Your SharePoint 2013 farm in Microsoft Azure is just clicks away

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The Azure Preview Portal now supports the automated creation of a basic or high-availability SharePoint farm in Microsoft Azure.

SharePoint Server Farm

You can use your Azure subscription, an Azure trial subscription, or your MSDN subscription to set up your farm.

Setting up a farm in the basic configuration requires three servers: a domain controller, a SQL server, and a SharePoint server.

Setting up a farm in the high-availability configuration involves nine servers: two domain controllers, two SQL servers, a SQL Server quorum server, two SharePoint servers in the application tier, and two SharePoint servers in the front-end web tier.

For either of these two farms, you can specify the settings in just a few clicks, and the Azure Preview Portal does the rest.

Once the farms are built, you can access a basic team site as an Internet web client and use Central Administration to configure additional capabilities. For the details, see SharePoint Server Farm.

To see a step-by-step walkthrough, take a look at Step-by-Step: Deploy a Highly Available SharePoint Server Farm in the Cloud–in ONLY 8 Clicks!

For additional information about Windows Azure and Virtual Machines, see SharePoint on Windows Azure Virtual Machines.