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Webinar: What do you want to learn about Office this year?

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Do you have a New Year’s resolution to learn something new about Office? Maybe get a handle on your Outlook inbox or figure out PivotTables in Excel? We’ve posted the links we talked about with webinar listeners below for reference.

What you will learn at Tuesday’s webinar

  • Answer questions submitted in previous webinars
  • Show you content live about the best places to start

References for this webinar






Power View


Office 365

Go to for more information on how to join the series live.

–Doug Thomas

  1. brad.buechler

    Question Posed in 1/7/14 Webinar:

    Can iPhones upload image files to a SharePoint site directly yet? I know that this is possible via the iPad.

    Dave Ludwig – Have you heard anything about this becoming available soon?

    • Doug Thomas User">

      Hi Brad: We got the scoop fro, one of our PMs:

      Yes, you can upload an image from your iPhone, but as far as I know at this point it has to be done using the PC View.

      1. From your browser go to the Library where you want to upload the image. It should default to the Mobile View.

      2. Tap More (…) and select PC view.

      3. Select + New Document and navigate to the file you want to upload.

      You can also save a file to SkyDrive Pro using the SkyDrive Pro app, but it’s also a bit of a work-around. (These procedures can be found in the SkyDrive Pro app help topic.)


      • brad.buechler

        Hi Doug: This was my mistake, I switch the two around… Is there functionality to be able to upload an image directly from an IPAD to an office 365 SharePoint site?

        I notice that when I access the site via iPhone it does recognize I’m on a mobile device and gives me the mobile version. However on the iPad it does not recognize this and gives the desktop version. Therefore, when I try to go to add a “new document”, upload does not appear just word, excel, etc.

        Do you know if this is possible with the iPad?


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