Let’s get cooking! Collecting recipes in OneNote just got better

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OneNote is a great place to catalog your recipes. And now adding them to OneNote is a piece of cake (pun intended) with the OneNote web clipper or the email clipper ( When you use the OneNote web clipper or email clipper ( to clip a recipe, we’ll simplify the page down to just the steps, ingredients, and key pieces of information you need most, giving your recipes a simpler, cleaner format in OneNote.


Our goal is to help you collect just the information you want, boiled down (see what I did there?), free of distraction, in a clean and consistent format regardless of which site you clip from. In case you need to reference the original page, you can have your cake and eat it too (yep, another pun) — a screenshot is also included, just scroll down.

How are we doing this?

By taking advantage of the Bing platform, we are able to glean the most important parts of the recipe and present them in a useful way directly in OneNote. Bing’s vast knowledge repository, which powers the recipe experience on, allows us to dynamically deliver our deep understanding of individual recipes to your OneNote notebook. This feature works on many of the top recipe websites in the U.S., and we’ll expand the number of sites it covers in the future. Current sites include, and, and many more.

Leave us a comment to let us know how you like this feature. If you’d like to see this feature expanded to other types of websites (e.g. movies, books, products), let us know which ones would be most useful to you! You can also click the feedback links at the bottom right of any recipe clipping to let us know how the feature is working.




In a nutshell, go bananas! Relish in the sweetness. There’s no such thing as free lunch (last pun, I promise), but there is such thing as a free lunch recipe collecting solution. Install the OneNote web clipper or get started with and give it a try.

Have a recipe website? Want to make sure it looks great when clipped into OneNote? Email us at

–The OneNote Recipes Feature Team


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  1. Nice feature and works good on the few I tried. It looks like you are tagging the clipping and adding #RECIPE to the note. Is this true? Curious as to if this is something I should be using in my other notes within OneNote. Is this some sort of future feature?

  2. What a great and unique idea! Can’t wait to see what other content types OneNote will be able to import in and organize automatically like that! 🙂

    P.S. How do we change our password on this blog? It made me use an automatically generated password, but there’s no where for me to change it to a password I can actually remember.

  3. Great job! This is a great combination of how Springpad clipped recipes and the simplicity of the Evernote web clipper. Yes, absolutely please continue to extend this type of functionality across various different website!

  4. I have an office365 subscription on a mac, just discovered one note and I was just about to sign up for evernote, which I have been using the free version of and liking very much….but I love Onenote and holding out for you guys to add features…Please bring reminders for the mac version, where we can set date and times in the future. There are lots of other things lacking, but reading the threads you guys already know……loving onenote

  5. I have been using OneNote since 2007. We have a family cookbook that family members have been adding to and I can’t wait to share these new features. Keep up the great work and am glad that OneNote is finally getting the attention it deserves (it’s my favorite Office program that used to be my little secret).

  6. Recipes are not my thing but book reviews and music reviews would be a useful tool, are these are often buried in a lot of other screen clutter.

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