Delivering improved handwriting capabilities, including OneNote for Android tablets

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Just in time for back to school, we are releasing OneNote for Android tablets with handwriting capabilities, along with several OneNote handwriting improvements for Windows 8 and partner devices.

Even in the digital age, some folks still find handwriting more natural than typing. Beyond the benefits of comfort, The New York Times recently reported on research that suggests students are better able to generate ideas and retain information when they write versus type.

We’ve made improvements for handwriting in OneNote that reflect our vision for how people can take advantage of software and the cloud, without compromising the comfort and benefits of pen and paper.

Here’s what’s new:

  • OneNote for Android tablets is now available with handwriting support, including touch-friendly navigation and the ability to personalize your notes with improved formatting options. You can download the app from Google Play today.

Handwriting capabilities in OneNote

  • OneNote for Windows Store update with student-focused features including ink highlighter, and support for printing, and inserting files and PDFs.
  • Livescribe+ update this week introduces Auto-Send capabilities, which allows you to set up any Livescribe notebook with your Livescribe 3 smartpen to automatically send all your handwritten notes to a specific notebook in OneNote.

Going back to class soon? Here are some other recent OneNote developments to help you succeed this school year:

Check out OneNote today and tell us what you think at our new feedback site, where you can post your own suggestions and vote for others. We appreciate your feedback; it helps us improve OneNote and deliver your top requests.

Visit to learn more, and download OneNote for all your devices.


  1. How about a Windows Phone update for a change?

    It is literally the worst version of OneNote out there! iOS and Android versions can do so much more. Seriously, Microsoft’s own app is terrible on Microsoft’s own phones, why??

  2. Sounds awesome but there’s a problem.
    I am unable to download OneNote in the United Arab Emirates. Please could you find a way to make it available from the Play Store.
    I am an Office365 E3 user and it would be so useful to have OneNote on my Tablet/Phone

  3. Hi
    is it possible to open a pdf and annotate it using the android app?
    I have been using Lecture Notes, but onenote seems more integrated and I´m thinking of switching, but I can´t find how to do open the lesson slide and write on them with the stylus of my note 12.2.

    I´ve read it wasn´t possible in the first version, is it still so?


    Nicola Mazzanti

  4. or is there a way of doing it, like converting everything to jpeg? would need a “mass insert” command then, to avoid inserting one picture at a time!


  5. MiICROSOFT is presently battling a lawsuit in The American Arbitration Association filed by a customer who claims that Microsoft execs created false advertising to disguise product defects in their handwriting app OneNote that Microsoft has built their tablet hardware around this handwriting app that the Claimant alleges looses important stored files and documents.

  6. Would this apply to the Galaxy Note phones? They already come with a pen.

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