Massive increase to OneDrive storage plans: 15 GB free for everyone, 1 TB for Office 365 subscribers

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With OneDrive, we want to give you one place for all of your stuff: your photos, videos, documents and other files. Of course, to do this, we need to make sure you actually have enough storage space for everything, particularly given that the amount of content everyone has is growing by leaps and bounds.


It’s also clear that you want more than just the ability to store your stuff in the cloud. You want to be able to share it, to collaborate on it, and so much more. The landscape is changing to the point that we believe it’s no longer enough to provide only cloud storage — that’s table stakes. We want to provide a complete experience that brings in the power of Office and lets you do more with everything you put in your OneDrive — whether it’s sharing your favorite photos with the people you care about in one simple click or working together in real time on an important project.


With this in mind, today we are announcing the following:


1. OneDrive will come with 15 GB for free (up from 7 GB)

Our data tells us that 3 out of 4 people have less than 15 GB of files stored on their PC. Factoring in what they may also have stored on other devices, we believe providing 15 GB for free right out of the gate – with no hoops to jump through – will make it much easier for people to have their documents, videos, and photos available in one place.


2. All versions of Office 365 will come with 1 TB of OneDrive storage

Soon you will get 1 TB of OneDrive with your subscription to Office 365. This means you will get the power of the world’s most popular productivity suite, Office, along with apps for your laptop, smartphone, and tablet, plus an enormous amount of storage, for an unbelievably low price.


For Office 365 Home ($9.99/mo) you’ll get 1 TB per person (up to 5 people), and with Office 365 Personal ($6.99/mo) and University ($79.99/4yr) you will get 1 TB per subscription. This is a great follow on to our April announcement that all OneDrive for Business customers will get 1 TB of cloud storage per person too.


1 TB of online storage and Office 365 for only $6.99 per month

3. We are dropping storage prices by over 70%

Of course, we also want to give you as much flexibility as possible, so if you need more storage, but don’t need an Office 365 subscription, we will also still provide monthly subscription storage options – at dramatically reduced rates.


The new monthly prices will be $1.99 for 100 GB (previously $7.49) and $3.99 for 200 GB (previously $11.49).


All of these updates will take effect in the next month. For current subscribers, you are all set, you’ll automatically be moved to the lower prices.


We’re really excited to bring more storage to OneDrive so you have all the room you need to store all of your photos, videos, and documents in one place. If you haven’t yet signed up for OneDrive, you can learn more and sign up at
Omar Shahine

Group Program Manager,

  1. Will those who got 25GB initially get any extra storage allowance?

    • Second the comment above. Any plans for legacy early adopters?


      • Happy subscriber of O365 here! I wonder too how my storage will look after this (although 1TB will be enough for years to come):

        • I’ve heard drive space compared to a garage. It doesn’t matter how big it is, it’s full in a year. 🙂

      • Does this article means now free users can get: 15GB + 5GB inviting friends + 3GB camera uploads = 23GB in total?

        • That’s correct. Base free tier is 15GB (25GB if grandfathered in) and you can earn 3GB for camera roll and up to 5GB for inviting friends

          • So if I have 15GB free, then I subscribed to 100GB storage, will it be all in all 115GB or you’ll just add 75GB to make it 100GB?

            I have the same issue with Google Drive, they offer 15GB and they only added 75GB to make it 100GB, where 15GB is no longer free.

            I’m actially looking to move over to One Drive from Google Drive due to Windows native integration.

          • Anonymous

            Since I can’t reply to Jozef from what I see in my upgrade options your plan would get upgraded with the additional 100 GB

          • Jozef, tvoje meno znie tak slovensky, tak napíšem v slovenčine. Nevieš náhodou kedy Onedrive zvýši to miesto na tých 15GB? ď 🙂

          • Anonymous

            It’s 1000GB not 100GB

          • Anonymous


      • Please could you clarify. It sounds as if you are saying that existing customers will not get updated to the new levels. I’m on 365 Business Premium, and you guys promised: “No need to pay for version upgrades; updates are included in your subscription. New features are rolled out to Office 365 customers regularly.”

        I’m pretty sure that you can’t mean that you are not updating existing customers, but it could be good to be clear, especially about future plans for team sites. Thanks

        • Anyone on an Office 365 sub gets automatically moved to the new plans when the changes roll out.

          • if I have a regular subscription of $100 a year for up to 5 computers of office 365, does that mean that it will be 1 terabyte for computer, or does it mean in total 100 for the full account?

          • I didn’t! I have Office 365 Home and I still have only 7+3GB on OneDrive. WHY!?!?!


          • Dirk Johnson

            When does it roll out? On the strength of this announcement I started moving things to OneDrive, but I’m already maxed on the 27 GB I had before you wrote this blog post.

            Plus there’s some ambiguity in your responses. I responded previously to one that seemed to indicate that existing customers wouldn’t benefit from the space upgrade.

      • does that mean 25GB will be increased or not?

        • Turn camera on to get 15 more gigs to make it 40GB.

      • I have only 10GB (7GB free and 3GB from camera upload). How can I do to have the 15GB?

        • you can get extra 5GB for referring your dudes.

      • Dirk Johnson

        So this means that I should cancel all of my Microsoft subscriptions. Once I’ve cancelled them, I’ll re-up with a fresh account. Otherwise, you’re just ripping me off and punishing me for using your products before everyone else did.

        Thank you for the lesson. I’ll never use another Microsoft product until I get the good deal.

    • Great, now that we can have a TB of storage, CAN WE PLEASE INCREASE THE MAX FILE SIZE TO SOMETHING MORE THAN 2GB?

      • I absolutely second this. This needs to happen. Max file size should be something like 10gb with a plan like this.

      • Yes please I have to use iDrive Sync for files over 2gb. Please Microsoft remove or at least increase this to 10gb.

      • The 2 gig limit is something that probably isn’t that easy to fix. 2GB is the size of a 32bit number in computers. Making it 64bit, is almost always, far more complicated than you would think for something like this.

        Hopefully they do it soon, since it’s not impossible. Just probably very difficult for them.

        (FYI, 64bit is beyond massive. 8,388,608 terabytes)

        • The file size limitation of 32bit is 4GB.

          • It is 2GB if signed integers are used (one bit is used for sign).

          • You are correct for unsigned integers as Rinnve also noted. The “complicated” parts I mentioned are specifically referring to how these types of services are implemented. The actual file size limit is typically not the issue here. It is the transport of that file over http or other protocols that starts to create issues. When an http request is made for example, every client application must understand either unsigned or 64 bit numbers. Some do not, so they can’t transfer the file. My assumption (yes, a total assumption since I have no specific data on this) is that Microsoft is trying to cater to the most compatible method and not have to deal with “why does a big file work on one computer but not another” type issues.

      • Yes please allow for bigger file sizes, 2gb is too small. Thanks

      • And the local file sync to more than 20,000 items

    • I wonder this too

    • Hahaha

  2. That is awesome! Now I can put everything in Onedrive!

  3. Don’t think you mean “all versions of Office 365”; I think you mean “all consumer versions of Office 365”, unless e.g. E3 Office 365 tenants get 1TB of OneDrive as well as OneDrive for Business – which would be nice but seems unlikely.

    • Ian McLean

      Microsoft already announced back in April that Office 365 business customers would be getting 1TB of OneDrive storage from July.

      • no, that’s OneDrive for Business; entirely different product with a confusingly similar name.

        • Luís Felipe

          What Ian is saying is correct. They are just equating Office 365 and Onedrive users with Office 365 for Business and Onedrive for Business users, since these users have secured 1TB upgrade with their business plan.

  4. So, wait. I’m charged an extra penny if I want 200GB over 100GB?

    • Yes, Microsoft is stealing your pennies.

    • Anonymous

      Does your calculator tell you that the difference between $1.99 and $3.99 is one cent?

      • I guess he means that 1,99 * 2 = 3,98.

  5. Welcome

    When will be on Poland onedrive more space 15 GB ?


    • i also registered and also have 7 GB in Austria, now i read this sentence in the article: “All of these updates will take effect in the next month”

    • I want to no it to! When this changes will happen? There is no limit by country in news? So, when?

  6. Thanks! Love my OneDrive.

  7. Will I be able to increase my personal onedrive storage to 1TB as well? I already have 500GB on my external HD…

  8. Great news, I can delete GDrive now. However I’ve earned another 3GB via recommendations, does this mean i will get 18GB in total?

    • reda igbaria

      Yes,and you can install the onedrive app to your phone and get another 3 gb (by enabling auto back up to photos),and invite your friends to OneDrive, so you get on each friend 0.5GB More, (MAX 5GB)

    • Turn the Camera Uploads on to get additional 15GB. You should have 15GB base + 15GB Camera + 3GB referrals.

  9. Its too bad the OneDrive for OS X app sucks or I’d actually use this. Its a complete afterthought. MS needs to up their game on other devices. I think its happening under their new CEO, just taking some time.

    • I like it and it does what i need.

      • Good for you. Unfortunately most have used tools such as Dropbox and appreciate things like sharing (which should be a basic function of any cloud file share).

        I’ll use my free 1TB but it won’t replace a real cloud file sync tool just yet. Hopefully someday it matures past 2009 capabilities.

        • Anonymous

          Sharing is a capability on OneDrive. You can share both individual files and folders. There’s even a very easy share button to go along with this ability.

          • Anonymous

            I love one drive and it seems to be a lot faster than any other product on the market. But the way they share is weak compared to other products. A shared folder does not download and stay in sync on my computer, I need to go into an app or onto the web page.

    • ExpanDrive v4 supports OneDrive and has a pretty great mac client

      • Roger Searjeant

        I wish ExpanDrive would support OneDrive for Business. This is not the same as the consumer OneDrive. A really good sync client (e.g. ExpanDrive) is needed – I’ve found the standard Microsoft sync very, very slow.

    • Yep, we need to up our game on our Mac client. It’s very important to us, so rest assured it’s a priority.

    • Hmm, JD, how is Onedrive for OS X failing you, and which release of each are you on? I’ve had zero problems with OneDrive on any of my Macs, for at least 9 months now. Had some issues in March and April with OneDrive on Windows 8.1, but never with OneDrive on Mavericks — same 90+ GB on 2 PCs and 3 Macs.

    • I’d certainly like to see better WebDAV support on the Mac side for OneDrive; it’s already baked into Windows.

    • Christian Saborío

      I totally second this…I sync my entire photos and documents to online drives and OneDrive for OS X crashes continuously or can’t handle special characters in filenames. DropBox/GoogleDrive OS X clients are as stable as they come.

  10. Can we allocate the 1Tb across the family?

    • No need to allocate, just add them to your account…”For Office 365 Home ($9.99/mo) you’ll get 1 TB per person (up to 5 people)”

      • “Per person” – does that mean each computer that is linked to the account and has a OneDrive folder has 1TB independent terabytes in that folder? And they show up as different computers at

        • I second that question… Please can you clarify?

          • Luís Felipe

            No. You can admin up to 5 Microsoft Accounts within the same subscription. Each account can get its own 1TB individually. But if you link devices in the same account, all these devices will use space of the 1TB shared through the individual account.


    Fantastic!! Love OneDrive and the new Office 365. Was bummed about my 100 GB plan and it’s already close to 70%… we travel a lot and shoot videos / photos and this news is wonderful.

    Sounds like you’re listening to your customers.

    When are we going to get a good search functionality on the mobile and a user generated share link directly from the desktop? (Unless I’m being dense and it’s already there…)

    • Search on mobile is important (we have it on Windows Phone now), and you can share from the desktop… right click -> Share -> OneDrive

      • Licantrop0

        yeah, but that will open a web page, that requires further clicks to copy a simple link…
        We need something like DropBox.

        • exactly!

          and if you do decide to click thru the menus to send that onedrive link, your recipient gets to click to open a cluttered onedrive webpage with the file and listed next to it, all it’s embedded info (exif, location, etc) and the folder structure you have stored it in on your computer.


      • As far as I can tell, sharing is only for whole folders. When I try to share an individual file, the sharing link takes a user to the whole folder.

        Other than that though I disagree with Licantropo and Jen, I find sharing is just as simple as on Dropbox… But the sharing being folder-only instead of being able to share individual files is a let-down.

        • Licantrop0

          From the website you can share the individual files (even groups of files in the same folder).
          But again, you are forced to use the website, there is no desktop capability.



        As others have pointed out as well – I’m talking about generating a share link DIRECTLY from the desktop without opening and then clicking buttons to get the link.

        Why can’t we just right click > share and get a link pasted to the clipboard?

        And yes, waiting for solid search implemented in iOS.

  12. So if I have already purchased the 200GB extra storage, AND I have an office 365 Home subscription, will I get 1TB plus the additional 200GB storage, or is that 200GB now null and void?

    At present I have 270.5GB of storage space, so will I end up with 1.27TB?

    • From my understanding, if you purchased the +200 separately, you’ll get 1 TB + 200 GB.

  13. In May my annual plan for 100GB was renewed automatically. How will this affect me? Do i get credit? does my storage increases proportionately? Do i get screwed?

    • Enrico Caruso

      Same here. My 50GB just auto-renewed two weeks ago. Considering the 50 GB plan just got dropped, does my storage go to 100GB, or do I get the privilege of paying more for 50GB than everyone else does for 100GB?

      • You’re screwed… just like me

      • based on the comments in the blog, you’ll automatically get upgraded to 100 GB, and your billing will go to $1.99 a month once your annual subscription expires.

  14. Great job folks! Way to move me over to one drive for everything. =)

  15. You should probably fix the OneDrive (Signing In…) bug first.

    • jjjustinnn

      Just hit your enter key instead of the “next” button.

  16. HandsomeMan

    great, so if I already referred friends and did the camera roll thing to upgrade my 7 GB free to 15 GB, does this mean I’ll get another 15 GB for 30 total GB?

    • No, we are getting 8 more gigs, they make it 23GB in total.

  17. Great news for onedrive!

  18. Check out ExpanDrive 4 for use with OneDrive. Supports Win & Mac. You can access the contents of OneDrive without having to sync everything down to your machine. A great way to offload data and take advantage of a 1TB account without needing spend days sync’ing or keep your drive full of data you rarely use.

    • you can right click on folders and files to sync as offline avail or online-only…. and still see all headers.

    • Yeah, this works fine with the OneDrive app for Windows too. You can right-click files/folders and offline/online them and still be able to browse them.

      Sounds like ExpanDrive is a good option for Macs though, where the OneDrive app is not so good.

  19. David A. Lessnau

    When will Microsoft encrypt our data while it’s at rest on their servers?

    • good question!

    • Anonymous

      What? And give up their NSA bed-mates? Surely you jest!

  20. GREAT! But am I missing something here? When will this upgrade occur?

    • As it says in the article: “All of these updates will take effect in the next month.”

  21. This is great. However this great news doesn’t affect early adopters like me that have been using the service for years. Microsoft gave away 25Gb to all the early adopters years ago. Since that many other free space upgrade has been done and we haven’t received anything more. I have asked myself why every time… :S I’m very glad for the good of all the ecosystem and I am very thankful for the initial 25Gb that are still more than what is offered free to the standard users but I have tablets and phones synced to my OneDrive and the space is becoming more and more precious to me at this point. Buying an upgrade could be the option but I don’t get why the upgrades exclude us, tho.

    • Lars Passic

      The upgrades have not excluded us early adopters. When they announced the switch to OneDrive, the 3 extra gb for the camera upload became available to us bringing us up to 28gb (borrow a friends android phone and enable photo upload if you don’t have a smartphone. Then sign out and enjoy the 3gb). And also the refer functionality can add something like 8gb, bringing up to 46gb of no-cost cloud storage.

      That being said, I was hoping that the early adopters were getting the raises too.

      • 25GB + 5GB referring + 3GB photos = 33GB in total. Where did you get 46GB?

  22. If you simply added the couple of features everybody have been waiting for years, that would be the real “killer” offering.
    For example: being able to sync locally other people’s shared folders with you. Or being able to put comments on files and really collaborate with other people.

    Stop beating around the bush and offer this soon!!

    • You can currently collaborate with other people using their Office Online (

  23. Great news. When will this start reflecting in user account? Right now the free storage section shows 7GB.

    • “All of these updates will take effect in the next month.”

      • Next month my ***, ITS ONLY FOR NEW CUSTOMERS believe it or not

  24. While this is fantastic news, it would be even better (and more user-friendly) if you could drag/drop folders from desktop to OneDrive via browser. I know I can instal a sync client, but sometimes I just want the files on OneDrive only and having to recreate folder structures is annoying and time-consuming and impractical.

    • I remember I was able to do this. I just created the top folder and dropped the rest in it.

      Have you tried it?

  25. WOW!!!! Now THIS is competitive pricing. Great job OneDrive team 😀

  26. This is great but OneDrive needs to fix two things:
    1) Remove the 2GB file size cap. (I have a RED camera so it breaks up files at the Fat32 4GB file size so I can’t share RED footage with clients.
    2) Make the sync download speed not terrible on Windows 8.1 I get about 0.9 mbps transfer speeds on an 80mbps connection. If I go to the website I get the full 80mbps if I just wait for Windows to download it and sync changes it’s horrendously slow.

    Bonus: Add bit level diff/deduping and we would pay for 10TB.

    • Enrico Caruso

      Here! Here! I’d pay more for uploads that were not stuck at 2007 speeds. The issue has improved somewhat in the past months, but I’d drop my Dropbox account tomorrow if OneDrive speeds were similar. As it stands, if I need quick access, I put it in Dropbox. If I need archival storage, it goes to OneDrive.

    • Use pCloud, it gives you max speed. Watch videos with no buffering. Listen to music anywhere, anytime. File versions. No file size limits. Sync folders located anywhere without moving them to one folder.

      Get it here (you get 1GB extra with this link): gg . gg/pcloudreg

      If you don’t want to register, you can still send files up to 5GB: transfer .pcloud .com

      • P Cloud? That’s an unfortunate name!

        • pCloud, not P Cloud. What the heck are you trying to say? It’s a cloud storage service. There’s nothing to do with the name!

  27. I love it much!

  28. Hugo Gyles

    Increase the max file size. 2GB is way too small in this day and age.

  29. Nick Kaiser

    When does this take affect?

  30. Ritesh Agarwal

    Excellent job…keep it up Microsoft and Satya Nadella…
    Google drive was never good. With this awesome storage and massive improvements in onedrive, we are going to see lot of people leaving dropbox too…

  31. Please increase the max file size, a mere 3 min video off my phone at 1080p hits the 2GB file size limit making the service not fully usable. Is the same file size limit across all accounts ?

  32. Seems good, but I can’t use OneDrive in Windows 8.1 without converting my Local Account to a Microsoft Account.

    Hope in future versions of Windows this integration is not mandatory, since I’m not willing to link my personal account with my work Windows Account.

    • Install the desktop client and you’re good to go.

      • James Morris

        False. Windows 8.1 DOESN’T LET YOU install the desktop client, so you can no longer choose your onedrive account to sync with. Windows 7, yes. Windows 8, yes. Windows 8.1 NO.

        • Anonymous


          • James Morris

            Because they wanted to “simplify the experience”. As soon as you log into windows 8.1 with your Microsoft Account, it also logs you in to OneDrive. So the only way to log in to another OneDrive is to log in to another windows account. It was a very stupid thing to do. Even Office lets you choose which OneDrive account to sync, though I assume they’ll axe that some time too.

            Anyway, with enough “feedback” they may change back to allow you to choose which OneDrive you sync. But for now, if your windows account is not the same Microsoft account as your OneDrive (like if you use 2 different computers and one has a different user account), they OneDrive is useless. You can’t sync it. Unless of course you revert to windows 7, then it will work fine.

    • James Morris

      I have this same exact situation. They seem to be working on “shared folders” so maybe that will mean you can just share your folder with your work computer.

    • I have a domain account right now on 8.1 Professional and it’s tied to my OneDrive account – no MS account required… The only thing I am unable to do with the local or domain account is “Back up settings”. You should be able to associate your OneDrive/MS account with the local ordomain account through the Metro settings -> Accounts -> Connect to a Microsoft Account. There’s also an article here (it says domain, but in theory should work for standard local accounts):
      I have a local account at my house and it is also associated to my OneDrive; Running 8.1 Professional as well.

  33. From here –, the cost per month for 100 GB comes out to be $4.16. Where does the “previous cost” of $7.49/month noted in the post come from? Also, what is happening to the 50 GB for $25 tier? Is the cost being lowered or is it being phased out?

  34. Any plans to increase the single file size limit from 2GB? I run into this limitation quite often as a film maker.

  35. Anonymous

    Will OneDrive for Business still have the 20,000 file limit?

    • I’d like to know this too!

      • And I’d like to know it too !!!
        Otherwise, what’s the point of the 1TB (other than marketing power)

        • Is there an answer to this. I am new to OneDrive for Business and completely frustrated with this limitation.

  36. When will this take effect in Canada?

  37. you do know that the files are not secure right? microsoft has access to everything you upload…. i work for google, and i know!!!! its the truth!!!

    • TheHubster

      Ha ha ha Google ha ha ha truth ha haha

  38. Even more great news. You guys just don’t stop improving. I love it!

    The very last thing I’m waiting for is co-authoring of folders and files. Then, OneDrive will be absolutely perfect for every single need that I have, personally and professionally.

    Thanks again, OneDrive team!

  39. Please sort out the 2GB file limit, it really is a pain and probably the only reason why I still use dropbox and gdrive despite having paid for a 100GB on Onedrive.

    Plus as others have mentioned, the app is beyond horrible. I wish I could use it without having to go into the horrible windows 8 mode.

    • OneDrive is integrated with Windows 8.1. To the left navigation pane, click on “OneDrive”. I never use the metro app version.

      • You have to use it whenever there’s an sync error (ie a few times a week, because it’s so sh**ty)

        I hate metro, and I hate the skydrive app

  40. Edward Jin

    Microsoft needs to improve the feature of OneDrive. We still can’t upload folders on

    • that’s true. You cannot do that in the browser. It’s currently a limitation of HTML file upload in web browsers. There are ways to work around this, but we’d recommend installing OneDrive on your Mac or PC and uploading folders that way.

      • Wrong, Google Drive can upload folders.

        I don’t install local sync clients because they tend to be quite problematic. So for me using the browser is a MUCH better solution. The main reason I don’t use OneDrive is because I am unwilling to recreate my entire folder structure.

        Stuff like this is the very reason youre losing so badly to Google/Apple right now, it’s the small details (just like the 2GB limit). I always know with MS products there will be a “catch” that keeps me from committing.

        • What browser do you use? If it’s Chrome then it may be using a non-standards method to get the folder from your OS. But it may not work with other browsers. (Just a thought.)

      • James Morris

        yeah, but with windows 8.1 you silly people DISABLED the desktop client. So I cannot sync my OneDrive on the computer that uses a different (local) user account.

  41. When will these changes take effect?

  42. Joscelin Trouwborst

    I was desperately waiting for this. I can do with this 1 TB on my Office365 account. Now I can have all my photos I have for Microsoft Bing Photosynth on OneDrive instead of Google Drive, where the Google Maps Views people granted me free extra space. I love the sync granularity of OneDrive over Google Drive.
    Now please have synchronization for shared folders and files, as well as a lift of file size to accommodate 4k video clips.

  43. When will this free one upgrade happen ?

  44. This is awesome. I am a user of Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Xbox. And I am a University undecided with Office 365. Now you’ve made me clear. How begins the new academic year in two months there I’ll be. “Hello Office 365 University!”

    • Awesome. I agree that the University offer is pretty amazing.

      • But best in the US, 34USD more expensive in Norway (almost 50% more). Also not available in many countries.

  45. this is great, but any plans on upping that 2GB file-size limit? with this announcement, it looks all the more ridiculous and outdated, especially when competing services have far higher limits, far more in-line with the times..

    I’d love to take advantage of my now 1TB+ of storage space, but its pretty difficult when I can’t store many of the files in my video collection (the very files I’d love to have available to me in the cloud to enjoy on my Surface and Xbox One…)

  46. Konstantinos C. Kaplanis

    Will the 2GB maximum upload size be increased as well?

    • I’ll write what I wrote below

      “We haven’t announced changes to the max file size. 2GB file limit with 1TB of OneDrive is def not cool though. I’ll leave you to read between the lines.”

      • Along with increasing the max file size, will OneDrive be increasing the max number of files. The present limit of 20k files is pretty ridiculous and many people will find they are unable to use even a fraction of their 1TB drive space when it gets rolled out. I don’t see why the number of files should be limited if the over storage space is limited.

        This is a very important issue for me, as it will make the difference between expanding my Google Drive or staying with the Office 365 I just subscribed to thinking I would have my 1TB space, which has not happened yet.


  47. Any thoughts on getting feature parity with Box, GoogleDrive, and DropBox? We really need shared folders to be synchronizable on the recipient’s machine. Right now the person you share with only gets a link to download the file or browse the folder online, but they can’t sync it with their own OneDrive folders. So, for example, family members can’t share pictures and have them sync on everyone’s machine with OneDrive like you can with other products.

    • Yep. We know all about the pain with shared folders. No one wants this fixed more than me. I mean that.

      • Pieter Hartgerink

        Am very happy you say this, Omar. I will straightaway move to OneDrive when this feature becomes available.

      • First of all, thank you! That is quite an upgrade.
        That being said, OneDrive really needs true shared folders that can be synced at both ends (a la Dropbox). This is really a strange omission. One that is added I will have zero reason to use Dropbox.
        Oh, and that 2 GB limit needs to go 😉

  48. When does the 1.0 TB Upgrade Take Effect?

  49. Will the 2.0 GB file size limit also be increased?

    • We haven’t announced changes to the max file size. 2GB file limit with 1TB of OneDrive is def not cool though. I’ll leave you to read between the lines.

      • Sounds awesome! Can’t wait.

  50. When you will fix unicode filenames in zip files? It’s 21’st century for god sake!

    • The ZIP file standard is not a Microsoft controlled standard. ZIP files can only have ANSI file names in them; this has been that way ever since the format was created. But Microsoft has nothing to do with it. PKWare created the original standard and others have just implemented libraries that inter-operate with it. If one vendor changed the implementation and allowed unicode file names, then other ZIP libraries would not be able to open the files. That defeats the purpose of having a standard.

  51. So I can put a 100gb encrypted file of my drive in one go up now? or is the pitiful 2gb limit still going to apply?

  52. Good job Microsoft! You just got yourself another 365 subscriber!

  53. Any word on per-file limits? The 2GB per file limit on OneDrive has caused me some headaches at times.

  54. I just need it to work better.

  55. Is it possible to purchase additional space beyond the initial 1TB? Not sure if the 1TB limit (based on sharepoint site collection limit) still applies. If more space can be purchased, is it at the rate of $1.99 per additional 100GB? Thanks.

  56. Great news. Even if it still does not meet my needs for “one place for all of your stuff: your photos, videos, documents and other files”, as just photos alone requires multiplying size by factor 20, but it’s a great step forward to at least be able to move most used documents onto OneDrive. Looking forward to this, thanks!

  57. I’ve been waiting for this to happen! This is amazing news! I can finally drop Google completely!

    • Luís Felipe


  58. Great news! I currently use Dropbox, GDrive and OneDrive simultaneously due to space limits. A whopping 1TB of space would mean for me to be able to fully set aside the two other offers.

    These have been mentioned before, but in order to make me ditch the others, OneDrive first must be able to do following:

    1. True shared folders – just like Dropbox and GDrive. I was shocked when I realized this still is not functioning yet. This is an absolute prerequisite for using OneDrive as my primary cloud drive. I can not stress it enough!
    2. Cap size to at least 4GB from 2GB. This has been mentioned quiet often already
    3. I have a laptop with 160GB SSD. There is no way I will ever use all the 1TB available if I only sync with my C:/Users/Max/OneDrive folder. And I don’t just want to have to be able to manually set which subfolders to sync. I would like to be able to determine which drives I want to sync. MEGA does offer this function. I would LOVE to sync my 1TB external harddrive to not to have to worry about this drive failing and me losing all my data.
    4. Improve Office 365 Online apps. We tried them and they look nice – productive work however is not possible yet. So many features from the offline software are not included, it’s a pain.
    5. VERY big on my wishlist: True collaboration in the native Windows Word/Excel/Powerpoint 365 software. Not just when saving the file and not just when the file is saved in my OneDrive
    6. Compabitibility between 365 and online software.

  59. Then there are security issues. Wuala and as it seems MEGA are more advanced in this issue.

    Professors at our University are starting to demand not to use Dropbox, GDrive and OneDrive because of information security issues.

    If Microsoft now in addition to the large available space would add shared folders and end-to-end encryption (with two-factor authentication) it would be a huge selling point and immediately set it off the other offers.

    • NSA and USA gov can always ask a passport/backdooor/hack for this… We can’t trust USA service anymore.

  60. What about Surface owners? I’ve purchased two Surfaces recently and upgraded my one-drive to 200 GB (for two years). As a Surface owner, I need far more cloud storage than the average Office 365 user, don’t you think? Before I’d even think about buying an S3, I’d expect there to be at least a 1TB OneDrive coupon in there.

    Also… Yes, 2 GB file limits suck.
    File transfer rates are slowing down again…. Looks like your campaign is working. Just down oversaturate the users that actually pays for the service. 🙂

    • another disgruntled, paying customer with subscriptions to OneDrive, Office 365, and Skype. Why do I pay for these?

      • You probably pay for them because you’re getting an amazing value. Based on what you just described, you’re going to be getting 1TB of storage from your O365 sub (which basically means you won’t have to pay extra for onedrive anymore) and you still get skype minutes with your O365 sub. So basically, this announcement means you get a huge value for less money.

        What exactly is your problem here?

        • The problem is that 1tb sounds good… but the reality is different. Fundemental, basic flaws in the Microsoft business logic causes un-necessary problems for their customers.
          Why doesn;t OneDrive sync properly across defined folders and devices like Dropbox ? Why can’t a folder be shared with friends and family like dropbox ?
          And what idiots are offering 1tb of space, yet limiting file sizes to 2gb ? I see another comment mentioning limit on max number of files…
          The 2gb limit is causing me many problems , with an acronis backup file of 33gb I’d like to upload, yet have had to hjsplit into 16 files…
          Individual video files in 4k or 1080p quickly exceed 2gb.
          Microsoft, get this Sorted out or you’ve lost this customer (microsoft 365 subscriber)

  61. My 20 GB plan ($10) renews 7/1, technically that’s “next month”
    What happens? Do I get charged and grandfathered in?
    There really isn’t a new plan comparable to the old… other than the free.

    Second question – If I’m in a grey area between plans, what happens if I remove my credit card for automatic renewal until the new plan is available?

  62. So I canceled this service 11 month ago and noticed today they still charged me. Of course MS has a 15 day return policy.

    I will never use any of those obese and overloaded products again. If you really want to throw money at a company that has bad customer service go ahead.

    I rather use a word processor that is great at just that writing text than giving MS one more dollar.

  63. Joe Sarsero

    Do symbolic links work with OneDrive? I would prefer to retain my current folder structure on my computer and put symbolic links into OneDrive as I have done with Dropbox.

  64. Where in Office365/OneDrive do I find the amount of “OneDrive for Business” storage that I’ve used? or have left?

  65. I have a couple hundred gigs of OneDrive storage that I’m not using all that well since folder uploading through the browser doesn’t work. I don’t know if moving the OneDrive directory to my terabyte hard drives is ok to do in Windows 8.1, and even then I don’t want to copy over a redundant 100+ gigs and have two copies occupying my hard drives. Even setting up OneDrive as a networked drive in Windows doesn’t work because of network time outs. 🙁

  66. That problem would be fixed if there was selective file upload from the file system, either File Explorer on the Desktop or OneDrive apps, to just upload that folder to OneDrive and that’s it.

    • I second this question. What are the implications for OVS-ES / CASA-EES subscribers and their free A2 plan?

      • Christian


  67. Great service! Thank you, Microsoft for providing it.

  68. If OneDrive would drop the 2GB upload size limit, I could finally drop Dropbox. I’ll keep my fingers crossed on that one.

  69. Thank you for this good news,

    When the upgrade will take effect from 7GB to 15GB?


    • Same here. I just enter OneDrive account, nothing happened.

      • If you actually read the WHOLE article it says next month.

        • Oh, I read it too fast and skipped this part. Thanks. The 15GB is very helpful for me since I only got 1GB left.

  70. Just purchased 100Gb additional OneDrive storage and now I find out I’m getting 1Tb in the next month with my 365 subscription. Refund?

  71. Doug MacKay

    2 things would be very handy.

    1. Make it easier to add folders to One Drive via browser. I have a Surface Pro with 512gb of storage. How am I supposed to get 1tb online by adding a file at a time? This primarily relates to adding content from external drives.
    2. Make it easy for my family to share music, photos and videos. I am an Office 365 subscriber with 5 people in the family. There is no way to use the Windows 8.1 built in apps to share this family content among the 5 users even though we are on the same account. I still use Google for that but am anxious to simplify everything with Microsoft and Office 365. Help me out with this and the need for many external/non-Microsoft resources goes away. Who knows, I might even get the wife and kids to part with their iPhones and Droid to join me in the WP8.1 experience.
    3. Bonus request. Add file versioning to One Drive like File History on 8.1. my 64gb sd card is always overflowing on my 512gb Surface Pro 2.

    Good stuff.

  72. My purchase of Office 365 Home for 5 PCs or Macs and 5 Tablets/Phones
    earlier this year really pays off now.

    So much storage chucked in means that all other cloud storage sites that I have used are going to be closed down.

    Actually prefer to be in the Microsoft environment than with the others.

  73. Now I just wish the path/filename length issue was fixed. Then I could use onedrive instead of other services.

  74. If I get Office 365 University now, will I get the 1tb space as soon as it’s available?

  75. I am totally ok with this!! Thanks 😀

  76. This is awesome! With all this great storage, the next major step should be more advanced backup options. Snapshots of the whole drive and file histories would be great and extremely valuable with the new size limits in place.

  77. When will this pricing be avail. in Poland?

  78. Hope this is a global thing and all customers worldwide will benefit not just the USA.

    1TB of storage would allow me to move everything to the cloud, including my web design business.

  79. This is amazing news! I’m going to have more space on OneDrive than I do on my computer, thanks to my 365 subscription!

  80. I wish Microsoft would make an Mail App for iOS.
    OneDrive, One Note and Skype are not complete without Mail. The Apple Mail app just doesn’t have access to the cool features like filters.

  81. Brandon B

    It would be great if you could adapt your IOS app to stop renaming images durring upload.

  82. Any chance of LAN sync option? This is the killer feature on Dropbox that allows my data to sync across my home network so my bandwidth doesn’t get hammered by sending data to your data centre and then downloading multiple times to each of my computers at home.

  83. Philip Cass

    Any ETA on OneDrive personal working with roaming profiles on windows 8.1?

  84. Is there any news on a Linux client? I realise it’s pretty niche, but we have a bunch of customers using O365 for their business, but using Dropbox to share files because there’s no easy way of syncing their OneDrive files with their local documents.

  85. Hi Omar,
    This morning I was ecstatic on the news, finally planned to move all my personal data to OneDrive.
    That was until I got home, tried to move it from my SSD to my HDD’s, and got a message saying that I need to select an NTFS drive.
    The question is, is support for OneDrive desktop client on ReFS Storage Spaces coming any time soon?
    Or should I go back to NTFS if I want to use OneDrive.

    Thanks in advance for any insight.

    • Anonymous

      I too ran into this exact problem. You give us access to this great new file system and your cloud storage product doesn’t support it…

      Keep working on that One Microsoft plan.

  86. I still have 7GB and full ( I though I would just get since it was announced and added files, now I dont even know which are synced)

  87. I have Enthusiast bonus up to 20 GB (valid through: 20/02/2016) so that means after the bonus is over, I will only have 23 GB storage (including the additional 3 GB Camera roll bonus & 5 GB Referral bonus) if I haven’t used that 20 GB?

  88. Are that global plans? E.g. for Germany.
    Thank you for your answer.

  89. Licantrop0

    How about introducing the desktop sync of Shared folders?
    It’s impossible to MoveCopy files from your personal OneDrive folder to a “shared with you” one, even from the Web!

    Think about this COMMON scenario:
    – User A, B, C go to a vacation together.
    – Everybody took pictures with their phones (with automatic upload on the camera roll)
    – User A create a folder on his OneDrive and share (with edit permission) that with User B and C.
    – User B an C wants to copy files from Camera Roll to the Shared Folder by User A.

    They cant do that entirely from the website, they can’t do that entirely from the Desktop or modern app, they can’t do that from any Phone app.

    They are forced to open the browser window with the shared folder opened, and drag & drop the files from the synced camera roll folder in the desktop.
    This is just plain stupid.

    Also, why the Groups feature was removed?

  90. When is the roll out on to 1 tb for 365 Home ?

  91. Lauren Glenn

    Let’s hope they fix the situation where items don’t sync or where you delete items and they keep coming back over and over again.

    Still, it’s now a better deal than Google Drive and more reliable that whatever that GD service is. That service lost me so many files that I just bought an external drive.

    Can we get rid of the 2GB file limit now, also?

  92. I got the ‘Enthusiast bonus’ (20gb, valid through 2/19/2015) but have not yet been allocated 15gb. Still on 7gb free. Will the next 8gb be allocated in the next few days? Anyone knows? I’m in London, UK.

  93. Chris Smith

    When does this go into effect?

  94. Great news.

    Now if we can just get 2 additional updates:
    1. Removal of 2gb file size constraint.
    2. Ability to fine tune selective sync. I’d like to have a one way sync from 1 safe source pc into onedrive and then all other pcs and devices have a one way sync from onedrive to those devices.

    • Use pCloud, it gives you max speed. Watch videos with no buffering. Listen to music anywhere, anytime. File versions. No file size limits. Sync folders located anywhere without moving them to one folder.

      Get it here (you get 1GB extra with this link): gg . gg/pcloudreg

      If you don’t want to register, you can still send files up to 5GB: transfer .pcloud .com

  95. I’m a bit upset as I bought the Ondrive 50Go plan 7 days ago for 20€!!! Is there a way to cancel this plan and get the 1To storage (as I’m also Office 360 personal plan subscriber) ?
    Please tell me it’s possible to get a refund…

  96. Any news about the OneDrive for Business Sync Client for OSX ?

  97. James Morris

    I have 150GB of OneDrive but now it is completely useless. At work I was using my onedrive account, but now that the computers are upgraded to win 8.1, I can no longer sync with my onedrive because the user account that I log in with at work is not the same one that I have my 150GB of onedrive with.

    So all my 150GB of OneDrive are useless because I can’t have them sync with my other computer, WHICH WORKED FINE ON WINDOWS 7/8. I’m so, so, so, disappointed, but I’m forced to now go find dropbox or someone who can sync my folder. I could “share” my folder with the onedrive built into my work computer, but that doesn’t work either.

    Microsoft ruined OneDrive by disabling you to select which onedrive account you sync, and not even 50TB of storage can fix that.

  98. Clarification please. You only mention the 1Tb as available to Office365 monthly $9.99 subscription. Presumably that also includes those like me who paid the $99.99 annual subscription.

  99. What about Australian users? The latest pricing on ‘Manage Storage’ shows Office365 + a measly 20GB for a whopping $12 per month.

    I have purchased storage on top of my 25GB free (early adopter 🙂 ) but would subscribe to Office365 in a shot for a decent amount of storage.

  100. And about per-file limits? The 2GB per file limit on OneDrive is embarrassing. No size limit now!

  101. Two words: Delta sync. If you expect users to use this amount of storage seriously then you’ll need to up performance. OneDrive is the only provider without delta sync.

    • Agreed!

  102. I have 2 questions:
    1. When will the 1tb per user be available in Australia?
    2. I have a 100gb internet usage allowance per month with my service provider. Does this mean that I would not be effectively able to utilise the storage in any event as I would not be able to synch the files in any case?


    When can I buy 1 TB from you folks for my personal (no-office) account?

  104. I was already convinced of the value of monthly subscription over full price license by Adobe,
    your offer is really amazing and decide me to go for a 365 Home subscription for the family.

    This the Tb/user is an extremely high value feature, I intend to use it to secure my data.

    Thank you MS

    A happy user

  105. When will the extra 8GB be added to my account?

  106. And you call it massive increase… Last year got 1TB up from cloud totally for frer.

  107. Thomas Bass

    When will this happen?

  108. Hmmm…3 days later and still shows 7GB and not the new 15GB. Was there a date for this change? I didn’t notice it in your post.



    • Original post: “All of these updates will take effect in the next month. For current subscribers, you are all set, you’ll automatically be moved to the lower prices.”

      In addition the email I received states the following: “We’ll update your plan automatically by August 31st. You will receive a refund for the remaining time on your current plan to the credit card that was used to purchase it before moving to the new monthly plan.”

  109. I have an Office 365 subscription with the OneDrive storage. I will be purchasing SharePoint for personal use, learning the program. Can I use my OneDrive for the SharePoint cloud or do I need to use regular commercial cloud space?

  110. Could you inform us this opportunity accessible with Office Professional product?
    Thank you!

  111. 1TB excellent news. now need onedrive for business to sync photos automatically with phones. Also easy move onedrive to onedrive for business.

  112. Warren Stuart

    I only see 7GB free + 3GB Camera roll bonus in my account. Has this not been rolled out globally?

  113. Mike Griff

    Can i get more than 20,000 files on it>?
    Even if the size is less than 50GB?
    Can I access it in a “mapped network drive” format?

  114. kevin wood

    Can i get clarification on this, does this apply to Enterprise E1-E3 subscriptions plans, where each user currently gets 50gb of personal onedrive business storage

  115. Rauf Akram

    I only see 7GB free + 3GB Camera roll bonus in my account. Has this not been rolled out globally?

  116. Hi Omar,

    I’d like to know if the 15 GB has been implemented to all accounts across countries or if it’s available to certain accounts only. I’d be glad to hear anything from your team.


  117. Kapil Mohta

    I have been a legacy user of One Drive and consequently have 25 GB Free space in my account. Would the free space in my account increase by 8 GB to 33 GB?

  118. Bruce Case

    I have Office 365 (university 4 year version) and according to this I should receive the 1 TB. However, I currently pay for 200 MB additional, and I received an email saying this would be “reduced” to $4 per month. Shouldn’t it be reduced to Nothing at All, given the Office 365 subscription?

  119. hello i dont see any difference about the amount og gb on my onedrive.
    is anything wrong

  120. Andrew Stehman

    I have 7gb for free 3 for the camera roll. Then Later on I got two emails and got two codes to had 20gb of more memory each and got 50 gb I need to know how to get the new 15 gb for free

  121. Is the 15gb available now for new users?
    I was wondering if old users who initially got 7gb free will get an extra 8gb free so that they also have got a total of 15gb free from onedrive?

  122. In several places in the article you seem to mention “1Tb for any $X. XX/month Office365 subscription “. Will those that purchased an annual subscription also be eligible for the free 1Tb storage?

  123. Thank you for improving your service. It is now competitive and I’m now a new subscriber to the Office 365 because of the 1TB inclusion.

  124. When do these changes occur? I have a paid OneDrive account as well as O365 Personal (5 machine account with 4 family members). I’m in the process of deciding cloud storage migration from Dropbox (I have about 800GB on Dropbox that I’d like to move most of the content over to OneDrive).

    • in July it’s being rolled out. They’ve mentioned this several times in the comments 🙂

  125. I’m already a OneDrive customer, so does this new increase benefit me or not? If it doesn’t, it’s not fair to all of us that are already OneDrive customers.

    • Eye Roller

      If you read the entire article, you wouldn’t be asking this question.

  126. What happens for users who paid for 200gb upfront?

  127. Please just remove the file size limit!

  128. When is this happening?

    This announcement is 7 days old and none of our office 365-related accounts have been increased with the 1TB bonus.

    At what point should we start bogging down your customer support people? Giving exact dates is kind of necessary with these kinds of announcements.

    • Brian, the announcement say “JULY”, and that certain month is younger than 9 hours (in middle Europe) 😉

      • I think his point is that the announcement without a date certain is nothing but hot air. It’s now July 14 and I foolishly tried to move a bunch of images into my “expanded” account that it turns out isn’t expanded yet, and I am mighty annoyed.

  129. It’s 1st July now, unfortunately the upgrade is not there yet. Anyone?

    • Still 7GB free base…

  130. Can I say Onedrive is really awesome!!! However, we can not get 100% performance in China. Upload and download is slow… Is there any engineer can solve this problem?

    • anywhere in the world download is slow.
      That’s why it’s cheap….
      it’s just impossible to view a video in good quality without huge lag

  131. It is the first of July – so we have first day of the next month – no upgrade with my account! 🙁

    • Reflector

      “All of these updates will take effect in the next month.”

      still 30 day to go. Call me a bean counter, but July, 31st 11:59:59pm is still the “next month” 😉

      Don’t worry – I am as impatient as you 😉

      • Not if you’re in a different timezone and it’s August 1st already lol.

  132. Geanswerman

    I am guessing it was delayed for the 15 GB since the websites still show 7 GB for free.

    I hope the 15 GB starts soon.

    • He only said SOMETIME in July.

  133. Thats good hear by kicking up free space, hope this space increase to 50 Gb for free.

  134. Has Microsoft addressed the file item limit in OneDrive for Business

    If not and there is still a 5000 file limit per OneDrive account then the extra storage is worthless

  135. Marco Bárcenas

    July 1st 2014 04:22pm and still no upgrade, we’ll be waiting ’till July 31st

  136. I received an email about the update… I think that is near

    • Heard those promises before and still nothing 🙁

      • This Is not a promise because I HAD this email.
        Also, There is a message about upcoming new prices on the “plans” (subscribtions) page.

  137. I’m currently on a $50 annual plan. Would I get any extra storage from this update?

  138. Hi OneDrive Blog,

    Could you give me any indication as to when the 1Tb storage uplift will be activated for Office 365 subscribers?

    Many thanks


    • From the answer I received, it will be around mid-July

  139. I cannot see any plans / subscriptions for OneDrive (1TB) + Office 365 here in Denmark yet.

    Special offer here still says Office 365 + 20 GB Onedrive



    I am a paid customer, I have 100GB of OneDrive, am I getting any increase?

    I’m at my 100GB limit and may upgrade to 200GB but not if paying customers get treated less well than non-paying ones.

    • You will be updated. The new plans are not available just yet.

  141. July 3 and the prices are still not as touted in this blog post.
    What gives? I’m ready to buy at the new prices, but…

    • US National holiday July 4th and now a weekend. They only said “next month” so sometime this month.

  142. I am looking at buying some more storage for my OneDrive account, but the prices on the website have not reflected the change. When will that be updated?

    • This applies only to NEW customers, so you will need to delete your account , make a new or just open a new one!


        They only said that the changes would come this month, so sometime this month.

      • That is a blatant fallacy. This applies to existing customers as well. If you had the 25GB from MS OneDrive, you will still have 25GB. If you had the 7GB, you will get the 15GB. The 15GB is the base and should not include any camera roll bonus or referral bonuses you may have, those I assume will be in addition to the 15GB. If you have the 100GB enthusiast bonus (using bing rewards), you should still maintain that 100GB on top of everything else. If you are a O365 subscriber, you will be bumped up to that 1TB tier. If you have purchased more space, either through OneDrive directly or through O365, your prices will drop to the newer rate automatically, however, it is not clear what happens with those customers. I do not know if this applies to the international clientele, chances are, it will. So in short, if you are currently a paying O365 subscriber, you will get the 1TB storage. If you are a paying OneDrive Only customer, you will get the additional space and the lower rate, all prorated. This is basically what the Blog post stated, so I’m not sure what all the confusion is about. Do not believe that this applies to new customers only, that is just plain silly and something MS rarely does with these types of services.

  143. I just decided to move all my files to my one drive as this seemed like a great option to be able to access my files anywhere, especially since this has full compatibility with all my office files. I have about 13 GB of files, but I keep getting a message that I have exceeded my storage capacity. I really wish that this new plans become effective immediately.

    Do we know when these will become effective.

  144. Will 200GB subscribers be automatically transitioned to Office 365 with 1TB since the price is pretty much equivalent as the old 200GB plan? I am happy to pay the same price for O365 + 1TB as I used to pay for the 200GB, I am just wondering how the transition will happen.

    • its for new customers ONLY my friend! I asked MS and they told me.

      • Really? That really sucks if true :(. This post makes it sound like it is with the subscription.

        • Typical marketing **** from microsoft,

      • To quote this article:

        “All of these updates will take effect in the next month. For current subscribers, you are all set, you’ll automatically be moved to the lower prices.”

    • 200GB has nothing to do with Office, the ones that have Office 365 with 20GB OneDrive will get the 1TB OneDrive storage.

  145. So….when will this land?

  146. Two questions: First; I noticed that OneDrive has disappeared from the SharePoint Admin Center. Is this related to the upgrade process and when can I expect to see it be restored?
    Second; We’re on the Edu A2 plan, will OneDrive increase to 1TB per user?

  147. When?? please, tell us when (a day, a week, a countdown, something like that)? I’m eager to have 1TB to upload the **** out of my computer.

    • Thanks

  148. Michael S.

    A few german Office 365 users have received their upgrade to 1TB storage. Nothing on my Office 365 account, but it looks like the upgrade is rolling out now.

    • Exciting!!!

      Thanks for the update 🙂

    • I am patiently waiting here in the US.

  149. Omar, Ante todo Buenos dias,
    Pregunta: Tengo lleno mi One Drive:
    ¿Cuando estara disponible los 15GB en Argentina?
    Saludos.- Usuario

  150. Office 365 Small Business should get an option for 1TB on onedrive. We use a mix of Macs and PCs and OneDrive for Business 1 TB is pointless without a mac client. Or release a Mac Client?

  151. my onedrive still 7gb, when it upgrade to 15gb

    • I ve been told this option is only for *new* registered customers on

      • You have been told wrong, all will get the new 15GB (except the ones that have the good old 25GB)

        They only said that the upgrade would come this month, still just the beginning and they have just celebrated their Independence Day.


    I’m really confused.. You say everyone gets 15GB for free. But I still have only 7 GB !! And when I open the page of your site, One Drive com, all I can see is “… on any device, free. Plus, get 7 GB when you sign up.! Where are then the 15GB ? It’s just for USA accounts?
    And then I can read “You can earn an extra 3 GB of storage when you activate your camera roll backup to save photos automatically. … Refer up to 10 friends…”bla. bla.bla. Is that your fantastic 15GB? You’re not giving nothing , it’s the same old story then?
    I really dont understand.
    I dont use my camera and never will. And I dont refer to no one. Because all of them , they already have an Outlook account . It seems there’s no future for me , then !! I’m doomed !! 🙂
    Anyway, I have 3 external hard drives and I need a new one! 🙂
    Have a great week !

    • Wow, Drama queen. They did not say exactly when these upgrades would occur. only that it would be sometime in July. Calm down.

  153. Hi
    does one drive for Business will have app for mac ? when ?

    please send the answer to –


  154. Still waiting for the plans update to buy Office 365 Personal. I hope this option include 1TB for OneDrive.

  155. Will the increase from 7 to 15 GB apply to us in the UK please ? Rumours suggest it may not.

  156. Thanks for the increase! 1 TB sounds massive!

  157. Joscelin Trouwborst

    It’s July, anything moving?

  158. Robert Pearson

    Still patiently waiting for my 1TB update… Was the reason I bought into Office 365 to begin with. Hopefully this “soon” doesn’t become like Blizzard’s version of “soon” with their Diablo series… haha.

    • Exactly the reason why i did subscribed too. Office with 1TB cannot go wrong, plus you get support and no longer need to worry about upgrading to the latest version of office too.

  159. Rich Morey

    Any ETA on the roll out of the 1TB? I am an OFfice 365 subscriber and keep checking my OneDrive status but the available space has not increased.



  160. What’s the hold up?

  161. Dropbox doesn’t cap file size if placed on your computer in the dropbox directory. This is great so I can backup my iPhoto file. If I am following this thread correctly, One Drive will not accommodate my iPhoto file.

    • Michael S.

      Yes, currently there is a maximum file size limit of 2GB for OneDrive, but as Omar Shahine stated it might change soon:

      “We haven’t announced changes to the max file size. 2GB file limit with 1TB of OneDrive is def not cool though. I’ll leave you to read between the lines.”

      • Yes, a big drawback of Onedrive is it’s max file limitation, don’t know whether it has max file number limitation or not.

  162. Does this apply internationally? The price does not apply, it is about 30% more expensive in Sweden. I could not get an explanation from the Swedish support to why it is more expensive. But if the 1TB is for all countries it might be worth it anyway. If not, I continue to use OpenOffice.

  163. Wychburygirl

    I have already paid a year’s subscription for Office 365. Will my capacity to save files to One Drive increase free of charge? I don’t think it’s fair that new subscribers get the 1tb option, unless you are increasing the prices for 365

  164. Dave Wade

    Is this world wide, or are non-US customers left out in the cold?

  165. We use Office 365 company wide and now have implemented the trial of Onedrive for Business. It is a perfect fit for tying all the O365 components together. However, the 2GB file size transfer limit is a complete deal breaker, and will keep me from going “live” after the trial with Onedrive for Business expires. We need to transfer point cloud data frequently and the files are always bigger than 2GB. I strongly urge MS to make whatever changes necessary in order to accommodate larger file transfer sizes. There are plenty of other services that do not seem to be locked into the 2GB size limitation, and I would think that MS has the capability to make it happen. What is the current roadblock?

  166. When are these coming into life? I still 7GB free on my account.

  167. Since I subscribed to Office 365 University, my One Drive storage space hasn’t change from 7 GB to 27 GB. Am I correct to understand that once this major increase to 1TB occurs, my account will experience the increase?

    • Rich Morey

      I clicked on this URL and got a message that “because (I) already have a OneDrive account I can’t get the extra storage for new customers.”

      Is that in reference to the 1TB? Or was that some other offer?



      • its just a referral link to sign up for one drive so that I get 5oo mb per referral

        • That’s called SPAM, jerk.

  168. SofTec Solutions

    Well, this may have been mentioned, but the 1 TB limit is a joke. Unless all your files are over 100 MB each. There is a 20,000 file limit. That limit makes the 1 TB unattainable. I have 45,000 high def. pictures, which is about 245 GB. I have been 2 weeks can can’t upload them. Microsoft need to update the file limit. Right now they just want to look good without actually being good. 🙂

    • I’m not sure where the 20K limitation is. I currently have about 15K files in there and just recently had to do some USB HDD cleaning where I used OneDrive as a swap drive to free up space on my PC to pull everything off of the USB HDD. I had well over 20K files (closer to 35K) without any problem whatsoever. But I am not using OneDrive for Business, and maybe that is the reason.

  169. The 20k file limitation makes the 1TB upgrade somewhat useless. Can Microsoft fix this?

  170. One Drive is very secure, user friendly and lot of security features and options for user to upload, sending and sharing the large files online. Now one drive’s online storage service increase the free storage limit up to 15 GB and 1TB for 1 TB for Office 365 subscribers.. this is awesome now everyone want to move office 365

  171. I’ve just looked on the MS website to subscribe to Office 365 Personal and it only states the free 7Gb with an extra 20Gb, so 27Gb in total. No mention of the 1TB sotrage. If I sign up now will I automatically be upgraded to 1TB soon, for no extra cost?

    • From what I’ve read on the MS website, all existing Office 365 subscribers will be automatically upgraded as follows:

      Office 365 Home ($9.99/mo) will receive 1TB per user up to 5 users
      Office 365 ($6.99/mo) will get 1TB per subscription

      I’m just wondering when this is going to happen because we’re almost halfway through July and still no announcement as to when exactly this will take place.

  172. MichaelKoerner

    When is the pricing for the 100 GB going to go down. I noticed it still $50 a year?

  173. I hope Microsoft will come up with an announcement on when the 1Tb storage will be available for all Office 365 users. There are so many speculations on the massive storage increase, and people are getting impatient.

    ‘Hope to hear from Microsoft soon!

  174. I signed up for Office 365 Personal due to the 1TB storage. I was going to sign up for the 1TB with Google, but with Office 365 thrown in I thought it was a better deal, assuming MS actually ever rolls out the 1TB storage.
    However if there is a limit to 20k files, the 1TB storage is useless, I will be dropping my Office 365 Personal and getting the 1TB from Google Drive like I had originally planned. Open Office and Google Docs will work, but I would prefer to go with Office 365 with a true 1TB storage.
    MS ould make a good play here if they offer a true useable 1TB storage with Office 365, if they screw this up I think they have a good chance of losing people for good.

    • Please stop spamming

  175. So I seem to have jumped the gun – tried to move all my photos from the Google account to OneDrive. But it’s full and the upload is stalled, apparently until I buy more storage. But I am a 365 subscriber. When does this 1TB go into effect and will it restart the move when it does? I can still see the photos, apparently on my hard drive, but am totally freaked out that something will burp and I’ll lose them all. Very annoying.

    • Looks like I got it today – the files that were in limbo because of lack of space are now transferring again. Yay.

  176. Hi OneDrive Blog.

    Are we any closer to getting a confirmed ETA for the storage-uplift for 365 subscribers?

    Many thanks


  177. When will the update to 15 gigs take place?

  178. So does anyone know if the 20k file limit will be removed or increased? I just learn of this from reading this blog, I had been waiting for the plans update so I could get a better deal and move into Onedrive being a windows user an all seemed like a win win situation for me, but after learning this I will turn around ones again, stop the wait, and get to another cloud service like google drive (even do I didn’t like the tag someone and automatically share the whole folder thing, but at least there is no file limit besides the storage you have), cause I can easily get to that 20k file limit with only 14GB of photos… so why even bother paying extra or wait longer if the 20k file limit will cut/limit the real use I need from of a cloud storage solution. Too bad, this is definitely a deal breaker for me.

    • I definitely have over 50,000 files on my OneDrive, so that’s definitely not a problem for the consumer version of OneDrive.

      • 2nd that, seems isolated to the Business version of OneDrive. My consumer version (I have 176GB) has had well over 20K files at times, and not a single hiccup. That 2GB limit still applies however (I had to break a couple of files down into 3 or 4 pieces so they would get there)

    • Luís Felipe

      This limit exists only in OneDrive for Business, not in OneDrive.

    • Thanks for the info, this surely helped. So in that case it’s great news for me not having that 20k limit as a regular user.

  179. Office 365 Pro Plus standalone plan will have OneDrive for Business 1TB?

  180. Ive got 20gb Enthusiast bonus which is valid upto 2016. With the initial 7gb and the camera roll 3gb, I have total of 30gb only. Do I receive the current update to make 7gb to 15gb??

  181. Just got the 1 TB upgrade on my Office 365 plan. It is starting to roll out. 🙂

    • How did you know it was available? Did you get a notice or just go check your account? Thanks.

      • Looks like I got it too – the files that were in limbo because of lack of space are now transferring again. Yay.

  182. Michael S.

    My german Office 365 Home account has been upgraded to 1TB too. Niiiiiice! 😀

  183. Ritesh Agarwal

    Yep…1 TB…in India too

  184. Yes!! Me too for my Office 365 plan in Australia.

  185. Yes, me too, got 1 TB for my Office 365 plan in Australia.

    How about 2GB max file size limited?

    • How about 2GB max file size limited?

  186. Got 1TB this morning in New York. Office Subscription and 25GB free, 3GB Camera Roll. Thanks One Drive!

  187. I have another OneDrive account with a 7 GB storage limit (no Office 365) and it still has a 7GB limit.

    • Same for me… I don’t understand why…

  188. Hi guys,

    Shaun from the UK; I can confirm that I got my Office 365 storage uplift this morning!

    Thanks MS 🙂


    • Me too.

  189. Still waiting for the 1 TB availability. Denmark. When it happens it is goodbye Google …

  190. Thank you for the increase to 1 TB, I gotten mine this morning. However it is still limited to the 2 GB max size of file upload. Is there plans to raise that well?

    Would be sweet if you could it set up in to take your computer system images

  191. I received the upgrade this mornig. Thanks

  192. Please, remove the 2gb limit size. Currently, i don´t need 1TB because my files are bigger than 2Gb.

    • Please!!!

  193. Thank you Microsoft! “…in the next month” was today in the morning

  194. Rich Morey

    Woo hoo! I’ve got 1TB!

  195. Ricardo Soares

    1077 GB since this morning 😀
    TY Microsoft!

  196. Will you be able to upgrade to allow me to open an excel file over 18 mb?

  197. Sorry, I am learning how to use this reply box.

    Will you be able to upgrade to allow me to open an excel file over 18 mb?


  198. Question – if we sign up to Office 365, and get the 1TB… what if after a year or two we decide we don’t want to continue? Will we lose all the files stored in the 1TB? This is a concern for me, as I don’t want to lock myself in forever.. if I load files up and use onedrive to support myself, I wouldn’t want them to disappear!

  199. Since we have Office 365 Home and get the 1TB should we just cancel the $1.99 month for the other storage?

  200. Marco Antonio

    Omar, you said in your comments #68821 and #69191 in june 23th that the users who had 25GB as free tier should keep it as free tier. I am one of this grandfather, but now, after the space has been modified, I have 15GB as free tier and 10GB for been a grandfather. I had 49,5GB and now I still have 49,5GB.

  201. The 1TB is great but this is absolutely useless with a maximum file size of 2Gb.
    When are MS going to up this. Otherwise I won’t be renewing. Would have been nice if I knew this before purchasing. Will stick with dropbox I think.
    Please increase the max file size so we can use it….or is that the plan to stop us using our promised space……

    • I got 1tb too. But useless with 2gb file limit. Other issues too with difficulty of syncing or giving limited access to other people. Why not as good as dropbox and others ?

  202. Hi,

    I had 7GB free and still do not see 15GB upgrade.

    When will this happen?

    Thank you,

  203. EricaHalfbee

    I was >< close to buying into a 1TB plan when I came across this blog and learned of the 2GB file size limit. Just to be sure I tried syncing an 8GiB file, and sure enough.

    Seriously? I have a 490GiB file I'd like to preserve offsite via cloud storage …

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  207. I purchased 200gb thinking that would bring my total to 215gb with the free 15….that’s not the case…no big deal.

    Then I try to upload a zipped file that is 74k and it says I can’t upload files that are bigger than 2gb at time. Is this true? If so…I’ll be asking for a refund…I don’t have time to break all my large files down

  208. Would also love to know if there’s an approximate timeframe on fixing the 2GB file size limit? 1 Month… 6 Months… 1 Year???
    Am waiting on this to be fixed before signing up… if it’s going to be a long wait it would be good to know and I’ll find another solution.
    Thanks, J.

  209. File size limit 2GB
    File total limit 20,000

    Lets say all files are 2GB then 2 GB x 20,000 = 40,000 GB or 0,04 TB.
    So 1 TB for office365 and business is useless.
    Can only use 4%, the rest 96% is a waste.

    It’s like promising people to reach the moon but unfortunately can only reach empire state building

    • 40,000GB is 40TB – you will have issues with that too 😉

  210. Shiva Sheshendra

    I’m so glad with extra 5 GB Space…….

  211. Please fix the file name glitch. I don’t mind changing long file names. But resetting everything every time it hits a file/folder it can’t upload? Then needing to sign-in again, reset folder location, start over, just to have it hit another file it can’t upload?

    OneDrive is my favorite sync software, but this resetting every time is huge problem and major pain. As I was writing this “A file or folder can’t be created because the path is too long” Which is not a problem, rename it! But then I need to sign in AGAIN, change one drive folder from C:userblahblah… to the drive I have it on!

    If I sign-in on a Windows 8 Pro x64 machine. SAME MACHINE the software should remember my settings 🙂

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  213. I signed up for Office 365 over a month ago and still, the data available is as before, no 1TB showing up. Dropbox have just offered a cheap 1TB plan. I want to use OneDrive but even your contact center can’t tell me when the increased data storage will arrive, just say ‘rolling out from July’..

  214. When it comes to taking out a pay day loan, ensure you understand the payment method.

    You could be in debt for the cash advance company for a long time.

  215. I love you MS 🙂 With the file size limit dropped there is simply no better service than OneDrive.
    Thank you.

  216. I love you MSFT. 40,000GB is 40TB – you will have issues with that too

  217. Hi everyone,

    With the purchase of Lumia 640, the MS offers a subscription for one year Office 360 + 1TB of space ondrive. My doubt is whether this 1TB is offered during this period of one year or is it forever? Thanks
    This offer is valid until 30/06/15.

  218. we have the 365 Home…I assume that we get 1TB of storage, & I’ve started using it..BUT it only says that I have 15GB….what’s going on here…getting kind of frustrated, especially since the top of the page shows a 1TB storage line….do I have 1 TB or only 15 GB? & again, I have the 365 Home version…..

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