Try it out: Insert Space

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No matter how hard you try, you’ll inevitably run into a situation where you’ll want to write something in between existing content. Maybe you’re a student whose professor forgot to mention an important point earlier in the lecture. Or you are an artist who needs more space to draw. While you could add the content to the bottom of the page or along the side, this isn’t always ideal. Thankfully, OneNote makes it easy to quickly add more room using the Insert Space tool.

One Note Insert space

The Insert Space tool, found on the Insert tab of OneNote 2013’s ribbon, lets you effectively split the content on the page and move the bottom half down by a specified amount. It’s easy; just click on the area where you want more note-taking space and drag your mouse down until you’re satisfied. Voila! Now you can get back to writing instead of worrying about where to place that afterthought.







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  1. I did not know that. I have seen that on my Ribbon for a while, but never knew what it was for. Now I know and will be using it frequently. Thanks for the tip OneNote team!

  2. I also use the “Insert Space” tool to actually “REMOVE SPACE”. If I have deleted some items and want to bring all the lower contents up higher on the page – don’t drag each text block etc. Just click “Insert Space” and actually drag upwards, effectively SHRINKING the existing gap 🙂

  3. It also works to move content left and right, which if you’re like me and use the horizontal space, this can be very helpful.

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