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It’s hard to believe that I’ve been using OneNote for 10 years.
OneNote is very near and dear to my heart. My first commercially released piece of software was a PowerToy that I wrote for OneNote that would scan an RSS feed and create a set of OneNote pages based on each post. I loved the kinds of things I could do with OneNote as an end user, and the power it offered me as a hobbyist developer.
I’ve had the pleasure of developing a deep relationship with the OneNote team over those 10 years, and during my time working on OneDrive we’ve delivered a number of innovative capabilities that allow you to create and access your OneNote notebooks anywhere, including your phones and tablets. This is all possible because the OneNote notebooks are stored on and roamed through OneDrive.
Today I’m thrilled to share that the OneNote team is taking it to the next level through a set of new apps, a new service, and all for free.
First, OneNote is now available for the Mac for free. If you have a Mac, go and get it! If you don’t have a Mac, this means that you can now share notebooks with your friends that have Macs.
Second, OneNote for Windows desktop is now free.
Third, a new OneNote service powers a bunch of awesome, new scenarios:
1. A web clipper for saving web pages to your OneNote notebook
2. for emailing notes to your OneNote notebook
3. Office Lens for capturing documents and whiteboards with your phone
4. Send blog and news articles to OneNote from Feedly and News360
5. Easy document scanning to OneNote with Brother, Doxie Go, Epson, Neat
6. Write notes with pen and paper and send them to OneNote with Livescribe
7. Mobile document scanning to OneNote with Genius Scan and JotNot
8. Connect your world to OneNote with IFTTT
From my POV, this is the biggest OneNote news to hit in the last decade! There is a bunch of new stuff to play with and try.
I do a lot of clipping stuff from the web, and the new OneNote Clipper will make this super easy. I frequently email stuff to myself to remember, and now I can just send straight to my OneNote notebook! I love Feedly and am constantly saving articles to read and share with my team. Now I can just save to OneNote. I love my Doxie scanner (I have the Doxie flip that I use to scan artwork my daughter brings home from school). If you don’t have a Doxie scanner you should! And IFTTT is one of my favorite services, so having OneNote as a channel is going to open up a bunch of new possibilities.
Head on over to and the Office Blog to learn more and check it all out!
— Omar Shahine
Group Program Manager,

  1. Hi…will there be inking on the Android version anytime soon? Thanks!

    • Anonymous

      I have been using MS OneNote with the original SkyDrive for almost a year now on my Android… The OneNote app is not new.

  2. If I upload a OneNote file with handwriting to my One Drive, I am unable to search for handwritten text within the note. When you make that feature available, I’ll move all my files over from Google Docs and Evernote.


    It looks like office365 accounts do not work with the MAC version.

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  5. Hi,

    Is it possible to use and Office Lens features with OneDrive for Business?
    How can one change default setting for not to instert notes in “personal OneDrive” and use OD for Business?


  6. I use Doxie Go and love it. Right now the OneNote app is only the cloud version. Is there going to be a Local version so I can scan to OneNote on my laptop rather than the Cloud?

  7. Attila Debreceni

    How can I move all my files from DayOne and Evernote to Onenote?

  8. I replaced Google Bookmarks with OneNote some time ago. Quite easy to manage the links on OneNote pages, although not designed for that purpose I think.
    So now I can always access my favorite web pages when logging on OneDrive.

  9. OneNote is really awesome note taking app I’ve been using it awhile and the experience is awesome.. Thanks OneNote Team! 😀

  10. It would be nice if all platforms had feature parity rather than Windows having all of the best features of OneNote.

  11. I only just started using OneNote for school this year.

  12. My company just upgraded to a coporate cloud, but they have yet to initialize it. My desktop onenote no longer has access to my personal onedrive. How can I export my onenote notebook in onedrive? It only allows uploading.. I need to export.

  13. Can the “Clip to OneNote” save text and not an image of the page?

  14. Blossom Coelho

    I love the way you lie

  15. Blossom Coelho

    I wanna sleep on you lap tonight

  16. I see you are a veteran Onenote user. I also like Onenote. 1 thing I miss are tags or keywords. I would like custom tags like in Evernote, TiddlyWiki and other note taking applications and wiki systems. Is it possible? I know I can create custom tags but after I add 10 tags to an article about food or animals or any subject and by time collecting 1k notes or more with 6k tags then how can I find what I am looking for. When I have ex. 2000 pages in Onenote the search feature show me tons of results which is time consuming to find that I am looking for. Some people in Evernote have 70k notes. I better like Onenote, but people who collect tons of personal notes how can they find easy what they are looking for. I read about user who store 100 k emails, even 400k notes in Evernote. Who they search and find the desired note they looking for. Thanks

  17. Charlotte Banff

    Hi 🙂
    As a passionate OneNote user, I’ve now started to use the free version for mac – and storing files on OneDrive. All this ‘Cloud stuff’ is a bit confusing to begin with for me though: The sync from my ‘old’ Windows/local OneNote went reasonably smooth, but I have a question: I wanted to tidy up a bit and rename and delete some notebooks. I found online a site stating, that I could manage the files in OneDrive; renaming, deleting etc., like if it was an offline file container. But WHERE in my OneDrive folder, are the files stored? I cannot find the files location – however I can see that the sync worked, as the app is working?
    My appologies if this is not the place to ask this – and also my appologies if this is a very stupid question..

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