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OneDrive for Business updates user experience

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In March, at SharePoint Conference 2014, we announced a lot of goodness “coming soon” to OneDrive for Business in Office 365. Now, two months later, we’re beginning to roll out some of the user experience innovations and refinements, including Simple Controls, Site Folders, smarter Search, and more.

  • Simple controls make the most common task easier, with new buttons for new, upload, sync, edit, manage, and share.
  • Site folders show you the document libraries of SharePoint sites you follow right within your main OneDrive for Business web view.
  • Smarter Search helps you more quickly find documents with improvements to scope the search to documents shared with you, site folders, and your personal OneDrive for business.
  • Additional user interface improvements

Learn more about this update on the OneDrive blog.

  1. How is this being deployed? it appears to be user account specific. I have some users who have it and some who don’t.

    • Hi DLGross,

      We are now rolling out these updates worldwide. The rollout will occur over the next few weeks. It is possible that users’ peers in the same company tenant may see the changes at different times, depending on how we update the various farms, tenants, and users in Office 365.

      Our update rollouts do take time (days/weeks). Some people will see the updates sooner. And know, all users in a tenant will get the same updates within this range.


  2. Hi,
    Can the “sync” button be moved into the webpart view? At the moment we only have the new, upload, edit & share and the full list comes up when you click through into the library. If this can’t be done now could it please be added ASAP!?

    Would be a massive win for our SharePoint deployments!


    • Hi D Fernandez,

      Can you tweet me a screenshot (@mkashman) of what you are seeing (scrub any PII, or just show Simple Controls in full as you see them at this location) and a short description of where you see it, like https://[tenant] ? Might be a doc lib web part limit beyond doc lib and ODB defaults, or screen resolution per your layout and screen size and settings …


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