Updating OneDrive: Five New Features You Asked For

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We always prioritize feedback from our customers. And today, we’re announcing a number of exciting updates to both the web and our mobile app that deliver on some of the top requests we’ve received. These updates will be rolling out to OneDrive users over the coming days.


More beautiful photos and videos

Viewing photos as small thumbnails can be a strain on the eyes. To make the photos and videos you care about easier to see, we’ve increased the size of thumbnails to create a more beautiful view of your photos and videos.


We’ve also added your videos to the All Photos view to make it easier to find and watch the videos you love.

More beautiful photos and videos

You may also notice that our video playback has improved with this release as well as adding support for more browsers and mobile phones.


Album Cover Customization

OneDrive automatically creates rotating covers for your folders to give you a peak at the photos inside. There are many times, however, when it might make more sense to just select one and set it as a static cover photo. We’ve heard your feedback!


Now you can easily set the folder cover by selecting the photo you want, clicking Manage, and then selecting Add as cover.


Publishing Videos to Facebook

A few months ago we made it possible to natively publish photos on OneDrive to Facebook. This update brings the ability for you to also publish videos to Facebook too!


But the really exciting thing about this is that the videos (and photos) you share to Facebook are natively published. So when you have that awesome video you want your friends to see, they can see it straight in Facebook (without clicking back to OneDrive) and they can comment, tag, and do all the things in Facebook they are used to. In this case, this is a video of me riding an Evolve Street Carbon Electric Longboard in our parking lot!

Video Sharing to Facebook

Add new items to previously shared collections

OneDrive lets you share individual files in a folder as a group. This is pretty convenient In the case of photos when you only want to share the best vacation photos from a folder containing hundreds or if you want to share a few photos of an event from your Camera roll.


Now we offer the ability to add more items after you’ve already shared the original grouping. Just go to your Shared view, right click on the group that you want to modify, and select Add.

Add new items to previously shared collections

A more powerful Android app

And finally, we worked to update our mobile app on Android to give you more power and more control. In the latest release (version 2.5 for Android 4.0+) you can now:

  • Share files and folders by inviting people, sending a link, or sending files to another app
  • Update View and Edit sharing preferences
  • Select multiple files to download
  • Move files and folders
  • Sort files and folders

Android Updates


We are really excited about these updates and if you have any more requests, leave a comment.


Omar Shahine

Group Program Manager,

  1. Please add the possibility to move files in different folder with ios onedrive app

    • Hi Marc, you can do that in the Onedrive iOS app already. Navigate to the folder or destination of the folder you want to move and tap the three dots in the top right. Select the file you wish to move and then tap move. Select the location you would like to move it to and tap choose this location.

  2. Anonymous


  3. The thing most people seem to keep asking for is the ability to see and access files other people have shared with you from within OneDrive in Windows, that would be a fantastic addition.

    These updates are nice additions, I used SkyDrive for a long time and the whole service/product has came so far in the last year or so. Keep up the great work!

    The new name works too, it definitely grew on me quickly.

    • Joscelin Trouwborst

      Please have people I share a folder with have the option to have the folder synchronized to their device. I am waiting eagerly for this feature to come about.

    • Andrew Macaulay

      Completely agree. This is urgently needed so that you have a real competitor to DropBox in terms of the ability to share files transparently between users.

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    • Totaly agree.
      We have the Access-Shared-Files-and-Folder-Feature in Android / IOS / WP – OneDrive App, but we haven’t it on the Windows Store – Onedrive App and we haven’t it on Windows itself.
      So Microsoft please do something.
      It shouldn’t a solution to use the Website only…

  4. Please bring back the ability to sort pics on my moby in the custom sort order that I painstakingly applied on my PC!

  5. Great new features!

    In Windows 8 you have the option to have files or folders available offline.
    It would be great if this feature also existed on Windows Phone.

    • Same here data traffic is too expensive.

      • The reason I would like this option is not because of data traffic being expensive, even though having files local would be cheaper, but mostly because there are places where there is no internet. Like when you go on vacation abroad, and those are the times I would like to access my files the most.

        • you can kind of do this on windows phone, but you’d need to have 8.1.

          With the upgrade to IE, you can download stuff directly on the phone—with the new Files app, you can also have a file manager…and so on.

          I agree though that some simpler integration would be ideal for that type of feature.

  6. Anil Yilmaz

    Great but corporate users are forgotten once again. Is it so hard to give this OneDrive app the capability to access the corporate accounts?

  7. I see that you’ve put the Tags feature back into OneDrive. .

  8. Ryan Leach

    If it doesn’t already, could you make One Drive attempt to sync over local network if it can see both devices? It would be useful as I often use One Drive to share things between all my devices whether I am away, home or at work, and having it work seamlessly whether you are online or offline, getting a speed boost when they are all on the same network would be mad.

  9. Mashoodmast

    How about one drive for
    Nokia C5 00 (S60 3rd edition) am asking because i cant use one drive from SYMBIAN OS device and none of
    the browsers…doesn’t open one drive .com…please do care for symbian users…

    • Daniel Nagy

      There is currently no way of accessing OneDrive from Symbian. No one cares about us, you just have to accept this. 🙁

  10. Bijo George

    Still no block level updation of files….

    • I wouldn’t hold my breath on this one. The behavior always seemed more similar to a NAS as opposed to a SAN, so I doubt we’ll ever see block level updating. It’s strikes me more like SMB or CIFS, maybe NFS.

  11. One thing missing is the ability to have someone I share a folder with add files to that folder. If I want to create and share a folder for group photos and have people contribute, I should be able to do that. Google Drive is capable of that, and it’s the one thing that keeps me from fully recommending OneDrive

    • This would be a very useful function, and I agree with your request. I seem to remember that in the old days of Windows Live, this was in fact possible, but Microsoft removed it in the change to the OneDrive/SkyDrive infrastructure.

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    13539905332One thing missing is the ability to have someone I share a folder with add files to that folder. If I want to create and share a folder for group photos and have people contribute, I should be able to do that. Google Drive is capable of that, and it’s the one thing that keeps me from fully recommending OneDrive

  14. Please please add a select all, or at least the capacity to select a group of photos to move to a folder or delete. I am in the process of uploading my photo library from the last 10 years. This would save heaps of time! Thanks

    • You *can* already select a group of photos for moving or deletion. Simply check the checkbox in the top right corner of the first photo, and then do the same for the remaining photos that you wish to select.

    • You should be able to select multiple photos already. Either click on the first selection box in the top right of the photo, and then SHIFT + click on the last one to select all those between, or do a CTRL + A to select them all. If you wish to select multiple random photos, hold down CTRL while clicking in the top right selection box on each photo.

    • I find it easier to select multiple files if I first change my view from a grid to a list.

  15. Please add the option to save attachments from Outlook directly into onedrive 🙂

  16. Re selecting a group of photos: I know you can select them by clicking each one, but with several hundred that can take a while. I meant a quick way like right click, hold button down … Like in iPhoto.
    Or adding an option in “manage” to select a group rather than individual.
    Thanks though.

  17. TKSurface

    Make it so the background sync on Windows RT 8.1 Update 1 doesn’t crash when one file has a file path that is too long.

    I understand the limit on the file name length, but the file path length restriction should be removed so we can properly categorize files in to sub-folders.

    One error in the background sync and all the other files don’t sync on windows 8.1 RT update 1. They just stay local only “Not uploaded yet” (or something).

    Fix that please

    • filename and path length are tied to the filesystem, not OneDrive. It’s a technical limitation, not a choice. The feature you’re asking for would require a lot more work than it really sounds. Also, path length and filename length restrictions are similar in concept. The reason file names have a limit is the same reason paths have a limit. It’s not simply a choice, but it’s built into the entire infrastructure. So, you can’t just fix one simply.

  18. A great feature as well would be to stop memory leaks (5.8GB last time I checked) and 100% CPU consumption on a mac. Not having to reboot every 15 minutes after OneDrive is started would be a great feature to have! This, coming from a paying customer!

  19. Please activate a multiple files “download a copy”.

    • If you select multiple photos (see my previous reply if you’re unsure on how to do this), you can then select the Download option and you’ll get a zip file with those photos contained within it.

  20. A few improvements needed:
    1 – Can’t upload a empty folder through web interface, seriously??
    2 – Viewing pictures on Android is really bad. Android client just doesn’t cache thumbnails. Every time a try to access the same folder, all pictures have to be re-downloaded. Imagine that when using 3G? Why don’t cache??

  21. Typo: “to give you a peak at the photos” should be “peek”

  22. The main thing I’d like to see included is offline access to files, that is for me the only limitation I see with onedrive.

    I regularly travel to see my family and unfortunately they don’t have wifi and live in an area of very little phone coverage. I can’t show my family all my photos because they simply won’t load.

    Please change this! would be amazing

    • I was under the impression this was already a feature. Granted, you have to tell it in advance which files to store offline.

  23. Mahesh Khetani

    Id like to see a way of automatically uploading Photos/Videos/Docs from selected folders on Android. Right now im having to manually select the photos which is a tedious task.

  24. Please add a feature to upload a received attachment directly to OneDrive from Outlook Web Client email! The boon of cloud computing is not having to download to the local machine and then upload back to the web — safer, faster, more efficient to be able to save an attachment directly from one to the other. Google has done it, you can do it too! 🙂

  25. Am I the only one experiencing ****** video playback on Windows phone? I have quite a number of videos which I have deleted locally since I thought I could always playback from one drive but so far I have not had a decent experience with this, even when I’m connected to our Wi-Fi on fiber internet. YouTube videos seem to stream perfect even on 3G. If you guys can match that, it will definitely make putting money on additional online storage a lot more worth it for me, I’d happily party too free up my phone so I can take even more videos to eat up my online storage

  26. Ferdinando Maida

    Buona sera e scusate per la domanda.
    Volevo chiedere solo una cosa:
    il giorno 8 maggio mi è comparsa nella pagina dei file di OneDrive la cartella Musica. E’ normale tutto ciò?. Da sempre erano presenti solo le cartelle Documenti ed Immagini, quest’ultima a sua volta con sottocartella Rullino. Adesso quindi ho tre cartelle create autonomamente: Documenti, Immagini con sottocartella Rullino e Musica, appunto quella che si è formata l’8 maggio.
    La cartella musica si è aggiunta per gli aggiornamenti di One Drive?

    Con Osservanza
    Ferdinando Maida

    P.S.: Sistema Operativo Windowws 8.1 con ultimo upgrade di aprile 2014

  27. Rock Kwong

    What happen of OneDrive? I can’t login on it.

  28. R.Pacheco

    Will we be able to upload any video format on one drive, and if so how many people can view it at the same time?

  29. When I receive an email (with attachments) or a sharing link, I want to be able to save the attached files (or the file I find on the sharing link) directly on OneDrive.

  30. All those new features seem to be good, but why you guys have missed generating direct link for files ?

  31. Graham Ferguson

    The big request from me (as well as other users) is organisation of photo’s. I have having all my pictures in date order etc in smart folders and then when I upload them to Onedrive it becomes an unmanageable mess.

    Please add this to your roadmap!

  32. I want to save received mail attachment directly in Onedrive. this will be great feature for the users. Also i want to be able to save the attached files (or the file I find on the sharing link) directly on Onedrive.

  33. I would like to see the option of logging in to OneDrive without having to login to desktop with my MS account. We have a shared home desktop machine, I don’t want to stay logged in with my MS account, so we have a local user. I then still need to log in to OneDrive and sync automatically, but that feature has been removed since the 8.1 update.

  34. “Do I have to sign in to my PC with a Microsoft account to use OneDrive?

    Yes, you need to sign in with a Microsoft account to browse your OneDrive and keep your files and settings in sync. If you sign in with a local account, you can only use the OneDrive app to browse your PC. To browse your OneDrive files, you’ll need to go to the OneDrive website.”

    This is exactly what I *didn’t* ask for. You’ve royally messed up what was a really useful and genuinely usable application.

  35. Thanks for this.

    Question (or request): is there a way to create a guest account which can upload files into OneDrive For Business (ODFB)? We use Office 365 internally and our clients sometimes need to send us large documents (too big to email), which we’d store in our ODFB. Could you please create a way to let these clients log in (without having to create a Microsoft account) just to upload files (i.e. without seeing our file tree)?

    The obvious workaround would be to create a personal OneDrive and give the client the password (and then we download and re-upload the files ourselves), but this looks cheap and is a bit hokey. As well, if someone forgets to change the password before another client is given access, there is the potential for clients to see each others’ files.

    We can’t ask government clients to create Microsoft accounts because of the administrative overhead.

    Any suggestions? Are we simply using ODFB incorrectly?


  36. Joscelin Trouwborst

    Please at least match Google’s 1TB storage offer. Shooting for Microsoft Photosynth and video is eating storage.

  37. Joscelin Trouwborst

    I do not care much for Facebook’s photo and video functionality. It is poor stuff, especially when it comes to linking it to location. I would love to see Microsoft grow a social platform on top of OneDrive that puts imagery and location in a central position too. Of course Photosynth should be a natural part of the imagery. It is more than time that Microsoft gets it out of its obscure research corner and make it the new prevailing choice of people to share the views of the world.

  38. I would like to see chromecast on the one drive. As far as I know, you cannot cast photos from one drive using your iPad. Please let me know if I am wrong!

  39. Scot Vandagriff

    I would love it if the Slide Show feature had a pause button! Also there is no way to change the speed of the slide show. It’d also be great for those of us who still use Windows Media Center if One Drive could be integrated in instead of exiting the program and going on the web

  40. Good job in improving Onedrive.
    But I think Evernote has more powerful note taking features on mobile version, please improve OneNote mobile version (I’m using Winphone) so that I will convince myself to not use Evernote. Evernote’s Post-It and document capture feature is powerful, note organizing more intuitive, syncing is faster.

    Sometimes felt that OneNote mobile is flimsy, not fast enough to load up or to find the right place to write something down or capture some thought, pictures, scribbles, etc. I think it need to reflect more on how a person thinks and write things down. More intuitive rather than forcing user to learn to navigate around the UI. The Onenote on desktop version is powerful but it is not consistent features with the mobile. Get some HMI expert in-house working on it already. The metro type layout of online version works as well. Thanks!

  41. Larry Czarnik

    Any idea when the upgrade to 1Tb will come? Do we have to be subscribed to the 25Gb before we get the 1Tb? Will the price shift from $2.5opm for the 25GB?
    Look forward to your reply.
    2014MY12 14:45 Sydney Australia

  42. I just started populating my onedrive and was astounded to get an error message that I cannot upload folders. This is a huge inconvenience – to have to reset all my folders in onedrive and then upload all the individual files to the new folders. Will I have to do the same if I want to download my folders – No thanks

  43. Where is the long-awaited co-ownership feature?

  44. Please consider adding support for Linux.

  45. 3 Problems with ONEDRIVE:

    1: On Android if you activate the PHOTO UPLOAD, then all photo name are changed with _android_ in it. WHY???????? Just leave the names as the are. THe windows client is not messing it up, so why do this then on android?

    2: The up and download speed is still terribel. Google is using the max speed of my internet line, but ONEDRIVE is not going faster then 3Mb/s. I’m having a 22 Mb/s line, so speed enough.

    3: Why is the max FILESIZE 2Gb? An video file now a day is much bigger. So I can’t just store all my home made video’s on ONEDRIVE.

  46. Please! Add the All Photos view to all platforms, specially for the Xbox One & Xbox 360 app. That will be a really good way to show all the photos and videos in the best screen to the family.

  47. OneDrive seems to have its own mind in receiving photos within e-mails. Many photos are sent embedded in text. OneDrive sometimes pulls them out and puts them into postage stamp size icons that require a click to open, putting them apart from the text, and sometimes putting them into a slide show format. Then they end up in my photo files where I DO NOT want them. How do you manage OneDrive’s treatment of e-mailed photos?

  48. I’d like to be able to select and tag multiple photos at one time, like you can on Flickr.

  49. Allow printing directly from OneDriive.

  50. Anonymous

    How do I name photos of my husbands family on One Drive, SueB

  51. Need to support the storage framework in Android so that we can get files from the standard file picker UI without having to go through all these dialog boxes, and it helps a lot for other applications that use standard OS Open dialog to get things. OneDrive, unlike Google Drive and Box, do not show up in the root directory there so that we can easily navigate our stuff through the standard UI.

  52. Dirk Engels


    I use office 365 home premium in combination with One Drive (regular). Can I change to One Drive for business with change the office abonnement?

    Hoping to hearing from yo and thanks,


    • Nope. And by the looks of it, I don’t think will anytime soon.

  53. Felix Chen

    I want you guys to add like a posting section. Like Social Media. So that you don’t have to sign and you can post your comments to Facebook and Twitter. Also plz MAKE a records page or recent activity page THANKS!

  54. I’ve been with Skydrive/OneDrive since beta and the only features that I consider to be currently missing are:

    The max file size limit (2gb) should be increased to 8gb or more.
    The max of 2gb is ridiculous. This is 2014, in all seriousness, please update this.

    The ability to sync any folder on your computer to onedrive.
    Given that there is such tight integration with windows 8.1, this seems kind of silly not to have. Think about just a context menu (right click) option: Share with–>One Drive, or something.

    • I’m 100% with you on your first point. I’m like 95% with on the second point, simply because if I had to choose between the two, I’d just the first. But yes on both counts. This is the glaring flaw that keeps this solidly out of first place. It’s not even arguable. You simply can’t say this is better than any other solution out there because of this.

  55. I just switched from Box to Onedrive, it is so far so good. Box’s sync feature is ridiculous and full of bugs.

  56. Please add multi-user support for the windows client application. So for a shared PC, multiple one drive folders sync-ing to their own accounts. Or allow 2 instances of the application (with different settings). Or allow for the ability to quickly change users rather than unlinking and then going through the getting started process all over again.

  57. Is there a way to sync my OneDrive account with my mobile device (i.e. Android tablet and smartphone). I want all my documents saved on my phone and tablet for offline access, but I want them to be updated in both directions anytime I connect via a Wifi network. Is this possible?

  58. I can’t figure out how to change the “still image” that shows when you post a video… lets you change it. Is there a way??

  59. the app is really cool but not so useful without search capability. Please provide the search capability in Android app.. this app will truly rock

  60. Well, nice job in the last few month. But i miss 2 imporatant features.
    Please add LAN-sync. It is nerv dreckig to upate the files via Internet, when a faster connection is available.

    And make it possible, to work with shares folder form other persons in the client. Team-Work would be Much easier

  61. Another vote here for the ability for shared folders to be synced with multiple users. Box and Google Drive do it and OneDrive for Business “says” it does it but the client is completely unreliable and the restrictions caused by SharePoint make it painful to the point of uselessness.

  62. I had Google for many years, but that was just before they came out with Google Drive. By that time I had switched to MSN, and I was never sorry for the change. Now I know why, my brother and I share a pc, although now he can store his stuff on my Western Digital Drive and I can use Microsoft OneDrive for my things, I’ve already downloaded the OneDrive software so I suppose I can begin using the program anytime. I just wanted to ask, is there anything that I should know prior to posting and/or loading software on OneDrive? Currently I know little to nothing about the program, so if someone could possibly email more info to me at the above address, I would be very appreciative,
    Many Thanks,

  63. I’d really like to echo two above requests: lan sync and multi-account on a single machine. I’m migrating about 800GB from dropbox to onedrive mostly because of cost and the fact that I already pay for office 365. I’m planning on bringing up 10 new computers with Office and our onedrive folder so lan sync would be way more ideal rather than having everything pull from the internet.

  64. Hi!

    Would it be that complicated to add the possibility to change the speed of the slideshow??
    It is now way too fast!
    Some have been asking for this option for more than 2 years…


  65. Arif khalifa

    I just updated my lumia 1520 to windows phone 8.1 however I ran into problem I cannot see photos in photo app through onedrive after the onedrive app got updated however I can see photos in onedrive app directly without photo app

  66. Hi, I was actually trying to find information from the web about decreasing the size of the thumbnails in thumbnail view because I would like to see more pictures with one glance. I guess there is no such feature? It would be great if it worked the same way as it does in windows libraries in My Computer for example.

  67. Also it would be great if the videos could be seen in separate folder as they can be difficult to find when you have 3000 pictures.

  68. I’m surprised I didn’t see this more, but *please* increase the file size upload limit. 2gb is ridiculous. I’d like to be able to backup ISOs but I simply can’t. 8gb would be a good one because it’d cover most common large media types (maybe not a Blu-ray iso, but they’re not that common). You gave us ridiculous amounts of storage which is awesome, now let us use it. Technical people use large files. They’re forced to use something other than OneDrive. If people ask us for suggestions, we *will* tell them that OneDrive doesn’t work for everybody. Even if they don’t have files that size, they may just go elsewhere to be on the safe side. You need to grab the population that people go to for suggestions and right now, you’re missing that mark on both OneDrive *and* Windows phone (seriously… no new high end phone to replace the 928 or Icon which are somewhat long in the tooth now?)

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