Your OneDrive just got bigger

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We recently announced that we’d be giving you more OneDrive space for everything in your life and work. We have started rolling out the increased storage today, and you should see the additional space reflected in your account soon.


New and existing personal OneDrive accounts will come with:



Also, people who use OneDrive for Business now have a 1 TB quota (up from 25 GB).


To provide all this extra storage, we added another 10 petabytes of capacity to OneDrive. Thanks Azure!


If you already have OneDrive at home or at work, then you are all set. The changes have automatically been applied to your account. Otherwise, it’s easy to sign up for a free account at


Omar Shahine
Group Program Manager,

  1. So I can pay $100 and get 200 GB, or I can pay $99 and get 1TB and office?

    • Peter Morgan

      No. The new rate for 100GB storage is $1.99 per calendar month.

  2. Did the file quantity limits increase also?

    • Tom Scott (Oviedo, FL)

      No. And multiple posts and requests for comment from Microsoft in multiple venues have been ignored.

      The 1 TB limit is just smoke and mirrors. The real limit is 20,000 items, unless your average file size is more then 50 MB. Multiply your average file size times 20,000 and that’s your real limit.

      Or do I misunderstand? (I’ve also asked that question about 1/2 dozen times with no reply).

      So, Microsoft. What will it be? Can you at least be honest with us and say you were just kidding? Or can you give us 1 TB without limits on the number of files and folders? Or include the team site as part of the 1 TB per user limits? At least there, we can create multiple libraries to address the item number limit. by Barracuda doesn’t limit by number of items or size of the file. Their bird origami sync app with folder sharing leaves the little blue cloud app in the dust. It’s so much better.

      • Are you sure about the 20,000 maximum file limit?

        I read your comment then checked the properties of my OneDrive and it’s over 25,000 files (mostly pictures totaling 50gb or so) and still syncing fine.

        FYI: I’m on an Office 365 5-user subscription and the 1TB boost kicked in yesterday.

        • Chris Vann

          I’m sitting at 27,382 files and everything is synced, no warnings.

          The only real limit I’m aware of is the 2GB per file limit.

          • Miguel Tabera

            I have now on my OneDrive 52,794 files. Most of them are photos.

        • The 20,000 limit is for “throttling” I think. When I used goodsync to sync Onedrive, it got stopped at around 20000 files. So if you just incrementally add files, it should be fine. If you want to suddenly sync all your files, you’ll probably get stuck at the 20000 limit. For onedrive, it’s fine, the rest should sync later. For other software using the API, it’s likely to fail. (and possibly restart it all)

  3. Just got my first Surface (Pro 3) and trying to get into the MSFT way. I have OneDrive for Business and now that I have a whopping 1T of storage I would like to use it for all of my personal stuff and to make available to my mobile devices. The things that some cloud services have that I would really like to see in OneDrive for Business are:
    1. Selective Sync – because I don’t want everything from my desktop on my Surface (including to the ability to drill down to select a sub-folder)
    2. Link to other Folders – so I don’t have to move everything on my desktop to the OD folder

    • Selective Sync: In your file manager OneDrive folder, right click on the folders and you can make offline only (not synced to your desktop). I fully sync my school stuff (that I would probably lose otherwise!) and selectively sync other things on multiple devices. My Surface 2 has less storage so I only sync school and my kids’ projects. My Alienate has a boatload of storage so I sync it all. Your choice!

      As for pointing at other folders….I like that idea!

  4. Great! What about the 2GB File limit?? is it gone??? please???

    • Second this. 2GB max file size limit nowadays is just not enough, one video file can easily exceed the limited. unless this 1TB is just a market strategy.

      • Yep. It’s kind of BS to say “you have 1TB” when you can’t have most of your large files that eat up room on your PC on your OneDrive instead. Not impressed.

  5. This is awesome! I’ve been waiting for this for a long long time!
    Has the 2GB file limit been increased as well?
    What other new features are available for the OneDrive clients? I heard you can actually download/sync shared files now! Is that true?


    for those who don’t have OneDrive yet! Get it NOW! Totally worth it! 15GB free!

  6. I got it this morning but it’s extremely sloooow. speed is almost like 1MB an hour. I’ll wait for couple days see if it’s improving.

  7. Gilbert Baron

    So if end to end encryption were available and only I had the key and it were open source encryption, THEN you would have something. Otherwise anything I want truly private will be only on a SED (self encrypting hard drive) !

  8. And those accounts who had 25Gb ?

    • Yehia Hassan

      They are going down to 15!
      This what happened with my account.

      • I still have my 25gb grandfathered in along with my 1TB from my Office365 sub.

      • Your plan: Free 15 GB
        Your additional storage: Loyalty bonus 10 GB

      • Chris Vann

        See Chen’s post. I can confirm the same.

        Referral bonus (0% achieved) 0 GB
        Loyalty bonus 10 GB
        Office 365 Subscription 1,024 GB
        Camera roll bonus 3 GB

        1,052 GB total

        • I lost my 25GB too

    • Your plan: Free 15 GB
      Your additional storage: Loyalty bonus 10 GB

      • Miguel Tabera

        Free 15 GB + loyalty bonus 10 GB are the old free 25 GB

  9. OneDrive really is fantastic and now it just got better! Long gone are the days of sending pictures in several emails due to attachment limits, now we can just share them with OneDrive, fantastic! Incredibly helpful for our small business. Also allows us to work on the Office desktop (Windows 7), the house desktop (Windows XP) and the laptop (Windows XP) seamlessly. Furthermore we can take pictures on the go and they will automatically upload to OneDrive so we can use them on one of the computers when we get home.

    Excellent business resource that not only protects your files but allows for them to be used wherever and whenever.

  10. Great, but please add debit card payment. Not allowed for instance to pay with 🙁

  11. The storage you get is now something that makes me consider getting Office 365 which otherwise wasn’t attractive enough to me over a Office 2013 standard license.

    That said the only thing holding me back from OneDrive is file versioning. Primarily protection against the CryptoVirus, I gather office documents are at least protected but having to go to each document individually and rollback back to the version before CryptoVirus struck would be a pain. Something where I can select what files I want to rollback and then pick a date to rollback to would be great. So for now I think I’ll stick with other online storage. Or could the OneDrive client app detect if the file that’s been modified is now encrypted while the online version is not and then display a warning before syncing it? That’d be enough to address my concern.

  12. Can the 2GB file limit change too? And maybe.. just maybe.. add some of the features OneDrive has on the PC to the Mac OneDrive Client like sharing files or creating public links without having to find the file online, seeing sync status of files.. Or maybe even add LAN Sync and if you truly care DeltaSync… You know, the basics. Then I can really take advantage of my 1TB (current Office 365 Subscriber) without blowing through my bandwidth cap uploading and downloading every file.

  13. 10 petabytes? That’s a lot of bytes, but only 10,000 terabytes, so if 10,000 Office 365 users were to fill their allocated storage to capacity, OneDrive would be out of space.

    • Marcelo Aguiar

      Well, @Liron, then most probably it means that the no. of Office 365 subscribers is less than 10.000. Otherwise, Microsoft would shoot at its feet by bottlenecking Onedrive…

    • Tom Scott

      No, won’t happen. Because there still is a 20,000 item limit in OneDrive for Business. Presumably OneDrive Personal, too. So that’s at best 30 GB for me. You would need 50 MB file size on average to make it to 1 TB.

      Everyone, check your average file size, then times 20,000. That’s your limit.

      • From what I’ve read elsewhere, the 2,000 file limit only applies to OneDrive for Business.

        • But how about 2GB max file size limit?

        • I would concur – I am on Office 365 5-user subscription with my space boosted to 1TB as of yesterday and I currently have 25,000+ files without issues.

          Suggest taking some reports here with caution until/unless they are categorically backed up as fact.

          As for the boost, it makes OneDrive the no-brainer for me. Far more value for money over straight cloud storage/sync and as someone who needs Office daily, it’s more value. That my family get licenses too is the cherry on the cake.

          I’ve been no great champion of Microsoft in the past but kudos for really taking the lead and offering usable cloud space at affordable prices.

    • No, silly. Notice the “thanks Azure” phrase. On Azure they can add another 10 petabytes within a couple minutes. 10 petabytes is just to be ready for an initial rush of people dumping a bunch of files into their folders.

      I would be interested in knowing how much storage total is available on Azure though. I’m sure it’s in the exabyte range at least, if not the zettabyte range.

  14. Because I was a longtime skydrive/onedrive user I got a base 25GB of storage when the base for a new account was 7GB. Now with this latest change Microsoft has taken away my 25GB and replaced it with the new base 15GB. Maybe this was done to simply things, but taking away free storage from the best users is not good.

    • Look further down, and you should hopefully see a 10GB loyalty bonus, which with the base 15GB brings the free storage up to 25GB.

      • Yes, I do have the loyalty bonus. Thanks!

  15. Hey, MS, remember to upgrade for all languages, the site in Hong Kong (English) is still selling “Office365 Home Premium” which is old!

  16. I don’t care huge 1tb storage without 2gb limit.
    I just wanted cheap 100gb storage for my most documents, photos, and mp3 files.
    Office 365 personal is perfect for me.
    Upload speed is not bad. It’s 500kb/sec after fixing specific file on mac.
    Thank you!


    When someone shares files and folders with me, I shall be a able to sync them to my win8.1


      • Hahahaha
        SHALL NOT PASS!!!
        Fynlosky.A ?

  18. Thank you very much! Now I can store much more files in my account and i don’t need to use other services from other companies.

  19. This made me subscribe to Office 365 without hesitation. I was paying good money to Dropbox and didn’t get enough space to cloud-backup all the stuff I wanted to. This is a good deal for me as well as for Microsoft cause they will attract more Dropbox users like me. In august, when my Dropbox 1 yr subscription is over I will still pay the same for 10X the space and for Office for all my devices. Don’t care about max file size that much; just hope I don’t run into a file amount limit cause of course that would be a major dealbraker.

    • Before you switch, know this: OneDrive on windows 8.1 does NOT let you choose which OneDrive account to sync. It automatically forces it to be the live account that you use to log in to windows. So, for example, if you are at work, and want to sync your home OneDrive account, YOU CAN’T, unless you log in to your work computer with your home microsoft account.

  20. Wow! Finally I can see 1 TB Cloud Storage. Thanks to Office 365.

  21. Well, I was under the impression that people who paid got the 15gb extra as well. Looks like the upgrade is only good for those with the “Free” plan? Those who pay only receive the 7gb (paid bonus) and the additional paid space, so for the 100gb plan, we do not get 115gb, we only get the 107gb… Bummer. So my space didn’t go up at all.

    Purchased 100 GB
    Enthusiast bonus 20 GB Valid through: 2/19/2015
    Referral bonus 5 GB
    Camera roll bonus 3 GB
    OneDrive bonus 100 GB Valid through: 2/19/2015
    Paid plan bonus 7 GB

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  23. Joscelin Trouwborst

    Got my 1 TB with Office365 and I am going to use it.

  24. Sivarama Krishnan

    I have 25 GB of space since the beginning. No subscription or anything. When MS brought it down to 7GB I enrolled for 25Gb of space. So my question is Will I also get an additional 15Gb? Again?

  25. Wow, this is incredible. I just signed up for Office 365 for my family, and we’re incredibly happy with the OneDrive space and ability to share. THANKS!

  26. Just got my 1TB upgrade a few days ago, quite disappointed about 2GB file size limit, I’m having warnings from the onedrive icon in the taskbar all the time now.

  27. Could someone fron Microsoft please tell us about the 2GB file size limit plans! Also I would like to know if there was any plans to allow us to buy additional TBs of storage?

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  29. Please remove 2GB file limit!!

  30. That’s great. But the “one sync-folder” is not sufficient for power users. Keep it as it is for the average user, but allow people to add additional folders or support ntfs junctions.

  31. I was a longtime skydrive/onedrive user where I got a base 25GB of storage when the base for a new account was 7GB. Now with the new change it has over written my space with 15gb .Would nt expect MS to just take away the space that they have given to the customer without notifying . Not sure whats the reason behind it .

  32. I WISH I could use my OneDrive account. I love OneDrive, but I’m forced to use Sugar since I installed windows 8.1 at my work office. My work computer has it’s own windows login, but Microsoft DISABLED the OneDrive client on windows 8.1. It’s bad enough that you cannot sync more that one OneDrive account, but now, they DON’T EVEN LET YOU CHOOSE which OneDrive account to sync. They force your OneDrive account to be the one you use to log into your computer. But only if you “upgrade” windows 8.1. Even 8.0 works fine.

  33. Pleaaaase remove 2GB file limit!! Pleaaaase remove 2GB file limit!!

  34. OneDrive is great, but the 2GB limit is very frustrating. Most people need a much higher file limit than this.

  35. 2GB file size limit is a complete let down. 1TB space is great but the file size limit is a complete drag.

    It’s like having a Lamborgini but you are told the maximum speed you can drive it is 25mph!

    Please remove this file limit size. Anybody listening?

    • No, they are deaf and slow. The most of the comment is saying the same: 2GB File size limit remooove!!

  36. One Drive is the best cloud system I’ve ever used! It is not too much to say that I cannot live without this great service.

    • The idea of offering 1 TB is to entice customers to transfer and keep all their files in on bucket (MS bucket) BUT 2 gig file limit size renders this totally not applicable.

      So yes, it’s nice to have 1 TB of storage but if I have to go to another service which offers less space but no file size limit (e.g. Dropbox) then why should I bother with OneDrive? Vast majority of people don’t need or have 1 TB of files but a lot of people have files that are over 2 gig (e.g. video, pst files, etc.)

      Apply common sense and remove the shackles… remove 2 gig file size limit.

      • @peter, Okay , lets apply a little “Common Sense” First , Drop Box, it’s very expensive. 100gb for $10 a month. Files over 2gb will fill that way to quick. I have 400 gb of work / personal files / Music Collection on One drive. I would need to buy a 500 GB storage plan gb at Drop Box for ….Get this $49.00 a Month. Now I need additional storage for 2gb Files. That’s another $20 a month for those files. That’s $69 a month to store all my files at Drop Box and that’s just for me.
        So Common Sense tells me , I am okay storing 70% of my files on One drive (+ sharing with 4 others 1TB each) and saving the other bigger Video Files on a ext storage…But that’s just me…You need to do , whatever works for you. For what its worth , yes, they should remove 2GB limit. but if not, it’s not a deal breaker. Not by a long shot.
        Take Care

      • dose it say your name with one drice

  37. Only sky…one is the limit! No, wait, 2GB is the limit.

  38. Please onedrive, remove the 2GB file limit, you know it makes sense.

  39. In 2013, the 2gb file limit was promised to be raised. One year later it is still here. Why?

    • RobsVoice


  40. +1 for removing the 2Gb file limit. It’s not appropriate in 2014

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  42. why is my nake no long with one drive it used to say my name and one drive now it says one drive personal

  43. Given that this is an official Microsoft blog, which allows comments and given the comments made by team members in July of 2013, I believe we are entitled to expect a response from Omar on the ‘2GB Question’.

    Even if it’s something like ‘we are no longer looking at raising the limit ..’, it would be better than the deafening silence which has been maintained for over a year now.

    Please respond.

  44. Christopher

    If a user is disconnected from the company and has personal information on OneDrive, when leaving the pierder all your information or support previously recommended that all your information in some portable external storage device?.


    With this added storage will there remain a file size limitation. In Dropbox you can use a desktop app to get around file size limitations, is this something in the works or possible with Onedrive?

  46. Frederic Nilsson

    Still a 20 000 objects cap on the 1 TB storage?


    • It seems OneDrive is misleading with advertising / marketing. The drive is large but very misleading in its capabilities and also Microsoft limited desires to make it easier and more functional to those who want to use it. It is like selling a customer a 3 car garage but it only has a standard doorway to enter and exit.

    • Jose Canusee

      Why do you insist on posting the limits of OneDrive for Business on the OneDrive personal blog? They are two completely different products.

  47. Joscelin Trouwborst

    Updating file properties in photo, video, music files causes them to sync again. For video files, because of their size, this is bogging things down. Would be nice if there was client-server intelligence to only sync properties and not the whole file.

  48. Jose Canusee

    It appears the 2G file size limit is gone with the last Windows 8.1 update. I have a 3.4G video file synced, along with many other over 2G videos. It would be nice to know what the upper limit now is.

    • @ Jose Canusee

      No it is still there, I just tried to upload a 3.17 GB recovery disk for my computer and it is giving me error: File is to big


      The reasoning for my question relates to if the 2GB limitations is a design flaw or a desired limitation by Microsoft. I presently use / prefer drop box because there is no limitations of use when you use their desktop interface. Some users on this blog know the answer to this but don’t want to answer the question. So what is the true value of a 1TB storage platform when limited to 2G chucks.

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  54. Mohamed Gaafar

    You mentioned that any business subscription will get the 1 TB automatically, I have ODFB included in an office 365 enterprise E3 plan, and I can’t see any increase in the quota for any of my 49 users up till this moment. Any suggestions?

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    I have a 365 University subscription and currently have the Terabite. It’s Awesome!

    BUT… Will the 1TB expire/disappear at the end of my 4-year University subscription? Please help! Thank you.

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  65. Gabriele Vidali

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