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Today we announced three major OneNote developments, including

One of our goals is to make it easy to get content into OneNote, no matter where you are or what app you’re using. is a big step towards that goal.  Now, you can use any ‘Email this’ button to send content to OneNote.

Email to OneNote is a great way to forward receipts, travel itineraries or documents that you want to keep track of from your mailbox. If you’re on the run and want to send yourself a quick to do, it’s hard to get faster than writing up a quick mail. Or, if you’re in an app, and want to remember what you’re seeing, you can do so quickly by sharing via email.

Try it out now

To get set up just visit the email settings page and select the addresses from which you would like OneNote to accept emailed content. You can also add any email addresses that are not already associated with your Microsoft account by using the link at the bottom of the settings page. If you don’t remember any of that, just send an email to and we will email back with instructions.


Now you’re ready to email content to OneNote quickly and easily! Please let us know in the comments if you have any feedback, we would love to hear from you.


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  1. I have tried this but I’m not sure where my “Quick Notes” section is. I can see it locally but not on OneDrive, and if I do a search for a text that I emailed to from an authorized email, OneNote cannot find it. What should I do for this to work?

      • On my desktop, “quick notes” are a section in one of my custom notebooks called “Other” (it has been this way for a long time). However, on, notes sent to get stored into a notebook called “Borek’s notebook”. I have never created notebook of that name and can’t even see it in the desktop app. Is that how it’s supposed to be or is something wrong with my configuration? Not sure what I could have done wrong..

        • After looking into this for quite awhile (weeks) l finally realized that while OneNote allows you to change the default Quick Notes location, it does not allow you to change your default notebook. The email feature will always assume you have a notebook with a particular name (varies depending on what version of OneNote you have) and if it doesn’t find it, it will create it and the quick notes location for it to put your email notes in. An inelegant implementation, to say the least.

          • A very inelegant solution indeed. The target Notebook seems also to depend on your language, i.e. its name changes if you change your language settings. Hasn’t worked for months in my case and there is no way to change it. About to switch to Evernote if this won’t be fixed.

      • I am finding it hard to find the notes emailed to me.
        I had a “Personal (Web)” notebook but did not find emailed notes there.
        As I could not open this notebook on the desktop OneNote, I changed it to my name “Sada”.
        I can see clipped notes, but not emailed notes.

        • Your emailed notes will go into the same section as clipped notes. Have you visited the email settings page to enable the email addresses you wish to send emails to OneNote from?

  2. I am finding it hard to find the notes emailed to me.
    I had a “Personal (Web)” notebook but did not find emailed notes there.
    As I could not open this notebook on the desktop OneNote, I changed it to my name “Sada”.
    I can see clipped notes, but not emailed notes.

  3. Nice.. My “Quick notes” section has been set up in a custom notebook.
    And still, new e-mailing feature creates a new notebook, names it by default and puts all e-mails there.
    Bah! What a long-awaited feature and what a “brilliant” implementation.

  4. I deleted the notebook that what created by default with the naming convention (’s Notebook, Personal, Personal (web), or My Notebook). What should I do?

    • To clarify I am not recieving email notes. Is because I deleted the default notebook that contained my first name prior to the email to onenote feature becoming available. Now I have renamed an existing notebook to Andrew’s Notebook but this notebook is not recieving notes. Clipped noted are set to go to this notebook. Are there any suggestions?

      • If you are receiving clipped notes in a certain section, then emailed notes will appear in the same section. If your emails do not seem to be going through, here are a few things you can check:
        – Make sure you are sending to the address
        – Make sure the email address you are sending from is enabled on the email settings page ( If you have a send-as vanity address, you must register the actual email address that is being sent from and not the vanity address.
        – If your email is not saved to your notebook, we send back an email letting you know. Look for any emails from in case you missed them.

        • I’m having an unsuccessful time trying to get an alias I have set up on to successfully send emails to

          My corresponding alias, exactly the same address as set up on, has been setup and selected on, but no matter what I do, whether I select ‘Treat as an alias’, in Settings > Accounts and Import,> Send mail as > Edit info, or not, emails are not being received at

          Do you have any suggestions to resolve this issue?

          Many thanks in advance

  5. Is it possible to send an email with an attachment to the I successful with getting text emails into my OneNote account but I tried to send one with an Excel file and it was kicked back saying the rejected it.

    • With more testing sending just the attachment worked fine. It had to have been some other part of the message that that the server didn’t like. The email had a bunch tables in it too.

  6. Clipping a web page into one note puts just the web link into one pocket., while getpocket insert the full web page into Evernote ( not just the link)
    Is onenote going to to insert the full web page as well when using the emailing feature ?

  7. I have onenote personal and onenote on my company office365 e3 plan, both with the same email address.

    When I send email to the new note appears in the personal notebook.
    Is there a way to have them saved to a notebook on my office365 account?

    Thank you,

  8. Hi,
    I emailed a note from one of my aliases to OneNote. However my emailed notes are not present in OneNote. The aliases from which the emails are sent are verified and the checkboxes are also checked under email settings of OneNote. Is there anything I am missing here?

    This has been one feature I have been wanting for quite sometime. Its unfortunate its not working for me.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    • There are a few things you can check to figure out what might be happening:
      – Make sure that the aliases you add are not the send-as email address. When processing emails we receive, we look at the actual email address that the message was sent from, not the display email address.
      – Check your junk folder for messages from When your first emailed note is put into your notebook successfully, we email back with a link to the note in your notebook.

  9. I am unable to add notes from my work email account, but does work from my account. I registered my work email address (we use Exchange 2010) as an alias on my Microsoft account successfully, but when I send a note to, I get an email from the Onenote Team explaining that I need to register my email address, but what caught my eye is that this email isn’t addressed to, but rather
    After doing some searching, it seems that out company must use Microsoft Forefront Security BATV (Bounce Address Tag Validation), which adds the “prvs=1949ad4a1=” as a spam protection mechanism. There are some work arounds available if I can convince our IT department to care (they won’t), but from what I can gather, the service should be stripping the BATV info before attempting to match to an account.
    Anyway, this is keeping me from migrating to Onenote. Is this a known issue or is something else wrong? It has certainly been frustrating trying to sort this out.

      • I am having exactly the same issue – my corporate email system (which uses Lotus Notes) also appends prvs=391c0db64 to the front of my email address. Giving me a right headache this.

        Can the OneNote team say if this is something that can be removed when is processing the email?

        • Thanks for your feedback! We have made the change so that emails coming in with prvs tag will be processed correctly. You should now be able to send emails to from your work email accounts.

  10. I have an existing OneNote notebook which was created in OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) by the OneNote app on my mobile phone and which now contains all my notes from the past 3 years. I sync this notebook to several other places such as my desktop and laptop so naturally I want to use the email to OneNote function with this notebook.

    However, when I use email to OneNote, the page is instead inserted in a brand new and seperate notebook that is created automaticallly in OneDrive. I do not want to use this other superfluous notebook so how do I get the email to OneNote page to be created in my original notebook?

  11. Hello,
    Is that an Evernote Style slipping or just a screenshot?

    I’d really like to have an archived HTML clipping like in Evernote and not a photo of the page.

  12. I’d like to set up a filter in gmail that forwards some mail to However to do that gmail needs to verify that email address. When it sends the verification, it gets rejected by OneNote because it doesn’t come from my email address (which OneNote knows about) rather it comes from which OneNote rejects.

    SO it appears neither can verify the other. Is there a way to make this work?

  13. I have used OneNote for almost 10 years and am quite dependent on it. I now am using, and I have OneNote synched to the OneDrive. Why do some of the emails I forward from to arrive just fine in my Personal Notebook-Unfiled Notes, while others don’t. It seems to be a 50/50 chance. It’s fickle. What can cause this? Thank you.

  14. Emailing pages doesn’t work if you delete your default notebook and there is no way to figure out where the default notebook should be.

    I can’t email pages either (with because my default notebook on OneDrive has been deleted, Nor can I save a page with OneNote Clipper addon for the same reason.

    When trying to save a web page witht the OneNote Clipper Chrome add-on, it fails every time with the message “Oops! Save failed. This occurs after I deleted my default notebook on OneDrive I had at the time when I installed the OneNote Clipper add-on. Now that I have a new default notebook, the old save-location does not exist, but I cannot find anyway to change the location to which OneNote Clipper saves pages.

    It is a very bad usability that a user can end up in this situation, i.e. that they are able to delete the default notebook an have no way to change to a new default notebook. Please fix this!

  15. Our company cannot send to OneNote using the address. Email addresses have been verified. The company email uses gmail as the provider. Personal email addresses work well with send to OneNote. We would like to be able to use this feature. Please advise on how to resolve.