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OneDrive now with unlimited storage for Office 365 subscribers

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Editor’s Note 11/6/2015:
Updates to the consumer plans were announced on November 2, 2015. You can read more here.

Today’s post was written by Julia White, general manager of Office 365 Technical Product Management.

Today, storage limits just became a thing of the past with Office 365.  OneDrive and OneDrive for Business will now offer unlimited storage—at no additional cost—to our Office 365 consumer and business customers.

OneDrive makes sure you always have all your important content on all your devices and enables multiple people to collaborate and co-author a single document at the same time. Gone are the days of not having that document right when you need it or managing multiple versions of the same document. With OneDrive there is always just one source of truth available across all your devices. What’s more, with Office Delve, that important document your co-worker shared with you on their OneDrive actually finds you, versus you having to find it.

This is just one of many reasons why the value of cloud storage really comes to life when it’s integrated with the tools you use to communicate, create and collaborate. That’s why OneDrive and OneDrive for Business are included as part of Office 365—built right in for all of our customers to use.

With unlimited OneDrive storage coming to Office 365 subscribers across consumer, commercial and education plans you can get more done on the devices you love—the possibilities are, well, unlimited. You can read more about today’s news and what’s next for OneDrive over on the OneDrive blog.

—Julia White

  1. Awesome! this is Huge. I thought 1TB was crazy…

  2. This is great but please:
    – fix/change Office Document Cache: it doubles the files synced with OneDrive on my C: drive, since it odes not delete properly the cached files, not even the ones months old.
    – make it so we can sync custom folders, not just all OneDrive.. some folders I’m fine remaining on the cloud and only some folders to be synced with my PC, but we do not have this option.


  3. We did not need more space, we needed tools to help manage the content. Office 365 is supposed to be for Corporations, but the necessary management tools continue to be sadly lacking. Please get some dev time focused on this very important area.

  4. Will the cap on the number of files at 20K be removed as well or is this limitation still in place?

    Give then 2GB file size max, the actual limit is 40 TB rather than unlimited. That’s still a huge amount but the 20K file limitation is more worrying for me than the amount of storage.

  5. That’s great.

    1. How about Onedrive for Business on the Mac
    2. Ability to pause syncing, instead of completely quitting the app

    Instead of just writing in all…how about just copying what dropbox is doing for their sync app.

    And, for some reason which doesn’t seem to happen in the first release. Make sure the app doesn’t have high cpu utilization

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