“OK Google, take a note—OneNote supports Android Wear”

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Android Wear watch take a note

One of our primary goals is to help you capture ideas and information in new and innovative ways. Features like Quick Notes, Cortana, and Office Lens have made it easy to preserve those flashes of brilliance and today we’re adding Android Wear watches. Simply install the free OneNote for Android Wear app from the Play Store and start dictating notes to your heart’s desire.

Future of OneNote

Android Wear watch

OneNote for Android Wear requires an Android phone (running Android 4.3 or higher; compatible with Android Wear) and an Android Wear watch.

We hope you enjoy using OneNote in a manner even Dick Tracy would envy!”

As always, keep your feedback and suggestions coming!

—Nick Barnwell on behalf of the OneNote team

  1. This is awesome news…nice work!

  2. Could you add the link to Android Wear on Google Play over here as well?

    Saves me from listing all client downloads 😉

    P.S.: I accidentally created an account with a typo in my last name. This is the right account but I’d prefer the e-mail address I used on the other. Can you fix that for me?

  3. Awesome 🙂

    does it save the audio ? or only the transcript ?

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