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Webinar: Back to school with OneNote

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Going to college this fall? Start off on the right foot with OneNote—the app for digital note taking, which works on any device. In this webinar, we’ll teach students how to get up and running on OneNote. Plus, we’ll show existing OneNote users some little known tips and tricks for taking notes fast.

Need a sneak peak? Here a 30-second trailer for posting on social media sites.

What you will learn

  • How to download and install OneNote on PCs, Mac, iPhone, Android, iPad and more
  • The basic building blocks of OneNote: notebooks, sections (a.k.a. tabs), and pages
  • How to customize and organize OneNote to suit your needs
  • Tips and tricks for taking notes fast.

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—Dave Ludwig

  1. How do I set a default template for the Onenote MX?

    I set the desktop version to College Ruled but that’s not transferring to the Metro version. I know how to show line/grid but that is per page and I want lines in all the pages.

    • Hi afarzand, I’m pretty sure you ran into a limitation of the OneNote MX version, but I’ve passed this on to the engineering team as feedback. If I hear back from them with a workaround, I will post it here. So sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for reporting it to us.

    • Hi alisaad619, I will pass this feedback on to the engineering team. Thanks for reporting it. -Dave

  2. I’ve been running OneNote 2010 on a Windows 7 system in a corporate environment and have notebooks saved on corporate servers and some on the local machine. Now I’ve moved to Windows 8.1 and downloaded OneNote. I’m having issues in finding out how to get the files all moved to the same corporate server and how to make OneNote 2013 see them.

    • Hi there appeld, I’d recommend getting a specific error message, and getting help from

      That team is really good about troubleshooting issues. If you still cannot get a solution, drop in another comment here and I’ll try my best to help you.

      Thanks for being a OneNote fan.


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