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Launch documents and get started right away with the new Office 365 home page

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Starting something new. We’ve all been there. The first day of school, starting a new job, or even moving to a new town. As we become familiar with the new surroundings, buildings, new faces and personalities, schedules, and rhythms we start with a home base from which to explore.

Using technology is no different. It’s important to have a home base where you can start, a place where you can access all of your services, downloads and settings and launch into new experiences, applications and adventures to expand your possibilities.

Today we’re announcing a new home page experience in Office 365. We’re rolling out the new home page to current Exchange or SharePoint customers now. Customers can access the home page from the web experience of Office 365, which you get to by signing in to the Office 365 portal.

Once there, you just click the Office 365 logo in the top left-hand web navigation to go to the home page. New customers will automatically land on this home page when they first sign into Office 365.

The new home page is not just a place where you can easily access all the services available to you. Customers who are licensed for Office 365 ProPlus can also access the downloads to install the Office applications from this page. The home page automatically detects the device you’re using, and displays the appropriate install prompt. For example, if you’re using a PC, it prompts you to install the applications on your PC, as the image below shows. If you’re using a Mac, it prompts you to install Office for Mac.

The New Office Homepage

Once you have installed the Office applications, the home page displays all your Office 365 online services, providing you with quick access to launch documents and start creating right away.

Homepage apps and services

You may want to use this new home page as your start page—for consistent and comprehensive access to your services. Going forward, we will introduce new Office 365 services via the home page, so you’ll always be aware of and have immediate access to the latest services available to you—like Yammer and Delve. In this way, the home page gives you a convenient map of all your services and provides easy navigation and quick access to the tools you rely on to get your work done, plus a way to explore new tools and services.

You may prefer to use a different start page. Instead of landing on the new home page, you might want to start in Outlook, OneDrive, SharePoint or Yammer. In order to accommodate a variety of start preferences, we’re also providing the ability for you to determine your own default landing page when you sign in to Office 365 via You can set your start page preference with a few clicks. Click the gear icon in the top right of the navigation bar, and then click Office 365 settings. On the settings page, click Start page on the left hand side, select the page you want from the drop-down list, and then click Save.

Office 365 settings v2


As we continue to innovate and add new exciting services like Delve and Yammer to Office 365, your home page provides an important foundation for exploring and navigating within the array of services you use every day.


    • Thanks for your comment. With the roadmap we are trying to provide as much transparency and visibility as possible into future updates. However, not all updates will make it into the roadmap in advance. We will continue to work towards including all appropriate updates in the roadmap going forward.

    • Thanks for your comment and feedback. The picture should be fixed now, we’ll take your suggestion for the button configuration into consideration for future planning.

      • I agree with this feature. The Office 365 button in the header should go to the same link as is chosen in custom theming or should have the option to be set independently.

  1. This alert in Office 365 is indicated as “Action Required” but I haven’t identified the required action to be taken.

    • Thanks for your comment, action required was not the intended message via the message center. We have updated the message.

  2. What is the weird watermark that shows up in the screen shots and on this page in our tenant?

    • What you are seeing in the background is simply a background image.

      • Well it is ugly and distracting. If one of my junior designers submitted this, i would send it back

      • Is it possible to choose a custom image for that background?

        • Not at this time, but the concept is aligned to several of the other comments here. Will consider it as a feature request going forward.

  3. I would like an admin option to set the default start page for users. Organization is trying to encourage use of Newsfeed; since there are no alerts or RSS for it, another option is to make it their default.

    • I agree with Josh55408 – i would like to control this at the admin level. Also would like to be able to disable the ability to change start page by group membership, i.e. faculty yes, students, no.
      Also can we configure what shows up in the greeting box (where we see “Oh, hey Nick”)?

      • Thanks for the comments. This is great feedback that we will incorporate into future planning.

        • Again, just agreeing with this feature request. This is the first thing I wanted when I read the post.

  4. Is there a way to programmatically set this for users in PowerShell?


    • Not at this time. We are considering options for future functionality and will add this request.

  5. One of the first complaints we had with O365 was the “landing page.” We created a custom landing page with links to the user’s files in OneDrive,, and we linked directly to that page (instead of the login page) since we couldn’t set this landing page as the default. It’s great to see MS improve this aspect of O365, but I would recommend/request adding in a set of links (under the orange box maybe?) of the most recently accessed files so the user could just click on it. We used tabs, so we could have specific links for Office, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Hopefully that makes sense!

    • Thanks for sharing aspects of a landing page that you found valuable. As we explore options for future functionality we will keep this in mind.

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