OneNote updates for iPhone and Mac answer top requested features

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We believe you should be able to capture thoughts, ideas, and to-do’s wherever you are, and on whatever device you have at your fingertips–for free. That is why we made OneNote for iPhone and iPad, and just recently, OneNote for Mac. It’s important to us that you have a fluid and familiar digital note taking experience with OneNote on all the devices you love. In that vein, today we are releasing significant updates to OneNote for iPhone and OneNote for Mac, that deliver an improved experience on Apple devices.

OneNote for iPhone update

OneNote for iPhone

If you like OneNote for iPhone today, we think you’ll love these three major enhancements:

  1. This update untethers OneNote for iPhone from the desktop with the ability to create new notebooks and sections. This means that you can now create a new notebook, share it with others, and get on the same page–all from the convenience of an iPhone.
  2. We’ve built Office Lens into OneNote for iPhone. Similar to Office Lens on OneNote for iPad, this popular feature turns your iPhone into a pocket scanner so you can use it to take pictures of things like receipts or whiteboard notes. Then, with Office Lens you can trim, enhance and make pictures more readable. Best thing is, images are automatically synced to OneNote, and if your picture includes printed text, OneNote can recognize the text with optical character recognition (OCR) so you can search for words in the image.
  3. We’ve dramatically improved the look and feel of OneNote on iOS 7, making note taking and navigation of your notes much more fluid and efficient.

Visit to get OneNote for iPhone for free, and learn more. If you already have OneNote on your iPhone, simply update the app to get these new features.

For more detail on this update, check out OneNote for iPhone update: Redesign for iOS 7, untethered and more.

OneNote for Mac update

OneNote for Mac

Introduced just last month, OneNote for Mac quickly became one of the most popular free productivity apps for Mac, and remains among the top in the category. Here’s what we’ve done to make OneNote for Mac even better:

  1. Print notes: You can now print out your lecture notes, travel itineraries or recipes by simply navigating to the page of your choice and bringing up the standard system print dialog from the menu. In addition, you can save the page as a PDF file through the Print dialog.
  2. Drag and drop images: Yes, this is as easy as it sounds! If you are browsing the web for ideas for a remodeling project and find some pictures you want to capture, you can easily drag and drop those into OneNote. If you have an album on your local machine, you can simply drag and drop multiple photos from Finder into OneNote. Additionally, this update also adds image formatting tools so you can restore the size of the picture if it’s been modified from its original state, or rotate pictures as desired.
  3. Format Painter: You may recognize this option from other Office applications. Format Painter is a handy tool to quickly apply the same text formatting throughout your notes. For example, if you copy and paste content from different sources with different formats, you can easily apply the same consistent format across all the content in a couple clicks. WARNING: this tool is highly addictive. Once you start using it, you won’t be able to stop.
  4. Copy and paste formatted content: When using OneNote for project management, class research or travel planning, capturing content from other places into OneNote is essential. Whether it’s formatted text from a Word document, tables from Excel or webpages, you can easily capture rich content and place it in your notes so it looks the same as it did in Word, Excel or on the webpage.
  5. Hyperlinks: Sometimes links can be long, unwieldy and aren’t always self-explanatory. You can now keep your notes organized by adding a display name for links in your notes.

Visit to get OneNote for Mac for free, and learn more. If you already have OneNote on your Mac, go to Updates in the Mac App Store to get these new features.

For more detail on this update, go to OneNote for Mac update: Print, capture content and more.

While these updates address some of the top/immediate requests from customers, we’re only scratching the surface. We’ll continue to deliver updates at a rapid pace, however we won’t be able to do without your input–so keep the great feedback coming.

–Jevon Fark, Office Team

  1. Thank you! Fabulous update! You folks continue to amaze. But I’m not tempted to give up my Lumia 1520 to go back to the iPhone just for OneNote. 😉

    • You don’t have to, skramer49 – OneNote for Windows Phone is free and comes built-in to every Windows Phone.

  2. Dear Onenote Team.

    The new Added Features (OfficeLens etc), are nice to have, but i wished I could redo the update. Why?

    1. The navigation with the Tabs on the small Iphone screen is now much worse. I have notebooks with 30+ Tabs. Are you seriously want me to scroll along in this horizontal way? The List approach from the last version was the best approach for the iphone. by the way, where is the link to ios7 regarding this tabs-navigation? Ios always uses Vertical Lists for navigation and Tabs are limited in the number. I hope you will offer at least an view option for the old navigation approach.

    2. The “movements” while switching from to another tab are annoying, also the colours behind the listed pages. they are distracting.

  3. Thanks for the update, I really appreciate it. Drag and Drop makes archiving slides much easier.
    If you would just add an equation editor, I could scrap my notebooks entirely and just work with OneNote at university 🙂

  4. We’re still missing support for notebooks in Office365 and on premises SharePoint. Please consider this to be high priority.

  5. Amazing update guys. I love OneNote. I just need a way to get all my stuff out of Evernote and converted to OneNote. And I would like to be able to open files that I email to OneNote. Doesn’t to me much good to send them if, I can’t use them. Keep up the great work and keep the updates coming. Thank you!

  6. I loved this update. But when I use “Meiryo”, which is Japanese font in my Windows client (Onenote 2013), it becomes very different looking font in this ios version. This has not been happen in previous ios versions. Please check this. Thank you.

  7. To make OneNote for mac at all useful for me I need to see equations support. I tried opening several notebooks that I wrote using OneNote for windows, and 90% of my notes are displayed as placeholders for equations.

  8. Thanks for all the updates. But until it syncs with Office 365 I can’t step away from Evernote, just as I can’t leave DropBox for OneDrive for Business.

  9. Thank you for the update. Can you please bring OCR to any images you drag and drop into OneNote for Mac in the next update? Also, when can we expect to see the ability to import other files such as PDF, audio and video into OneNote?

  10. Still UNUSABLE without local and shared/network drive accessibility. I would like to use the product for work but I cannot open or save any Notebooks to our Sharepoint or shared drives. You wrote the API for OneDrive access, that is a files system, come on finish it, you guys are so close!

    Once you do this, Evernote would probably no longer be on my Macbook!

  11. Nice upgrade and OneNote on my iPad-air is getting closer to be THE tool for my daily work ……. BUT still it is not possible to open embedded files such like PDF, Excel etc. on the iPad version 🙁 …. I’m wondering how other people are using OneNote in daily business, but for me this is a crucial function and w/o it OneNote is very very limited …… looking forward to the upgrade supporting this standard function

  12. I wanted to mention that being able to view protected sections in the iPhone would be a tremendous milestone. For sensitive data that I need on the go my current solution is an AES encrypted .7z file in dropbox that I decrypt using iZip. It is a relatively clunky solution (and potentially unsafe since files are decrypted and saved to flash), not to mention that now I have data outside of my notebook and its native formatting, just so that I can access it. I’ve been silently waiting in anticipation for this much needed feature for a while.

  13. It’s been two weeks since the Mac update and just reporting that all the features work better than advertised. Love the ability to drag and drop images and insert formatted data directly; OTA printing to my Canon and HP printers is flawless; and format painting has made it easy to produce great looking sharable documents.

    What’s next?

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