Create Quick Notes in OneNote using only your voice

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Have you ever wished you could speak your thoughts to your phone, and they’re automatically filled into OneNote? Now you can, and it’s quick and easy to get started! Check out how to add Quick Notes on 3 different platforms: Windows Phone, iOS, and Android.

Windows Phone 8.1

OneNote for Windows Phone 8.1 allows you to record and transcribe voice notes using the Cortana personal assistant.


While Windows Phone 8.1 and Cortana provide the best note-taking experience, you also can create voice notes on Windows Phone 8. Just hold down the Start button, say, “Note,” and speak whatever’s on your mind.


Using your voice to take notes on your iPhone is easier than ever. To get started, set up with your email address. Just go to and add your email address. Learn more about this here. Then follow these steps:


Once the message has been sent, the notes you dictated will be available immediately in your Quick Notes section in OneNote.


We integrated OneNote with Google Now to let you take notes on your Android devices using only your voice. Want to set it up on your Android devices? Follow these simple steps:


Watch this 30-second video to see voice notes in action.


Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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  1. Since Cortana is a US-only feature, all the Windows Phone users would have to jump ship to iPhone or Android where this works today. As a Windows Phone user in Australia I feel nothing but ignored by Microsoft.

    • JamesB, Cortana is only available in the United States as a Developer Preview. It still has not be released to everyone else

  2. This does not work on Windows phone running on Windows 8. Its just that you can open the One Note App by holding the Start button and say “Open OneNote”.

  3. The 30 second video isn’t available on my WP 8.1. Did you use an incompatible format?

  4. Oddly, Siri on my iphone does not recognize One Note as an addressee. I tried what’s in the screenshot, then misspelling Onenote, Wonnote, etc. Then putting OneNote in the company box. Works in theory, but not in practice.

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