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Webinar: OneNote for free plus cool new tools

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You can now get the full version of OneNote for Windows for free. We’ll show you how OneNote can be your scrapbook for home, work, and school. Plus we’ll dig into the many new tools and apps that just rolled out so you can scan, email, and send the stuff you want to OneNote.

Need a sneak peak? Here’s a 30-second trailer.

What you will learn at Tuesday’s webinar

  • How to get OneNote for your device
  • Sharing and organizing OneNote
  • Tools to clip, scan, email, and send to OneNote
  • Demo how Office Lens, Doxie, feedly and others send stuff to OneNote

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New to OneNote?

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–Doug Thomas

  1. @Dave
    I tried to open the ON on my desktop and made some changes. Of course you were right. It worked great.

    I tried to use the OfficeLens and I was able to scan a whiteboard and it came into ON. I clicked to make it searchable and it will not search the words. I will check the video when it is posted to see what I did wrong. Thank You for the tips today. Best 15 minutes of the day.

    • Jim: Thanks for you comment. OneNote will only read images and screenshots with clear text. So posters, receipts, business cards, web pages, et al. OneNote has handwriting recognition when YOU input directly with OneNote, but not things like whiteboards.

      Glad you enjoyed your 15 minutes!


  2. Is Onenote able to search my PDF and Office attachments that are in my notes. I’ve been paperless for the last year scanning my documents into Evernote as PDF’s and utilizing search since they are imported with timestamp filenames. But when I bring those notes over to Onenote I don’t seem to be able to search them anymore.

    • Hi Mike,

      I want to apologize for taking so long to get back to you. OneNote 2013 allows you to search the text of any file you print to OneNote, including PDFs, Word documents, webpages, and more. Our new Office Lens app on Windows Phone (and the same built-in functionality in our Windows 8 app) makes it easy to capture documents as well. We also search the file names of attachments.

      We’re always looking to improve the file attachment experience. Thanks for using OneNote!

  3. Doug,
    I really liked this intro and I immediately wanted to move my documents over to OneNote for MAC. However, Microsoft is not keeping up it’s support end at all for this product. I’ve been looking for answers to some of these questions for about 40 minutes and got stuck in the Microsoft merry-go-round in the support section.
    I clicked on the manual & quick start link. They don’t take you to OneNote for MAC. So, I went through support, a lot of really nice screen shots none for MAC.
    I’m not a Microsoft fan but I keep trying to give you the benefit of the doubt. But what good is a product with NO information on it.

    Some samples of Need To Know:

    Can I import .pdf? (It said to do that with Attachments, I don’t have an Attachments on OneNote for MAC.)
    Is the web space you offer secure?
    Where do I get some information for specific questions? (Not feel good stuff.)

    None of this is personal. I liked what you had to say. But I can’t use something that doesn’t have INSTANT information available for it.

    Thanks for listening. Good luck.

  4. Hey Office 15 minute webinar team. I would like to see a demo on the copy to link ….. functions like the link to paragraph and link to page etc. I hope that there is going to be another webinar on OneNote.

  5. Dave, thank you for all your webinars. I have upgraded OneNote 2010 to 2013. Thank you for that as well. On the home page for 2013 there is a “?” in the upper right of the page. If you click that, the OneNote Help window will pop up. You will see “Popular Searches” and the second item on the left side is “Radial menu.” When you click “Radial Menu” you will get “Sorry, no results found for Radial menu.” I do not know what “Radial Menu” is, but you might check that. Secondly, is there a book you would recommend which would help me get the most out of OneNote (and OneNote 2013)? Thank you Dave!

    • Thanks for tuning in, Chris.
      The radial menu is part of the Windows Store App for OneNote made for Touch devices. If you have Windows 8, you can install it on your device. Go to and click on Windows Store link to see more.
      As for a book, I can recommend one written by a guy down the hall, My OneNote 2013. Michael has forgotten more about OneNote then I’ll ever know. Here’s the Amazon link:


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