Gearing Up for Yammer Give Day

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We are very excited to announce Yammer Give Day, happening tomorrow on April 22. Employees from across the Yammer team will be volunteering at several different organizations throughout San Francisco’s Tenderloin district as part of our Mid-Market Matters initiative. We’re all looking forward to giving back to our community and getting to know our neighbors better!

Yammer Mid-Market Matters

Throughout the day, we’ll be working with the following organizations:

  • St. Anthony’s: an organization dedicated to the homeless through meal, clothing and technology programs. Yammer will be serving breakfast and lunch, preparing dinner, tutoring in the tech lab and sorting clothes for their clothing program.
  • Episcopal Community Services: a senior center and homeless shelter dedicated to helping people back on their feet and serving the underserved elderly in San Francisco. Yammer will be serving lunch and playing Bingo with seniors.
  • ARC: a program dedicated to mentally disabled adults and teaching social skills to help them get and keep a job. Yammer will be helping teach social skills by playing games and interacting with the ARC clients.
  • Tenderloin Boys and Girls Club: an after-school program that helps kids with homework and keeps them safe and entertained with sports, games, arts and crafts and technology tutoring. Yammer will be sending volunteers to help with tutoring and enrichment activities.
  • YWAM: a food pantry in the Tenderloin that gives out groceries and helps the homeless with basic survival needs and cleanliness. Yammer employees will be handing out basic survival necessities to the homeless.
  • GLIDE: a Methodist church in the Tenderloin that helps homeless residents by serving three meals each day. Yammer will be preparing lunch.
  • TNDC: a community garden in the Tenderloin. Yammer volunteers will be weeding and planting for spring in celebration of Earth Day.
  • Hamilton Family Center: a homeless and transitional living shelter in San Francisco. Yammer will be serving in their community garden doing, cleaning up in celebration of Earth Day.
  • Safe Passage: a program dedicated to helping children safely navigate their way home from school through the Tenderloin. Yammer employees will serve as crossing guards and supervision to help get students home from school safely.

To get real-time updates on Yammer Give Day and all of Yammer’s volunteer efforts, follow @midmktmatters or track #midmarketmatters on Twitter.