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Announcing Office 365 Personal: A new way to access Office 365!

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At last week’s SharePoint Conference, we discussed Office 365 for business investments and got some outstanding feedback from customers. Now it’s time for a few updates for our consumer customers using Office 365 – 3.5 million subscribers and counting.

Today I want to announce Office 365 Personal. Coming this Spring, Office 365 Personal is a new, great option for people interested in using Office 365.  It’s designed for an individual, allows for one PC or Mac and one tablet to be connected to the service and will be available for $69.99 USD/year or $6.99 USD/ month (ERP)1. We recognize that there are households of all shapes and sizes and we’re committed to delivering the right Office for everyone – whether that be one person or an entire household.

Additionally, we’ll continue to offer our Office 365 Home Premium subscription for households, but we’ll be changing the name to Office 365 Home. You’ll see this change when Office 365 Personal becomes available.  Whichever Office 365 subscription you choose, you’ll get all of the subscription benefits including 60 minutes of Skype calling per month, 20 GB of additional OneDrive storage and always be up to date with the most recent version of Office.

We’re committed to delivering a great Office experience to all of our customers and believe that giving you a choice about the Office 365 subscription that fits your unique needs is one way we can do that.  We’ll have more details to share closer to availability.


1Estimated Retail Price. Prices are determined by resellers.


  1. Is there a page one can sign up on to receive an email the moment this becomes available? I prefer to have my phones ring instead of having to pick them up to see if I have a call. 🙂

    • @scotty1024 – Thanks for your question. I’m going to pass along your suggestion to the Office team. But in the mean time, we’ll always keep you posted on updates, including new offers, on this blogg. You can opt in to get RSS notifications by clicking on the subscribe button on the top of the page. Thanks!

  2. What’s meant by tablets? Does this mean something like a Surface Pro qualifies, or simply something more in line with the iPad?

    I have a desktop and a Pro, and this would be perfect for me if it applied to that.

    • @burkhartmj – Thanks for your question – and good news! Office 365 Personal will be perfect for you. Any Windows device that is touch enabled and has a detachable keyboard qualifies as a tablet. So your desktop and Surface Pro would qualify for Office 365 Personal.


  3. First, a comment, this is a great package for the individual user, well done! One question, will developers be able to target products to each of the specific market segments like we can between business and consumer in Office 365. So will we be able to target our packages between a personal versus home? Thank you in advance for your help.

  4. Whats inside Office 365 Personal? OneDrive ? Office Online ?

    Hans Brender, MVP SharePoint Server

    • @hans Office 365 Personal will include the Office apps, 20 GB of SkyDrive storage and in qualifying geographies, 60 minutes of Sky international calling per month. In addition, a subscriber can connect one PC or Mac and one tablet and will always have the latest version of Office. Office Online are our browser based versions of Offices apps and are the best way to collaborate with others – check them out at!


  5. It would be interesting to have a version of Office365 for IT professionals certified in Office365. Something like an E1 for up to 5 users, with an exam as a requirement. So would not have to be opening demo accounts for labs, training or personal use. Not need to be free, with a good discount is enough. HaHa.

  6. I have both a Mac and a PC but only one Microsoft account? Why can’t I use it on both just one at a time?

    • Well, for that there is Office 365 Home Premium.

    • If you were to use Office 365 Personal, you’d likely want its one license for Office 2011 installed on the Mac, while the PC can use Office On Demand. The latter is full versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Publisher that may be launched from any Internet-equipped Windows 7 or 8 computer. Simply open or right-click an Office file in OneDrive, then select “Open with Word” (or the appropriate application). An Office On Demand option will show up if you have no Office, or if your Office is older than 2013, on your PC. Access databases used to work, but are now gone. It’s also possible to create Office On Demand shortcuts. Please watch my video­-u1aqP0 for more info.

  7. What an odd offering!

    Who has only 1 PC and 1 Tablet these days. Like others I’m sure, I have access to several work and personal PC’s and tablets plus smartphones.

    If I were to pay that amount of money for a consumer service, I’d want to be able to work from ANY PC not be artificially restricted.

    • There’s Office On Demand for accessing the full versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Publisher on any Internet-equipped Windows 7 or 8 computer. Simply open or right-click an Office file from OneDrive, then select “Open with Word” (or the appropriate application). An Office On Demand option will show up if you have no Office, or if your Office is older than 2013, on your computer. Access is unfortunately missing, but used to work. It’s also possible to create Office On Demand shortcuts. Please watch my video­-u1aqP0 for more info.

  8. When I subscribed to Office 365 home, I had to choose my country. I reside in Thailand, so I chose Thailand. All the web page texts and office desktop notifications changed to Thai language, which I cannot read. I cannot find an option to change to English language. How can I do?

    • @aamon – Sorry for the delay in responding! For web pages on, you can change your language by clicking on the country in the upper right-hand corner of the page. If you are signed in, choose the third option on the list that drops down from your name on the top-right. Then you can select “English (international)” or another language.

      To change the language on your Office applications, you will need to reinstall Office. Go to and sign in. Then click “Language and install options” and choose the language you would like to install Office in.

      Hope this helps!

  9. I think that you did great move with Office 365 Personal, because lots of people really don’t need additional licenses and they are paying for them. As we all know that Office 365 Home Premium is not for commercial use at all, are there any changes with Office 365 Personal? Will it be strictly personal license or it will possible to use it for business use (like small companies up 1 – 5 employees)?

    • @Ales – thanks for your mail. Office 365 Personal is intended for individual use and does not include commercial use rights. You can check out our small business offerings at

  10. Chris,

    Before getting too excited about this new product, perhaps you could pay some attention to the customer-service nightmare facing your loyal customers who want to renew their Office365 Premium subscription. I am in customer-service hell at the moment, with no light at the end of the tunnel because Microsoft is — believe it or not — unable to complete the simple task of changing the credit card information in my file! As a result my Office 365 account has been suspended and I have been without access to Office for two days now. Your customer “service” has been entirely unhelpful. And I am not the only one having this problem. For the gory details, see

  11. just spoke to my fourth Microsoft person regarding my inability to renew my Office365 subscription because of what for any other company would be a routine matter of changing credit card information on my account. still getting the same answer: “I cannot tell you when the problem will be fixed.” Incredible!!!

    • @mschacter – I am terribly sorry that you are having a poor experience. I am speaking to teams right now to understand exactly what the issue is and how we can resolve this. Please accept my apologies and know that we’re working on this right now.

    • I’m going through the same thing right now. My debit card needed to be updated, but when I would try to update it, I received an error. I finally spoke to someone through Microsoft’s online chat, who was able to update the card, which has now been charged, but still no access. I just got off a 40 minute call with a billing rep, and her manager, who were both unable to explain what the issue is, other than to say it has been “escalated” to higher support. How difficult is it to reactivate an account, after it has been updated with the most current payment information? C’mon, Microsoft, get your act together! What is the problem??

  12. I’m curious, does this mean I’ll have to pay another cost? I own Office 365 with a 4 year subscription but have been frustrated at the limited access I get to the Office 365 suite on my android phone and my computers at college. Am I getting additional access with this change?

  13. FOR MICROSOFT. Will I be able to switch from Office 365 Home Premium to Office 365 Personal, when it is available please?

    Also, will you be fixing the problems that Mac Users encounter with Office 365, such as the constant requirement to log into my Outlook accounts, the difficulty to drag and drop messages into folders and dropping of outgoing server connections, the list goes on?

  14. I bought a new laptop today and I need office on this laptop only. I don’t need a 5-PC subscription to Office 365 in its present form. I need Outlook for my work and I find Office 2013 very costly.

    If there is a 1-PC subscription to Office 365 I would definitely want to buy that as I only have one device. Can I install a trial version of Office 365 now? Will this Office 365 – Personal be available for subscription within a month?

  15. When I buy O365 Personal…will I be able to access to account/data from a remote PC (not where I have O365P installed? If not – what can I see from this remote PC? Thx

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