OneDrive gets smarter on your phone: Access your work documents, new photo view, and search enhancements

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We want OneDrive to be the one place for everything in your work and life. That means continually updating the service and our apps to give you an easier and more intuitive experience, helping you be more productive, and ensuring that you’re never without the files that matter to you. You want the ability to view those photos from that trip to Hawaii as well as work on your sales proposal – all from one device.


So today, we want to talk about new updates to our mobile apps that help deliver on our vision.

Updates to OneDrive for Android: Access and manage your work files

Our Android update is starting to roll out today, and with it, you can now access both your personal and work accounts. This is the first example of how we’re creating a single, unified OneDrive experience that holistically addresses what people, businesses, and IT managers need. Because people are increasingly using the same devices and apps to get things done at work and at home, the ability to store and share files in the cloud is essential on both fronts.

Users can now get to their personal or work files, easily share with family or coworkers, and ensure that they’re never without the files that matter to them – all from a single app. Your personal and work accounts are kept separate, and OneDrive makes it clear when you’re accessing your work or personal files. So you don’t need to worry about accidentally backing up your photos to your work account.

Android update

To make your OneDrive even more secure on your phone, our Android app also now supports setting up a PIN. Simply create a 4 digit code, and you can limit access to the app and your files. This version of our app also includes improvements to camera backup speed and reliability and lets users open files directly from OneDrive in other apps.

All of these updates are important ones, and we’re looking to bring these features to iOS and Windows Phone devices in the coming months.

Updates to OneDrive for iOS: All photos view and search

The OneDrive app for iOS has also been recently updated. We’ve added a new, native search experience on iPhone and iPad. Users can now swipe down in the app to reveal a search box. This makes it easy to quickly find the specific file or folder that you’re looking for.

iOS update

We’ve also brought our All Photos view from the web to the iOS app. This is a beautiful and convenient way to see all of your photos from across your OneDrive grouped together and organized chronologically. In the iOS app, this is also where you can check your camera backup status.

iOS update 2

Updates to OneDrive for Windows Phone 8.1: Recycle bin access

And finally, on Windows Phone, we’ve included a number of bug fixes as well as enabling users to access their OneDrive recycle bin. This update started rolling out last week, and it makes it easy to restore accidently deleted files and folders while you’re on the go.

WP update

These updates are just a few ways we’re continuing to make the OneDrive experience on your mobile phone even better and more powerful – whether you’re at home or work. Keep the feedback coming on our UserVoice site and stay tuned for more exciting updates as new features are always right around the corner!

Jason Moore
Group Program Manager, OneDrive

  1. We updatet OneDrive with cool new Features for Android and cool new Features for iOS.
    With Windows Phone, you can now look at your digital garbage.

    • Anonymous

      Lol that’s why I switch to iphone! One drive is better and skype is more stable. Living the Microsoft ecosystem on iOS. Lol!

      • Anonymous

        Desbloquear microsoft. Hay un error de idioma grave

  2. Wow, Windows Phone gets the least love for this week update. You’d expect Windows Phone getting the same feature as the competition from a Microsoft-owned service. I guess it’s too much asking…

    Yeah, yeah we all know this will be out “soon” for Windows Phone. Sigh.

  3. Windows Phone is always the last to get their own mainstream apps for Office. And they wonder why the adoption for Windows Phone is so poor? Why? Because they don’t eat their own dog food. Oh, and did you notice this blog, and just about every Microsoft blog is on WordPress and not their own web technologies? Why, because others are better. Do us all a favor, just kill Windows Phone, to avoid past fans (like myself) wanting to come back, only to be severely disappointed and just head back to iOS anyway.

  4. I have long been a supporter of Windowsphone as I like the interface and the integration I get with the other Microsoft products. I would hate to see it fail and still have, thou fleeting, that it would at least get some more traction in the market.
    But keep this up and why would someone with an IOS or Andriod leave to go to Windows phone? and why would I stay?
    OneDrive and OneNote for Windowsphone should be getting all the latest updates and features way before the other two platforms.
    Yes they have more market share I get that. But build that better mouse trap.
    My only hope is that Cortana will be that mouse trap, but if Microsoft sends this over to android and IOS, it will be over for the Windows phone for sure.

    Show the love to the real fans and supporters of this platform that we know can challenge the competition and fix the issues and get us the updates sooner.

  5. Giri Kumar

    Windows phone must get latest updates first than other platforms. If Microsoft does not give preference to its own dedicated loyal customers, then who would? Very disappointed 🙁 for having a Lumia Windows phone and getting updates from Microsoft dedicated apps after Android.

  6. Windows Phone Addict

    Yeah, if a feature is not yet ready for Windows phone, please don’t release that in other platforms. I am so frustrated with WP apps getting the features and updates after so many months of iOS and Android. Atleast, MS can release the updates to their own phones followed by other two.. sigh…

  7. ‘We want OneDrive to be the one place for everything in your work and life.”
    Too bad there’s still a 2gig file limit on uploads! I have to save ALL my personal home videos that I’m transferring from TAPE to digital on another cloud service. I really hope they will remove or at least increase this limit. (this is the only issue I have with OneDrive at this time.. that and not being able to download/sync shared files/folders from others)

  8. It is great to see all the excitement about Windows Phone. Just for background, the reason we chose to bring this experience to Android first was because there wasn’t a way for customers on Android who used OneDrive for Business to access their OneDrive. Whereas on Windows Phone we a number of ways for customers to connect to OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint. Don’t worry, we love Windows Phone – stay tuned.

    • Lame excuse. Even SharePoint integration is soooo bad and way behind in windows phone. On iOS and android there are many apps. On WP it’s like every other MS product. New features should be at least at the same time on all platforms

    • Truong Phu Binh (@phubinh13)

      Hi Jason Moore,

      If I only use OneDirve for personal then OneDrive will support feature “Request to enter access code” before open OneDrive?
      Although OneDrive only save personal data not Business but I think these data should be secured.
      Please … Please support protected password as access code before open OneDrive

    • Sad, just sad. Even though your reason seems valid, that isn’t what the world will ever see it as. You say Microsoft wanted to bring Android up to par with what Windows Phone can do, and yet you still add better features to it than Windows Phone. So, then the world sees- Microsoft can’t even develop for their own platform, why should anyone else?
      Seriously, there are lots of updates that need to happen on WP, and that needs to be the priority, not other platforms. Remember this: First and Best on Windows. Live by that and Windows Phone will succeed.

    • Best experience on all mobile platforms. Though a WP user, I support putting out updates on platforms when available.

  9. Eric Julien

    Totally agree with Giri Kumar … really disappointed about Msoft 🙁

  10. @Jason Moore can you please explain to me why time after time you guys ignore you own platform? seems like you guys prioritize every other OS…and leave WP for last…

    While Apple and Google do not release any app for WP…Not saying that you should not support other OS, just that WP should always get the stuff first…

    • Man u people are such whinners. u whine for everything. If u do not like the way things are, buy a different phone. u pathetic idiots are not worth brothering with.

  11. google please release update onedrive for wp soon

  12. Incredible, just incredible. What the **** are you thinking with Microsoft? You’re taking a dump on your own user base everytime you do this. How am I supposed to recommend friends and family to buy in to Windows Phone when even the company making the product doesn’t believe in it? Do you understand the message you’re sending?

  13. How can you not operate within a one company mindset? Please ensure that Windows Phone is not so far behind.

    Please stop helping your competition beat you. Seriously!

  14. Anonymous

    Unbelievable MS, unbelievable…… Show some love to your own platform!

  15. Dan Heron

    Perhaps I missed it, but when are the MacOS users utilizing Office365 in the educational sector seeing a OneDrive for Business client? Office 2014 with a Q4 release is an amazingly acceptable answer. hint hint.

  16. Truong Phu Binh (@phubinh13)

    When do OneDrive for Windows Phone apply new feature as Android: Request user enter access code before open OneDrive? I think it important feature for security because OneDrive help to save personal data so it should be secured.

    Please add this feature for WP

  17. Next, please update the desktop and modern sync apps for Windows 7 and 8. They are well below standard and don’t work well with large file libraries.

  18. When is the co-owner functionality coming? I have to use both OneDrive and Dropbox right now.

    • +1 for Co-owners!!! Have an O365 Home plan, but there is no way for both my wife and I to access and manage our photos and documents

  19. Thanks a ton for enabling Storage Framework Access. I wasn’t necessarily “nice” about it when I complained about the lack of it, but it’s kind of important to integrate with the platform where possible, cause it results in a better user experience with less jarring transitions from app to app, especially when the app design languages are so different.

    I would like to see OneDrive work on how it handles photos. The ability to Create Albums and “Favorite” Photos would be nice. Also, has the team ever thought about bringing the Photos app over to Android, so that we can have an integrated solution for non-destructive photo editing on OneDrive (Similar to what Google Photos does for Photos on Google+/Google Drive)?

    Verizon Cloud already has the Faves and Albums, so I’m going to *copy* all of my photos there and use that until it’s in the OneDrive app, while also using OneDrive to back up everything and access my Documents, OneNote Notebooks, etc. It’s a very efficient way for easily finding Related Photos, marking some of your best or most well liked photos, and getting to them easily and quickly.

    I don’t see myself changing carriers anytime soon, and I have 25GB space there, so I don’t see a reason not to use it at this point, while still keeping my originals backed up to OneDrive.

  20. Is there a way for me to separate my work and personal files within the same OneDrive? I ask because for privacy reasons I don’t want my personal files on my work devices (even if its just the thumbnails and metadata).

    My OneDrive has more than enough space (1TB) so I don’t want to pay for a second OneDrive or pay for OneDrive for business to keep my work and personal files separate. If OneDrive had selective sync, I wouldn’t have this problem. As it stands, I’m still using Dropbox because it does have selective sync.

    • OneDrive already has selective sync.

      • Not on Windows 8 it doesn’t.
        It has Smart Files. Not the same.

  21. Any word about support on on-premise deployments of SharePoint?

  22. Moises Brainsky

    Having also tested IOs and Android, I can assure you Windows Phone is FAR superior. Microsoft is doing an extraordinary job. Just you wait and don’t stick to the other two boooring two and non-innovative systems !
    (PS: I don’t work for Microsoft)

  23. Guys, lets be patient and think customer first. I have started enjoying superior Microsoft Services and Apps and its good to know that the company is innovating across platforms. However, a consistent update across platform would have been a sign of maturity, and I hope that this will start happening soon

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  25. Fred Teles

    Até a própria microsoft deixa o windows phone em segundo plano…. Vou vender meu lumia e comprar um galaxy s5

  26. OneDrive for Android cannot authenticate my Office365 account.

    We turn on multi-factor auth so we input application password but no success.
    Does it support multi-factor auth?

  27. is it expected an update of Onedrive’s windows phone and RT apps to finally access the folders shared!’?

  28. So when can we expect to be able to individually sync/download files to a desktop? Rather than be required to keep the whole document library?

    Or maybe we will get the ability to have file paths longer that 250 characters?

    When do we get the updates that people have been asking for?

  29. OneDrive allows you to sync SharePoint Document libraries – why cant users see the documents being synced on the mobile app? (arghhh)

  30. Because they don’t eat their own dog food. Oh, and did you notice this blog, thank post,


  31. This is all nicey nicey but useless until you support On-Premesis One Drive.

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