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Managing change with Message Center

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Lawrence Chiu is senior product marketing manager on the Office 365 team.

The power of cloud based services such as Office 365, is that they are always up to date and an experience that gradually improves over time.  You also get quick access to the latest product innovations like the recently announced Office Groups and Office Graph.

We realize that change can be daunting and IT administrators need tools and information to manage the ongoing change. Starting last summer, we released message center to improve communications on high impact changes that required intervention. With subsequent releases, we improved notifications making them more visible and more relevant to individual customer’s environments.

Today, we are rolling out additional enhancements to message center to help keep you, the Office 365 administrator in the loop on what is going on in your environment.  You will now see multiple new message types and pre-defined filters that enable you to quickly sort through messages.  Here are the new filters and message types:

  • Prevent or fix issues will contain messages that help our customers identify and fix existing on-premises issues in their Office 365 tenant.
  • Plan for change will contain messages informing our customers about changes such as feature updates and new services being added to their Office 365 tenant.
  • Stay informed will include all other messages including our monthly updates summary, subscription notifications and more.


We feel that providing a great single source for information regarding changes and updates to the service will help you stay up to date and be prepared.  We plan to continue to improve the message center including centralizing more communications, improving notifications and providing more detailed service change messaging and more tools to consume communications.

Stay up to date with your Office 365 service by checking Message Center frequently for new messages.

–Lawrence Chiu

  1. Is there a way to know when a new message has been posted in the message center? The notification icon, the little bell in the top ribbon, only appears when I am in the O365 administrative pages. It doesn’t when I’m on SharePoint or Outlook. Possibly add a notification option, or a RSS feed?

    • Thanks for your feedback. We are always looking for ways to improve message center and the way we notify you of new messages. We have taken your comments into consideration.

      • Can we access the Message Center with PowerShell or any other API?

        • Currently, these are not supported. Rest assured though, we are working on improving the experience. Stay tuned.

    • Thanks for your suggestion. We are always looking for ways to improve your experience. We have taken your comments into consideration.

  2. It would be very helpful if we could subscribe to Message Center alerts in the same way we do for SharePoint lists/libraries.

    • Thanks for another suggestion. We have taken your feedback into consideration.

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