OneNote for Mac update: Print, capture content and more

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Today we are thrilled to announce a set of exciting OneNote updates: OneNote for iPhone, OneNote for iPad and OneNote for Mac.

We launched OneNote for Mac last month, and today we’re delivering the first major update that includes some of the top-requested features, including print, copy and paste improvements, drag and drop pictures and more. Download it for free right now in the Mac App Store and read on for details about the improvements in this update.

Print notes

Printing is one of the top requests we’ve received since OneNote for Mac launched in March and we worked hard to get this feature to you quickly, only one month later. You can now print out your lecture notes, travel itineraries, recipes and more. Just select a page and use the standard print dialog. You can also save the page as a PDF file.


Copy and paste formatted content

Using OneNote to collect and organize content from other sources is essential for projects such as a house remodel, class research or travel planning. Whether it’s formatted text from a Word document, tables from Excel or webpages, rich content is easy to capture and place in your notes with the original formatting preserved.


Drag and drop pictures

With our continuous effort to improve the experience of capturing content in OneNote, we’re also happy to share that we’ve added the ability to drag and drop pictures in to OneNote.

If you’re browsing the web and find some pictures you want to capture fast, you can easily drag and drop them into your OneNote page. Or if you have a collection of photos already on your device, you can drag and drop multiple photos from Finder into OneNote.

Speaking of photos, in this update we also added some additional tools to format pictures in OneNote. You can restore the size of a picture if it’s been modified from its original state and also rotate pictures.



Sometimes hyperlinks can be long, and they’re not always self-explanatory. Now you can keep your notes organized by adding a display name for links in your notes.


Format Painter

Format Painter is a handy tool you may recognize from other Office applications, and you can use it to apply the same text formatting quickly throughout your notes. For example, if you copy and paste content from several sources with different formats, you can use Format Painter to apply the same consistent format across all of the content. Once you start using this tool, you won’t want to stop.


We hope you’ll enjoy all the new capabilities of this update. Go to the Mac App Store and download it for free today, or check out to learn more about OneNote and download other OneNote apps for all your other devices.

Since we launched OneNote for Mac last month, we’ve spent time reading through your feedback and feature requests and it really helps us to know what features are most important to you. So thank you for the ongoing feedback and please keep it coming!

We know many of you want SharePoint and Office 365 (Organization Account) support for using OneNote at work, and we wanted to let you know that we’re working really hard to make that happen. Stay tuned for a future update.

To send us more feedback, you can comment in this blog post, post a comment in the Microsoft Community forum or rate us in the App Store.


–Anav Silverman, OneNote Program Manager, on behalf of the whole OneNote for Mac team


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  1. Thanks for the new updates. Here are some additional features that are missing:

    Multiple windows

    – Being able to attach any file (especially PDFs)

    – Ability to create custom tags

    – Reassign the tag shortcut numbers

    – ‘Send to OneNote’ function for other applications

    – Moving and changing colours of notebooks, sections and section groups

    – Ability to create TextExpander snippets from OneNote (Feedback from SMilesoft on this: in order for this feature to work, the Services menu (in the app’s menu, this case “OneNote”) must be available while text is selected, and “Create TextExpander 3 Snippet” must appear in that menu. In this case, probably Microsoft didn’t want to implement Services, or did it wrong.) NB: This feature isn’t high priority

    Appreciate all the hard work so far!

  2. Love OneNote for Mac updates. Thank you. For me, it’s Format Painter.
    I’ve used the PC version for years. How close is Mac, iPad and even iPhone version to previewing spreadsheets, docs and PDFs? I’d love to see this functionality.
    Many thx kid on working so hard to get the features you’ve introduced working so well.

    • Sorry, that should say:
      Many thanks on working so hard to get the updates implemented so quickly since March.

  3. Any word on bringing the equation editor over to the Mac version?

  4. Thanks for this update !

    I have a little suggestion, may be a bug on the pdf printing.
    It’s not possible to scale the content before printing.
    Also, with large notes, it prints multiple pages (no landscape mode).

    I’m sure you’ll find a solution 😉

  5. Print scalability does not work.

    Insteda of scaling the document down (as on Windows), the size of the format/letters remains and you can only see half of the text when you print it.

    So, if you tick of the option “scale down to paper size”, this does no impact on the print.

    Otherwise: thanks for improving OneNote. I love it on Windows, but it still has a few steps to take to be as good on Mac as on Win.
    I am especially missing the “Send to OneNote” feature you have on Windows, where you can send to OneNote as a “print”, or Outlook calendar and mails “send to OneNote”. Even it only implemented in Outlook for Mac and not from OS x mail and calendar, it will be a improvement, and may be a reason for changing over too Outlook from Apple mail and calendar!!

    Hopefully it will come in the next version?

  6. I see mentioned formatted text is copied, but the images within copied text don’t seem to be copied. I tried to copy a blog post with images, like from this website ( then paste it into a page in Onenote for Mac, and the text was there formatted, but there were no images at all. Not even spaces for them. That disappoints me, as I like to create a collection of photographic hints and tips, and Onenote on windows is amazing, but on the Mac, we’ve waited so long, but it doesn’t have all the windows functionality quite yet.

    Is there a work around? I tried exporting the webpage to PDF, which worked, but then copy and pasting into Onenote still didn’t bring in the images.

    Can’t wait for it to be a fully functioning mac version of the windows app.

  7. Though the *text* format is preserved, the pictures are not. This still makes it quite unusable, unfortunately. Almost every web page comes with pictures. Instead of one-click copy-paste I have to drag the pictures one by one to add them, it’s a pain. Even the alternative, which is to directly launch a screen capture inside of OneNote, is not doable.

    Another problem is there’s still no global shortcut to take a quick note whenever I want, unlike Evernote. This comes handy when I want to quickly jot down a lightening thought but doesn’t want to go as far as opening the app.

    In all, it’s nice to see the improvements and patches. Keep improving, and I’ll sure switch back from Evernote to OneNote.

  8. Loved onenote when I used pcs, and Excited when you went Mac, but unusable without being able to attach PDFs
    Don’t understand why you don’t know that. About as industry standard as you can get.
    Working around via notebooks and evernote.
    Fix soon or you’ll lose my interest, along with many other I gather from comments.

  9. Really please with OneNote on Mac, I’m now able to take notes on any device and have them available everywhere.

    The feature I am missing the most form the Windows version is the ability to strip off all the chrome and have OneNote operate as a blank canvas to the side of what ever it is you are working on… (I’m using 2010 on Windows.. hope the feature is still there in 2013.

    At the moment on the Mac version the pages pane takes a “vast” amount of space if you are trying to work side-by-side with another document. Not having 2K+ to drop on a retina MBP I am going to be living with limited screen real-estate for several more years.. having the ability just to have one note show only the page and none of the chrome in a resizable window would be awesome.

    Also the ability to backup one’s notebooks manually to a local folder would be a reassuring feature… I have had notebook corruption in previous (non-mac) versions and having known-good backups on my local machines would give me enhanced peace of mind.

    Thanks for this awesome program!

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