OneNote for Mac and iOS get dressed for business and school

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We are thrilled to announce today four major updates for OneNote for Mac, OneNote for iPad and OneNote for iPhone. Building on our recent updates in May, these enhancements make OneNote the best choice for taking notes and staying organized at work or school.

Addressing customers top requests, we added several new features in this release including the ability to:

  1. Access your work or school notebooks on your Mac stored on OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Online (on Office 365).
  2. Open and insert files, including PDF files, into your notebook pages.
  3. View your password protected sections.
  4. Improved organization, capturing content, and sharing of notes.

These updates and more are available to download in the App Stores today. Below are some of the details on the updates.

Access notebooks on OneDrive for Business and Office 365

We know many of you using OneNote for Mac have been asking for the ability to access your work or school notebooks hosted on OneDrive for Business. With this update you should be good to go! You can now open, sync, and create personal or shared project or class notebooks on OneDrive for Business. Additionally, if you are using OneNote just for work or school, we made it easier for you to get started with OneNote by directly signing in with your organizational account upon opening OneNote.

Mac - OneDrive for Business

Insert and view file attachments

Whether you are a professional preparing for a big meeting with the boss or a student getting ready for a new school year, we’ve added new capabilities to help you stay organized and keep all your notes and related documents together in your notebook. Now you can insert and view files, including PDF printouts, in your notebooks on Mac, iPad and iPhone. For example, on Mac you can drag and drop a PowerPoint deck or a Word document into your notes, as an attachment, and then view it in the OS built-in, Quick Look, or in the app itself.

Iron Age

On iPad or iPhone you can insert pictures or documents you receive in Mail or other apps by selecting ‘Open in OneNote.’ That way, even on the go, you are never losing track of important documents relevant to the project you are working on within OneNote.

iPhone Insert File

In addition, if you have a PDF file, you can insert it as a printout in your notes, making it easy to annotate with your own notes, whether they be meeting or lecture slides, research papers or class readings.

Mac PDF Printout

Unlock password protected sections

We received many requests for the ability to access password protected sections created on OneNote for Windows. Now you can do so on Mac, iPhone and iPad. Simply navigate to the section and enter your password to access your private notes. Once you have reviewed or edited the notes you can easily lock the section, or after a few minutes it will lock automatically. That way, a confidential company note or study guide remains for your eyes, and your eyes only.


Organize and re-arrange your notes

As you add more sections, section groups, and pages to your notebooks you may want to reorder or move items to keep your notes organized. This is especially handy when you’re sharing notebooks with colleagues or students and new content is added by others in different locations of your shared notebook. You can now keep your notebooks organized from Mac and iOS devices.


iPad - Move pages

Copy and paste enhancements

To enhance your experience of capturing content in to OneNote we’ve introduced additional copy and paste improvements this release for both iOS and Mac. If you are doing some research for a project at home, school or work, you can now copy formatted content from websites or other apps and paste in to your notes on any of your devices.

Email page enhancements

In addition to the ability to send your notes as PDF attachments in OneNote for Mac, you can now choose to send your notes in the message body. This can be handy when sending meeting or class notes to others.

Mac - Email page

Try out these updates today and tell us what you think. We appreciate your feedback as it helps us improve OneNote and deliver on your top requests. Check out our new and recently launched feedback site where you can post your own suggestions and vote for others. We would love to hear from you.

To learn more about OneNote and download OneNote apps for all your devices go to


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  1. Still no printing of an entire notebook… need that one badly.

  2. Looks like a small step in the right direction but why is it so difficult to allow me to open files INSIDE my business. I do not want Office 365 or OneDrive just to use this awesome program! I need to be able to use this within my organization, i.e., sharepoint hosted internally.

  3. I am a big fan of these updates! Finally, an app that will compliment our Office 365 Education (A2) subscription.

    However, I cannot sync notebooks? When I sign into my organizational account; create a new notebook: and I get the grey bar: Sync Error Sign in to sync this notebook… I click the sign in button that appears above the notebook tab and I’m again redirected to a Microsoft Account login box with no Organizational Account login option anywhere to be seen on OneNote for Mac v15.2 140713.

    Close… but not quite! I see another update coming soon.

    • Hello, ajbabcock. I’m sorry to hear that you’re encountering issues with the update to OneNote for Mac. For technical issues, you can post a question to and someone will engage with you directly to get your issue resolved.

      To ask a question, choose the “Participate” tab and then the “Ask a Question” link. When you are filling out the question, please select Category=Office, Office Products=Office OneNote, and Office Topic=OneNote for Mac.

      Working with O365 notebooks well is definitely something we want to deliver to customers, so we hope to get this issue resolved for you soon.


  4. I really like that update for the IPad! Thanks.
    Only one point is disappointing. You update the Android platform, the iOS platform, but still we’re waiting for an update for Windows Phones! Your own platform seems to be the last to be updated… That’s not cool for people who support you with using your devices.

  5. We need all of these enhancements in OneNote for Windows Phone 8.1, but especially the ability to work with password protected sections!

  6. I look forward to seeing the option to browse to SharePoint Online site libraries and opening notebooks located there. Its nice that you can open notebooks located in OneDrive for Business, but we need to open notebooks shared in our Team Sites. Next update perhaps?

    • @RichardatQMC discovered that on Macs, browse to notebook in Office 365 (Site and Document Library) via browser, then choose Open in OneNote. This will open the notebook in OneNote for Mac and begin to sync. Make sure you have logged into OneNote on your Mac using the OneDrive for Business option, so that your Office 365 account is saved into OneNote. This will ensure you are authenticated correctly when you choose “Open in OneNote” fro your browser. Thanks to Richard and his class full of students for confirming the work around.

  7. No custom Tags.

    Come on people. Tags is all I need to jump ship from Evernote. Give me what I need and I’m all yours!

  8. Wonderful update! Thank you. Now, if we only had a new version of Mac:Office, hopefully with the same interface as OneNote, I wouldn’t feel like such the second-class Office citizen.

  9. I’m loving this update! There are still things missing, but some of the biggest things for me personally are now there. This app is coming along nicely.
    I am going to go against the crowd, however, and say DON’T do the some thing with Office:Mac as with OneNote! WAIT until ALL functionality is there and working to release!!! I am, like most, excited about a new version, but pulling an Apple iWork-like fiasco would only hurt business for Microsoft. Those of us who are 365 subscribers and DON’T own Windows machines would likely feel especially betrayed by such a move as we could have rode the iWork train for cheaper last year…
    I’d much rather use REAL Office, but I want it to be polished when the new version gets into my hands. 2011 version isn’t the greatest, but it’s gotten the job done these last years, and it’ll continue to do so until the end of this year/early next year when the redesigned Office that’ll look like OneNote for Mac and Office for iPad comes out.

  10. Please, please, please add support for on-premise hosted SharePoint and OneDrive! The iOS apps do have support for this, but no support in OneNote for Mac is holding me back from really using OneNote. I rely on syncing notes for ALL my devices, and the only way I can do that for work with OneNote and share with others in my organization is currently through Evernote. My Windows colleagues love and have mostly adopted OneNote for lots of things, and I’m left out of the loop.

  11. Reminders, custom tags and audio recording for Mac….I have 365 sub, but use a Mac…slowly coming over to onenote from Evernote now…keep up the good work

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