OWA for Android now available on select devices

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Steve Chew is a senior product marketing manager and Tony Hernandez is a program manager on the Exchange team.

At the Microsoft Exchange Conference (MEC) in March, we announced that we’ll be bringing a native OWA mobile app to Android phones. Today, we’re pleased to announce a pre-release of this app available in the Google Play store.


During this pre-release, we’ll be gathering feedback, fixing bugs, and making sure the app is ready for prime time! The app distribution will be limited to a few devices to begin with. We’ll be adding new device support regularly, so if your device isn’t supported right now, check back often. Also, let us know which devices we should add next by voting here. Learn more about the background behind OWA for Android on this week’s Garage Series.

Can I use OWA for Android?

Here are the requirements to use OWA for Android:

  • Your device must be running Android 4.4 Kit Kat or higher.
  • Your mailbox must be running on Office 365 for business. (This does not include Office 365 Personal, Office 365 Home, or
  • Your device size is considered “small” or “normal” by Android OS.

What can I do on OWA for Android?

Everything you can do on OWA for iPhone, you can do on OWA for Android.

When you install the app from the Google Play store, you should see the OWA icon on the Android home screen.


The navigation screen provides easy access to Outlook, Calendar, and People.

When you tap Outlook, you get a list view of new messages in your inbox.


If you tap any individual message, you open the reading pane for that message, which includes support for other new features announced at MEC, such as inline URL previews.


The Calendar and People experiences have also been optimized for the Android phone.



So does this app do anything differently than OWA for iPhone?

With OWA for Android, if you’ve enabled the app to sync your contacts to your device, you can update those contacts directly from the device’s address book and OWA will make sure the changes get made in your Office 365 mailbox. So, if someone sends you a new phone number in a text message, you can just update the contact on your phone, and you’ll see the change reflected in OWA.

Where can I provide feedback?

Let us know your thoughts and concerns by visiting our forum.

–Steve Chew and Tony Hernandez

  1. Really excited that it’s finally here! One teeny-tiny oversight with the app though – there’s no notifications when you receive a new email. Did anyone on the Dev team actually use it before releasing it? Without notifications it’s practically useless.

    • StephanS – Notifications should be working now. Thanks for using OWA for Android.

  2. Google Play says ‘Not compatible with my device’.
    I am using HTC One M7 with latest Kit Kat.
    Hope to get it works as soon as possible.

    • Zumaidi – Thanks for your interest in OWA for Android. The HTC One is currently not supported today – it does run on KitKat, but it doesn’t meet the device size requirement for this pre-release. We’ll be prioritizing new device support using customer feedback, so please vote for your favorite devices here:

  3. This is really great news! Will this app support on-premise Exchange installations in the final release?

    • thx1200 – Glad to hear of your interest in OWA for Android. We don’t have any news to share regarding support for on-premises Exchange, but we are well aware of the strong interest in the app from our Exchange on-premises customers. We should have more to share in a future announcement. Thanks for your patience.

  4. ‘Your mailbox must be running on Office 365 for business’…but you can’t be running ADFS? I can sign into a managed domain mailbox but not one using federated credentials. Is this expected?

    • RyanW – Thanks for your interest in OWA for Android. Unfortunately, the app does not support ADFS, so this is the expected behavior.

    • SimonC – Thanks for your excitement about OWA for Android. We hope you like the app.

      • Do you have a list of currently supported devices? What is the timescale for the full owa app on all devices?


  5. Do you have a list of currently supported devices? What is the timescale for the full owa app on all devices?


  6. The OWA for iPhone does support ADFS authentication which we use for all user accounts.
    Can you confirm the roadmap to support ADFS? Without it we can never use it.



  7. Why is this only available on devices running on KitKat!? Surely it will work on a S3 LTE (GT-i9305) or similar running Jelly Bean 4.3….

    I can’t even use it on my 2013 Nexus 7 running KitKat, so why exclude an enormous amount of people who have perfectly compatible devices?

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