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Lync Mobile update–Gallery View on iPad and participant management on both iPad and iPhone

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Barak Manor, product manager for Lync Mobile

The Lync Mobile team continues to make the key investments that create value for meetings on the go. This update introduces the Gallery View for the iPad, Lobby Control and promote/demote participants for both iPad and iPhone.

Gallery View

Today we’re pleased to share that now we bring you not only one, but four video streams in a Lync Meeting on the iPad. Lync automatically detects and shows the video streams of the most active speakers in the meeting.

With the new Gallery View on the iPad, and the four live video streams, you can now feel the same wonderful experience you have on the Desktop and on Lync for Windows 8.  To learn more about the Gallery view,  visit the Gallery View blog; and  Gallery View server configurations.

Gallery View for the blog post

In addition to the Gallery View on the iPad, this update delivers two highly requested features for the iOS platform (both iPad and iPhone). Both of these features are for managing meeting attendees. 

Lobby Control

In this update, a presenter with Lync 2013 for iOS will receive a notification that there are new people in the lobby waiting to join the meeting. After opening the roster, a mobile presenter is able to either admit or deny people that sit in the virtual lobby. Click here to learn more about the virtual lobby in Lync  Meetings.

 Lync Lobby 1


Lync Lobby 2

 Promote/Demote participants

Lync gives users a flexible and controlled environment. With this update, we are improving meeting management by enabling the Lync Meeting presenter to promote any participant from an attendee status to a presenter status during the course of a Lync Meeting. The same applies to demoting a presenter to an attendee status.

Lync Promote Demote Participants 1

Lync Promote Demote Participants 2

As we deliver on our vision for Universal Communication, you can expect the Lync team will continue to bring highly valuable features to the mobile users.

Don’t have too much fun,

—Barak Manor

  1. When can we expect an update to the Windows 8 Modern version of Lync? The apps on iOS and Android are far more stable and just work. 50% of the time the W8 version will not even log in. Heck, even the web version of attending a Lync Meeting works far better then Modern. Its biggest issue is the lack of advanced settings to allow specific servers to be connected to.

    We can’t just wait around for Windows 9 for everything to be updated. If Microsoft is not going to be supporting Modern, why should we?

  2. First thing first! I’m sorry i know on my own this is not the right place to post questions. The reason i decided to do it anyway is because i’m actually frustrated by not find any way to get some answers even if it would be: “That is not the way to do this”.
    I have so many questions about Lync development, but unfortunately it seems impossible to get some helpful hints.
    Just for records, right now i have two open questions:
    The meaning of my comment is not to get answers from you. I’m just wonder if you could give me any leads on where i should find my answers. I tried at but unfortunately there’s no way to get in touch with UCMA or Lync teams.

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