Skype is now available in HD for every customer

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Last year, we announced that Skype was available for customers in several countries around the globe, bringing two of the world’s largest communication services together. Today, we are excited to announce the worldwide availability of Skype for, making it even easier to stay connected to the people you care about most.

We’ve also made some improvements that will make your Skype experience in even better, including HD video calling for PC users, improvements to call notifications, and support for Safari users on Macs. You can find more info about these updates on the Skype blog.

Skype chat

If you haven’t yet tried Skype for, simply download the plugin, visit your inbox and see how you can go from chat to a video call in one click. And as always, please let us know what you think.

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–Dawn Martynuik, Director,


  1. The new features is excellent now ill be able to do hd video calling on outlook thats great news hope to see more features added later.

  2. guys, i know this is not relevant to the topic but i hope someone will see this comment. I have a bit problem with, i stopped receiving emails from and, there are no rules, there’s nothing in the spam folder.

    I regularly receive emails from aweber and infusionsoft but not from those providers.
    Could you please guys check into that? Thanks

    For the skype thing i don’t know; i linked the skype account with the microsoft account, i downloaded the skype plugin, i succesfully sent a message to my online contacts but there’s no way i can call them.

    • Hi marzio, have you tried checking the safe and blocked senders lists in the options menu? Try adding the email addresses to the ‘safe senders’ lists.

      As for Skype, the screenshot above shows a call and video button above the Skype chat – clicking this will launch you in to a call. The update may have not reached your inbox yet, so try again in the next few weeks. In the meantime, if you want to call someone, click on their name or picture at the top of an email, and you’ll see a drop-down box which includes the option to call or video chat.

      • Hey James thanks for your answer.

        There are not blocked senders and unfortunately i can’t add email addresses to “safe senders” list simply because i don’t know from which address i will receive the email. Try for yourself subscribing to a getresponse powered newsletter and you’ll see that nothing will get into your inbox.

  3. Hi, is there any plan to support the group chat? That will be appreciated to have the feature.


    • Hi imjin. We have no information to share on group chat in Skype for right now. We’re always looking for ways to improve the experience, so thank you for the suggestion!

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