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We just made it easier than ever to clip the web — now, when you send an email with a URL to, we’ll clip a screenshot of the webpage along with the email’s contents into your OneNote notebook.

  • Browsing the web on your smartphone? Hit “Share”, pick Email, and send it to
  • Find an article in a news reader app? Share it via email and type
  • Friend emailed you a funny link? Forward it to

To get started, just send an email containing a single URL in the subject or body. And fear not, you can still save your list of “top 100 lasagna recipes” without getting 100 screenshots in your notebook — if you send us an email containing multiple URLs, we’ll only save the mail content and skip the web clipping.


If you haven’t set up yet, it only takes a second. Head over to and pick the email address(es) you’ll use to send emails to Anytime the OneNote service receives a mail from your email address, it will add it to your default OneNote notebook. For more details, check out this blog post or this YouTube video.

Last but not least, let us know how we’re doing by clicking the feedback links on web clipped OneNote pages. Thank you for your feedback — it helps us improve!


-Greg Akselrod & Prasad Sangekar


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  1. Is it an Evernote Style clipping or just a screenshot?

    • @Royi – It’s an Evernote style clipping. It actually looks really good. Where I would like to see OneNote go with their clipping is 3-fold:
      1) Clip the article from your mobile device and strip away the ads when it shows up in OneNote;
      2) Clip articles Evernote Clearly style; and
      3) Clip articles from the web correctly without it being a screenshot.

  2. This is a great feature – I use it a lot with my personal account. However it does not let me set it up for my organisational account – I use OneNote extensively at work and would find this feature incredibly useful and time saving. Is there a reason for this?

  3. I found out (please update the article to mention this handy feature) that if you put the URL in the SUBJECT line it will automatically become the TITLE of the page in OneNote. (However it will NOT put the URL in the web clipping. See below).

    If you don’t want the URL to be the title then put the URL in the BODY of the email. In this case it would end up as a link just above the actual web clipping, which may actually be more useful, since you are likely to create or change the page title anyway.

    Thanks for the feature.

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