OneDrive now supports 10 GB files

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Our goal with OneDrive is to provide a single place for you to store and share all the files in your life, regardless of their number or size. That’s why we’re excited to make it possible for you to store larger files, get them into OneDrive more quickly, and share them easily.

Larger file support

As the first step toward ensuring our customers have ample space, we recently increased our free storage plan to 15 GB and the storage for Office 365 customers to 1 TB. We also dropped the prices of all our storage plans.
As a follow up, we’re excited to announce that you can now upload files up to 10 GB using the desktop apps for Windows and Mac, all of the mobile apps, and the OneDrive website! We recognized that people not only have more files than they did before, but they have bigger files as well. This is a top feature request we’ve received and we’re excited to deliver it!
We’re also working on enabling this for our business customers and we’ll let you know when it’s available.

Faster syncing

As part of our push to continue improving the OneDrive desktop experience, we’ve increased the number of files that can be downloaded or uploaded at a given time on PCs and Macs. In internal tests, this parallel syncing netted an approximately threefold increase in syncing speed. Our performance enhancements have begun rolling out and will be available worldwide in the coming weeks.

Easier sharing straight from Windows Explorer

We are thrilled to deliver another top feature request that gives people who use Windows 7 and 8 the ability to quickly get links to content in their OneDrive folder without needing to go to the web. By simply right-clicking the item or items you’d like to share, you’ll see a “Share a OneDrive link” option that will create a sharing link and add it to your Clipboard. From there, you can paste it directly into an email, IM, or other message. This feature has begun rolling out to OneDrive on Windows 7 and 8 and will be available worldwide within a few weeks. We’ll update you as this becomes available on Windows 8.1 and Mac.
OneDrive share link

Folder uploads via

While today’s announcements mostly feature improvements to the desktop experience, there’s one more popular feature request we received for the OneDrive website. We’re pleased to announce that today we’re releasing the ability for you to drag folders directly into from browsers where folder dragging/dropping is supported (specifically Google Chrome).
We hope you are as excited by these improvements to OneDrive as we are. As always, please feel free to provide feedback on any features you’d love to see!

Jason Moore
Group Program Manager, OneDrive

  1. Now you only need LINUX support so we can backup our websites and blogs to OneDrive.

    • Nobody uses Linux. Move on to a useful OS like Windows or Mac OS.

      • That’s not correct, more than 70% of web servers use linux. Android is linux, and owns 65% of world mobile marketshare. Most routers nowadays uses linux in the backend. So you can’t nobody uses linux.

        • Do you need to install OneDrive on a server? O.o

          • Anonymous

            Could be useful for scheduled offsite backups via cron. For example, configuration files, databases etc.

        • Linux indeed may run the majority of web servers overall, however it is telling that Microsoft technology dominates the top Fortune 1000 companies:

          Regardless of that fun debate, you can easily synch a local Windows Folder to OneDrive. There are a variety of ways you could accomplish depositing backups from blogs/etc. on Linux-based servers into that local folder.

          When the backup file shows up from the server, it will be synched behind the scenes to OneDrive. Make sense?

      • John Ross

        There is no need to be insulting. I never use Linux myself, but it is a valid choice for others.
        Don’t be one of those people who insults others just because of their personal preferences.

        • It is just silly to think that Linux is not useful or that no one uses it. Mac is based on Linux and Linux offers great features. Using a Terminal through Windows even through secure crt is just not appealing. I use Windows, MAC and Linux as they all have benefits and features that I use. I also love using Microsoft Software on all Three devices

          • Douglas Plumley

            I believe OS X is BSD based, not Linux based.

      • NarutoVsIchigo1

        Linux is actually very useful.

      • LinuxUser

        You’re kidding, right?

    • you can’t do that from a browser? I mainly use OneDrive from a browser on Windows even.

    • You may be interested to know that the product we are working on (, which is already out on Windows and OS X, will be coming to Linux soon. We link to OneDrive, among other services, and bring everything together into a single folder on your desktop, along with adding some really, really cool sync and usability features on top of everything.

      We think OneDrive is a great service and we can’t wait to release our client for it to the Linux community.

  2. This is good news. The folder upload and sharing enhancements will be useful. With large file uploads will a delta upload capability be provided at some point?

  3. Nordpinsel

    Thx, for these changes…
    …if you are offering keyword / metatag search for the onedrive apps and
    I am the happiest guy around. thx

  4. You mentioned the larger file support is coming for OneDrive For Business, but what about its speed (extremely slow right now) and even more importantly, its reliability/robustness (I can’t tell you how many sync errors I get that lead me to have to reset and resync everything).

    • Yup, constant sync errors. I can’t roll this out to my company outside of our IT team because it would become a disaster to support.

      When is anything going to be done with the folder/library limits?

      Seems like the business side needs to be more in alignment with the consumer side. Maybe Sharepoint infrastructure is not the answer to everything.

    • We got NOTHING but sync errors, so much so that we are thinking of going backwards and giving all our users their H: drive (Home directory) back and scrapping OneDrive because it is so unreliable to just flat out doesn’t work.

  5. Didier Danloy

    Very good to see these improvements. OneDrive is already my favorite tool to backup my files in the cloud. Mainly because it automatically backup the pictures taken with my phone and when I arrive home I can view them from my Xbox one. This is just brilliant.

  6. Carolyn Gordon

    Is there a way to upload folders and their contents via Internet Explorer?

    • Angus Logan (OneDrive)

      Hi, right now only Chrome supports folder uploads. When IE supports folder uploads we’ll support it in OneDrive.


      • Will Edge support it? I try not to touch Google when I can help it.

  7. Thank you.. finally

  8. Why is this feature “Easier sharing straight from Windows Explorer” available to Windows 8 but not Windows 8.1 users? What’s the difference? So when you’re up-to-date with your Windows version, you get neglected and have to wait for weeks for this feature? Interesting choice.

  9. Awesome, great to hear we have larger file support!

    Thank you!

  10. Please enable OneDrive support on Windows 8.1 with local accounts again. Currently I cannot use OneDrive on Windows 8.1.


      I fully support this! Without being able to use OneDrive-App with local accounts, I can not and will not use the app.

  11. please add some photos related updates
    auto face recognition, share libraries, video transcoding for the videos

    or just create a desktop iphoto like app that uses onedrive for storage, windows live gallery has been outdated for too long

      • suggestion added
        transcoding for web is cool, but it needs to come to mobile aswell

        i guess my suggestion to cater the photos specifically, just like dropbox do with carousel and google do with g+ photos (both are counted into the cloud storage)

  12. Great stuff. Now please please please give us an access log, so we can keep track of who actually accessed shared file or folder.

  13. Aaron Kivett

    Any news on OneDrive for Business Mac client?

    • I second this.

    • I third this 🙂

    • Me too!

  14. For pictures, every pictures gets cropped and reduced in quality when backed up using mobile apps. I would love to see the original backed up.

    • the mobile apps have options to upload the original versus a scaled down version. dig through the settings in app.

      • not in ios app ver 4.4.2

  15. Stefan Baral

    Hi all,

    While the additional features are great, there are some real issues with onedrive interfering with launching office 2013 programs (Word/ppt) when on slow internet connections. EVen though I have the files as available offline, it takes forever to launch but if i move it to a non-onedrive folder (Even dropbox or desktop), it opens instantly. what’s up?

  16. Jason, I know will automatically pick up the Windows 8.1 via Windows Update and the mobile clients via the various application stores but will Windows 7 get the newest version via Windows Update or is there a way for us to force the updates on our legacy PCs? Thank you!

    • No worries – your Windows 7 client will get an automatic update to the OneDrive client.

  17. I have two ~4GB video files that have been stuck for a while trying to upload to OneDrive (they’re too big). When will these files be “released” and uploaded? Do I have to do something on my end or should it happen automatically (it hasn’t happened yet)?

    • Ok, so never mind… I was looking at the wrong files. The two that aren’t uploading are actually 12.5 GB so it makes sense they’re not uploading to OneDrive since they exceed the 10 GB limit 😉

  18. need a desktop app for Windows 8.1… ;(

  19. That’s a much awaited feature. Thanks for extending the upload limit. 🙂 OneDrive is driving faster now. Keep up the good work. Bring the support to mobile devices also.

  20. Why there is folder uploads for browsers firefox & internet explorer.And it is coming in those browsers.Kindly let me know.

  21. Sorry,I mean to say that Why there is no folder uploads for browsers firefox & internet explorer.And when it is coming in those browsers.Kindly let me know.

  22. Office365 SharePoint still has 2gb per file size limit which we still can’t use OneDrive to sync our files through and not mention the 5,000 items limit per document library which OneDrive stops sync. Please let us know when all these problem can be fix.

  23. Onedrive needs a manual that is updated as each new feature is added – preferable in PDF format.

  24. Anonymous


    Where can I download the desktop update for OneDrive Office 365 license?

    Thanks in advance

  25. But still can’t save attachments from directly to OneDrive. Ridic.

  26. The iPad and iPhone apps for OneDrive still do not support “Offlining” which lets your device save locally too like on desktop OneDrive. has that feature built-in. It is critical to have this on a mobile device for the key documents you want to have access to even if you don’t have a connection, or if you don’t want to re-download large files from the cloud every time for files you reference a lot.

    Why does OneDrive not allow local saving on the apps but does allow it on desktop? Right now this is a deal-breaker and why we use Box.

  27. In addition, since the last major update to the OneDrive app every time you try to open a Word, PP or Excel file it takes you completely out of OneDrive and to the other MS apps that support those files. While that is fine and great when I want to make edits, a MAJORITY of the time I open one of these files in OneDrive would be to read the file in question rather than edit it. Can we have a toggle switch that let’s us disable the “feature” which switches apps (then re-downloads the doc) every time we open a Word or Excel file?

    Finally, file names are not displayed properly, only a short bit of file names are displayed and often times not long enough to see the full name. There should be a “detail” view that actually lets us see the full file name.

    These are all easy changes.

  28. John Ross

    Is there any way to add the ability to upload your saved preferences and settings for the various flavors of Office to Onedrive. Where I go to school they are constantly resetting the computers so I have to set up how I want Office almost every time I use it. It would be nice to just click a few buttons or something like that to be able to set up Office how I like it no matter what computer I am on.

    • John Ross

      Ditto that for Windows in general.
      Oh and add more storage space 🙂

    • Brian Zwaagstra

      It works like this already if you are using Windows 8.l. The option is in the OneDrive settings, called ‘sync settings’. I use this to have the same settings between a desktop and a laptop.

  29. why not give onedrive the same price structure as onedrive for business? i tried onedrive for business (1TB of cloud storage for 2.50$ a month) and never managed to install it on windows 8.1.
    i love the simplicity and efficiency of one drive (consumer version). just give me the ability to have 1TB (and, yes, i am someone who needs over 500GB, a photographer with lots of large files) at a reasonable price (compatible mith mediafire’s 25$/year; i am not even asking for tencent’s 1TB for free…) and you will have many grateful microdoft happy clients for life…

    • Brian Zwaagstra

      Subscribe to Office365 and you get 1TB free. You get the office suite which you probably need anyway, for $99 a year and then the 1TB comes free.

      I too am a photographer and have 500GB of photos already up there. I keep my Lightoom catalogs and photos on OneDrive. When I have a new project I create it locally. Then once the edited photos go to the customer I drop the entire folder to OneDrive that is set to on-line only. If I need to re-edit an image I don’t need to make a local copy. It’s a little slow from on-line only but tolerable. And so now I have a large ‘cloud’ repository I can access from any machine or device. And to top it all off displays RAW images.

      • thanks, appreciate the reply

  30. We only miss one thing for real sharing and collaboration, allow us to sync folders which are shared with us.

    That would make it a head of the competition.

  31. Incremental synchronization is my top wish. I do not want to reupload a huge PSD file even a tiny modification.

    • Brian Zwaagstra

      Oh please please please. The now discontinued MS Home Server worked by sectors. When you added a bit to the end of the file, only the updated sectors were transferred to the archive. And though I could be mistaken, I think even file versioning worked like that too. Version 1 was the original, v2 had the updated sectors at the end. It was extremely efficient both in transmission and in server storage.

      But failing all this, perhaps some control over when file sync occurs … for example only at night or after a delay of say 10 minutes. That way when you open Outlook, close it and then Open it again it does not generate 2 file transfers of multi GB Outlook files.

    • Brian Zwaagstra

      Oh please please please. The now discontinued MS Home Server worked by sectors. When you added a bit to the end of the file, only the updated sectors were transferred to the archive. And though I could be mistaken, I think even file versioning worked like that too. Version 1 was the original, v2 had the updated sectors at the end. It was extremely efficient both in transmission and in server storage.

      But failing all this, perhaps some control over when file sync occurs … for example only at night or after a delay of say 10 minutes. That way when you open Outlook, close it and then Open it again it does not generate 2 file transfers of multi GB Outlook files.

  32. how about some encryption? with all the recent uproar on celebrity photos getting hacked off iCloud you’d think people would be outspoken on the fact that OneDrive doesn’t have any. Even if I encrypt my devices with BitLocker it gets sync’d to OneDrive unencrypted. Not a comfortable feeling.

  33. Allow users to access synced SharePoint libraries on the Mobile Apps how about that one?
    There is a huge demand for it. Also increase your speeds – Out field users struggle uploading content to OneDrive – it hangs half way through when uploading large files. You then say use the OneDrive desktop app but that doesn’t give you no percentage of when it’ll complete Urghhhhhhhhhhh please fire people and hire me!!!!

  34. Robert Wade

    First, let me say THANK YOU for all the improvements you’ve been making to the service. And the Windows Phone app is fantastic. Having said that, the OneDrive app on Windows 8 is not so great. One of the biggest issues with it is that you can’t see files and folders shared with you by other people. This works very well on Windows Phone, so I’m really surprised that has not been addressed on the app for Windows 8. It seems like if you are now able to share directly from the desktop (which I a most never use anymore unless I absolutely HAVE to) that the Metro app should be able to see folders/files shared with us.

  35. This is a good news, but hope more Free GB in the future!

  36. Brian Zwaagstra

    This is great news. I have been holding off moving the rest of my 1TB media archive to OneDrive because of the 2GB limit. Breaking down files into smaller sized might be OK for Outlook mailboxes (what a pain) but not an option for video. And the multiple file sync will help a lot in uploading speed when I do bite the bullet. Count me as one happy user.

    Now as others have mentioned, we need the too numerous sync errors fixed. With that done DropBox turns into a LunchBox. 🙂

  37. >Easier sharing straight from Windows Explorer
    >We’ll update you as this becomes available on Windows 8.1 and Mac.
    >Windows Explorer

  38. Thankx, this is great. But one of the biggest problem with onedrive is that you can’t see files and folders shared with you by other people in window 8(1) metro app. The second one, you can’t share folder with other PC’s folder. You can see share folder only in browser. This is the staff, why me and lot of people around me use dropbox instead onedrive.

  39. Folder co-owning and file versioning (on files other than MS-Office filetypes) please!!!!
    Dropbox has had this for years!

  40. Fabulous! Thank you very much for this, now I’ll be able to upload a lot of things to my 1TB of space.

  41. Thanks guys. The lack of Explorer-level link sharing was frustrating. Adding that in is great.

  42. Ferdinando Maida

    Buon giorno,
    Per gentilezza ponevo questa domanda:
    Andando su word on line non si riescono ad eliminare due files (Documento.docx del 10 settembre 2014 e Documento2.docx del 06 novembre 2013) ELENCATI NEI DOCUMENTI RECENTI.
    Si tratta di due files che ho già eliminato pure dal cestino, ma che mi appaiono ancora sul menù di Word OnLine.
    E non solo ma pure nella nuova tendina a cascata di di Office che, quando sono loggato al mio account Microsoft, mi mostra appunto la possibilità di entratre direttamente nei miei documenti di Office On Line (Word, Exel, PowerPoint e OneNote) ed il link DOCUMENTI RECENTI > con sotto i due files Documenti e Documenti2 .docx
    Potreste eliminarle dal server di Office OnLine???
    Oppure se mi potreste indicare come posso fare da me???
    GRAZIE E Con Osservanza
    Ferdinando Maida

  43. Wow, cool. A long awaited feature. Try increasing the limit further in near future please. And extend it to Ondrive for business asap.
    Thanks Onedrive for hearing our requests.!!

  44. Absolutely awesome!!! This was the thing stopping me getting be O365, so thanks for addressing this. Cheers, J.

  45. can anyone explain to me what the logic is when looking to buy 1TB of cloud storage from Microsoft and choosing between the offerings of
    a) “Office 365 Small Business at $5.00 per user/month” (or $2.50 with the offer that was valid a month ago, not sure if it still is)
    b) OneDrive with Office 365 Home for 9.99$ a month
    c) OneDrive with Office 365 Personal for 6.99$

    with each of these you get 1TB (or more, as with Office 365 Home you can have 5 users with 1TB each; but let’s stay at the reasonable 1TB cloud storage example)
    and the so called ‘FOR BUSINESS’ version is the LEAST EXPENSIVE.


    appreciate an enlightening from microsoft people, who run onedrive.
    it is a great option and i would gladly choose it for my now and future needs (cloud storage is not something you move from provider to provider all the time; if you find a good and reasonably priced one you stay with them, probably ‘for life’).


  46. Love OneDrive. Only issue is that it gets permanently stuck attempting to upload videos (~300MB).


    Hi Jason Moore,
    My OneDrive cannot log in using an application name “iFiles” It’s use to be working very smoothly and out of sudden not working…
    The operation couldn’t be completed.
    (LiveServicesErrorDomain error 1.)
    Changing password 3 times and received more than 10 emails for codes to verify account…
    Everytime take **** of trouble to follow the instruction and promise that I can go back to carry on what I am doing…
    But, when go back to the App. “iFiles” again cannot log in with the same error.
    Thank-You Very Much !!!

    • I am having the same problem. I have written to the software developer but so far have no answer.

  48. 20,000 file limitation?

    Is Microsoft lifting the 20,000 file limitation on one drive? With 1 TB of information this limitation is very easily exceeded.

    • I contacted MS chat today and asked them about the 20K file limit I’ve read about. She told me there is no limit to the amount of files you can upload to your OneDrive account…just as long as the total number of files weighs less than 1TB, you’re good to go. Made my decision between Dropbox and OneDrive that much easier.

  49. I use Windows, MAC and Linux as they all have benefits and features that I use.

  50. Utilizo o aplicativo desktop do OneDrive para windows 8.1.
    Possuo um .pst de 7GB na pasta do OneDrive que tentei fazer upload quando o limite máximo era de apenas 2GB. Porem agora mesmo com esta atualização de upload para 10GB o arquivo ainda não faz o upload. Gostaria de saber se esta atualização já esta em funcionamento? E se estiver o que posso fazer para resolver este problema?

  51. OneDrive use the desktop application for windows 8.1.
    I have a 7GB pst folder in OneDrive when I tried to upload the ceiling was only 2GB. However now with this update to 10GB upload the file does not upload. I wonder if this update is already in operation? And if what I do to solve this problem?

  52. Great article thanks! I have to say I have used Mac, Linux,Windows and they all have there ups and downs in the market.

  53. Hola! I’ve been following your web site for some time now
    and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Lubbock Texas!
    Just wanted to say keep up the good work!

  54. when will BugDrive solve the sync issues, my machine never had issues to sync files with Google Drive, it has tons of issue syncing things with OneDrive, it syncs, then stops, then syncs sometimes, then just stops for hours, etc.
    Why did you release a garbage? What’s wrong with you?
    What is the level of stupidity required to release a OneDrive sync software that cannot sync properly?

    • The only thing I dislike right now is that you can only drag and drop 100 files at a time. Dropbox doesn’t limit you in drag and drop. You have to use the OneDrive desktop sync apps to do more than 100 files or folders with more than 100 files.

  55. Luis Mass Noriega

    Please enable folder upload for Internet Explorer and Safari!!!

  56. Anonymous

    What kind of speeds are you getting for onedrive uploads, not limited by isp of course

  57. Does this apply to OneDrive for Business as well?

  58. Does anyone know if this is going to be rolled out to SharePoint online as this would be really useful for asset libraries!!

  59. dave34734

    Having installed OneDrive today I can without question advise you, Jason Moore, that you’re totally wrong. OneDrive still gives me the “you can’t upload a file larger than 2gb” error.

    This, of course, is completely unacceptable/ridiculous, and renders OneDrive useless for my business.

  60. Tiago Calhau

    The most correct would be like Dropbox and remove the ridiculous file size limit! I for example have some files that are larger than 10 GB. I even have 3 little files larger than 50 GB. I wish I could use the OneDrive but unfortunately I can’t. I’m happy in Dropbox!

  61. I just tried uploading folders in Opera 26.0 since I figured it should work since Chrome & Opera share their underlying engine. And it works… one small folder and one a bit larger uploaded same as in Chrome…

  62. I don’t know why all of you complain about OneDrive. I now have about ~ 90’000 files on OneDrive with is about 300GB. Started uploading few days ago and it’s still not over…

    There is no 2GB limit but I’ve got the Office 365 subscription. I don’t think that the 10GB file limit applies to free OneDrive accounts as the free OneDrive is set to 15GB. I agree with “Tiago” that have set a limit to 10GB is ridiculous especially when they give you unlimited space. By default its set to 10TB, once you reach it you get more… So the only remark I’m doing is asking Microsoft so remove the size limit or at least add a “0” to the ten. This will make it hard to find files larger than 100GB.

    In any case, many thx Microsoft for your efforts to make things better.

  63. So, have they started removing the file size limit on one drive for business because we still get the error about being over 2GB in size.

  64. The update is still not available on Win 8.1.
    Any date or update?


  65. Andy Onne

    I’m still getting the “Files need to be less than 2047 megabyte(s).” when I tried to upload a 3GB VMDK file as of 1/15/2015. What’s going Microsoft? I tried on both the Onedrive website and the Desktop client.

    I have Office 365 subscription.

  66. I can’t upload anything over 4.5-5GB, what’s the actual limit, because it clearly is not 10GB. I get errors saying that upload failed, no message about file size. Support is clueless. There’s also this 1000 files upload limit through web browser.
    I also have 365 subscription, and these issues are really annoying. I simply don’t get what I’m paying for.

    • from the article:

      ” As a follow up, we’re excited to announce that you can now upload files up to 10 GB using the desktop apps for Windows and Mac, all of the mobile apps, and the OneDrive website! ”

      if you’re using another app the 10 gb won’t work but I have a feeling that this new 10 gb upload promise is a lie.

  67. What’s Happening i’m new to this, I stumbled upon this I’ve
    discovered It positively helpful and it has helped me out loads.

    I am hoping to contribute & help different users like its aided me.

    Great job.

    • That was teh super helpful.

  68. Obviously never tested …everything else on my fibre broadband is lightning fast including Dropbox and Google Drive but on 3 PCs and 2 mobile One drive is patheticdlly slow. I paid for 1TB dpacd but its unusabke. And Microsoft support staff say I need to reinstall windows on 3 PCs and reset 2 phones to factory settings. Funny pathetic excuse that. Seems its my fault and all 5 devices havd suddrnly develooed a fault at exacyly the same same time that only affects One Dtive … yep my fault for believing One Drive is s good service.

  69. Eduardo Mejía

    Hi, well,
    I’m trying to upload a file that weighs more than 2 gigabytes , but I legend of “you limit is 2 gigabytes ” Keep coming up , hopefully you can help

  70. Eduardo Mejía

    I’m trying to upload a file that weighs more than 2 gigabytes , but I legend of “you limit is 2 gigabytes ” Keep coming up , hopefully you can help

  71. This is a stupid joke! This amazing upgrade to 10 gb DOESN’T WORK WITH WINZIP !!!

    Just read the text from the article:



    I had NO PROBLEM uploading my 3 GB zip file to drop box.

    • some website posting error, here is the excerpt from the above article:
      ” As a follow up, we’re excited to announce that you can now upload files up to 10 GB using the desktop apps for Windows and Mac, all of the mobile apps, and the OneDrive website! “

  72. Kenneth Jones

    This is so amazing!

    Thank You!

  73. thanks you post , but I legend of “you limit is 2 gigabytes ”


  74. Hi

    The sharing link from Windows Explorer looks like a big improvement but we’ve moved everyone to Windows 8.1 – when will it be available for Windows 8.1?

  75. frustrated

    9 months later, and large files still aren’t supported in OneDrive for Business? Why is this taking so long?

  76. I want MS to remove the 10GB cap on file size…… I have numerous files which are 30 to 50 GB large and need to backup on the one drive. Especially the iPhoto backup’s and MSOFFICE PST’s.

  77. Andreas R

    I do have the same Issue… 2GB limit although using win10 and office365 as a paying subscriber 🙁

  78. Michael B

    I’m using Onedrive for Business on a Windows 8.1 machine.

    I can’t seem to upload 5 Gig and 9 Gig zip files. I can’t sync anything right now as Onedrive for Business says that my library is too large (I think it dumb that you can’t have more than 20,000 files in your account, but that’s how it is, so I was trying to work within it). I zipped all my photos into two zip files and tried to upload them. They appear, but I can’t tell if they’re really there or not. I download them and get zero byte files in the download. Also in using Chrome I still can’t upload folders. So, my questions are…

    1. Why doesn’t uploading a 5 gig file work (is it just because it’s a zip file? I can call it something else!)

    2. Is there any way to tell the size of a file that’s been uploaded to see if it was really uploaded? Since I’ve gotten the zero byte files from my attempts to upload those zip files I’m paranoid and wonder if my files are really there. I don’t want to have to download and check each one!

    3. I’m accessing Onedrive for Business using Chrome. I go to my library, drag a folder to it using Chrome and get the message that Onedrive can’t upload folders or zero byte files. What to do?



  79. When will the 2gb limit be removed for OneDrive for business users?

  80. Hello!
    U Windsor is a recent adoptee of MS Outlook and OneDrive.
    I am ready to move all of my business folders over to OneDrive,
    however the interface that you are showing above which allows us to upload folders does not appear on our version. All that we get is the plain “Upload” button – which forces us to choose individual files.
    I have hundreds of files in a sophisticated foldering system – help!
    Annette Demers

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