Introducing OneNote for Mac

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Today we announced three major OneNote developments, including the first version of OneNote for Mac. We are very excited and proud to deliver this to you today.

We’ve seen the countless requests for a Mac client of OneNote, and we’ve been hard at work to deliver it. We’ve been counting the days to finally share with you that OneNote for Mac is now available and you can download it from the App Store for free today!

While you’re downloading the app, check out this video of OneNote for Mac.

OneNote is your place to jot down your ideas, capture your collection of web clippings and research, plan your trips and events, check your to-dos and shopping lists and share your notes with friends and co-workers. It’s a single place to collect your thoughts and ideas, as well as an easy and fun way to stay organized.

Here are some of the main highlights of why we think you are going to love OneNote for Mac.

Create your notes as you wish

Similar to other Office for Mac applications, OneNote for Mac has the Ribbon user interface with a variety of options for formatting and styling your notes. Your notes can be styled however you like. You can choose that special font and color you like to use for your notes, or emphasize important content with bold, underline or highlights.


Sometimes notes contain lists. Whether it’s an invitees list for a party, or the checklist you use for traveling, you can manage your lists using multiple levels of bullets and numbering, and with quick shortcut keys you can re-order, strikethrough, format and more. In addition, if you want to remember, flag or track specific items, you can choose from over 20 styles of tags, such as a To Do tag to check off completed items.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so we make it easy for you to insert pictures in your notes and place them anywhere on your page. And when your notes are best organized in a table, you can easily do so with a variety of table formatting options, such as cell shading colors.

One of the unique characteristics of a page in OneNote is that it’s an infinite canvas where you can lay out different note containers with different content types anywhere you like on the page.


Familiar notebook experience

Your notes are structured in each OneNote notebook with sections and pages similar to paper notebooks. You can create a separate notebook for each of the different projects or aspects of your life, such as work, family, school and travel notebooks.


For instance, you can set up a travel notebook with a section for each of your upcoming trips. Each section can contain multiple pages for itinerary information, such as hotel research, flight options, sights to see and places to eat.

To help you easily find your notes and stay organized, you can re-arrange your notebook as you like, including dragging the pages and sections to change their order or location. And you can apply a color theme to sections to identify them at a glance.

Rest assured, you don’t have to remember where you placed each note. You can very quickly find any text, page, section or notebook by using search options.


Share your notes with others

Whether you’re working on a school project or planning an event with friends, OneNote for Mac enables you to collaborate with others on the same notebook. It syncs changes to and from OneDrive seamlessly and fast so that you can see everyone else’s edits and they can see yours. We make it easy for you to identify the changes made in your shared notebook by displaying the names of the different authors next to their edits.

Or, if you want to just share a specific page in your notebook you can simply email that page to others.


Your notes on all your favorite devices

We know how important it is for you to access your notes on all of your devices and for your notes to look exactly the same as you created them. Add a recipe to OneNote on your Mac, and you can view it on your iPhone in the grocery store. Research and plan a trip on your Mac at home and then easily access those same notes on your iPad during your trip.

All those notes you create on OneNote for Mac are synced to OneDrive and available to you on all your other OneNote clients, including OneNote for Windows desktop, Windows Store, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Android and OneNote Online.


These are only some of the highlights of OneNote for Mac—there’s so much more included in this version that we think you’ll enjoy. OneNote for Mac is compatible with Mac OS X 10.9 and above and you can download it for free from the App Store today. You can also visit to access all the different OneNote apps including a few exciting OneNote services available today that will enhance your web capturing experience on OneNote for Mac.

And this is just the beginning. We hope you enjoy this first version of OneNote for Mac and encourage you to keep the comments, ratings and feedback coming to help us make future OneNote updates even better.


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  1. Interesting to see this out there. Wondering when exactly Organization Accounts will be supported as an Identity type. Seems to initially be rolling out with only Microsoft Account support.

  2. It’s too bad that it won’t work with Office 365! Go figure — I hope the fix this soon.

    • Thanks for the feedback folks! This first version of OneNote for Mac is consumer focused. However we hear the Office 365 and SharePoint support request loud and clear. We are working on it for a future version. Stay tuned and please keep the feedback coming.

      • Glad to see this finally on Mac and I’m glad the Office team is listening to our feature requests, particularly the Office 365 and SharePoint support as those are critical. A couple more that many folks regard as critical to add to the stack:

        -Ability to insert file attachments
        -Ability to insert symbols and equations
        -Drawing and markup tool support
        -Ability to save notebooks locally

        Thanks for the hard work I know it took on getting this initial release out and I look forward to future updates!

    • +1

      Also for the iOS versions of OneNote. You should be able to login with an O365 account without the need of a personal microsoft account.
      Microsoft promotes O365 together with OneNote, then this also should work.
      I really would like to use OneNote across my iOS devices, Mac’s, Windows pc’s and Sharepoint Online with an O365 account!

  3. Awesome, I’ve been waiting for my favorite note-taking app to be available on the Mac for a long time.

    Except, I STILL CAN’T USE IT because you want to sync my private company data to your servers. Why not allow me to use my company’s SharePoint server to sync my notebooks like you do on PC?

  4. !!!OMG OMG OMG!!! Finally it comes!!!
    Microsoft I love you!!!

  5. Nice to see – but awful that this launches without SharePoint support! Continues to make OneNote a non-starter in our Office365 / SharePoint environment.

  6. Can’t we figure a way to sync with O365 without relying on Active X? Isn’t it getting old? Otherwise, I glad to use OneNote on my Mac…

    “It’s all in the details!”


  7. I was *really* looking forward to this, but

    “We’re sorry, but this version of OneNote can’t open embedded files”

    unfortunately makes it unusable for. The reason to use OneNote for me is to be able to attach files and see search results in those files! This is a must-have feature for me. I would be happy to pay for a full version of OneNote on Mac (and do have an Office365 subscription, as a matter of fact).

  8. Is there any printer driver, screen clipping, or equation editor support? I can’t seem to find them…

    I think they are relatively important features for scientific notetakers, as well.

  9. I was so excited to hear this, I really was. And I have to say the interface is all very lovely and you guys have done a great job on 98% of this.

    But I can’t quite believe I just read the words “This version of OneNote can’t open password protected sections”.

    Say it isn’t so?? Please????

    Because that 2% would just about make this untenable for me, and it’ll be back to Parallels. The saga of lack of password support on the mobile apps, and the continuing silence from Microsoft on this, was bad enough – I have to say this would be a kick in the teeth if this shiny new Mac app is similarly hamstrung. But hopefully I’m about to be corrected…??

    • Just posted a similar comment myself, when I noticed yours. MS clearly doesn’t rank user security at the top of their list of priorities with this app. No need to go to the trouble of using Parallels for a syncing notes app. There are plenty of well-designed and secure options.

      I’m out. Maybe if they bring the capability for password protected pages I’ll give it another try.

  10. Not being able to open embedded files is a rather huge limitation, is it not? Given that most of the files embedded in my one note notebooks are MS office documents, the fact that Outlook cannot open them on the Mac, but the third party Outline tool can open them just fine, really surprises me.

    I cannot use the tool if I cannot open the attachments embedded within the notebooks.

  11. Seriously? You mean the Mac OSX version cannot password protect selected note pages, as the Windows version can?

    Not a chance I am going to use this for anything sensitive, such as a password registry. Why didn’t MS include this critical feature in the OSX version.

    Thanks, but no thanks.

  12. Thank you Microsoft for adding OneNote to Mac.
    Two important issues:
    1- no integration so far with office365 accounts and these are the ones I pay for! From what I read I believe this is in the pipeline so let us wait…
    2- content is not searchable from spotlight which is a major feature when carrying loads of notes and projects as I do with Evernote.
    For the time being I will continue with my Evernote premium account, but no doubt the long waited OneNote for Mac starts to be promising.

  13. Glad to hear that the OneNote-team is working on Office 365 and Sharepoint support.

    Some more things that would be essential to have in the premium version of OneNote are:

    – Ability to save notebooks locally
    – Ability to insert symbols and equations
    – Support for embedded files
    – Password protected pages
    – Drag and drop support
    – Notebook history
    – Drawing and markup tool support
    – Support of more scanners models (HP, Canon)
    – Content searchable from spotlight
    – Ability to sync to iCloud

    And an iOS-App of Office Lens would be great!

    It would be great to hear which things you are planning to add.

  14. I just downloaded for Mac. Looks great but I am stopped in my tracks. I cannot find a way of collecting/searching all items with a particular tag (e.g. Remember, To Do, etc.). Without this I am out. What a shame. Any thoughts?

  15. Yay! Finally the world’s best note software is available on Mac! Thanks Microsoft! I’m more and more impressed with your efforts lately. If the next version of Office for Mac follows OneNote’s example it will be visually beautiful and streamlined! Exciting stuff. I love how it integrates with OneDrive automatically, without me having to do anything other than sign in.

    I hope the next OneNote version has drawing support, but it not being there isn’t the end of the world as Apple has its built in Ink interface for Wacom tablets that I can use for math formulas until OneNote gets native drawing controls.

  16. My latest puzzlement: What is the format of the Web clippings? They actually look nicer than the ones that result from “Send to Onenote,” but they are not editable! (You can’t intersperse typed notes, which I like to do. Nor do they seem to be pdfs, which could be marked up in their own way.)

  17. OneNote for mac is amazing! Just what I needed! In the next update however, could we get the ability to print notes on mac? I am going to school and need to be able to print study notes I took on my iPad. Speaking of iPad, could we get ink notes like the surface for iPad?

  18. It might have been covered elsewhere but I can’t find it:

    Can you load one note notebooks created in the PC version into the Mac version? I have a ton of old notebooks made on my thinkpad that I’d like to load into the Mac version. I copied all the notebooks into my one drive but they don’t show up when I try to open a new notebook.


  19. While I am happy that Onenote has been added, it is unfortunate that the same features that are available on the PC platforms have been excluded from the Mac version. I am not certain, but I would guess that like myself and all of the other Medical and Dental and Nursing Students that are my colleagues we use onenote in the following way: print powerpoint lectures to onenote (effortlessly); take notes and markup the lecture in onenote; share the notes with classmates (effortlessly). I have noticed (immediately) that I am unable to use Onenote on any of my mac devices until these fuctions have been added. I cannot print my powerpoints or save them to onenote & I cannot open shared notes from other classmates who are using the PC version. If this gets fixed, im sure you will have a winning application. But until then me and every other college and graduate student will just have an unused icon on the desktop. If this is fixed soon we will finally have access to the best notetaking application that have ever been created.

  20. I love using OneNote for Mac! That being said I do have some suggestions if you are willing to listen.

    • Support for Office 365 and the ability to sync notebooks to SharePoint Online
    • A “Find all Tags” button on the ribbon would be nice to create a summary page of all my tags
    • Hopefully greater integration with Outlook 2011 and future versions of Outlook for Mac that include such things like “Meeting Details” button on the ribbon.

    Great Job though! I love it

  21. I enjoyed OneNote for many years in the past and missed it, when I switched to Mac.
    I was vey happy to hear that OneNote is available on Mac now.
    Today I gave it a first try on OSX and on my iPad.

    After a first glance the functionality looks good.

    The only problem I have is, that OneNote works only with SkyDrive and I am not allowed to store company related stuff on external servers.

    I was very happy with the old system of storing the notes within directory trees and using them from different machines, even network drives with multiple users was well supported.

    But if SkyDrive is the only supported storage, OneNote is nearly useless, as I am only able to use for private stuff, less than 10% of my notes.

  22. Finally!

    I miss this:
    1) Ability to insert file attachments
    2) Drawing and markup tool support

    Oh! And to save the notebooks locally! Another thing (a comment on the design). For me, it would look nicer if it could be possible to have all the notebooks down on the left side (like the 2010 version for windows 7). Did that make sense? (haha) :).

  23. There are a lot of functions lacking in OneNote for the Mac. First I cannot print my notes from OneNote which would be fine except when I copy and paste them to my word document they show up unformated. I tried to print them using the PDF however I could only print my document as one large page. Also, I cannot have dual windows open like I can on a windows computer. Finally I cannot insert things from an Excel Document into OneNote. This is a really low functioning washed down version of OneNote from what I remember from my Windows days. Please fix this and soon. It is rather disappointing if you ask me.

    • While I am very happy that OneNote is available for the Mac, iPad and iPhone, I am somewhat frustrated that so many features available in the windows version is not available for the Apple world. Specifically, the inability to insert video, Office documents and pdfs is a huge disadvantage over competitor products. I love the user interface of OneNote,but the functionality that is lacking causes me to continue using Evernote and other programs. I am hoping that this is only a temporary problem and Microsoft will step up to the challenge. I know that programs like Outline+ are vying for be the leader in this space,

    • Hi Megan,

      My name is Edan and I’m a Program Manager on the work on the Microsoft OneNote team. I just wanted to thank you for your feedback and let you we have enabled Printing for OneNote Mac. I hope you test it out and let us know what you think!

      Thanks again for your advice,

  24. How can I send feedback to MS about the product? I didn’t see any option inside of the app. I would like it to have a “take quick note” ability, so that I only have to press some shortcut, instead of opening OneNote, to add a quick note.

  25. Regarding the use of tags in OneNote for MAC: It appears OneNote has only a pre-defined set of visual tags that can be inserted, which are great if you already have the page open. But in a number of newer apps, I see that a “tag” used in a different way, applied as a user-defined text string (key word) assigned to objects. A single object may have more than one tag assigned because the entry might fall into any of several ways to categorize. The tags can then be used to apply a filter across all objects in the app to display the list of objects to which the tag has been assigned.

    Does this feature exist today? If not, is it planned for future releases?

  26. Hi, happy to see this has been added to Mac

    There is one feature missing that would be really great: better viewing options. For example, in the Windows Version, I can open up the pane on the left to see all the sections and subsections in notebook. In the Mac version, I have to dig through each section to see the subsections, making it a little difficult to navigate.


  27. I use a Mac and also a PC. My PC version is great with a lot of integration with other apps. I just simply print to OneNote or click the button….EASY! I’d really like to see that same level of capability and integration. I can’t seem to find out how to integrate MS Office for Mac and OneNote for Mac. Also, we need templates, please. How about the ability to export from Mac to PC or sharing? Hopefully these and other improvements are on Microsoft’s radar.

  28. Question?

    I’m taking a screenshot (cmd, shift, 4) and I want to insert into my one note for mac. Is there a short cut besides grabbing the screenshot from my desktop? I did try cmd V but that didn’t work.

    Thank you

  29. Inability to open embedded files (attachments) is fatal — I can’t move my 8 years of Onenote notebooks to the Mac. Do I bite the bullet and switch to Evernote? Parallels?

    • Thank you for your feedback. We’ve heard this request from many and are working on it – stay tuned!

  30. I think that it would be really useful, if Office added a menubar icon for One Note, similar to how Evernote has a elephant that will hang out in the menubar. It’ll make it a lot easier for people to take quick notes.

  31. Is it possible to have the OneNote for Mac , applicable to older versions such as the version 10.7.5 please????

  32. Really like OneNote for Mac, however there is an issue with it. If you read these terms here:

    It clear states in at least 4 places that backups are the users responsibility and that Microsoft advise: “You should regularly back up the Content that you store on the Services.”

    Also: “we are under no obligation to return Content to you. We therefore advise you to make regular back up copies of your Content.”

    And in the event of a breach of terms of service: “Information and Content will be deleted or disassociated and therefore made irretrievable, so we strongly advise you to regularly back up the information and Content that you store on the Services.”

    And once more: “Your Content remains your Content, and you’re responsible for it. We strongly advise you to make regular back up copies of your Content.”

    How is it possible to follow this advice and make regular backups when the application does not have a backup function, or allow notebooks to be save locally?

  33. Currently OneNote for Mac has a horrible rendition of CJK characters. Font bolding seems to not have any effect on the default CJK font. Furthermore sometimes I get strange errors like if a bolded sentence spans two lines, the character on the next line becomes red in color. Please fix.

  34. For me, the number one feature on OneNote for Mac that I miss the most is the ability to open more than one OneNote window.
    It is available on the Windows version of OneNote, so here’s hoping we will see it in the Mac version soon (by Christmas 2014!)