Yammer Featured Partner: HYPE Innovation

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Hype 1

To create a culture of innovation, you need to give everybody in the organization a voice in the innovation process. With HYPE GO! you can make this happen today.

Yammer is a social hub for employees, where insights, ideas, and opportunities are discussed on a daily basis. This rich collaboration can be leveraged to boost innovation with idea campaigns from HYPE GO thanks to some new integrations:

  • TryIt button to start running HYPE GO! today
  • OAuth authentication for seamless access between Yammer and HYPE GO!
  • Integrated user selection dialog to easily invite Yammer users to idea campaigns
  • Activity stream integration

Idea campaigns drive innovation and results

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Campaigns are a powerful way to focus collaboration around a particular topic–typically a problem or opportunity. Campaigns are time-limited and structured around a workflow which moves ideas through a process. When the ideation phase is over, evaluation and review tools help you rank and sort the best ideas. Finally you can select the winning ideas to implement and inform the community.

HYPE GO! is a cloud based platform for running idea campaigns. With an easy-to-use setup wizard for designing the campaign, inviting the right audience, and structuring the process, it’s never been easier to get started with collaborative ideation.

Why Yammer is the perfect partner for innovation

Your employees are already using Yammer to collaborate and share every day. It’s the perfect platform to harness for innovation.

You don’t want to launch another platform where they need to create more accounts and passwords. Simply plug in to the Yammer community, and make it easy for employees to contribute right away.

With the TryIt now button, any user of Yammer can start running an idea campaign today. There is no limit to the number of campaigns you can run, and users can choose to join any currently running campaign.

OAuth authentication means Yammer users don’t require a new account. They can use their existing account to access HYPE GO! This also means their profile details are synchronized, including their profile picture and description.

In HYPE GO! the user selection dialog is synchronized with the Yammer directory. This enables users to invite any other Yammer user to a campaign, send them an idea, or recommend them as a reviewer.

Hype 3

The Yammer activity stream is automatically populated with activity from HYPE GO! idea campaigns. When new ideas are submitted, or new comments posted, they will appear directly in Yammer. Similarly when ideas are selected for implementation, their status updates are posted back to Yammer.

Leverage your Yammer network for innovation and start using HYPE GO! today.