
    – Calendar: Still no scroll using the mouse wheel (month view)
    – Contacts: No Business Card view
    – Still only three tabs in ribbon and most other settings in menu
    – Why does Mac Outlook love categories so much to always show all of them on left pane
    – etc.

    By now I don’t expect MS to offer any non crippled future Office applications for Mac. I will finally change my workflow and move to other non MS products.

    PS. By the way, MS still thinks that the draw feature is something OSX and iOS users don’t need/want in OneNote!?

  97. Why no full-screen app support? Why does the client STILL not open PST files? Why not begin with the Windows feature set and go from there?

    It looks like the new client has no new functionality whatsoever (or barely so) – just a UI refresh. It just seems that the MS bureaucracy does not get what “user oriented” means. (And that’s being nice. The evidence suggests that MS intentionally aims to disappoint Mac users. And “disappoint” is the nice way of saying that.) And that gets frustrating after a while. I and many others are dual platform. Does MS think that Mac users, by virtue of being Mac users, have no need to open PSTs, export data, configure different views, etc, etc.? Do we deserve less than Windows-only users? You see, it gets personal. It gets personal because you actually affect what people can and cannot do. It gets personal because you say through very loud actions that one customer group is far more important than the other – that one paying group of customers can have more features than the other group of paying customers. And it gets even better because the standard MS take-no-responsibility response whenever issues are raised is “we can’t” or “it doesn’t” (duh), as if there is something in the grand design of the universe that prevents poor old Microsoft from actually implementing features. How would you like it if you were treated that way all the time?

    Extremely disappointed.

    • You hit the nail on the head, Scot1234. Excellent post. This “new release” of Outlook for Mac is nothing more than an aesthetic refresh on a severely limited version of Outlook. What this release shows us is that us Mac users are being punished for using Macs, regardless of the fact that we pay just as much for our subscriptions as Windows users. I was hoping that this “new version” would provide some more of the features that Outlook 2013 users enjoy. Not only was no feature added from a basic user perspective, but some features were actually taken away, such as the ability to change the list font size.

      What Microsoft is offering us here is borderline offensive, and I, like you, am extremely disappointed. Am going to search for a better mail alternative. Right now.

  98. Downloaded and installed Microsoft Outlook for Mac (Version 15.3). Looks nice. Seems unstable.
    With regularity, I receive the message: “Microsoft Outlook quit unexpectedly.”
    An Office365User

  99. Like many of the others, I am very disappointed there are not more features/changes to make Outlook more consistent with Outlook for Windows. However, I have two issues that I thought would have been addressed already.

    1. Exchange syncing – Why is there a delay with synchronizing folders? Windows syncs everything almost immediately. Even the Mail app on the iPhone syncs immediately. Even if you force a sync, it does not always push the changes immediately.

    2. Email reminders – When you use the Follow-up Flag to set a reminder for an email, why does Outlook ignore the removal of the checkmark for the Due Date. I never want a due date, but if you remove that check box and just set a reminder date and time, it automatically puts the checkmark back in the Due Date box. Why was this not fixed? I have to go back into the reminder and re-remove it again.

    • ChrisG — the problem with the delay in synchronizing your mail is probably related to the absence of ActiveSync/EAS. This is the slick technology that keeps your mail pushed instantly to your Windows Outlook 2013 client and your mobile devices. While it is included in Outlook 2013 for Windows, it is absent from the new release for Mac. If you’re using an,, or (?) email account, you’ll only get your mail sync’d via IMAP with folder refresh on the 2 minute mark. No contact sync, no calendar sync, no to-do sync.

      • I have Office 365/Exchange Online. You would have hoped they used the same technology from the Windows version of Outlook.

  100. Please don’t delay and get us the OneDrive for Business Mac client! This is sorely missing. Makes no sense to have this client for consumer use and not for corporate users, your most important core-market for O365 …. We are going to need to switch to Dropbox for Business if this doesn’t come.

  101. Sounds like some small improvements in the new Outlook but also sounds like it fails to address huge issues. In no particular order…

    1. Still cannot sync to Microsoft’s own Hotmail/ service for calendar and contacts. This is insane, if Microsoft cannot support their own services so as to prevent customers leaving to use competitors there is no hope for them. Anyone still banging their head against the brick wall of Microsoft over this issue needs to jump ship to use either GMail or iCloud both of which are free and both of which have full mail/contacts/calendar support on Mac and iOS. You can also do this in both Mac and Windows using Mozilla Thunderbird and others.

    2. Still no proper support for PST files. Yes Outlook 2011 could open PST files but this then required importing the entire PST contents in to your already huge main Outlook database file – even if you only wanted to read a single email in the PST. Of course you also could not create PST files. What we have been screaming for for years if not decades is the same support for PST files that Windows users have which is being able to archive emails to PST files and then easily be able to open and view the contents of these PST files (without having to import them). This feature alone might be enough to get many Mac only sites to switch.

    3. Outlook still does not support MAPI, the protocol Microsoft insist Mac users use is EWS (Exchange Web Services). If EWS is so good then why don’t Microsoft use it as the protocol of choice in Outlook for Windows. Sorry Microsoft but the fact you still use MAPI as the protocol of choice for Windows implies MAPI is better than EWS and that therefore Mac users are still being shafted. Frankly I personally am not fussed over the protocol being used I would just like to see some logic from Microsoft over this and perhaps that is too much to expect.

    I will give the public beta version a test when it comes out but already I feel very confident that Mac Word 2015 (or whatever it ends up being called) will still not support right to left languages like Arabic and Hebrew. While this has hugely annoyed me for many years solely on a fairness level it now in my current job is a real hassle as we have to open and translate legal documents in many languages. Even the free built-in Text Edit on a Mac can do this. Again if Microsoft did add support for RTL languages then this alone would enable me to justify the cost of upgrading the entire companies copies of Office for Mac. Without a significant new feature like this then I cannot see what benefit we would get. Lipstick on a pig will not do it.

  102. This does look better and so far seems to work a little better too, is there any information about the things that must be among the most requested features. Additional time zone in the calendar, suggested alternative meeting times. I suppose that these things will be delivered next year when the rest of the office suite is refreshed.

    This does seem to be a bit of a pacifying move. 4 years of very little except maintenance releases and then some new wallpaper and a weather forecast. One drive for business would be nice too

  103. I can appreciate an update, but this is essentially useless unless you can bring in either Mac Calendar calendars or Google Calendar. Why do I want another option to check my e-mail and my calendar in different places? Bringing Google Calendar support is long overdue Office team. Long overdue.

    • @ notdavejohnson

      Doesn’t sync with contacts or calendars either

      Unbelievable really.

  104. I just downloaded the new Outlook for Mac and am unable to activate it.
    I am a regular, retail user of the product, not through my company.
    I previously installed Office 2011 for the Mac using an O365 subscription that I paid for back in May.
    I then read this blog page today to go to my account and download the new Outlook for Mac.
    When I tried to activate the installation, I entered my email address and password.
    This failed. I then realized that since my account is an account and I have 2-factor authentication turned on, I needed an app password, which is what I had to do back in May in order to activate Office 2011 for the Mac.
    So, I created an app password just for this purpose, entered the email address and app password, and this too FAILED.
    It also said I had tried too many times and required me to enter some letters from an image to prove I wasn’t a bot.
    So, I did this and again, it failed using the app password I had just created.

    Ummmm. WTF?

  105. Hello,

    I have Office for Mac 2011 setup and running properly. Installed Outlook for Mac 2015 and I am trying to set it up with my exchange account, but I keep getting this error:

    If imported, this account can’t synchronize with the Exchange server.

    Does it mean that if I go ahead with the import process it will stop syncing on both the old and new Outlook products?

    Any help in resolving this issue is greatly appreciated.


    • Hello sashsasher,

      Pasting a response which was provided earlier in the forum which is the same issue you are running into.

      “The new Outlook for Mac support Exchange 2010 SP2 or higher. If you are using Outlook 2011 with an account earlier than Exchange 2010 SP2, importing your info from 2011 into Outlook for Mac will succeed, but you will not be able to sync your account in the new Outlook for Mac (you will be in offline mode). By the way Outlook 2011 is not impacted by this – even if you import the data into Outlook for Mac, you can continue using Outlook 2011 normally.
      If your Exchange server is at 2010 RTM or SP1 you will need to continue using Outlook 2011 until your administrator updates the server to SP2 or higher.”

  106. Comparing to the Windows version, this Outlook for Mac misses many features and functions, so that we can only see it as a starter version. Very disappointed.
    It doesn’t support the sync of calendar, tasks and contact with
    It doesn’t support the exchange active sync.

    • Wow, I was also very much hoping that this version would enable me to sync with my account since my current 2011 version does not. I too am very disappointed. This was the main reason I wanted to upgrade; now I have no reason to upgrade because I still won’t use Outlook for Mac just as I don’t now because it doesn’t have the sync functionality with Don’t they want us to use Outlook and And I thought one of Microsoft’s core strengths was the integration of their products and services. Maybe just not when it comes to the Mac. 🙁

  107. I’ve installed the new Outlook and have two questions: (1) There does not seem to be an applescript menu – has this integration been dropped? and (2) Webex productivity tools inserts a button on the toolbar in Outlook:Mac 2011 to allow meetings in Webex to be scheduled in Outlook. While I still see it active in 2011, it seems impossible to install it in the new Outlook despite numerous attempts. Is there a reason/work-around for this? Thank you.

    • My scripts still work, so the support seems to still be in there, but I’d like to know how to restore the menu as well.

    • Webex productivity tools no longer working 🙁 This is sad as it seems like they were JUST added to 2011 like a month ago. Hopefully WebEx issues an update.

  108. Will this new Outlook for Mac work with hosted Exchange service from other service providers (e.g. hosted Exchange 2010 platform)? If not, will a future version eventually add support for 3rd-party hosted Exchange service (perhaps when Office for Mac 2015 suite is released)?

    Thanks for any feedback.

  109. I hope these issues are address in the new Outlook for Mac:

    1. Inserted pictures are converted to PNG format before sending which bloats the message size 2 to 4 times
    2. Inserted images cannot be resized
    3. No ability to archive messages based on message age
    4. No ability to archive/export a selection of folders
    5. No ability to export to standard PST format
    6. No ability to import a selection of folders from a PST file
    7. No ability to import data to the Exchange mailbox store – unlike the Windows version, the Mac version imports data only to the local ‘On My Computer” mailbox store
    8. No ability to just open/access, not import, data from PST files
    9. Weak support for formatting of a copy-pasted block of cells/table from Excel

    • Also…
      10. Local cache of folders (Inbox, Sent Items) often gets corrupt, requiring a clear and redownload of data – this never happens on the Windows versions of Outlook, not even the very old versions such as Outlook 2003
      11. No ‘Favorite Folders’ (feature was dropped from version 2008 to 2011)

      I do have to say that the message MOVE function is a lot better on Outlook for Mac compared to the Windows version – so fast and efficient!

  110. Hello everyone.
    I’m not seeing posts related to the extremely high cpu use from the new Outlook. This is not happening to many people? This makes new version unusable…
    BTW, no one is experiencing the reminders windows disappearing after a minimize and maximize?


  111. Great to release an “outlook” product that is not compatible with “” – NOT! (And dont come and drag with that it has IMAP support, there are hundreds of clienta that has IMAP).

  112. Alessio,

    I might be way off base here as I am not a very technical person, but one of the BIGGEST criticisms of Outlook 2011 is that there isn’t a style paintbrush. I always agreed with that criticism. It was a terrible oversight and observers over the years said that Microsoft likely would rectify this in the next version of Outlook for Mac. I don’t see it here and am in a state of absolute shock and disbelief. Why isn’t there a style paintbrush? Please tell me that I am wrong and that this extremely sensible–really necessary–feature is indeed in the new Outlook 365 for Mac!!

    Thank you.

  113. I’m glad to see a new version of Outlook after nearly 4 years, but because it has been so long I think it’s fair to expect a version which at least includes Mail/Contacts/Calendar sync for I know this is surely on the list coming in an update, but for that we’ll have to wait probably another year. It works well enough with my Exchange account but besides this it’s a no go for me. Not even support for standard CardDav/CalDav protocols means I have no chance to test this with a non-Exchange account. Again, maybe end of 2015. In one year many things can change, but this is true for other services and competitors software as well. Microsoft is listening here to feedback, which is a good thing, how quick feedback get implemented remains to be seen.

  114. Is there any enhancement to the email editing? For example, can I now insert a table to an email? I can’t see any change there.

  115. Hi Alessio,
    I am very disappointed that I still can not sync my calendar and contacts with
    I do not understand why Microsoft does not include this feature in the product, after all, outlook for Mac and is all Microsoft.
    Can we have hope that this will be released soon?

  116. My company subscribes to exchange server 2013. We have the following licenses, but i don’t see an option to download the new mac outlook. Is this a tech error or do we not qualify?

    ssigned licenses:
    Yammer Enterprise
    Lync Online (Plan 2)
    SharePoint Online (Plan 1)
    Exchange Online (Plan 1)

  117. Great to finally see a new Outlook for Mac.

    I saw it mentioned earlier with no solution, but is anyone else not getting a “New Email” sound when a new message arrives? I see the notification pop up at the top of the window, but no sound along with it.

    • I have the same problem. Sound is enabled for new mail in Outlook preferences AND in OS X 10.9 notification center, but I still get no sound when a new email notification arrives. Just the Banner in the upper right corner of the screen. Also, the non-native Calendar notifications produce sound.

      What’s up with this Microsoft?

  118. If developers are reading this comments please note following issues that needs fix asap:

    1. Icon in dock is showing only unread count from “inbox” folder. It must be showing unread count from all folders/subfolders in mailbox.
    2. Needs separate “unread” folder which will be showing unread message count. Making smart folder for unread mails is a solution (not the best) but it needs following fix – ability to move smart folders on top (they always stay on bottom) and smart folders need message count badge next to them (for example If i create unread smart folder I need to know how many unread mails are in that folder) However, creating separate function for “Unread” mails will be perfect (like in mail for mac, entourage etc.) It’s a very needed function for an enterprise user. Basically, at least same feature as in outlook for windows – Search folder with favorites tab in top will be great!
    3. Left side-bar (where folders are located) scrolling is very sluggish (I’m running i7 macbook pro and it is very sluggish and not smooth)

    These are very important issues that needs fix!!!

  119. Fonts too small: With 27 inch screens the fonts are too small. I have seen dozens of postings about this concern but even after 4 years there has been zero progress. Sure, you can use the command +, but that is only for the body of the email. Not the message list, the folder names, etc.

    Does anyone use any other workarounds, besides command + or zoom? Prefer not to change resolution of screen because then you defeat the clarity?

  120. I sent a message earlier. Here is another observation. I noticed that there still does not appear to be (same as in Outlook 2011) an ability to vary the bullet in a bulleted list from the sole one offered (a diamond). This too hasn’t changed in 4 YEARS??? So far, I cannot see ANY improvement in the overall functionality of the new Outlook 365 for Mac except for a change in the way the ikons look. I mean, really I’m shocked that Microsoft is seriously putting this out to market as a “new and improved” Outlook. I might be wrong about the bullet list and I hope I am. Please tell me that I am because I am hugely disappointed so far.

  121. Hi,

    Just downloaded and installed the Outlook for Mac Client. Ran into a problem when I tried to import my Outlook 2011 Settings into it. It reported no data found at the location /Users//Document/Microsoft User Data/Office 2011 Identities. When I open the location in Finder I can clearly see the Identities setup there. When I try the “Import from another location” and browse to the folder to try and pick up the files it gives up with the error “Error: Exception caught: code: -54”
    I am running Mac OS X Yosemite on my machine.

  122. I have two questions: 1) how to completely remove this new outlook for MAC? I couldn’t find where it stores mail data. 2) Can I see Task (as well as schedule) list in Mail pane, just like in Outlook 2013 on Windows version? Many thanks.

  123. does anyone encounter a bug with the activation? even after activating with my office 365 account, whenever I quit outlook, there is a chance that the next time when I relaunch the app, the activation is gone and I am required to activate again. However after activating, the app still doesn’t recognise that I am activated and thus doesn’t start syncing and I need to restart the app again.

  124. A couple of things:
    1. Also really disappointing and sort of still pointless to recommend (the key portal for Microsoft’t cloud/mobile services) to the clients due to the lack of the full function support for account on Mac. Now given that services like iCloud, Google, even popular Chinese QQ all supports full sync on emails, contacts and calendar. It’s for sure still gonna be difficult to win customers from Google and Apple. Being a Microsoft fan and so glad to see the company the direction change and performance improvement in recent years, its’ almost heartbreaking to witness the company missed the mark on this.
    2. There should be separated notification control for multiple accounts.
    3. How to show message preview? The button is greyed out and the going through help went nowhere, which is pretty poor as well.
    4. This blog looks quite official, but the email for setting up account went to junk mail of account. Go figure. And there is no easy way to change the password either. Figured out eventually by going through forgotten password, which is quite strange.

    Overall, good to see progress and looking forward all these should have and must have to be included when full new version Office for Mac released next year. At least promising this should give all your supporters here, who got excited and then cold-showered but still spent time leaving the comments, some comforting and hope.

    Ben Duan

    • 5. Conversations view doesn’t show sent items but only the received emails, which is note really conversation.

      6. (Most important one I think), with all these valuable feedback from your actively engaging customers, it is very surprising nothing was mentioned by Microsoft on this thread in terms of a central repository place to report bug and feature request. It’s wasting everyone’s time to go through all these >300 growing comments to make sure their input haven’t been mentioned.

      • Reply to 5. Just realised there is a button in front of the message title when opening the message to show all messages in this conversation, exactly what I wanted.

  125. I’m very disappointed to see that this new version of Outlook for Mac will STILL not sync with an calendar or tasks and contacts. As a non corporate user of office, what is my incentive to use Outlook on Mac when most of its functionality is wasted? I could just use any free e-mail client to view e-mail. It makes no sense to me why I get this functionality on my PC but not on the Mac. I’m in the middle of a trial installation of office 365 home and this lack of functionality with regard to cross platform syncronization is a real deal breaker. Are there any plans to implement the EAS sync service on Mac in the near future?

    • I agree. The Windows version does, and this is the one thing I was looking most forward to for a new version!!!! We need this! Why Windows and not Mac? Ridiculous.

  126. I’m sorry to say this, but this is a JOKE!!! After four years of waiting, we get absolutely NOTHING in return to the money we are paying Microsoft. This isn’t a new version by any means. It’s the same old Outlook but in Blue interface. No enhancement whatsoever that means anything to the end users.
    Whoever is managing this project in Microsoft has definetely FAILED.

    It’s not worth the download guys and not worth the 700 MB disk space!!!!

  127. Just downloaded it and clicked around for a few hours. What a HUGE bummer that it still does not support syncing with Google calendar. I have been waiting for this release for quite some time since Microsoft has gone mum on this frustrating lingering issue. I assumed support for syncing a Google calendar was in the works. WRONG. Is there anyone out there that wishes they could have all of their calendars appointments on one place? I think thats pretty clear. Outlook (for mac) should be able to do it but it (still) does not. It’s hard to see the strategy behind the product roadmap here… Why can’t I sync my Google Apps calendar with Outlook?

  128. Is there a category limit? The new version seems to be only keeping the latest categories added, and trashes the rest.

  129. Okay, it really seems like the only change in Outlook is a new UI, after a long long wait this release is a little bit disappointing. Things I still miss most:

    – I still cannot add contact pictures with Outlook for Mac. I am using Outlook with an Office Small Business Premium Account, and if add contact pictures with Outlook 15 they are not shown in webmail on I can add pictures on my iPad, they are synced to the exchange server and Outlook. But as soon as I make a little change for this contact on my Mac again (e.g. new phone) the picture is deleted again. Outlook and Exchange Online are both products of the same company, why can they not work together?
    – What’s about some new views, e.g. contacts as business cards like in Outlook for Windows?
    – Spotlight Search will still not show previews, the OS integration is not good
    – It is still not possible to open PST archive files.
    – Calendar reminders are not integrated into the notification center, they are still shown in an own window. And why is this window on the bottom, and not on the top right side? OS X is not Windows!

  130. Installed it over the weekend at home.
    Came to work today (Monday) and the whole program is crawling. Click and wait, click and wait, this is happening everywhere in the app, from emails to menu items. Then it will suddenly go back to normal and then back to slow.

  131. i’m not office365 user, after installed outlook on my mac and deleted it , i can’t use my one note app anymore, it prompts that i’m not a office365 user ……. at least you should provide an uninstall program

  132. Does this work with Office 365 NonProfit E1?

  133. i need to know the tech specs, its outlook for mac 2014 compatible with exchange 2003????


    • Hi boris_orellana

      The new Outlook for Mac supports Exchange 2010 SP2 or higher. If your Exchange server is below 2010 SP2 you will need to continue using Outlook 2011 until your administrator updates the server to SP2 or higher.

  134. Similar problem to what other users have experienced:

    Sign In
    Sorry, but we’re having trouble signing you in.
    We received a bad request.

    Additional technical information:
    Correlation ID: 70148da8-a54d-489c-8ef4-7aaa84fdc6b2
    Timestamp: 2014-11-03 17:54:53Z
    AADSTS50008: SAML token is invalid.

    Yosemite 10.10
    Locale UK
    Got Office 2011 (word, ppt, excel, communicator, outlook)

    • The issue does not resolve on changing the locale to US or US (Computer)

  135. Hi Microsoft team,

    Like the new look a lot, but I’ve run into some issues importing my Outlook 2011 data into it. I did the install and everything worked correctly. Put in my Office 365 login and everything that was stored on the server came over perfectly. But when I went to import the Outlook 2011 data, it could not locate any file(s) to import. I can see all sorts of files in the Microsoft User Data folders but none of them are recognized by the new Outlook.

    Making things worse, when I went back to try and use Outlook 2011 since the new one didn’t work, 2011 won’t recognize all those older files either. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi krohde,

      The new Outlook for Mac does not touch the 2011 data, so it should be in the same state as it was before. If 2011 does not recognize the data that means the data has somehow gotten corrupted. Try rebuilding with 2011 to see if that resolves your issue. If you have time machine enabled, you can also get the old state from there.

      As for import to the new Outlook for Mac, it can import from 2011 in empty profiles, so make sure you import from 2011 before adding a account to the new Outlook for Mac

      • Well, I managed to get my Outlook 2011 data rebuilt and it works fine in Outlook 2011, but still can’t the new Outlook to import those old files. It’s like the previous install I did won’t go away, even though I have deleted it and done a clean install. When I start it for the first time, I don’t get any of the “welcome”/intro stuff.

        Any ideas? Thanks!

        • Hi krohde,

          The welcome screen only comes for the first time. To import after that go to File->Import-> Outlook 2011 data on this computer.
          Note that import only works on empty profile, so make sure that you are using an empty profile in the new Outlook for Mac to import.

          • Also to create a new profile you can follow the below steps. I would recommend creating a new profile and importing into that since I am not aware if your current profile has any data in it.

            Also can you create a new profile using the following steps and try again?

            1. Quit Outlook.
            2. Go to ~/Applications/ and right click on new Microsoft Outlook app.
            3. Click “Show Package Contents” and go to Contents/SharedSupport. Open Outlook Profile
            3. Add a new profile (+)
            4. Right click and “Set as Default” on the profile created.
            5. Quit Profile Manager, restart Outlook and try importing again.

          • Hi – thanks for continuing to help! I followed all the instructions you gave but when I go to try and import, I get the same problem. I select “Import Outlook 2011 Data on This Computer” and it says “nothing found”. Going through all the different folders in the Outlook 2011 Identities folders, there are all sorts of files but none that are importable…

  136. I notice that Contact Photos are still not editable in this new version and they aren’t synchronizing with the server, so they don’t show up in Outlook Web Access for the Browser, OWA for the iPhone, or OWA for the iPad. It’s probably worth noting that I don’t see any way to edit contact photos on any of the various OWA versions. It seems that the only way to update a contact photo is to setup the account in Outlook 2013, but that seems a bit like “going around the block to go next door”.

    I really think that Microsoft is missing a market here. You have a ton of customers who are fully-invested in Office 365 and would like the ability to have the SAME experience on the Outlook Client for Mac as they are able to have on the Outlook Client for Windows. When can we expect to have feature parity, or at the very least, some semblance of parity between the versions?

  137. I thought the “Propose new time” functionality was supposed to be available for meetings but I can’t find it anywhere.

  138. Does it allow to drag emails to the Calendar (to set a scheduling time) like we can do on the Windows version? Can I see my iCloud Calendar in the same Exchange view??

  139. This is completely missing a critical feature for me. Shared mailboxes. I still have to use Outlook in parallels because of this.

    Will this be added shortly or am I completely missing it here?

  140. Having issues with shared calendars and contact folders. Calendar isn’t syncing unless I tell it to do so manually. Initial sync I had to tell it “synchronize now”. Is this normal? Does it wait for changes?

    And any shared contact folders won’t even open at all even though I can open/view them in the old outlook application. It is in fact the contacts feature in Outlook Mac 2011 that has the slowest syncing no matter which server/computer I use.. and it not working at all in 2014 at the moment is just a huge letdown. Working with I sometimes forget I was waiting for it to even load and end up doing something else.

    Categories.. are they personal on a shared folder? I’m not able to apply my personal categories to a shared folder. Would like this feature very much without messing up categories for the user’s folder. Ultimately its _not_ categories so much as it is color coding. The whole white interface.. in both Mac and Windows is STARK. At a glace its just a big white wall of text i don’t like to look at.

    This was a very minimal update to Outlook without any features whatsoever to make our lives easier (Eg. 2 time zone sidebar????? If and when?????) but even what was updated is not working .. at least not for me. I have no hope for Outlook if this is what we can expect. Been waiting _far_ too long for a real business application.

    Please in the very least _fix_ these issues

  141. I was really disappointed to see that Tasks functionality has not been improved. Specifically I was looking for the ability to add attachments to Tasks as you can on the Windows version, and convert emails to Tasks directly complete with any attachments. Any plans for this?

  142. Does Outlook 2015 for Mac have native support for Global Address List (GAL) with Office 365?
    I am not able to find any new documentation on GAL support and have not found any thing new in Outlook 2015 in this area.

  143. What about Lync??

    Please tell me you will be updating Lync to support Groups Chat same as Lync 2013?

  144. I keep getting a dreaded: -805240834 error. I’ve tried resetting the Language defaults, but they’re already set to default (so the button is greyed out) — so that work-around won’t work. Uninstall/reinstall has had no effect.

    I’m on Yosemite 10.10, I did have Office 2011, and on an iMac Retina. And to get this machine up, I’d carbon-copy-cloned it from a MacBook Pro. (So I’m wondering if there’s a dangling DRM file or something that’s cached, and I can’t get rid of). But it’s blocking work, so I’m irked.

    • Same here unable to activate with same error code, nothing seems to work
      1) reinstall
      2) activates on dedicated admin account
      3) still not activated on my standard every day account even though I changed it to admin
      3) already in USA so language is all ready default

      OSX 10.10, on MacBook Pro Retina 11,2 fresh out of the box

  145. I don’t see a ‘Clean Up’ button in the ribbon like there is in Office 2010/2013 in the Windows product. Is this functionality available in the new Outlook for Mac or is it missing?

  146. What about the Japanese language support via the previous Microsoft Language Register tool? My requirements are: (1) English login and menus; (2) Japanese address formats and calendars, among others.

  147. How to disable autodiscover?
    This old method:
    tell application “Microsoft Outlook”
    set background autodiscover of exchange account “NameOfAccount” to false
    end tell

    no longer works in OS X 10.10 and Outlook for Mac 15.3.

  148. New problems:

    – I have to repeat activation every day, otherwise Outlook stays offline
    – When searching via Spotlight (Yosemite) selecting a message from Outlook will not open the message in Outlook, but create a new outlook mail with an attachment. Filename of the attachment is something like “x00_12492.olk14Message”.


    • I was wrong, I cannot activate Outlook anymore. I click on activate, I enter my office365 credentials, I get a window telling me that activation was successful. But Outlook is still offline, if I click on Send/Receive I get a message that I have to activate Outlook to go online.

      I use Outlook 2011 again now, I hope there will be a non-beta version of Outlook soon.

  149. Can you please explain to me why when i updated my MS Office on Mac today, it eliminated all of my accounts, calendars, settings? I anticipate this will take hours to fix. I am a busy person. Who do you think you are wasting my time that i will never get back?????? You better have a good answer to fix this without having to rebuild all my accounts and settings.

    • So now I’ve gotten at least my gmail email account going – and i’m enduring a barrage of alerts from calendar entries from as long as 9 months ago – that’s useful. And i’m getting a pop up for every email that is downloading to my computer – not distracting at all. Lost Day. Microsoft, my IT guy charges about $100 per hour. i figure you will owe me about $500-1000. Let me know if you use paypal and you can fire it over on that.

  150. Hi, using the new awesome outlook version, tx microsoft dev, i have one question, when creating a meeting invite, i dont see the attendee list after sending my invite, and so as a result i cannot see who accepted or rejected my invite.

  151. Hi, with Outlook 2011 we were able to activate a rule that will empty trash upon exit..I dont find this anymore.. Can anyone help ??

  152. Someone already mentioned this earlier, but thought I’d follow up.

    CPU load is extremely high. We’re talking 95-100% all the time on a MBA with OSX 10.10

    Current working solution:
    Set to download headers only in advanced account settings.

    Microsoft Devs…Any word on a fix in the works?

    • Found this answer here. Fixed it for me

      I figured out how to do it without removing and reinstalling the app. After doing some more research, I noticed that the “sync pending for this folder” message in the lower right corner of the app never went away for my inbox. I clicked on it to display the sync list, and noticed that there were a lot sync’s flashing on and off (so quickly I could only read the folder names for a few) but none finishing. I had previously done some research about sync’s not finishing and the way to solve that is to clear the cache for the folder. (File -> Folder -> Properties -> Empty Cache). I found that I had to do that for any folder that showed “Sync Pending” when it was selected. Once I did that for all the folders that showed the “Sync Pending” my CPU usage returned to normal.

  153. Bug Report: If I choose a smart folder, or apply a filter to a folder (say my inbox for un-read), then changing the arrange by option or the sort option does not show the change in the order in the message list. The only way to see the effect of the change is to choose another folder and come back to the smart folder. Not sure if that work-around would work on filters — since I believe the filter goes away when you change the folder.

  154. Does this new version (Outlook 2014) support integration with iCloud/Contacts & Calendars?

  155. It’s very disappointing that this doesn’t support Exchange 2007 – Outlook 2013 for windows has Exchange 2007 support. I use multiple Exchange accounts and some are still on exchange 2007 machines. I didn’t think the life-cycle of Exchange 2007 would be that short. 🙁
    Really disappointing that i need to roll back to outlook 2011.

  156. We are using office 365 what I am noticing is that if we try to activate on the same network as my adfs servers it will error out. However if I try to activate it at home or use a hot spot it works just fine. Am I missing a DNS entry? Any help is appreciated.

  157. confused. I downloaded Mac 2011 from 365. Outlook 2011 works fine. I downloaded new Outlook but it will not authenticate.

    I then manually put in exactly the same settings as my Outlook 2011 and it will not connect.

    Read something about having to configure Outlook 2011 (even though I downloaded it from 365). I tried that email and password and no authenticate.

    What did I miss?


    • Same problem, but Outlook 2011 doesn’t work either. On another machine, the same account works fine in both versions.

  158. Looks great but one of my email accounts (imap) is crashing it everytime!

    I tried to uninstall it, reinstall and everything but nothing seems to work 🙁


  159. Thanks for the release but I have two major bugs.

    1) Meetings that have been forwarded to me appear now have the wrong start time. I think this is because people are forwarding me the meetings from Pacific Time Zone, not my Central Time Zone. As a result I have had to go back and ask for a new meeting invite or change it myself.

    2) The Email search function doesn’t find the latest results. For instance if I search for “Andrew” in my inbox I find emails from usually about 2 days ago with that search parameter, but it never returns the most recent emails. Then if I just manually browse the mail I cant find it.

    Please work to fix these two issues! I use search every day.

  160. Hey,

    where can I report a bug for the new version? I have two macs here, I can successfully add my account on the first one, but it fails on the second one. Same models, both running OS X 10.10. Error is unknown username or bad password. This issue has been driving me crazy with Outlook 2011.

    I’d like to help to get this stupid error sorted out.

  161. Hi

    I am an IT reseller and have a action pack subscription. I have looked at my available software downloads within my office 365 E3 account and it only has office 2011 for download, not outlook 365. Is this correct, and where can i get outlook 365?


    • Action pack – Office 365 downloads just updated to include this for download.

  162. How do you sync your contacts from the Mac contacts…. I can’t even export from my contacts folder and import into the new Outlook. What am I missing.

  163. This update is just so unbelievably disappointing.

    Its taken 3 years and effectively all you have done is reskined the interface. Which should have been accomplished within days if the coding was anywhere near effective. What does £70 buy you:
    – No additional functionality that is worthwhile
    – Still a separate calender to every other service
    – no continuity with Office 2013 Outlook look and feel or functionality.

    Just a pointless upgrade in any fashion. Not worthy of continued subscription to Office 365 and doesn’t provide even a bit of hope for Office for mac upgrades.

    If this was a school report I would write: Must do better.

  164. I am having a problem with this.

    I use Office 3665

    Authentication, download everything works fine.

    However, from within Word / Excel / Powerpoint I can no longer directly send documents.

    The SHARE AS EMAIL option is greyed out.

    What seems to be the problem is Preference > General > Default Application – Use Outlook at the deafult application is not “persistent”

    I set it to be the default – but when I re-open that is not set

  165. Please give us an updated version with full functionality. Thank you very much!

  166. It doesn’t support older Exchange Servers.
    Is there a reason for it?

  167. Two issues / questions:

    How do I get the “split” view in Day in Calendar? I often need to see 4 calendars side-by-side. This option is directly above the calendar on Office 365

    I cannot see events marked “private” even though I have been delegated access to them. I can see them in Office 365, but have never been able to see it in Outlook (2011 or 2014)

  168. After 5 days of use, so very disappointing…..

    It looks great, but did it really take 3 years to simply reskin it? The complete lack of new functionality is really shocking. All it pushes me to do is give up hope for parity with a Windows version and explore what the Apple Mail and Calendar apps can support.

    The funny part is, I’m not even asking for innovation. Simply implementation of what has existed in the Windows version for years. It just doesn’t make sense to release something like this…..

  169. I have installed this new version of Outlook for Mac, and I loved it. However, after a couple days of use, today I’ve got the following crashed on starting the application error. Is there a “safe mode” in this version of Outlook? I’ve tried to hold the shift key while starting Outlook but no luck. I’ve tried reboot my Mac (running Yosemite) and quit all apps before starting but no luck. Please help!

    Error Signature:
    Date/Time: 2014-11-06 00:08:40 +0000
    Application Name: Microsoft Outlook
    Application Bundle ID:
    Application Signature: OPIM
    Application Version: 15.3.141024
    Crashed Module Name: CoreFoundation
    Crashed Module Version: 1151.16
    Crashed Module Offset: 0x000000c3
    Blame Module Name: ObjCOPF
    Blame Module Version: 15.3.141024
    Blame Module Offset: 0x0001af55
    Application LCID: 1033
    Extra app info: Reg=en Loc=0x0409
    Crashed thread: 0
    uncaught ObjC exception, reason: [ valueForUndefinedKey:]: this class is not key value coding-compliant for the key yesterdayTomorrowOrNothing.

    Last Exception Backtrace:
    0 CoreFoundation 0x911a3343 __raiseError + 195
    1 libobjc.A.dylib 0x96269a2a objc_exception_throw + 276
    2 CoreFoundation 0x911a2f31 -[NSException raise] + 17
    3 Foundation 0x93abf384 -[NSObject(NSKeyValueCoding) valueForUndefinedKey:] + 282
    4 Foundation 0x939c6168 _NSGetUsingKeyValueGetter + 52
    5 Foundation 0x939c612c -[NSObject(NSKeyValueCoding) valueForKey:] + 405
    6 ObjCOPF 0x01850f55 OPFArrayCallback_Release + 716
    7 Foundation 0x939e06af -[NSObject(NSKeyValueCoding) valueForKeyPath:] + 423
    8 Microsoft Outlook 0x003f26c7 _ZNSt3__113__vector_baseI12CSharablePtrI11CAttachmentENS_9allocatorIS3_EEED2Ev + 152495
    9 Microsoft Outlook 0x00134df4 _Z11signed_castIlmET_T0_b + 205732
    10 Microsoft Outlook 0x00138158 _Z11signed_castIlmET_T0_b + 218888
    11 Foundation 0x939e0947 _NSSetUsingKeyValueSetter + 59
    12 Foundation 0x939e0904 -[NSObject(NSKeyValueCoding) setValue:forKey:] + 416
    13 AppKit 0x94a2fd1a -[NSObjectParameterBinder _updateObject:observedController:observedKeyPath:context:] + 1712
    14 AppKit 0x94a2f660 -[NSObjectParameterBinder _observeValueForKeyPath:ofObject:context:] + 79
    15 AppKit 0x94a2f559 -[NSBinder observeValueForKeyPath:ofObject:change:context:] + 603
    16 AppKit 0x94a2f2f9 -[NSBinder _performConnectionEstablishedRefresh] + 82
    17 AppKit 0x94a2d69c -[NSBinder establishConnection] + 364
    18 AppKit 0x94a258b6 -[NSObject(NSKeyValueBindingCreation) bind:toObject:withKeyPath:options:] + 803
    19 Microsoft Outlook 0x0040749e _ZNSt3__113__vector_baseI12CSharablePtrI11CAttachmentENS_9allocatorIS3_EEED2Ev + 237958
    20 Microsoft Outlook 0x0040a648 _ZNSt3__113__vector_baseI12CSharablePtrI11CAttachmentENS_9allocatorIS3_EEED2Ev + 250672
    21 AppKit 0x94ecd43d -[NSIBObjectData nibInstantiateWithOwner:options:topLevelObjects:] + 1312
    22 AppKit 0x94989ad7 -[NSIBObjectData nibInstantiateWithOwner:topLevelObjects:] + 56
    23 AppKit 0x94f6dbdd -[NSNib _instantiateNibWithExternalNameTable:options:] + 735
    24 AppKit 0x94f6dd23 -[NSNib _instantiateWithOwner:options:topLevelObjects:] + 162
    25 AppKit 0x94b32b9c -[NSViewController loadView] + 304
    26 OfficeWindowLocalizer 0x015c1140 OfficeWindowLocalizer + 12608
    27 Microsoft Outlook 0x0010be24 _Z11signed_castIlmET_T0_b + 37844
    28 AppKit 0x94dcf953 -[NSViewController _loadViewIfRequired] + 66
    29 AppKit 0x94a657e9 -[NSViewController view] + 36
    30 Microsoft Outlook 0x0035efaa _ZNSt3__16vectorIN22CLinkedBlockOwnerMixin16LinkedBlockEntryENS_9allocatorIS2_EEE6insertENS_11__wrap_iterIPKS2_EEmRS7_ + 9754
    31 Microsoft Outlook 0x0012e0c7 _Z11signed_castIlmET_T0_b + 177783
    32 Microsoft Outlook 0x0012da70 _Z11signed_castIlmET_T0_b + 176160
    33 Microsoft Outlook 0x0012d6cb _Z11signed_castIlmET_T0_b + 175227
    34 Microsoft Outlook 0x0012d628 _Z11signed_castIlmET_T0_b + 175064
    35 Foundation 0x93a00716 __NSFireDelayedPerform + 489
    36 CoreFoundation 0x910e8b06 __CFRUNLOOP_IS_CALLING_OUT_TO_A_TIMER_CALLBACK_FUNCTION__ + 22
    37 CoreFoundation 0x910e85b4 __CFRunLoopDoTimer + 1316
    38 CoreFoundation 0x91163fff __CFRunLoopDoTimers + 351
    39 CoreFoundation 0x910a1121 __CFRunLoopRun + 2081
    40 CoreFoundation 0x910a0696 CFRunLoopRunSpecific + 390
    41 CoreFoundation 0x910a04fb CFRunLoopRunInMode + 123
    42 HIToolbox 0x9b0f7178 RunCurrentEventLoopInMode + 262
    43 HIToolbox 0x9b0f6eb1 ReceiveNextEventCommon + 494
    44 HIToolbox 0x9b0f6cac _BlockUntilNextEventMatchingListInModeWithFilter + 99
    45 AppKit 0x9499cf59 _DPSNextEvent + 734
    46 AppKit 0x9499c7a1 -[NSApplication nextEventMatchingMask:untilDate:inMode:dequeue:] + 186
    47 Microsoft Outlook 0x000fddea Microsoft Outlook + 24042
    48 AppKit 0x9498ef6c -[NSApplication run] + 907
    49 AppKit 0x949784d0 NSApplicationMain + 2082
    50 Microsoft Outlook 0x000fa8a6 Microsoft Outlook + 10406
    51 libdyld.dylib 0x948de6d9 start + 1

    • I have the EXACT same problem, and so do several of my co-workers. I rebuilt the profile, deleted preferences, and it still crashes with the same error immediately upon starting, every time. SO FRUSTRATING.

  170. Is anyone else having Outlook 2015 use up a huge chunk of CPU percentage? Whenever the app is open my fan comes on, computer heats up, and the activity monitor shows it’s using an order of magnitude more CPU time than any other application. I’d love to let MS know about it because I’m not sure what’s wrong. I never had this problem with the old version of outlook. I love the look of this version and hope that I can figure out what is wrong. Thanks.

  171. I have Office 365 Small Business. Is this available for this version of O365? I followed the instructions above and there is no “software” option.


    I am having difficulty connect,ing to my exchange server. It simply states that my authentication failed. Mac 2011 version works a dream. I have tried manually setting up with server details copied from mac 2011 version and still no joy. Can anybody help?

  173. Finally a new version of outlook is ready for MAC OS. Some have been waiting for this for some time now.
    Congratulation with the launch.

    Later this year/next year the rest of the office products will be released so my question is if Onedrive for Busness for MAC will be included here and also if Hybrid Public folders will be added to the new outlook.

    The latest outlook for MAC release seems not to support hybrid public folders.


  174. Is it possible to define font styles for different accounts?
    Or do I still have to manually adjust that when writing a new mail?

  175. One Drive for business for OS X would make a huge difference to the end user experience for my Office365 users. Does anyone know where that is on the road map?

  176. I have a Office 365 subscription (Plan P1) but can’t find the software?
    Is this a limitation in the plan? If so, which one do I need?


  177. There are a number of new issues I have identified:

    1) Messages list pane: The old highlighting showing me messages only to me (highlighting in green), and messages whose flagged status was overdue (highlighted in red) is gone. This was part of my workflow and to not have the option even to re-enable it is infuriating.

    2) Messages list pane: Continuing this theme, it is not possible to change the format of the messages list so that the big text is the subject line rather than the sender name – for some reason I find it much harder to scan the list to identify a particular message in this new release. In general I am finding this release quite “locked down” in terms of being able to personalise the look and feel of it to my own workflow.

    3) Calendar: I travel internationally a lot. I found the old functionality of being able to set separate time zones for the start and end times of appointments very handy – especially for flights whose departure and arrival airports were in different time zones. Why was this functionality removed? Now I have to have the same time zone set for both start and end time which means I need to go look up what the equivalent local time is one way or another – this has added complexity and bother to my workload for no reason.

    4) Calendar: I am finding for certain events e.g. ones added by my travel agency, if I attempt to interact with them at all within the calendar view either by right-clicking or left-clicking it crashes Outlook entirely. Obviously not ideal.

    Existing issues unresolved:

    5) Continuing lack of support for iCal and external calendars is really poor – means I have to have Apple’s open at the same time just to see my work and personal calendars side by side. How is this still not at parity with the Windows Outlook?

    6) I still can’t set Rules to run while I am Out of Office – so I have to have another copy of Outlook in a Windows VM… really?

    7) I still can’t set up AutoArchive without Outlook on a Windows VM….. really?

    On the plus side I do like the snappier Push functionality, but man it does feel like one step forward, two steps back.

    Remember, if you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward. Outlook for Mac is in danger of becoming irrelevant especially for business users unless it can keep feature parity with the Windows version.

    This should not be rocket science. If Adobe and others can keep a common functionality deployment to multiple platforms, why can’t Microsoft? In this day and age is there any excuse for having such divergence of capability?

  178. BUG.

    I have had a meeting in my calendar for 7 am Pacific (sent as 10 am Eastern Time). When I upgraded to Outlook 2015 it now shows up as 10 am pacific and I missed my meeting :).

    I have no idea where to report bugs hence posting here.

  179. Why doe’s it say sign in for Office for android?

  180. Any news when a new version of Office for Mac will be released?

  181. I am having an issue where Outlook 2011 is working perfectly, but when I try to use the new Outlook for Mac (365) the Inbox, Deleted, and Sent folders are not syncing. They will reflect if items from iPhone or PC are added/deleted, but any action taken on those folders from within Outlook for Mac do not update on the Exchange servers. Again, when the same Exhange information is entered in Outlook 2011, that works fine. Thoughts?

  182. Without wishing to take away at all from the really valid criticisms that people have posted here, I just wanted to say that as a complete newcomer to Outlook on any platform at all, and as someone who is really just exploring its features from a home user perspective (only using it with my Gmail account), I’m impressed by what I see, and, with only a very brief comparison between Outlook for Mac and Outlook 2013 for Windows which I have running in Parallels, it seems that, although yes, we Mac users are missing out on a heck of a lot of features available in the Windows version, I still think Microsoft has given us something reasonably powerful in the Mac version. Again, this is my first exposure to Outlook at all, and I’d never previously used Outlook 2011!

  183. Outlook 2015 was working OK for a few days then mailbox search stopped functioning. Recreated account. Search still didn’t work. Also some messages were then showing wrong sender. Totally deleted and reinstalled Outlook, making sure profile/cash permanently erased from the machine along the way. Same problems.

    Office 365 mailbox looks fine through OWA, and Outlook on Windows working perfectly with same mailbox. Another Mac also seems to be working OK with Office 2015 on the same mailbox.

    Tried contacting tech support. Waited for 30 mins with no response so gave up. Cannot find reference to this issue online.

    Can anyone help?


  184. I can’t get the advanced search to work. Typically, with Outlook 2011, I could easily make a smart folder using the advanced search by category. Although Outlook 15 has the same interface, nothing shows up. Any advice?

  185. IS it me? Calendars and Contacts does not sync with any phone? If so… what is the point of the app? Mail only?

  186. Others apparently like the new look. I do not. I rely on color to quickly identify messages and to visually locate things in the UI. My primary reason for using Categories is so that high priority messages jump out at me. This tiny color bars do not jump out. This minimalist approach is worse for me. I’ll stick with Outlook 2011.

  187. Download the app and tried importing… did not work. Also created a new profile in the profile manager as detailed below with no success.

    Below is the error I received when trying to import from Mac outlook 2011:

    Microsoft Error Reporting log version: 2.0

    Error Signature:
    Exception: EXC_CRASH (SIGABRT)
    Date/Time: 2014-11-07 17:48:32 +0000
    Application Name: Microsoft Outlook
    Application Bundle ID:
    Application Signature: OPIM
    Application Version: 15.3.141024
    Crashed Module Name: merp
    Crashed Module Version: 15.3.141024
    Crashed Module Offset: 0x000026fc
    Blame Module Name: OutlookImporters
    Blame Module Version: 15.3.141024
    Blame Module Offset: 0x00040bd6
    Application LCID: 1033
    Extra app info: Reg=en Loc=0x0409
    Crashed thread: 3

  188. Purchased a new Mac for my wife and then purchased Office 365. It is a real shame to see that there is no support to link outlook to iCloud(iCalendar/Contacts). Apparently on a Mac this only works if you use Exchange email and not Pop mail. This could be done on a Windows machine with the help of a simple app but with Outlook on a Mac it is nonexistent. Unbelievable oversight by Microsoft.

  189. Hi all,

    First of all thanks for the new version of Outlook. Not the product itself but more like a promise that new Office will be coming 2015 for Mac.

    I’m a 365 user and, fool me, happy to install new versions as they arrive. I installed new Outlook, with no problems, last week. Today was the first day I used is, or planned to use, longer period on battery power.

    First time ever with my MacBook Air (Yosemite) life I had problems with battery power. I started using system around 19.30hrs and only like 2.5 hrs later battery was empty. I didn’t even think of that happening that fast (yeah, you all Mac friends know what I mean) but it happened.

    After plugging in to power I noticed through control panel in Mac that the Energy Usage of Outlook 2015 is on average over 100 (106.49 currently). I earlier thought that Parallels (good piece of sw but energy eater) is the bad guy but Outlook 2015 didn’t make my day.

    Please advise
    – is this something which will be soon fixed,
    – is there a way to reduce power consumption of Outlook 2015 or
    – how do I return back to 2011 Outlook. I could guess uninstalla 2015, install 2011 but how to preserve all settings?

    I’m very surprised that this can happen. At the same time I was using Powerpoint (2011), Safari and Excel (2011). There’s no question whatsoever that some other app would have eaten my battery. And System Information says the same.

    Please advise.

  190. This “new” Outlook just completely f.*$%d up 4 years of calendar entries after I have been editing categories in Outlook. Now I have most of my past and upcoming entries in my calender n-times all mangled up with different categories assigned.
    Thank you very much Outlook for Mac development team!!!

  191. I recently downloaded the new outlook for MAC. It would be nice if the ical or contacts on the mac could sync with the new version of outlook. I also have gmail, and I am not able to get my contacts for gmail to sync. I know there use to be away to sync gmail contacts by doing an exchange server setup but I lost those instructions. Any help would be great, but please also add this to a update for better use.

  192. I think Outlook 2014 for MAC is perfect. Faster, stable, .. but – I have two non conformity after update from Outlokk 2011:
    – search field is placed illogically top right – I do prefer placement as was in Outlook 2011
    – in Outlook 2011 – once I clicked on message (and had active view “date recevied”) – all messages from conversation were highlighted. In addition, When I clicked on more messages with CMD key pressed, in view window there was visible message from last email I clicked. Now only first email remains in view window.

  193. Have you any problem with the autodiscovery feature?
    We have an Exchange 2010 SP3 and all the client with Outlook 2015 can’t connect from external to our server due to a wrong name on the exchange server. Internally they works fine and all the client with Office for MAC 2011 also works fine. To bypass the issue we disabled the autodiscovery feature using the Apple script.

  194. I am afraid to say that spicing up the optics doesn’t necessarily mean that things get better.
    For my company, fixing existing and really annoying bugs would add much more value to the product.

    Currently, we are struggling to get shared calenders working across operating systems (i.e. OS X and Windows). While Windows users can easily share calenders and sub-calenders within our Exchange environment, Mac users are not able to do so – only a given user’s main calendar shows up. “Share calender” email invitations cannot be opened on Mac, also.

    From the million internet articles around this issue we finally learned that this seems to be a well-known bug. I would love to see an official stetement made by Microsoft which simply states that Office for Mac is not intended for enterprise use. Doing so would make sysadmins lives much easier.

    So, dear Office for Mac development team: wouldn’t that be an easy target for real product improvement which would add real value to your product for enterprise users?
    I love to see your comments on this.

  195. So this verison of Outlook is not sorting Categories properly. As a Getting Things Done user, the Tasks view is the most important view for me, so I really need this fixed, if it’s possible.

    So to expand, my Tasks view contains only Titles and Categories, and I sort by Categories. The problem is that the sort it’s using isn’t working right. So I have @OFFICE showing up before SOMEDAY MAYBE, which shows up before .PROJECTS, which shows up before @HOME. Ideally that would show up in this order: .PROJECTS, @HOME, @OFFICE, SOMEDAY MAYBE. Right now I can’t even figure out how it’s trying to sort these.

    Is there a place I can open a more official bug report? I am an Office 365 subscriber, does that give me access to any sort of support?

  196. How should we provide bug reports?

    The main issue I have run into is that when I have a list of emails and highlight one that is not at the top of the list my selection automatically switches from my chosen email to the one at the top. I have experienced this on two separate Macs (both are iMacs running Yosemite).

  197. Can somebody please help me with this: outlook traditionally has a setting whereby you can turn off the spam filters. This version seems not to. The only option under the spam settings seem to be to add addresses to the approved senders list or blocked senders list. Does that mean there is a spam filter applied that can’t be turned off and that if an address isn’t on approved sender list it may get blocked? Please help I can’t fathom why they made this change. If anyone knows how this works please advise. Thanks. My concern is there is a spam filter that can’t be turned off and I miss something.

  198. Hi, I have used Office 365 for over a year on pc, ipad etc…. all fine. I bought a mac a week ago and was pleased to see I could have my Office 365 on it. I have Yosemite, and the new versions of everything (it is after all just a week old).
    2 problems so far:
    1 – The continuous error messages to ‘do you want to re-enter your password Yes/No’ for ALL my email accounts (gmail/live) despite always clicking the ‘save’ button.
    2 – I can’t add my one address. As soon as I enter the email address, the ‘add account’ button disappears and I have to add the servers manually. When I enter the servers the account doesn’t activate (button stays yellow). .
    If I can’t fix these issues, I’ll have to go back to using Mac Mail which would really disappoint me because firstly I don’t like it and secondly I pay annually for my 365 subscription so having Outlook not function would force me to cancel my subscription when renewal time comes around.
    Please advise on how to fix these issues ! Thanks, Carla

  199. Hello.
    I like the new software but one thing that puzzles me is that the list of emails LACK a vertical scrollbar to the right if we are using the view with the preview BELOW the email-list. For me, having an inbox of 5000 emails it’s just ridiculous not being able to scroll other than with the mouse wheel or using arrows, row-per-row.

    I had contact with the Office 365 support and they claimed this is “by design”, and couldn’t help me further. However it still seem to be an error with the window width as the contents of the right windows seem a little cut off just near the right side of the application window.

  200. Hello. I have a Reminders window that won’t let me dismiss anything, and has resurrected hundreds of past reminders that I also can’t dismiss. I close the window, but then it just reappears after a minute.

  201. Hello,
    Great progress. Love the look and feel and it’s a much overdue update. Thumbs up.
    Question…. Are there plans to implement connectivity between Outlook and Onenote?
    Love Outlook, love Onenote. Most importantly I love the use of them together but I do not have this capability within OS X today. This is the only reason that I still run a VM which is a kludge solution.
    Is this a roadmap item? If yes, when can we expect to see it?


  202. Howdy – I’ve had a successful Outlook 2013 for the Mac installation on my MacAir running OS X 10.10.1. The UI is much improved and I look forward to getting used to it. I’ve found a problem in the application, which I can repeat. Simply, when I launch a search in a folder specifying a string of characters to search upon, I can send the application into distress and it overwhelms the CPU on the laptop (pushing it over 90% utilization). I must close the application to return the machine state back to normal. Has anyone discovered this?

    Also, and it may be a contributor, I simply installed Outlook for the Mac 2013 alongside of 2011, thinking I could compare the two. Further troubleshooting revealed that I should have deinstalled 2011 first. I’ve since deleted 2011, and the related Identity folder as well as deinstalled 2013 – trashed as much as I could find and then restarted and installed 2013 again. I think I need to delete the new local database, but I do not know where to find it.

    Any advise would be helpful!

  203. It’s really disappointing that this does not have the ability to at least read ical feeds from Google or iCloud. This is a major issue for me being able to see my family calendar alongside my office one. The windows version can do this, why not Mac where it’s much more likely to be needed?!? CalDav would be nice but at least let us view the calendars on the same page. Come on MS.

  204. Hey Guys,

    I just installed a fresh new clean install of Yosimite and I cannot get it to sync new email. It is connected, says pending refresh etc but no new mail flowing in. I re-created the profile etc and no luck. Do you guys have any idea or would you like some data on it?


  205. My problem comes up when I search for a message. I see the messages, but if I attempt to click and stay on a message in the reading preview, Outlook automatically jumps up to the first message. This only happens in the “All Outlook Items” search mode.

  206. Hi,

    I have a problem with the right window (mail content) where the email text is cut off. The mail text should be wrapped at the border off the window but what happens is that the text runs over the border and so words are disappearing.

    Any ideas?


  207. Hi

    Im am enjoying the new Outlook for Mac 2014 . Only one challenge. The Shared Calendars seems to be greyed out? This is an essential part of my business i.e. sharing and syncing group calendars. Is this available now or is it only part of a later release . Any info will be greatly appreciated.

    Kind Regards

  208. When will be able to sync calendars and contacts with Outlook 2015 on my Mac to iOS devices ?.
    It very frustrating if you do not have an exchange account.
    After all you can sync to iCloud on a PC

  209. Wen connecting to Outlook Webmail, the new Outlook for Mac worked fine when first installed, imported 2011 settings and database. 2nd time I went into it, the “Sync Pending for this Folder” stays on. If I go to File > Folder > Properties > Clear Cache and clear the cache, then restart the app, it will download email, once. I have no problem sending and Outlook 2011 works perfect.

    I’ve tried re-installing the application, works great after initial install, once. Then I get then goes back to the forever Sync Pending message and will not receive.

    I can send all day long, just not receive without re-installing. All settings are the same as Outlook 2011 as far as webmail settings.

  210. I am excited about using a new version of Outlook for Mac. I am currently using Office for Mac 2011 and imported from Office 2008 / Entourage.

    This is my first time using Office 365.

    I have completed the install and am properly signed in but my Identity can not be found on my computer which prevents me from importing my existing data. Please help!!

    When I go to import my data using the option “Outlook 2011 data on the computer” I get the result No Data Found in the directory /Users/ctlong10/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Office 2011 Identities

    When I use Import from another location and browse through any folders that seem to be related to either Office 2011 or my previous version Office 2008 it can not find my identity anywhere.

    Please help me track down where it could be hiding.

    • In an attempt to provide more information of value I have also used the Import from Another Location function and selected both the entire Hard Drive but it still does not find anything it can use.

      Could you my identity still be in the Office 2008 information? Please help!

  211. hello
    we have the new outlook 365 for mac (outlook 2015)
    and we can’t find how to make the iteam list and the email list bigger.
    i have the steps from the old virsion but they had change

    thanks ahead

  212. hello
    we have the new outlook 365 for mac (2015).
    and we can’t finf out how to change the size of the item in the item list and the email list
    i have the steps from the old version but they had cahnge the steps
    can any one help

    thanks ahead

  213. When will we start seeing formal support for Outlook for Mac for paying O365 customers? I am having trouble with shared folders and calendar synchronization since installing. I am pleased with many of the improvements over Outlook 2011, however the experience so far integrating with the rest of my organization has been lackluster at best.

  214. This is a disappointing release. I was hoping to see a number of features that have been available for years on PCs, including:

    1. Feature to automatically save replies with original messages (probably the biggest email time save I know of).
    2. Automatically run spell check when sending (not just when composing email).
    3. Provide a warning when missing an attachment.
    4. Ability to format replies in a default color (blue).
    5. Ability to drag an email into the calendar and create a new calendar item by doing so.
    6. Ability to click on “To” button in new email in order to add multiple recipients to an email by going through address book rather than having to type each name.

    Will these features be released in a forthcoming update?

  215. Regarding Profiles, is there a way to change the default location? Previously I’d moved my Outlook 2011 database onto a secondary drive, due to my laptop’s main drive being a small SSD with insufficient space. I’d like to do the same for this new Outlook, but encounter permission errors when starting up Outlook after using a symbolic link.

    Appreciate the new release – looking forward to switching to it!

  216. It’s great to see a new version of Outlook for Mac after a long wait. Regrettably it appears that if the locale is set outside of US, the product keeps de-activating after a period and is no longer usable.

    Attempting to activate using my (valid) office365 login gives a popup “Clock Error: The system clock is inaccurate, please set it to current local time” (the clock is, of course, accurate).

    This occurs even if you reset the locale to US, reboot and retry activation.

    The first time this happened a (very helpful) MS support technician had me delete the entire install, set the locale to US, reinstall, and then activation works.

    Subsequently I set the local back to my local region (British English) and then discovered that at some point later the product again ‘deactivated’ with the same symptoms as above.

    It’s a shame that I will need to revert to the old version, since the look was cleaner and performance seemed more snappy (even allowing for the occasional 100% CPU spikes)

  217. I am curious, does Microsoft even care what it’s customer want in terms of a feature set? Number one complaint in Outlook is the complete lack of acceptable formatting capability that results in a professionally written email. Hey, let’s take the gold standard, Outlook for the PC, and strip off everything that we can. Ya, that makes sense. Hey, to make it especially frustrating for users, we won’t even let them resize pictures.

    WOW, almost mind boggling that 3 years later you have not addressed this.

    Inadequate paragraph, bullet, numbered list format.
    No tables
    No picture formatting

    If I wanted to use text format, I would, as that is about all you provide.

    Yes, it is time for another email program …… which is the start on the way to a whole different suite.

  218. Completely unpredictable. It connects to my email server 50% of the time. So I have to use Outlook 2011 in parallel which is a pain.
    If I start this new Outlook for Mac without an internet connection I sometimes get “ALERT – Outlook couldn’t verify your Office 365 Subscription. Please make sure you’re connected to Internet” Then I have two options; Remind Me Later and Retry. Retry never works, and if I press Remind me Later I will get locked out for anything between 6h to two days.
    I haven’t been able to find anywhere I manually can get the verification done.
    Obviously it’s not far off until I cancel my Office 365 Sub.

  219. Please move the search field, it is too far over to the right and seems way out of place. It should be above the message view as it is in Outlook 2013.

  220. I’m going back to Outlook 2011 and will hold onto that as long as I can. Though there are a couple of things I like about the new Outlook there are too many things that don’t work for me. One is the idea that the primary information about a message is the Sender. This is true even when I am using the Conversations view. I use Outlook for business (not for personal) and am in a large corporation with a large number of activities and projects going on simultaneously. What is most important for me is the Subject of an email or an email thread. I don’t prioritize based on people (unless it is my management.) When I scan the Inbox I am looking at the Subjects, not the From address. I look for keywords in the Subject line such as Action Required or Review and Comment or possible the name of a project or action item or critical topic. I almost never search for a particular person. “Oh look, there is an email from Joe Schmoe let’s open it because, surely, Joe Schmoe only, ever sends me emails that are important and pertinent to one of the dozen projects I’m working on.”

    Secondarily, I use Categories to make it obvious what threads/conversations are high priority, require action, provide important info, whatever. I prefer the approach Outlook 2011 uses where they color the text of the header. The tiny little bar to the right doesn’t work.

    There are a number of other little things. Such as the ability to use color when I need to. I get the purpose of making everything bland and gray so it looks less cluttered and allows you to focus on a particular email. (I guess that’s the purpose.) But sometimes I need to be able to quickly identify multiple things. In fact, I would prefer the ability to assign colors to folders so I could more quickly spot certain high-use folders.

    And then there are things that I hoped would be better. Such as a bit more intelligence in the Move-email-to-folder-drop-down. Or a more configurable/customizable tool bar such as giving the user the option of a button to invoke a different view of the inbox.

    Local archive would have been great. (Server archive is not an option.)

    So, back to 2011 it is. I’ll keep it as long as possible.

  221. Is there support for syncing contact with iCloud accounts or do we need to move them?

  222. What has gone wrong with Office for Mac? …. Had worked fine for about 7 months … now without reason keeps asking my to activate my subscription and even when I do programs will only open as read only .. desperate for help from support … can’t find any … very disappointed … this could be the end of 13 years Mac ownership. ( currently mid 2012 – MacBook Air)

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