Introducing OneNote Clipper for Chrome and Springpad to OneNote migration tool

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OneNote aims to let you view and take notes anywhere, across all your devices. Today, we’re happy to announce two new tools for Chrome and Springpad users to expand OneNote access even more.

OneNote Clipper for Chrome

A little over 60 days ago, we released the OneNote Clipper—the easiest way to save anything you see on the web to OneNote, in just one click.


Since then, the feedback has been positive:

After looking at the initial usage data, we saw that a lot of you are using the OneNote Clipper in Chrome. We also heard many of you asking for a Chrome extension for the Clipper.

Now the OneNote Clipper is available as a Chrome extension, adding an easy-to-access OneNote button to your Chrome browser that launches the Clipper.

Try OneNote Clipper for Chrome now

To get started, open your Chrome browser and visit Click the purple Install to Chrome button, then click Add. Congratulations, now you’re all set to start clipping the web to OneNote.

If you have already installed the OneNote Clipper to your bookmark bar in Chrome, you can simply remove it and install the Chrome extension if you wish. The Chrome extension has all the functionality of the bookmarklet, so you won’t miss a beat.

To clip, just browse to any webpage and click the OneNote Clipper button. For more details on the clipping experience, check out our original blog post.

Springpad to OneNote migration tool

Springpad recently announced they’re shutting down on June 25. If you’re a Springpad user looking for a new home for your notes, try the Springpad to OneNote migration tool.


Since OneNote is now free everywhere (including our new Mac app), Springpad users will have their first OneNote notebook set up automatically–no sign-up required.

To move your notes from Springpad to OneNote, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Springpad and click Export Your Data. Enter your email, then click Begin My Export. Springpad will email you a link to download your .zip export file of your Springpad data.
  2. Go to the Springpad to OneNote site, sign in with your Microsoft account, and then upload the .zip file you downloaded in Step 1.
  3. We’ll import your Springpad notes into your default OneNote notebook. Each Springpad notebook becomes a section in your OneNote notebook, and each page becomes its own page in the section.
  4. When the import is complete, we’ll send you a confirmation email, including a link to your OneNote notebook.

Tell us what you think

Please share your review of OneNote Clipper for Chrome in the Chrome Web Store, and let us know what you think about the Springpad to OneNote migration tool in the comments below. We value your feedback—it helps other OneNote users learn, and we rely on it to continually improve OneNote and make it the best possible note-taking experience for our customers. Visit to get OneNote for free on all your devices and learn more.


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  1. Too bad the web page is saved as photo.
    Evernote’s implementation is better.

    Moreover, give the option to clip a webpage within the OneNote web application (By inserting a web page address).
    Some people would like this ability yet doesn’t want to use extensions / plug in’s.

  2. As migration of data >50MB from Springpad to OneNote, via the Springpad to OneNote tool, is not possible, what’s the solution for Springpad users wishing to import their data >50MB?

    Many thanks in advance,

    • Thanks Theo! We’re aware of the file size limit and actively working to increase it. We’ll let you know when we have more info.

      Ian Mikutel
      PM, OneNote

  3. Moving from Springpad to OneNote specially since there was now an app for the Mac sounded too good to be true, and unfortunately for those of us who used Springpad often it is. The 50MB limit makes it impossible for any but those who barely used Springad to migrate. I have a file of 132MB, and I’m glad I had not yet finished adding all my things to the app. I am unfortunately not the only one with this problem. A real shame since I liked the idea of OneNote as a substitute.

    As to the Web Clipper, it’s nice, but a bit impractical.

    Some times I don’t need to clip the whole page, just a small part of it, but the clipper takes a “photo” of the whole thing. Other times what I need are the links on a page yet those are not available since the web page is an image.

    Both Springpad and Evernote allow the clipping of the html so any links, or parts of the page are clipped and preserved. Right now I have to make do with the time consuming copy/paste method.

    Please if you have a solution to the Springpad migration problem I would appreciate the help a lot. Doing it manually is migraine inducing. Thanks in advance.


    • Thanks for the awesome feedback, Animealam, we really appreciate it.

      1. File size issues: We’re aware of the limit and working to increase it soon. We’ll let you know once we do!
      2. Clipper: We’re definitely aware some users would like more flexibility with the Clipper and we’re working hard to see how can address that in the future. The good thing is, once you install the Clipper, it will auto-magically just get better in time, without the need for you to do anything. 🙂

      Ian Mikutel
      PM, OneNote

      • Thanks for the response, I’ll await to see what gets done for the Springpad migration. As to the clipper, at the moment I won’t be using it, but it’s already installed and I’ll keep an eye on the blog to see when changes are made.

        • We’ve now increased the file upload size to 1GB so please give it a try again and let us know how it goes!

          Ian Mikutel
          PM, OneNote

  4. Greetings,

    Can you please modify the extension such that any selected text is stored as text in the note item along with the image of the webpage?


    • Yes, the clipper is flatly unusable (except in the most superficial way) unless you can somehow edit / mark up text.
      While I have a Mac and a PC, I only use the “send to onenote” button on IE. It’s far from perfect–the formatting gets lost–but it gives you editable text, which is a must.

      Maybe you could take a cue from other webclipper programs and allow clipping in the pdf format?

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