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Lync for Mac update—E911 functionality plus video and file-sharing enhancements

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Nikolay Muravlyannikov is a program manager for Lync. Barak Manor is a product manager for Lync.

The Lync team is serious about our vision of universal communication (UC). To get to the next phase, we not only need to provide an amazing UC solution, we must also deliver it on the platforms our customers care about (Windows, Windows Phone, Mac, iOS, and Android).

Today we’re announcing an update that improves the productivity, quality, and reliability of Lync for Mac. As part of this new release, our team brings the fruits of 12 months’ work on the Enhanced 911 (E911) functionality with location awareness feature. This highly requested feature is the focus of the current release. In addition to this new feature, we have continued to work on improving the Lync for Mac user experience, including dynamic selection of a video camera while in a meeting and better file/picture transfer in IM and desktop sharing.

E911 and location awareness

The E911 feature is one of the biggest steps toward a full communication system based solely on Lync. It takes advantage of all the capabilities provided in the rich client and the server, including provisioning, administration, and whether you’re using E911 through Emergency Location Identification Number (ELIN) Gateway or through an E911 service provider. With E911, you can customize your location and enable a more precise emergency response location (ERL), in addition to sharing your location with other users.

Lync for Mac now includes E911 functionality.

You can find out more about Lync E911 here.

User experience improvements—dynamic video selection and better file sharing

With this update to Lync for Mac, you can now dynamically choose the video camera you want to use during a Lync Meeting—without the need to end the meeting. Lync for Mac recognizes when you have a plug-in camera connected to your device, and it automatically streams the video from the plug-in camera instead of the built-in one. You can reset your default camera anytime you’d like.

YOu can now choose your video cameria during a Lync Meeting in the updated Lync for Mac.

Also in this release, are significant performance improvements for file/picture transferring through the IM tab and Desktop Sharing. The investments in these features were a direct result of customers’ feedback and reviews, so please keep using the product and let us know how we can make your universal communication easier and more productive.

Get more details about the Lync for Mac 14.0.9 release and download the new update here.

Thank you for communicating on Lync.

Nikolay Muravlyannikov and Barak Manor

  1. Hello,

    I have updated my Lync client to 14.0.9 but I don’t see the History tab as shown in your screenshots, any ideas why?



    • Hi,

      +1 from here too for not seeing the History tab on updated Lync for MAC client 14.0.9

      • Unfortunately this feature is not available in 14.0.9 (the image is in error).

  2. Great an update.. And I still can’t remove or add contacts from the Mac!!

    • I have the same issue. Can’t update contacts and my status doesn’t update automatically (never goes to “In A Meeting”). At least with the contacts issue now I get an error box now: “Your contact list cannot be edited in UCS mode using Microsoft Lync for Mac. Please contact your system administrator.”

  3. Lync for Mac in it’s current release is an absolute shame. You should be ashamed of yourself for releasing such a crappy product. What IM program consumes as much battery as virtualization software? And it’s audio, video capabilities are also terrible. Desktop sharing can only share the whole screen? And no multi mon support either. And forget taking control of someone’s desktop over a lync meeting. And no integration with notification center?

    ANY IM program on ANY platform is better than Lync for Mac. Lync for Mac is SO bad, I run it on a virtualized windows instance when I need to, on my Mac.

    You really need to fix this horrid software. It is an absolute shame that you would even release something so bad.

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