Hey iPhone Users…You Can Now Get 30 GB of Free Storage with OneDrive!

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Tonight, we are pleased to announce that we are doubling the amount of free storage you get with OneDrive. While it might seem strange to announce new features on a Friday evening, we’ve been listening to the commentary about storage on the new iPhones released today and we wanted to get you more storage right away. We think you’ll appreciate having more free storage while setting up your iPhone 6 or upgrading to iOS 8. It’s a limited time offer, so act fast and download OneDrive for iOS.


All you have to do is sign up for OneDrive and activate the auto upload feature for your camera roll sometime between now and the end of September, and you will get 30 GB of free OneDrive storage moving forward (15 GB base and 15 GB camera roll bonus). For those getting ready to install iOS8, this means you won’t have to delete a bunch of photos or apps to make room for the upgrade. For those buying a new phone, it means you can take all the high resolution photos and videos you want without worrying about the amount of storage you have.


Not an iPhone user? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This also applies to anyone who already uses the OneDrive camera roll on Windows Phone (Windows Phone Store), Android (Google Play Store) and Windows (Download) – you’ll see your storage go up as well. Same for any existing iPhone users who backup their photos to OneDrive.


When you are setting up your new phone with OneDrive, all your photos and videos will be available instantly without taking up precious space on your device. You can also can get more done with the combined power of OneDrive, Office Mobile, and OneNote.


With this limited time offer, we are excited to see even more people choose OneDrive as the one place for everything in their life.
Douglas Pearce
Group Program Manager, OneDrive

  1. Stephen Hazelwood

    Thanks for not forgetting about other phone users besides just iPhone users. Shows class!

    • Anonymous

      its for every phone.

      • That’s why he’s thanking them.

        • Otherwise known as “hosing” or “corpurbation”.

      • Maybe not available in all regions for other phones.
        Android, Turkey – still 3 GB.

        • Same in Austria

          • Works fine for me and I’m from Austria.

        • Same here. Only got a 3GB increase. iPhone user poaching, I guess.

          • My apologies – I did not read the comments before posting. Got the free extra 15GB within minutes of setting up my account and turning on Camera Backup. Android. Thanks!

        • It says 3GB when it asks to activate, but if you activate and go to settings, you are gonna see the 30GB! just do it 🙂 (I’m in Brazil)

        • Wim de Lange

          I reinstalled OneDrive on my Android Phone, and now it is 30 GB storage. So maybe a reinstall is needed?

    • It works for everybody even Ipod Touch and Android

  2. Only for new OneDrive users and not for existing ones?

    • It clearly says that the offer also applies to those who already use auto upload on other platforms as well.

    • Lance Andrewes

      I just enabled Camera Roll sync on one of my iPads, and a “15GB Camera Roll bonus” has appeared on my OneDrive “Storage” page. So yeap, existing users also.

  3. I have 1 TB from office 365 and 15 gb free as one drive user. So you are saying I will get free 15 more and it all adds up to 1 TB and 30 Gb. I use auto upload.

  4. What if you already had 25 GB due to being a long time OneDrive user? Would you go from 25GB to 40GB or just 25GB to 30GB?

    • Srivenkatesh

      Ya i got 40GB now…!!

      • ….what happens if afterwards you disable camera backup ? ….does the 15G disappear ?

        • nop 🙂

    • You get 40GB. I had 25Gb + 15GB.
      Check yours.

      • I have 48GB.

        25GB + 15GB + 5GB + 3GB

        OneDrive gives good space.

        • How did you get 48 gb

        • How do you get that? I had 25GB to being a long time Onedrive user but now I just have 30GB…

  5. Rusty Gates

    camera roll no longer uploads full resolution photos.

    • Anonymous

      Check the settings : Best quality

      • Rusty Gates

        Not an option at least for me in 4.4.3. If u wouldn’t mind checking.

  6. Why does the revolve around iPhone?

    • Not important, the important thing is that the rest of us also gets the benefits.

      • Because iPhone 6 just came out

    • HYPE. They make the same phone over and over.
      The dumb ones buy it.

      • You must work in in my organization’s IT dept.

  7. Awesome! Got my 40GB. Thanks Microsoft and OneDrive!

  8. I only got a 3 GB bonus on iOS 7. Is the 15 GB only applicable to OneDrive for iOS 8?!

    • I also only got 3 GB, and I have iOS8. WTH?

    • Anonymous

      Ok, 10 minutes later the storage section actually appeared and it reads 30. Only the camera roll notice was wrong. So Microsoft 🙂 but thanks 🙂

      • You’ll be automatically given 15GB if you’ve already used Camera Upload.

  9. thanks, but when will the OneDrive app be updated to see where Apple placed our photos in the new iOS?

  10. I use windows phone,I already have the OneDrive app installed, and I already have my photos auto uploading to OneDrive. What do I need to do to take advantage of this? Just take a picture?

    • just wait.

  11. Nice. But what I feel OneDrive photos really needs is an improvement in photo organisation capabilities (people + location filters, virtual folders, etc). It is limited to just folder-based organisation. Both iOS Photos, and Google Photos are quite far ahead on this.

    • Licantrop0

      And also a desktop client that shows shared folders from other people.
      We had this functionality in Windows Live Mesh…

  12. So how does this clear space on your phone if it’s simply a “backup”. Won’t you still have to manually delete the photos on your phone to clear space for the upgrade still?

    • “When you are setting up your new phone with OneDrive, all your photos and videos will be available instantly without taking up precious space on your device. You can also can get more done with the combined power of OneDrive, Office Mobile, and OneNote.”

      It will not clear space on the phone but make sure you have access to them from your phone (and more). Delete form your phone and view from the OneDrive app.

  13. thanks very much for this upgrade
    indonesia windows phone user

  14. No love for Blackberry users?

    • It does seem to work using the Android OneDrive app, though there is the “Connect to OneDrive” native app in BlackBerry World that’s built by BlackBerry themselves. I got the free space via the Android port though so I don’t know if it’ll recognize the promotion via the native app.

      • It won’t. Had to install the android port from amazon appstore to get the extra 15GB. Unfortunately I was unable to log into the OneDrive android app from my Q10 because it wouldn’t fit the screen, and had to do it from my wife’s Z10.

        • Confirmed. I downloaded the OneDrive app from Snap onto my Z30 and enabled the Camera Backup. Got an extra 15GB and it showed up in the Connect to OneDrive app. Thanks!

  15. Thanks very much for the extra space!

  16. Why does everyone jump on occasions like this to bash Apple? Onedrive is a facility and platform-agnostic. The upgrade is for everyone, should you only use it via the web, but in view of the new iPhone 6 release this weekend, they chose to mention it in passing, whether you own that handset or not. However, everyone benefits. Not hard to comprehend.

    And yes, I now have 40GB.

    • “The upgrade is for everyone, should you only use it via the web”

      This is a time limited feature for those who use automatic upload from the camera roll.

  17. Thanks for including other mobile phone users too.

  18. can I ask a question. In onedrive before when I wanted to upload photos from ios I just went into add items choose existing and picked from photo library the photos I wanted to upload. Now photo library is gone in ios8 how do I select photos to upload that are outside the recent photos timeframe .?

    Thanks in advance

  19. Veni vidi non vici.
    Sorry to say but I have not received any extra space. Disappointment. OneDrive for Android.

    • It may take a while before the extra 15GB shows up. Re-check your OneDrive account after 10 minutes.

      • Switched off and on my smartphone and nothing happens. Pity 🙁

        • I’m on OneDrive for Android too and already had the upload photos option turned on but I received the extra 15Gb today. It looks like it just takes a while, maybe they’re rolling it out to so many people at a time.

  20. Ashiq Hassan

    Hey OneDrive Team,

    Are you working for iPhone users or windows users? Give Assets to the Windows and Windows phone user, not iPhone users. I’m sad to see the Title of this post……

    • Ameh Sihag

      Its just advertizing, microsoft is trying to attrack ios users to its enviroment, its a microsft strategy bro, dont complain because the benefit is for everyone. OneDrive is Cross-platform.

  21. That’s terrific! I’ve been getting “your onedrive is full” messages for months.

  22. Thanks, that’s better than before. But Flickr offers 1TB free storage!

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  24. Nicolás MB

    **** Yeah!!! Thanks Microsoft!

  25. So far…

    Free 15 GB
    Loyalty bonus 10 GB
    Referral bonus (10% achieved) 0.5 GB
    Camera roll bonus 15 GB
    40.5 GB total

  26. Got now 1054gb

  27. For some reason I can’t remember, I have 20GB extra. So, with the extra 15GB they’re giving away, I now have 60GB. SWEET!!!

  28. I don’t have a smartphone atm, but I did already have OneDrive and now I’ve also installed the OneDrive app for Windows 7. If I understand the post correctly this should be enough to get the 15GB extra?
    I don’t see any extra space yet, is there something else I should do? As far as I can tell there is no such thing as a camera roll function in the Win 7 app, but if I place a picture in the OneDrive folder on my pc it does sync with OneDrive.

    • Nope! That’s not enough. It states in the post, you have to use the automated upload funktion. This can only be done on Windows 8(with camera) and smartphones.

      • Oh! And tablets ofcause :oP

        • So why put in the download link after windows? Isn’t it integrated in Win 8?

  29. Great free offer for everyone to take advantage of. My storage limit went from 17GB (15GB + 2GB bonus for camera roll) up to the 30GB without having to do anything more. I did the camera roll last month. So good that they’ve provided the full 15GB bonus to existing customers that have added the camera roll before this promotion started. Thank you Microsoft.

  30. Anonymous

    how about turn off auto upload after got 15GB? will it take back?

  31. Are there instructions for how to enable the camera roll on the PC app?

  32. José Guilherme

    I have a Windows Phone Smartphone and used already SkyDrive, Now OneDrive! It’s a Lumia 710 with Windows Phone 7.8. How can I Activate that function?
    Thank you

  33. I’m an Android user and signed into the app and I’m only being offered 3GB. Anyone else having this problem?

    • Yeah it only says 3gb of extra space for me too

      • It only said it offered 3 extra gb of space, but when I turned on auto camera roll upload it still gave me 15 gb 🙂

  34. why does it backup both iPhone and Windows Phone camera rolls to the same folder!!

  35. Rodrigo Polo Souza Lima

    Nice, i’ve a Lumia 925 with WP 8.1 (Cyan), and looked into onedrive, and it was already with 30GB 🙂

  36. hello, for android this 30gb storage is opened?

  37. Does the OneDrive app for iOS finally run in the background? The issue I have with OneDrive photo backup on iOS7 is that the app must be loaded in the foreground for the photos to upload. Also, if the phone locks, the upload stops. This makes it pretty useless, as it is NOT seamless like the upload is on WP7/WP8/WP8.1, or like iCloud photo uploads native to the iOS….

    If you have to manually load the app, then keep it open and the phone unlocked, to keep the uploads going, this is too hard to use. Even if OneDrive app must be loaded after a phone reboot to renable the photo upload, it would still not be seamless enough….

  38. Are these issues going to be resolved soon?

    • radiolibreoficiel

      sur windows phone 8 lumina 520 sur mon pc windows windows 7 et autre j’ai les 30 gb de stokage

  39. peterh_oz

    Great news! Thank you Microsoft! However I don’t seem to be getting it all:

    72 GB total

    Your plan Purchased 50 GB
    Your additional storage
    Referral bonus (0% achieved) 0 GB
    Camera roll bonus 15 GB
    Paid plan bonus 7 GB

    So 15 + 7 + 50 = 72Gb.
    If I remove the paid plan that leaves only the 15Gb camera roll bonus – where’s the 15Gb free?

    The paid plan is a tiny $1 / month, I won’t be removing it. But I do wonder where the initial 15Gb is.

  40. Hi, I’d like to know more exactly what this sentence means: “With this limited time offer>/b>, we are excited to see even more people choose OneDrive as the one place for everything in their life. ”
    Does this mean that the extra 15 camera roll GB will be only available for a limited timeframe and after a while it will downgrade back to 3GB?

  41. Anonymous

    And I think it program very interesting to

  42. erivelton pott

    I still have just 15gb, even after uploading all photos…

  43. I’m an Android user and signed into the app and I’m only being offered 3GB.

  44. Is the offer valid for Android TABLETS as well?

  45. Ahmad Nairat


    Thans for your high effort making windows OneDrive and WindowsPhone better and better, but I’m really sad to say that OneDrive keeps crashing on my Lumia 920 [WP 8.1] if uploading multiple images at once ,, and phone also restarts!!!! how is that possible!?

  46. peter lundin

    jag uppgraderade till ios8 å tappade en jäkla massa kort vart tog dom vägen

  47. Y does this offer ends so soon? Will it be extended further?

  48. Nice post. I learn something new and challenging on websites I stumbleupon everyday. It’s always helpful to read through articles from other authors and practice something from their websites.

  49. Please add backing photos and videos from other folders such as Whatsapp’s.

  50. No use Synching photos to a service that frankly cannot do anything with them… Except just have them sit there as if they were just sitting on a Hard Drive.

    What makes iCloud Photos and Google Photos nice is that you can do non-destructive editing via their apps (OSX/iOS and Android/iOS/Google+) right from all your devices, and the editing tools are good. They also have social features built-in and the Tagging/Face Tagging tools are superior. Google and Apple also know what an “Album” is, while Microsoft remains apparently clueless.

    It’s not just about the storage. Storage is cheap. You think someone who is willing to pay for a $750 phone isn’t willing to pay $20 a year or whatever for 20-100GB iCloud or Google Drive storage?

    Never mind Flickr gives 1TB and is integrated directly into Apple’s platforms, with superior Organization Tools and Sharing Options to OneDrive.

  51. With all the fabulous space available from OneDrive you can combine it with other storage offers you might use and use it all from one place on your iPhone with cloudGOO (which also works on Android). So add the 30 GB you get from OneDrive to all the other storage plans you use, connect it to cloudGOO and you have one whopping big space to use from one place on your mobile – cool eh?

  52. Wonderful web site. Plenty of useful info here. I am sending it to a few friends ans also sharing in delicious. And naturally, thank you on your sweat!

  53. If I ever get onedrive to actually work with my iPhone this will be awesome

  54. November 2 and still giving up 15gb!
    Now you guys have to keep improving the apps! Can’t believe we still haven’t got caching of file fpr offline viewing!!! The rest works great for me!

  55. Again, i missed the opportunity. Yet, i was bonus for my secondary account.
    Today, when i was checking the storage of one account which i created last month, and i found out that it has 30GB. I didn’t know that Microsoft offered that last month. And, i tried to love it the most than any other, I tried to move everything i have into this, but a few minute ago after coming to this site, i found out that i am late now.

  56. Again, i missed the opportunity. Yet, i got bonus for my secondary account.
    Today, when i was checking the storage of one account which i created last month, and i found out that it has 30GB. I didn’t know that Microsoft offered that last month. And, i tried to love it the most than any other, I tried to move everything i have into this, but a few minute ago after coming to this site, i found out that i am late now.

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