OneDrive for Business updates web user experience

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Mark Kashman (@mkashman) is a senior product manager on the SharePoint marketing team.


In March, at SharePoint Conference 2014, we announced a lot of goodness “coming soon” to OneDrive for Business in Office 365. Now, two months later, we’re beginning to roll out some of the user experience innovations and refinements, including Simple Controls, Site Folders, smarter Search, and more.

OBUI_01The new web interface of OneDrive for Business appears when you click OneDrive in the Office 365 top navigation.

We believe that the user experience needs to be clean, simple, intuitive, and consistent—while maintaining the best-in-class capabilities to store, sync, and share—and that you should have the best destination to get work done. Period. This is why it’s important to us to keep improving your primary document collaboration interface.

Let’s dive into the details of the latest improvements.


Simple Controls

We’re making it even easier to achieve the most common tasks in OneDrive for Business. The new Simple Controls (new, upload, sync, edit, manage, and share) appear directly above your personal work document folders. With one click or touch, you can create new Office documents, upload files, initiate sync to take your files offline, share your files internally and externally, and more. Simple Controls were designed with quick access in mind. You will also see Simple Controls for all team site document libraries. No matter where you create, upload, and sync from, this new experience awaits your mouse and finger.


New Simple Controls give you quick access to working with and managing your work documents in OneDrive for Business.


Site Folders

So you decided to follow a SharePoint Online site—one of my favorite features of the original SharePoint 2013 release. I bet one of the main reasons you choose to follow a site is for the content you and/or others manage there. This is where the new Site Folders comes into play. We added a Site Folders link to your main OneDrive for Business web view that takes you directly to those document libraries within sites you follow. With fewer clicks you can access the content you need, right from OneDrive for Business.

OneDrive for Business gives you one place for all of your work files, whether it’s your personal work documents or those shared on team sites, and now you can manage all of those from one location in OneDrive for Business.


Site Folders are document libraries that live within the SharePoint Online sites you choose to follow.


Smarter Search

Start typing = start finding. The new OneDrive for Business search box is now smarter. You simply start typing to find a document that was shared with you, or one that you tucked away several folders deep. And just as important as finding what you are looking for is taking immediate action—like sharing these files—directly from within your search results. Note the circular sharing icon in the image below.

The OneDrive for Business search box is scoped to the content, documents, and folders that have been shared with you and files that live in your Site Folders. This means you’ll find what’s closest and most relevant to you much faster.

You’ll also notice in the image below that the OneDrive for Business search box moved from the upper right to the upper left. We did this for greater consistency across the Office 365 experience. Now, when search your mail, calendar, contacts, and content, you’ll click in a search box in the upper left of most any Office 365 page in your environment.


The OneDrive for Business search box is now smarter and more action oriented.


Additional refinements of the user interface

OneDrive for Business is also getting a face lift. We’re updating where your profile picture appears. When another user performs a People Search and finds you, they will primarily discover your About Me page, where your profile picture still appears. (The About Me page is also being improved to highlight documents and people you have in common with the person viewing your page. Note the new tool tip pop-up in the image below that helps describe some of the changes being made.) Soon your profile picture will appear across all of Office 365, when it becomes a part of the evolving global top navigation bar. Note: your profile picture will no longer appear in the upper-left portion of your OneDrive for Business Web user interface.

The About Me page still displays your profile picture, and now it includes documents and people you have in common with the person performing the search.
We’re also making it super easy to find and use your OneDrive for Business Recycle Bin. This will appear in the left-hand navigation area of your OneDrive for Business web view.
As we move forward, we’ll continue to listen to your feedback and rapidly innovate the user experience to best meet your ease of use. So please, let us know what you think by keeping in touch on TwitterandFacebook. ‘Til then, happy store, sync, and sharing.
–Mark Kashman @mkashman

Frequently asked questions
Q:  When will I see these changes for my OneDrive for Business?

A:  We are now rolling out these updates worldwide. The rollout will occur over the next few weeks. It is possible that users’ peers in the same company tenant may see the changes at different times, depending on how we update the various farms, tenants, and users in Office 365.
Q:  Which Office 365 plans will get these OneDrive for Business improvements?

A:  All the above announcements apply to all Office 365 for business plans. Specifically, these plans are: Office 365 Small Business (P1), Office 365 Small Business Premium (P2), Office 365 Midsize Business, Office 365 Enterprise E1, E3, and E4, Office 365 Education A2, A3, and A4, and Office 365 government G1, G3, and G4.
Q. Does this announcement apply to the OneDrive consumer user?

A. No. This article does not apply to the OneDrive consumer offering. This is pertinent only to the OneDrive for Business offering within Office 365.
Q. Does this announcement apply to Office 365 government subscribers?

A. Yes. This article does apply to Office 365 government G1, G3, and G4 offerings, because it is a refinement of the user interface and does not change the underlying data infrastructure.
Q. Does this announcement apply to Office 365 dedicated subscribers?

A. No. The Office 365 dedicated plans are not receiving this same update, because they are managed in a unique, isolated infrastructure.

  1. When are we getting rid of the 20,000 file limitation? I know hundreds of businesses that are using Dropbox or Box because of this.

    • I second this. Onedrive for Business is an amazing service, but this seemingly arbitrary limitation is frustrating!

    • It certainly is a limit we are working to remove. We don’t yet have timing to share nor what threshold we’ll achieve. It is great feedback we have received and an issue we’d not like see slow you down.

    • If we could get rid of the 5000 item limit for synced sharepoint directories, that would be pretty awesome as well.

    • Chris Woodward

      OneDrive For Business has so many issues like this file limit and it is driving my IT staff mad. It gets corrupt all the time, the file limit is a major issue, uploading large amounts of data crashes it, offline sync issues, no selective sync (Online only files), it’s just a complete mess and then you have OneDrive for personal use that works flawlessly. WHY?????

  2. Will any of these features find there way to Windows Mail app or Windows Phone?

    • We’ve announced a closer connection to Outlook Web App (this was shown during the MEC conference a few weeks ago – MEC is the Exchange conference: The focus here is a tighter integration between Outlook and OneDrive for Business – we call it “Modern Attachments” to enable a more unified way to share files, assign permissions and maintain control over the ‘sent’ file.

      We, too, work with the WP team for consistency of experience – the main focus here to date is the SharePoint and OneDrive for Business support and functionality in Office Mobile for Windows Phone.

      I’d be interested to hear more on how you envision today’s announcements coming to Windows Mail and WP…


      • TKSurface

        If the sync button shown for business users trickled down to help regular OneDrive users on Surface RT and Surface 2 to properly sync their files, that would be a great bug-fix.

        The SkyDrive background application in desktop view keeps crashing if it finds an error. So one filepath being too long crashes sync for all the other files.

        If you can find a way to allow longer filepath that would be great.

        People like to make file names that push the limit, therefore when then putting them behind c:onedrive and some folders, the path is too long….

        Please fix this

        • I agree with TKSurface about the filepath name being too long. I very recently on-boarded my company from a Citrix environment to O365 and one of the biggest issues I had was long file names not being able to sync properly and them causing the background process to freeze / halt, so I would have to restart the sync service! If the path name could be longer this would make things a lot easier for companies moving to O365.

          Also, it would be AWESOME to be able to sync my ODFB/Sharepoint documents to an encrypted SD card on my 32gb Surface RT, as syncing some of the files to the Surface’s HD leaves me with no space for anything else.

  3. This deployment strategy is causing users who sit next to each other in the same office using the same tenant to see different icons. This is tremendously confusing and disruptive. I am wasting time responding to questions like, how Bob can see some icons that I can’t? We have are trying to encourage power users to help other staff, but when each user has a different set of functionality this is impossible. I had no idea it was even possible for the UI updates to vary from user-to-user in a tenant. This is a REALLY BAD approach. People understand security trimming and the fact that different browsers may look and work differently, but this user-by-user upgrade approach is impossible to explain, especially given the fact that we have no idea when the changes will go into affect. Telling my CIO that I don’t know when he is going to the functionality that his subordinates already have is an akward conversation.

    • Hi Dean,

      The main reason you see us push features like this to the service is to achieve the least amount of disruption – though I understand it’s causing confusion. Our goal is to enable roll out worldwide within weeks (no longer months, fewer downtimes). The least impactful method is to roll out in a staggered fashion – to both get feedback and to ensure stability. If we start seeing signals from our synthetic monitoring systems, or getting calls from users/admins – that things are not working or are disrupting – we can then pause, slow or pull back. The benefit from this approach and design is that not all users would be affected at once.

      Our update rollouts do take time (days/weeks). Some people will see the updates sooner. And know, all users in a tenant will get the same updates within this range. Appreciate you helping explain this pattern – in exchange for me taking your feedback to the teams so we can continue to innovate rolling out updates with the least amount of intrusion and confusion.


      • Mark, thanks for the quick response. While I understand that all users won’t be affected at once, I don’t really see this as a benefit for us. I am very concerned that with a large organization (40,000 users) it will become a nightmare to answer user questions. My support calls are going to increase and the time to resolve them will increase because of the moving target.
        What types of updates are going to be deployed in this manner? will this approach be used for updates to Office Online? core services like Search or the Admin Center.
        I really think that updates should be done at the Tenant level.

        • For unified services where a user hits a centralized, unique instance like loading up Office Online (the service), users would see a more common experience. The same would be true for a singular location like a search center or the admin center. However, at this time, for something that is unique to each user – their OneDrive for Business site (unique to each) – there is the update method I described.

          I would hope it would help to message to your users upfront that it may take a few weeks for all to see the changes, but know they are coming to help prepare. We assert this in our blogs and have had feedback that it does help for inbound communication.

          Again, the feedback is taken, and thanks for the time reading and discussing.


          • Hi Mark
            Thanks for your reply
            Kind regards, Lasse

          • Mark, thanks for the clarification and additional info, however, now I’m confused because we are seeing the new UI in document libraries that are in Team sites for some users and not for other users, which indicates to me that this roll-out technique is not limited to features that are user specific. Could you please explain why this is occurring. Thanks

    • One drive to business migration today – a disaster, with Microsoft support. Files transfer at a snails pace

      Have had to ditch it and move vital files to Dropbox account

      No support – no one speaks English…

      By Microsoft you had a chance….but no more

  4. When can we expect OneDrive Business for Mac?

    • Hi Dan,

      We do support the Web UI for OneDrive for Business via Safari, including the ability to drag and drop, and all the new announcements above apply.

      Specific to the OneDrive for Business Sync for Mac client, no word beyond that the development is looking good, tracking in the right direction. If you’d not seen it, we demo’ed a preview of the OneDrive for Business Mac Sync client at SPC14 in Kieran Gupta & Kate Dramstad’s session, “OneDrive for Business and Mobility: Access your files while on the go from any device or platform”:

      Our commitment is to provide the Mac sync client by end of 2014.


  5. Peter Whitehouse

    Thanks for the updates, keep up the good work.

    I would also echo the need to remove the 20,000 file sync limitation & 5,000 file limitation on team sites.

    Any rough time scales on this?

  6. Lee Lockhart

    I’m looking to upgrade a server in a small office. We currently don’t use Exchange, but that doesn’t mean we can’t benefit from it or a 365 subscription. And then, today I read some reviews that question the integration of Windows 8 and 8.1 with 365 and I’m taking a second look. The roll-out announced today is encouraging. We also have Surface Pro tablets, Windows tablets, and WP. Will all this be unified and easy to sync?

  7. Elton Oliveira

    When is supposed we have App for Android?

    • Hi Elton,

      Today we have integrated support for Android phones via the Office Mobile for Android phones app: Plus we recently shipped Touch Design [] so that OneDrive for Business could be accessed via browsers across all major platforms.

      And we announced support for a native OneDrive for Business for Android app “coming by end of calendar year 2014.” I don’t have updates to share that are more refined, except to tell you that development is coming along nicely.


  8. Biggest issue I have found is accessing files / folders shared with another user – currently you have to use Web Browser, would be wonderful if you could sync these down to your local machine as well.

    • Hi Matt,

      Do you mean files/folders that have been share with you? AKA, visible via the “Shared with Me” view on the Web (and via Touch Design):

      If so, then yes, we do understand the value of being able to take those files explicitly shared with you for offline viewing/use.

      If not, then you can sync additional files/folders you find in other SharePoint and SharePoint Online team sites – using the same sync client of you are using a Windows PC – and coming this year the same for Mac users.


      • Hi Matt and @mkashman

        I have read your comments on the “Shared with me” functionality, and have a request in this matter.

        First some background: In a setup with a teacher and pupils, the pupils share their work (ie documents) with the teacher. Over time thousands of documents are shared with the teacher, thus making it difficult for the teacher to get an overview of the many files.

        So here is my question: Can the teacher in any way organise the files in “Shared With Me”? It would be great to apply metadata or folder – or just to create different views (the SharePoint-way) but I dont think these possibilities are supported.

        Well, hope to hear from you @mkashman

        Kind regards, Lasse

        • Great feedback, Lasse. The answer is no at this time. We do want the “Shared with Me” value to shine through in numerous places, and your question supports additional value for how the “shared with” person can better manage the files/folders over time.

          – @mkashman

      • Hi @mkashman. I have the same need as Matt but I’m afraid I don’t understand your response to him. Specifically when you say, “Do you mean files/folders that have been share with you? AKA, visible via the “Shared with Me” view on the Web…If so, then yes, we do understand the value of being able to take those files explicitly shared with you for offline viewing/use.”
        Does this mean you are working on providing this local offline access to “Shared with me” files” or is it already currently available? If so please let us know how.

        Thanks for the clarification,

        • We don’t have anything to disclose at this time, but simply can assert we understand the value and are very customer feedback driven when it bubbles up :-).

          Good Friday to ya,

  9. Josh Rivers

    Has the service stopped modifying files that are uploaded to it?

  10. The biggest limiting factor for adoption in my business is the lack of options around the local sync settings. It would be ideal if the client had a selective sync, similar to what’s available in OneDrive.

    • This is a feature gap we are focused on closing when you consider OneDrive at work and/or home. One of the main drivers is smaller devices (tablets), which are getting larger harddrives, but not yet in the 1TB range. We do have a form selective sync when you use the OneDrive for Business for iOS app – you can manually select a document to be available offline – this is a good overarching article on ‘how to’ for this app [incl “View files when you are offline”]:


      • mkashman: please look at the >4k threads about selective sync + onedrive for business. These are all enterprise customers, mind you, not my grandma. How long is Microsoft going to ‘fix’ this problem. I am not talking about iPad here, but about the 5k items sync limit per library.
        1) HOW am I supposed to UPLOAD all files? I have to use thrid party tools. Which means that THIS is technically possible.
        2) What about cases where I don’t want to sync ALL uploaded items to a second employee’s computer? THEN I need selective syncing.
        We all here want a crystal clear answer from Microsoft WHEN is this feature going to be implemented for Office 365 enterprise plans. Please forward this message to your superior.
        Thanks in advance!

      • I’m coming to this late but have to agree. Without selective sync it turns out that my entire Office 365 package has become pointless when it was supposed to make it easy to run a low-storage ultrabook and a main desktop. Can’t keep everything online as it’ll fill up the ultrabook. Fundamental feature that I need isn’t there, and I reasonably assumed it should be given that functionality should be somewhat consistent between OneDrive for Business and OneDrive (as is implied by the website).

  11. Mark,

    Thanks for the update – it’s good to see OneDrive for Business gaining incremental improvements.

    In the spirit of honest customer feedback, the following is our current list of biggest issues with rolling out the service – I’d love to hear if any are on your roadmap:

    * Sync client “enterprise-ness”. How can we administratively assign policies for our staff to automatically configure the sync client for them? Alternatively, the ability to trigger the Sync client to run at first logon and prompt the user if they want to configure their OneDrive sync partnership would be excellent. We currently map a “home drive” network share for our staff via GPO so their documents are always available regardless of the PC they log into right from Day 1. They don’t understand having to use the browser to access their OneDrive, or how to save there from Word. It’s another step in the chain that confuses them. They’re brilliant people, just not tech experts who want/need to think about their IT.

    * Sync client prefers the online option. Our WAN is severely bandwidth-restricted in spots, and some of our sites have no option but to run a number of users over a 3G link. When you’ve got 16 people sharing one 2Mb link, you like to do as much locally as possible. If I save a file to Dropbox, it saves instantly to the SSD in my laptop and replicates in the background. If I save it to OneDrive, it saves it directly to the remote Sharepoint library as a synchronous task, and I have to sit and wait. I understand why it does this, but the users just see slow performance and the helpdesk sees calls for “Word freezing up all the time”. Given the UX differences, I’ll let you decide which service the users perceive as “better” and “faster”. The ability to control this behavior via GPO would be much appreciated.

    * Mobile Sync clients and offline availability. The ability to mark an entire folder for offline availability on the mobile clients would be a very welcome enhancement. Currently it needs to be done per-document which doesn’t suit when you’re talking of upwards of a couple of hundred docs. Unfortunately wifi/3G is not ubiquitous, so offline use is a big deal. The ability for a user to drop a folder of files onto their PC OneDrive, then instantly hop onto a tablet and mark that entire folder as offline capable before they leave the office would be a killer advantage for us.

    * File Name restrictions. I understand it’s because it’s Sharepoint on the back-end. The staff don’t. All they see is that for some reason, some files aren’t syncing and aren’t working. But if they put that same file into their Dropbox, it works. As above, you can guess which one they feel more confident in using.

    * Smart Files, as in OneDrive. 1Tb of OFB storage is fantastic. It really is a compelling advantage. Syncing all 1Tb of storage down to a brand new PC over the aforementioned terrible WAN link? Whole new world of hurt. I’d love to see the great work that OneDrive has done in this space become available in OFB.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of the above. OneDrive For Business is a great product, one we can’t wait to take advantage of once we solve a few hurdles.


    • Matt – these are just some of the issues I have encountered for my client who was considering OneDrive for Business. There are many more usability issues. At the end of the day, users just want everything to just work. This insistence on using SharePoint as the backend only confuses my users more, because they have OneDrive for Consumers and get even more confused why OneDrive for Business is so different. They have no choice but to go with Dropbox for Business – which just works.

  12. Any move to standardize the installation so users can follow basic installation steps and know where to fine the local copies of files? My experience so far has shown the local sync being set up in 3 different folder names. I actually found a set of instructions which enumerated the three possible locations the user might find their files, so this point of confusion must be by design. Makes it hard to support users remotely.
    We don’t have a central office, everyone works from home. I can’t easily go to each person to do the installs.

    • Bonjour Bedy,

      “La vie se libère, il s’étend à de nouveaux territoires et bloque à travers des obstacles. Vie trouve un moyen.” – Dr. Ian Malcolm, Jurassic Park.


  13. Hi, this update changes appearance of the top navigation bar in O365 (Czech localisation only as far as I can tell). When a user is located in the Onderive tab then the text on the top bar is grey with dark grey background on hover (the wrong styles in CSS are “.o365cs-theme.o365cs-nav-header .o365cs-topnavLink, .o365cs-theme.o365cs-nav-header .o365cs-spo-topnavLink” and “o365cs-s-bg” )

    • Channeling to the eng team to review … Thanks, @mkashman.

    • Hi Tlapka,

      Our engineering team is requesting a screenshot if you can provide one. You can send it to me via twitter: @mkashman.


      • Kevin Crossman

        I @ mentioned you with a post in the O365 IT Pro Yammer network with my screenshot


    Did this update do away with drag & drop on desktop? We have both Office 2013 and IE10 but the ‘drag files here’ option has gone missing. This used to appear next to the +New option but now our controls look like what you’ve posted here above, with no drag/drop feature that I can locate.

    • Have you tried drag/dropping from desktop to ODB or a site document library. The UI has changed, but the functionality is certainly still there. When you drag from desktop into the Web folder view you see the phrase, “Drop here …”

      – @mkashman

      • Anonymous

        I’m able to drag/drop into one drive, but when I try to drag/drop from onedrive it just drops a weblink on my desktop. But only on my SurfacePro 3. My desktop PC allows me to drag/drop the actual files. Any suggestions?

  15. What’s up, after reading this remarkable piece of writing i am as well cheerful to share my familiarity here with colleagues.

  16. Great! Any idea when will this be available to on-premise solutions?

    • Will there be a SharePoint update soon that brings these interface changing across to on-premise deployments. It obviously did not make it to SP1.

  17. OneDrive for Business mobile iPad App does not have the same basic features we all have been using for years in the OneDrive for Consumer app… Option to choose existing so you can upload from your camera roll etc is not there.. seems like a simple needed feature.. especially for Office365 for EDU student/staff users – its in the Consumer app… coming soon to OneDrive for Business App? How do we request this as its a critical missing component? Also, viewing Office365 on a mobile device in browser and navigating to OneDrive for Business is many clicks and confusing for users… Can they please add a tile for OneDrive like they have for Calendar and People when you click the 3 dots in bottom left of mobile view on Office 365? Any feedback or direction on how to submit these silly but critical features would be helpful.. my users are starting to use Google and DropBox because of these two issues.. I’m losing them….

  18. Question (or request): is there a way to create a guest account which can upload files into OneDrive For Business (ODFB)? We use Office 365 internally and our clients sometimes need to send us large documents (too big to email), which we’d store in our ODFB. Could you please create a way to let these clients log in (without having to create a Microsoft account) just to upload files (i.e. without seeing our file tree)?

    The obvious workaround would be to create a personal OneDrive and give the client the password (and then we download and re-upload the files ourselves), but this looks cheap and is a bit hokey. As well, if someone forgets to change the password before another client is given access, there is the potential for clients to see each others’ files.

    We can’t ask government clients to create Microsoft accounts because of the administrative overhead.

    Any suggestions? Are we simply using ODFB incorrectly?


    • I agree. They should also make an Outlook Plugin – This extremely useful

  19. Larry Czarnik

    Any idea when the upgrade to 1Tb will come? Do we have to be subscribed to the 25Gb before we get the 1Tb? Will the price shift from $2.5opm for the 25GB?
    Look forward to your reply.
    2014MY12 14:45 Sydney Australia

    • When we can use 1 tera…

  20. Will OneDrive for Business ever get the ability to “embed” Excel (Excel Web App) into an external web site, so it can be controlled via the JavaScript API (like how OneDrive currently does)? If so, will it have any differences (like better security options)?

    • Yes, that would be really nice! Hey MS….when this feature will be available?

    • Anonymous

      Onedrive for business for OSX, please….

    • OneDrive for Business sync for Mac is coming soon… check web link for downloads area.. very happy this is coming!

  21. Someone know when Microsoft vive the possibilità to use OneDrive for Business on a Mac? And about the 1 tera of space?
    I have paid for Office 365 and I can’t use it in my Mac !!!!!

  22. Use Live Drive.. Two terabytes of fully encrypted storage that you have the ability to access from any computer, tablet, or phone from anywhere for $12/mo… great stuff. I got the briefcase option. This company offers the best price I can find as far as quality cloud storage goes. Here’s the link to the different packages

  23. When will these changes be available for on premise installations?

  24. I currently use OneDrive, which came with my recently purchased Surface Pro 2’s. I didn’t realize the files are not encrypted in the personal version.

    How do I upgrade from OneDrive to OneDrive Business and make all of the files I have on OneDrive available in OneDrive Business?

  25. In OneDrive, we can remove our access to files that were shared with us if we no longer want them to be shared with us, and afterwards those files will no longer show up in our “Shared with Me” tab. Will this feature be added to OneDrive for Business?

  26. I haven’t read all of the comments here, so maybe somebody already addressed this particular piece of feedback. I think it’s the most ridiculous thing in the world that OneDrive for Business users can’t download entire folders without using the ‘Open in Explorer’ workaround (even though downloading folders in OneDrive is a standard feature, so I know the functionality is possible). What about users that aren’t on a PC? How are they supposed to backup their files should they be migrating to a new service?

  27. OneDrive for Business storage increasing from 25GB to 1TB starting on July 1
    Starting on July 1 and over the next week, the OneDrive for Business storage limit for each user will be increased from 25GB to 1TB. As a part of this, any extra storage previously assigned to OneDrive for Business sites above 25GB will be returned to the shared storage pool. Because all users will be moved to 1 TB, you no longer need to manage the OneDrive for Business storage limits. No action is required from you as these changes will be automatically applied. For more details read our blog announcement.


  28. Howdy! I’m at work browsing your blog from my new
    apple iphone! Just wanted to say I love reading your blog
    and look forward to all your posts! Carry on the superb work!

  29. I have discovered that I can’t drag and drop files from web view in OneDrive for Business to my desktop, I have to click on the menu and then on download as a copy.
    This problem is on Mac system, instead on Windows platform you can use the mouse to copy it.
    Next release?

  30. When can we have sync header only option like sharepoint 2010 wordspace?

  31. Are the features referenced in the article available with OneDrive for Business?
    I’ve read a couple of outside articles noting that OneDrive and OneDrive for Business are completely different platforms and that some of the consumer features native to OneDrive are not available in OneDrive for Business.
    The OneDrive Plans comparison page shows that OneDrive for Business simply adds features to the consumer version of OneDrive. Is this correct? Are there features that the business version does not include?

    The $60/year Office 365 for Small Business subscription includes 1 tb of OneDrive for Business storage. Yet the price for this much storage on OneDrive alone costs several times more money (even after the upcoming price cuts). Is the consumer version more expensive because it has features that are not included in the business version?

  32. Warren Cary

    Hi Mark,

    We are starting to really push ODFB for clients. We have a new client I would like to push the the locally installed version of ODFB to. Reading through the blog I see the main feature that is missed between the standalone client app and web version is “shared with me”

    Mate this is massive gap in the product as far as I’m concerned and having to get users to login to the web version too is not functional. How far away is this feature from being enabled in the in the standalone client?


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  35. What are new features of onedrive for Business?

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