Back now supports sharing your larger files from OneDrive

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Earlier this month, Microsoft announced that OneDrive now supports up to 10 GB files. With OneDrive built right into, you can take full advantage of this by storing your large photos, documents and videos in OneDrive, and then share them securely with using the Share from OneDrive feature.

Sending large files as email attachments has always been tricky: They can take a long time to upload and send, and may bounce back, never reaching the recipient. We had this in mind when we created the Share from OneDrive feature—we wanted to provide customers with a way to easily avoid these problems, while still being able to share their files. With the increase in OneDrive file size limits, you can now use this feature to easily share your larger files over email without having to worry about typical attachment problems.

You can learn how to share your files with in the following video:


  1. Whats the news with getting sharepoint online to support this? We are still sitting at 20k/2gb limit. 1TB is pointless unless we can actually use 1TB.

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